Life in the Big City, and Small City; Philippines – Part 1of2

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  1. I’m going to Tagbilaran in about an hour.. it’ll be a pleasant day, relaxing. I’m going to Cebu tomorrow.. and I’m putting my guard up, eyes open as soon as I arrive at the pier.

  2. At the main site I’ve done it in parts, because Cebu is so big. I’ve covered the Taoist Temple, video on the Ayala Mall, Carbon Market, parts of Lapu Lapu and Mactan. Check out the video/photo sections of the main site.. link above in the “About” section.

  3. You know, back in the US there was this woman, Patty, who always cut my hair right and I was worried nobody here would. But actually, they are really into doing a good haircut job here. Plus you get the whole massage, hot towel treatment.. and for less than $1.25. So, on Mactan and Bohol, haircuts have been no problemo.

  4. No, actually it was much easier than I thought. Back home I only allowed one person to cut my hair (and that costs about $12) On Mactan and Bohol, they have lots of barber shops who take pride in what they do. Lots of competition so they give you the massage, hot towel, haircut.. and all for about 50 cents plus a 25 cent tip. Mall places are more expensive, about $1.50.

  5. Hey i love your videos.  You have a very good point about accountability and society.  I feel like we live in a brink of caos.  I live here in the bay area of CA and OAK and SF area is a place that attracts ppl just to stir trouble. There is a group that feels they have the right to just take where ever they can bc the society did something wrong to them.  There are no morals just what they can take for free

    1. sayhello blue . I agree my friend.Ive lived in Orange County, California most my life..40 miles South East of Los Angeles…
      Our state has become a Pit, Trash can. So much garbage in our state. Drugs, Porn, Greed, Meterialism . Lack of Morals…Values.
      I’m so done with this place. Have children, mother…difficult to just take off to Phillipines…
      Don’t think I’d ever want to bring a good-hearted, sweet Filapina to this messed up place !!!

  6. right; human nature IS basically selfish; imagine what thorough isolation some people must live in, all their lives to come to believe that people are basically good

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