Life Under Crisis in Thailand. A Look Around Our Town.

Vlog#823 The strong will always adapt and overcome. The weak will always find ways to put the blame onto other things or other people. Look into your own weaknesses when this is over and make the changes in your life first. Today I will take you around That Phanom to see what is going on during this time under a global shutdown.
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  1. I just thought of you I saw that video of you cutting your own hair months ago. Well I just tried it and I have to say not bad!! Thanks for giving me confidence to cut my own hair!

  2. Chuck has got to try to get a gig working for the Thai government. He’s seriously the best spokesman for Thailand on YouTube! I’ve been interested in moving to Thailand for a while now and watching his videos does nothing but feed the fire. Keep up the great work!

  3. That reminded me of something when I first moved here. Ask for a Pepsi and get, huh??? But ask for a Pep-Si and get your beverage. Thai listens to a different cadence, and if the cadence is not correct the word is not correct. 🙂 555

  4. Mate how and in what have you invested to get a stable yearly income to live and travel comfortably at such a young age. With a million dollar nest egg one needs to watch their outflow without digging into capital. I could live your lifestyle if I had a 5 million dollar nest egg. You must be doing many things right. I am happy for you. Maybe you can make a video on financing retirement. It would be a good topic.

  5. Gidday from Australia, another YouTuber “SerpentZA” had his cheapskate wife give him a haircut with the $8 hair clippers that she bought for the job. He had to shave his head. Shasa does love a bargain.

  6. Lotus went bust in the 1997 crash in Thailand Tesco took over the stores .They have just sold the business in Thailand and Malaysia to Cp foods for 10 billion dollars.Cp foods owned lotus supermarkets in 1997 and part of the deal they received shares in Tesco Thailand

  7. Thailand is done! I don’t think it will pick up as they cut the nose to spite the face with westerners in favour of Chinese. Everyone is going to Cambodia or Philippines or Vietnam. Thailand is finished.

  8. Maurice, Khon Kaen.
    Chuck, Assuming you did not bring your counter top oven from the US. Can you tell mewhere you purchased it from ? Looked at all the usual websites, Global, Lazada etc. I could not see anything like yours. Keep healthy !

  9. It’s not noisy in Thailand. I have no idea why you keep saying that. Where you live is noisy, I’ve lived in five different provinces and all were in quiet villages.

  10. Nice tour of your city. I wish they would open up the barber shops. Getting pretty shaggy looking. And not going to let my wife cut my hair from what I have seen on the internet.🙈

  11. I’ll only subscribe if you do an hour a day vid…LOL…(am subbed already)..waiting for the next hour vid ! Lol again..stay cool 🙏🏻✌🏻🥵

  12. Hey Chuck and Paige, Here in Roiet I’ve only heard of the big store referred to as Tesco. Guess it’s a regional thing. I must comment on your pronunciation. You pronounced the word “dick” perfectly and applied it correctly. Too funny. Thanks for making this lockdown bearable. I look forward to your video everyday, keep em coming.

  13. …oh ! …re: haircuts..after going to England 1969, have had only 3 haircuts, all in Tland..have thinning and straight scissors, no prob and don’t look like Boris, and..stopped using tie tacks then also..probably saved a fair amount


  15. Chuck, Do you get many flat tires on your rides? I never heard you speak of this or saw a repair. The croissant video would be great. I have the same oven as you.

  16. I like your twin brother it’s very creative.Thank you for your bike tour around town.Also, like what Paige said be happy and healthy,how about another one, “be happy don’t be sad”just joking lol!.

  17. Chuck, what do you mean by Why Haven’t I Subscribe Yet, Subscribe Now!! I have been subscribed to your channel so so long, I’m almost part of the family LOL.

  18. Love that opening shot on the river, PARADISE! Thanks for the ride around town it looks different without all the traffic and people, hopefully it will be back to it’s noisy self soon.
    Thanks for sharing, many blessings to you, Paige and family 🙏🏼
    Cheers 🍻
    FYI Mekong runs through Cambodia out into the Mekong Delta in Vietnam

  19. Hey Chuck , …..I told my mom lol, to watch your channel , and she said hey, his twin is identical , like she couldn’t believe it lol,….she’s 79 but doesn’t get the editing of videos and what can be done lol,…..she kept rewinding it and telling my sister to look at them both lol,…..their exact…….thought ya might like a chuckle lol…….I tried to tell her the truth but she doesn’t believe me lol

  20. Hopefully we are learning from this modified lifestyle that is “imposed “ on us. When the world reopens, we should practice what we’ve learned naturally. We’ll go to stadium, restaurant, club, parks, etc. and wear masks, keep our distance, keep cleanliness in mind, or just stay home… Thank You for your great videos . I enjoy your edit tricks.

  21. As a soon to be retired person from the United States Postal Service I have a question. Do you receive daily mail delivery ? Asking for a friend who plans on retiring next to the Indian Ocean

  22. How do you manage your finances having retired so young and yet have decades of life left? Do you have a daily budget? I am thinking of retiring in Thailand and without any income stream I wondered if a million US bucks in savings would be enough for about three decades. That comes to about $2,700 a month. Also, if I wired in a million bucks into Thailand would they tax you as if it is income? That’s another issue. Always love your videos.

  23. Americans seen to take staying home well… as new poll out: a new POLITICO/Morning Consult poll shows the vast majority of voters support continuing the social-distancing measures that appear to be helping the U.S. hamper the rapid spread of Covid-19, the illness caused by the virus.

    More than eight in 10 voters, 81 percent, say Americans “should continue to social distance for as long as is needed to curb the spread of coronavirus, even if it means continued damage to the economy.” Only 10 percent say Americans “should stop social distancing to stimulate the economy, even if it means increasing the spread of coronavirus.” Nine percent of voters have no opinion

  24. When TESCO came to Thailand they teamed up with Lotus super-centres owned by Charoen Pokphand (just happens to be the owner of CP stores). So the combined name is Tesco Lotus for Thailand. This is just for your UK subscribers who can google for the full story.

  25. Hello Chuck just want to tell you good news the USA have the vaccine for the coronaviru call covid 19 please read news on gilead drugs company just google up gilead covid 19 and read for yourself stay safe Chuck

  26. What? You mean you don’t want to work 80 hours/week and get a heart attack and spend the rest of your life in a wheelchair?!?!?! What’s wrong with you? Ha! Ha! (PS: at 25:36, that hotel on the corner, I’ve stayed there a few times. Loved it. Sitting on the deck on the 2nd floor and drinking a cold beer was awesome!)

  27. The Thai government is about to borrow 1 TRILLION baht for economic relief. There will be unrest if Uncle Tuu stills says “mai mee tang”. lol

  28. Here in Phuket we ticked up 1 confirmed case from yesterdays zero. 83 year old Thai lady. Same hot spot in Bang Tao. All same Thai family or friends. 28 all Thailand with one new death. 85 year old Thai lady with many health issues.

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