Lim Kim: From K-Pop Idol to Artist Breaking Stereotypes | ASIAN BOSS

Lim Kim is a Korean artist who has used her platform to break the conventional stereotypes about Asian women and orientalism in general. We are interviewing her to share her passion with the rest of the world. Special thanks to Lim Kim for sharing her story.

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  1. Had a great time with Asian Boss team and I was happy to finally meet my supporters💛💛💛
    Hope you guys enjoy this video and don’t miss the next music video coming to my channel on February 28th!
    Thank you💞

    1. watched Yellow for the first time last month and i was hooked ever since. powerful arrangements, with such a queen attitude, Generasian made me feel so proud to be Asian ❤️ I’ve been trying to share your music as much as i can, thank you for making it! 😊

    2. Hi miss Kim, I meet your music when you aired love game, now you created your own style which is very awesome. Keep fighting young lady, greetings from Turkey with love 💕😊

    3. 대학교 1학년때 매주 슈스케3 본다고 애들이랑 술자리 약속도 안잡고 본방사수하고… 생에 처음으로 투개월한테 모바일 투표도 해보고! 군대에서 갑자기 올라잇으로 티비에 나오는거 보고 위안을 얻었고, 계속 김예림 노래 목소리 찾아들으면서 무한반복하고…
      지금 컨셉도 예림님이 하고싶었던 음악이나 메세지라 엄청 멋있게 보고 있어요. 그러면서 동시에 가끔은 예전 목소리가 그립긴 해요.
      항상 응원합니다.

  2. Loved meeting this artist : love what she’s doing and trying to do. Watch a LOT of KDrama, really tried to like female KPop, but find it very homogenised and and blandly irritating – sorry – though the artists are incredibly skilled and talented. So refreshing to find a powerful woman coming up in the Korean industry, and it seems doing it her way. Thank you Asian Boss! and Lim Kim!

  3. I thought I saw ‘Lia Kim’ and seeing kpop idol to artist. me be like.. “dude I didnt know Lia Kim (1Million Dance) was a kpop idol before.. I thought she dance? I need go see this”. upon watching the first few seconds.. wait.. this is not Lia Kim.. re-read the title.. aaaa.. ok ok.. but ended up watching it anyway

  4. I wish this kind of Korean music gained more attention. Mainstream K-pop the world knows are mostly directed towards youths (bubblegum pop) and heavily marketed by K-pop industry.

    Yeah, I know that youths are the most profitable consumers. But I want to see more depth in their artistry of music.
    I guess I’m growing older.

  5. Sorry totally not the point of the video but in the thumbnail her right eye has some white in her cornea, usually people have red eyes in photos but this white could signify cancer. This is fairly rare among adults but still I would suggest to checkup with your doctor. But safer and sure.
    Ps:she has a marvelous voice.

  6. 8:46 Ohhhh nahhh nahh Jay Park is the first one who try to break asian sereotypes. Jay park work hard until his ass burn and he try to introduce korean music to those ppl who have stereotypes about asian. And ofc there other artist aswell…… First time watching Lim Kim and she look super dope artist-

  7. I love that she followed a new path where she can freely express herself & give exposure to such important things to her culture. Such an inspiring young Asian Women, props to her 👏🏼

  8. “K-Pop”(개밥)은 “J-Pop”(젖밥)에서 유래했습니다. 축하해요. 일본인이 만든 용어가 세계에 통용되고, 한국인인 우리가 바꿔서 다시 세계에 통하고… 거의 유일하게 먹힌 단어일 듯… 참 한심한 나라들… 언어 파괴가 거의 자해 수준임. 외신이 다뤄도 난 저 두 단어 절대 안 씀. 바보니? ㅋㅋㅋ

    1. 저 단어라고 치부하기엔 지금은 너무 유의미한 단어가 됨.. 보이지 않는 피땀이 있었기에 세계에 통하게 된게 아닐까요. 개밥이라고 하실만큼 하찮은거 아닌거 같네요.

  9. It was a bit hard to hear that her heart wasn’t into her old songs because it was created by other people ngl. But I’m glad to see that she is making music that she loves, and I especially like that she’s trying to help break some of the stereotypes about Asian women!

  10. I used to listen to “Rain” on repeat, and when I found out Lim Kim made a comeback, I was estatic. I found Yellow, and honestly I was so confused LMAO but it’s grown on me

  11. I don’t understand what’s the difference between kpop and “real artists “ like both doing song s both are artists I don’t get it when people saying that kpop are idols not real artists

    1. Ad hd Kpop idols are under life contracts that have very very bad conditions and requirements that one must deal with for life. And so there isn’t much say and freedom… as opposed to if you were your own artist you don’t need to follow all that. It’s pretty simple tbh not different from anything else in life

  12. i recommend her joining P Nation, coz (not trying to say anything about because someone joined this she should join that) when Jessi joined P Nation, she really looks like herself coz P Nation kinda lets u how u want it ig(idk the correct term) but ye, not trying to be rude or forcing her to join, just my opinion. if she wants to do everything by herself im alright, its her anyways. 🙂

  13. I’ve been her fan since she debuted on the weekly MCountdown, I’m no longer in the kpop fandom but recently found her in the music channel ONSTAGE.. I was so shocked to see how much she’s grown as an artist and I’m so proud and happy for her ❤️

  14. As a women good for her if she trying to break K-pop stereotype. But actually “Jay Park” is way a head in that game a long time ago. Jay Park is in a category of his own. Anyone else are just followers.

