Life In Thailand Is Still Much Easier For Us Here.

Vlog#822 In this crazy unpredictable ever changing world we live in, living in Thailand makes it very easy to just live in the moment and not stress out about things to come. There is still no place we would rather be than living life here in the Land Of Smiles.
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  1. Hey Chuck we just retired here in Isaan last month started watching you about four months ago in America has your father-in-law ever built a tuk tuk that was converted into a mini motorhome I’d like to talk to him about that.

  2. great vids as usual Chuck. Social distancing works to slow spread but they can’t let everyone loose at once stats show people under 50 have better chance of survival assuming no other comorbidities, but NYU data shows people with obesity regardless of age are vulnerable and are presenting in relatively high numbers in critical care. Currently in America there are 32,000+ expired, 574,000 unresolved. Low GDP regions with a $5000/capita income or less like South America, India, SE Asia, etc., are massively deficient in testing so those countries have to be extremely vigilant to make sure this thing doesn’t spread since their medical systems could very very easily be overwhelmed if this thing even remotely breaks out. Even in America testing is hugely deficient (less than 1% of population tested) and the policymakers seem to be saying they’re undercounting since the criteria for getting admitted to a hospital is very strict and so who knows how many have died in their apartments, homes, non-medical facilities.

    New data from autopsies seem to indicate covid causes massive clotting in lung tissue and secondarily attacks the t-cells needed by the immune system to kill infected cells. Dr Chris Martenson’s channel Peak Prosperity covers the data and shows the lung scans from yesterday’s video titled The Dead Speak.

  3. Some states are getting goofy. A church service held at a drive in. Every car fined $500. Meanwhile there are drive through alcohol stores. Another father and daughter playing catch in a field with no one there. The father put in handcuffs.
    Crazy stuff by the authorities. Glad I live in Thailand.

  4. MY wife is from thailand and I love thailand and would like to retire there but this is a power grab from the globalist. They do not want to open back up untill they can mandate vaccines and tracking apps on your phones.

    1. On Little Things The virus is being used to hide a bigger problem β€”the monetary system. The economy is a house of cards. They’re using the virus as escape goat.

  5. So were would you rather be in thailand were the people are comoliant and cant fight back or in the united states were you still at least have a shot at standing up the radical gover/ global elites .

    1. It appears that this Wuflu virus is not consistent in its effect, the range of illness goes from inconvenience to death. Many people are having their lives altered in order to avoid a little inconvenience, and the overall effect is the destruction of the economy. The hardest hit will be among retired people who will see their savings reduced by hyperinflation. In 1920s Germany a granny was using a wheel barrow to take money to buy a loaf of bread when she was mugged, the thief tipped out the money and stole the wheelbarrow. If governments keep printing money we might feel that it would have been better to have caught Wuflu!

  6. Great croissants , really do love watching your blogs,I can’t understand why people give a thumbs down,I miss being out there, watching your blogs keep me smiling, looking forward to coming back once all this uncertainty has cleared up,till then take care and stay safe πŸ€—πŸ€—πŸ™

    1. I slept thru 5.8 when i was living in Greece, who apartment building woke, my Auntie freaked out, as everyone left the building except myself.. I got woken up by uncle, that pissed me off, ahahahaha

  7. Your croissants were spectacular! We have been baking a lot of bread while locked down. It makes the house smell heavenly. You & Paige help keep my spirits up. Bless your hearts πŸ’“

  8. Thanks for cranking out the videos brother. You’re giving people something to do for a little bit. much appreciated. Just got the word yesterday that is everything stays the same here in Chonburi, they will open every back up May 1st. It’ll be nice to go swimming again! πŸ™‚

  9. Again you say what you wish
    “”This won’t last in Thailand”

    You also emphasized everyone is chilled.
    And dismiss anything outside your prism thinking as negative.

    Reality is people are rejected for the 5000 baht hand out.
    Many are stressed .
    Thais might seem to you ” chilled”

    And the virus won’t just disappear.
    By your numbers ( not many have got it yet)
    So no herd immunity..
    And no vaccine.

    So what next?

    The truth is Thailand has many cases and this is not nearing an end by a long shot of wishful thinking .
    Not long?
    Maybe six months to a year

    1. Sorry this is my channel like my home. If you come inside my house and talk shit I will throw you out. If you have no respect for me or my viewers than leave, my channel is not a chat room, start your own channel and see how many people agree with you. Your problem is your negative and i don’t give a shit about your topic or I would be preaching the same bullshit. it is notime2bsad, I don’t work for you or owe you shit. STOP or leave. last warning.


