Life in Udon Thani อุดรธานี With the Famous Lloyd and Pen

Vlog#856 Udon Thani อุดรธานี What a great life in Thailand. This town has everything you need. Today we check out Lloyd’s house, drive to Nong Khai and just have an Unpredictable great day in Thailand.
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  1. Fantastic Video Guys you guys made our day Awesome we really enjoyed your company and we hope to see you both more in the future, take care stay safe stay

  2. Chuck and Paige, you only make 1 style of video in my opinion. Good ones. I find that the content is so interesting, even if you are having a rant, that the minutes fly by. I never think of how long they are. And, of course, I love you guys and the mafia and all of the friends. Thanks for sharing how mazing Thailand and kon Thai are.

  3. he best resturang in udon is the one that puts on soi 3000 if you come from the train station and drive towards central plaza the road comes to your right and then the first restorang you meet when you drive down that road and it is thai and they speak English

  4. I’m with Paige I like my bungalows/villas, sometimes you have to deal with more creepy crawlies but it gives you a bit more privacy and they are usually more unique. Maybe it’s the mood I’m in but this video made me miss Thailand soooo much, over 2 years now since my last visit I’m about to go crazy.
    Thanks for sharing, many blessings to you, Paige and family 🙏🏼
    Cheers 🍻

  5. You are making me homesick for Udon Thani. I recognize many of the streets and restaurants you were at Chuck. Thanks for sharing your day. 🙏👍

  6. Hi, I live half way from Udon and Nong Khai. I have farm land and an Aussie looking country style house, i built myslef. I have lived in Thailand for 12 years, back in Aus at the moment, fighting cancer. 18 months on the new immunotherapy Treatment and is working. Just had my last treatment for now and all looking clear. The Doc said can go back to Thailand, but no planes in or out of Australia at the moment. Then i come across your video, now i am very home sick. Thanks for the video, put a smile on my face.

  7. Your friends house is beautiful. The end when you showed us the park is awesome. Looks very old. Great video and thank you Chuck. Cheers

  8. I have issues trusting GPS, due to living in states, & having issues traveling even close to home, loosing signal, or no service, & even at my home, there is no cell phone service at all. I bought an item last week, & I tried my phone gps, & I had to figure out on my own last few roads, & I was around 45 miles away, & was familiar with area I was in, just not last few roads. but I live in mountainous area.

    that garden so far has been my favorite of all I have seen, with everyone that has show videos, such a BEAUTIFUL place! love it! when I can afford to travel, that is tops on places I want to visit.

  9. Sadly in Los Angeles his home with three beds, two bath in a decent area … 2 to 4 million, and that’s conservative … any reason I am out of here as soon as possible …

  10. Thanks Chuck… really nice set up Lloyd has there.. thanks for the tour. The temple was amazing on many levels. Thanks again and enjoy the evening…. c u on the next one. :-))

  11. It’s ok saying the house is worth such amount but try and sell it,Thais hate second hand.its not worth no where near the prise that has been told on your video xxx

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