    1. Jay Park doesn’t have much of a sound of his own, i have heard a lot of American hiphop just like it. Although I do like and appreciate his music. This girl is using her own roots to make music. Also, Epik High is more revolutionary in Korean hiphop and were way far in the game than Jay Park was tbh.

  15. As soon as I saw her name on an Asian Boss video, I was shocked because I nearly forgot about her. Then, I realized that she’s also been reacted to on Classical Musicians React, which made me intensely curious as to why she came back and what she was getting so much attention for. The moment I heard her track Yellow, my jaw dropped. I couldn’t recognize her previous image at all. Her voice, style, everything, had changed, and this will be probably one of my happiest surprises of this year in rediscovering her. I LOVE the East Asian instrumentals and opera vocals more than I should.

  16. I can’t tell you guys enough how much I enjoy these stories. Thank you Asian Boss! Lim Kim, keep going! Change the world! You’re amazing!

  17. Her old stuff was unique enough even for kpop. She has her own name associated with something like folk indie to pop indie and was not compared to anyone. She did not even struggle in terms of popularity. Both consumers and co artists consumed her music with respect and enjoyment. I’m glad she pursued her happiness though. I truly wish this is her happiness.

  18. This is the interview with her that I needed. I like Sal-ki and the Generasian EP because I like challenging music even though I’ve grown a taste for K-pop, but was confounded by how different it was from what she released before, which I also like. This let me know she’s an artist forging her own path and not just an idol singing songs written by someone else and that her agency thinks will make money. She has something to say and deserves support and respect.

  19. She was the first kpop female singer I actually really liked and ardently followed. I didn’t kept on track with her stuff cause I kinda drifted away from kpop for a while but it’s good to see her pursuing something she feels passionate about.

  20. I love her older song like “Alright” & Awoo. Glad she found her “own” music but her new latest song just not for my every day listening.

  21. I actually liked all her songs including the other ones in the albums, I especially liked her voice so it was great to listen to all her songs, i have been listening to her songs from ‘all right’ up until the lastest album before this, I always play it while driving. And I was thinking that she haven’t came back yet for too long now and this pops in my recommendation as if YT wants to give me answers, and I thank this channel for interviewing her! And all the videos you upload are so worth watching for! 👍

  22. 아이돌 한국 가수들의 음악이나 퍼포먼스는 너무 식상하고 케이팝이란 장르는 대기업들의 돈 투자로 만들어진 어거지 장르라 관심도 없었는데 림킴은 완전히 다른 자기만의 세계를 구축한 흔하고 상업적인 대중음악과의 타협이 없는 예술인으로서의 정신세계가 돋보인다. 크게 성장 하고 자신만의 음악세계를 구축 하기를.

  23. I will definitely check out Lim Kim she sounds really interesting and I like how she is breaking out the mold of the typical “k-pop”. I wish her the best ❤✌🏾

  24. I’ve been with her since All Right, Goodebye 20, and Rain. I absolutely loved the indie music she put out, too. My favorite song of hers was actually “Drunken Shrimp” and “Like You Know It All,” when she kinda changed her image and went into the more mainstream K-pop sound with Love Game and Awoo, I loved it. Blonde Lim Kim was an era you’ll never forget. It wasn’t uncommon for solo female (indie/ballad) artists to go for a more K-pop comeback after a while, but seeing how she’s in her *ultimate form* ???? That amazes me. She’s honestly her own artist and is breaking down so many barriers. I feel like this decade, a lot of East Asian women whether American or in their respective country are really gonna carry the entire music industry. They’re breaking down so many barriers. I’m glad we’re slowly getting more Asian representation, and badass women at that 💖

  25. When I noticed for the first time that Lim Kim recorded new songs I was pretty happy, because I missed her voice so much, but when I started to listening them I was S H O C K E D. I didn’t expected THIS kind of art and I’m not disappointed! I love all the music videos and whole concepts of them and now I’m pretty excited to see what will be next! Can’t wait for another album 😍 Sending lot of love from Poland 💖💖💖

  26. I’m not the biggest fan of K-Pop. Using but seeing this interview brings me much joy. As a professional ballet dancer, I can relate very well and it is truly special to meet people that support you and what you do. All the best to Lim Kim 😊

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