Live From Our Store In Angeles City, Philippines 4-24-2020

Live Fromm Our Store In Angeles City, Philippines 4-24-2020


  1. I know that you want no links to the truth, please accept this truth: The areas/environment for least contagion: Outdoors with sunlight, heat and humidity. In other words, your Philippines store is the least contagious for the virus.—banneddotvideo

  2. Hey Brian, here is a solution, make 2 big panels and wrap them up with aluminum wrapping paper set them by the sidewalk on an angle that they will reflect the light into the store, this way you’ll be able to aim your cam more into the pinching just a bit of the sidewalk to pick up the very front stands and clients. Consider also a lens filter to balance the natural lighting, there are fim type filters. This way your pics will turn top HD quality.
    Im actually a film, video and photography who hold a degree in these areas.
    Enjoy guy and be safe.

  3. Mayor Sara in Davao has stopped all alcohol sales since April 5. Another fool in power. Schools will be closed through July. Lockdown at least until June 1, but probably longer. Good Luck.

  4. Foreigners are required to have at lease 1,000 usd of income each month while living in the Philippines. So thats more then enough to eat with and not receive welfare. Some people! Smdh

  5. Not all of Luzon was extended. Most provinces have been however Benguet, Pangasinan, Tarlac and Zambales may change by April 30!

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