Life in the Big City, and Small City; Philippines – Part 2of2

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  1. I agree everything else but not what you told about Manila! There`s not 2 much people but at least 3 or 4 with Quezon City and other areas! 1975 the popularity in Manila was 1,500,000 but with QC already 4,500,000….Today maybe triple times! Nobody knows! Did stayed one easter in Tondo just to find out the way how people try to survive from day to day with doing anything they have opportunity to get their daily rice… 🙁 sad! Better stay in a barangay! I recommend Camotes Islands life! 🙂

  2. Quezon may have more people overall, but Manila has too many people.. for that amount of space. For instance, 30 people is not a lot of people. But 30 people in an elevator is now, too many for that amount of space. I will never live in Manila when there are so many other, nice islands that don’t have the problems Quezone or Manila struggle with. Crime, pollution, desperation, traffic, smog.. there are other, cleaner big cities that are better managed, such as Cebu. I’d live in Cebu.

  3. LOL… Henry I don’t think you have to worry too much about all of us filling up Bohol & running you out. For one thing, most people are just dreamers that will never do anything but watch your videos & dream. Out of those that do come, most will either want the infrastructure of a big city like Cebu or Manila or sexpats in AC. Those few that agree with you on the appeal of a small city still won’t all come there. You might end up with a very few friends to have a beer with in Bohol is all 🙂

  4. So now we know where you keep you aloha shirts 🙂 … what I don’t know is how do you manage to keep yourself and other objects in the frame of your video? Seem the screen is pointed away from you. Just curious…

  5. It’s just sheer luck. ha! The display faces away from me, so I can’t see how the exposure or framing is until later in the day when I review it. So I just kinda eyeball it when walking and shooting simultaneously.

  6. You have great perception and I enjoy all of your vids : )
    My paradise would be to go off grid in Phils in a province region within
    an hour or two of a bigger metropolis.
    Sure would not want to be in any large city in the World when/if the
    Banking system etc ‘fail’.

  7. I agree with you Henry about Manila… When i was there 2 years ago we visited several places.. Manila was not my favorite place. My favorite place i think was Dumaguete. My son and I visited friends that we met  in Dipolog City, Pagadian City, Dapitan, CDO, and Cebu. I want to now visit Bohol and Camiguin Island. The Philippines is a great place to visit.. Just be careful…. 

  8. I did not like Manila at all either but I’m a country kind of guy anyways,smaller towns are more my style.Henry seriously thank you for taking the time to make these.I so agree with human beings not being meant to be all pilled up on each other like cities do pretty much globally.It’s as unnatural as living under communism or a dictatorship in my opinion.

  9. right; in a very real sense, evolution is everything; we did not, can not, evolve to be healthy, fit & trim in a big city; we will naturally become unhealthy, unfit (athletically, psychologically, values-wise…), & fat, obese–unless we: a) put basically another life into working on health, fitness, being trim, & b) get very lucky at figuring out just what we need to do, to be dadada…; natural-selection had been eliminating the unhealthy, unfit, non-trim, (& their lifestyles w/ them), i.e., only the strongest could compete to thrive to survive; now w/ medical interventions, social-system-interventions– very unhealthy, unfit, non-trim people can be totally successful & popular, the leaders of the pack, the trend-setters, unhealthy trends; OK, enuf

    1. @ROB NAVAEI the rainy season it may rain up to 6 days straight with brief breaks.  non-rainy season it still will rain once or twice a week so everything stays green all year.  🙂

  10. this country the only that women try so hard to find forianer husband . they go as far as pay doctor to say they virgin is so funny . so many of my friend that went there talk about this all the time.

  11. Manila fixed the airport! And yeah, I was an idiot spending so much time in Manila. When I went to Bagio with friend I was thinking, “wow, a decent city where every other man doesnt look like zombie ready to rob me.”

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