  11. You are killing me Chuck. I lost 35 lbs during the winter and have been able to keep it off for 4 months so far. But I gained 2 lbs just watching you make butter croissants. If you made the ham and cheese ones, I may have to run 10 miles after watching that. πŸ₯

  12. My favorite channel. I wish I was in Thailand, But I’m stuck in Seattle. I will retired in Isan someday. The southern part because I can speak “khamen”

    1. @Sak Kla Thom Also Korat and Ubon are in that category as well (as far as former Khmer populations that lived there). Trat, Chantaburi have khmer speakers but I have to really listen to understand them

    2. αž”αŸ‰αž»αž“αŸ’αžαŸ‚αž’αŸ’αž“αž€αž’αžΆαž…αž’αžΆαž“αžαŸαž˜αž”αžΌαžŒαžΆαž”αžΆαž“αž‘αŸ I speak it too but the Phnom Phen variety – I can understand the Northern Khmer in Srisaket where I lived, though

    3. @Crimsondragong southern isan consists of the provinces of Buriram, Surin, Sisaket. It is known as Khamen or Khmer country. I have family there. They are Khamen Sisaket.

  13. It looks like you are being affected by CV craziness,,,,takeout delivered on a breakfast fave for you Chuck and No Dinner Celebration video of family dining together. This whole CV crisis is causing such incredible damage to USA in my opinion. Ma and Pa Restaurants have to totally change to ‘takeout’ and City Parks in our area (Carrollton, Texas) had closed children playgrounds (yellow warning tape) and even zip tied basketball nets up so you can’t play any recreational ball in a park. Just craziness in my opinion,,,even in Texas I believe we can’t live like this much longer. Keep sending videos on your vlog. US is hungry to live life and explore happy places. ‘Like’ HIT, and sharing your life in Thailand deeply appreciated.

  14. Yes think Thailand much easy safe you. Hot weather good kill virus. Country hot weather less virus. USA not easy. Have to work USA. Have good day lucky kind man.

  15. Not much happening here San Antonio, Tx 40s in the AM and 60s in afternoon. We are supposed to hear from our governor his plan to open up Texas. We still have over 100 counties with no virus outbreaks. Glad to see you are still doing fine.

  16. I agree Chuck, in these strange times, I also wish I was in Thailand. Unfortunately, I don’t see Thailand opening up to tourism any time soon. I saw reports, they are looking into a 2 week quarantine for incoming visitors. So I don’t see many people coming to vacation after 2 weeks in quarantine?
    I hope to be there in July.. and YES, I will quarantine there if that’s the price to pay.
    Curt in San Diego.. renting a condo in Jomtien for daily beach walks and Thai food.

  17. It might be quiet and people following the rules in Thailand, but many Thai is suffering now due to lock-down and lost income. We who live in Isaan with our family is lucky because we have a house and we have the nature and a source of food. People living in big cities like Bangkok, with no income and no house, are facing big problems. My thought today goes to those peoples and I hope we are back to “normal” life ASAP. Take care everyone!!!

  18. The number of new cases in Thailand is low because they arent testing many people. Testing is only 1400 per million people which is very very low. So naturally new cases found will be low

  19. Dear Chuck and Paige-I discovered your channel several months ago and really love your videos. They are fun, insightful and are great at scratching under the surface of being an ex-pat living in Issan. And they make me so homesick too for ahaan Issan! I lived in northern Thailand for mostly twenty years and cannot wait to move back when I retire. I do have to mention something that has bothered me though, especially in your last vlog. You referred to someone as β€˜That person over there is a dude with boobs’. I found the remark condescending and mean-especially for someone who mentions Buddhist philosophy and acceptance. The person you referred to is a Thai and they are transgender. Please be more respectful to these Thai people in your vlogs, they are part of your adopted country. They work in your markets, hospitals and some are politicians. They were in Thailand before you came and will be there after you leave. Sorry to nag. Still love your vlogs and be safe.

    1. Thank you for watching the channel as you should know thai people are not offended easily and will say what is on there mind mostly. especially lady boys, as I was not speaking in an insulting way. However respect goes both ways, as you may see yourself as a women not all people see it that way. Not everyone thinks the same way obviously. It is an inside joke anyway…. I have respect for everyone as long as they do not try to tell me how to live or think. I promise to do the same.

  20. hi chuck yea the last thing in america you want to listen to is the media.hell they are counting people who die from old age as the covid deaths.doomsday media.i think people will realise this crap but will they before the econamy collapses.they will even make that ten times worse than it really is.i heard some news from my home state this morning that was bad.the paper mill i worked in for 20 years blew up.they have big digesters two of them they are like big pressure cookers .well they blew up nobody got killed but it ended the papermill.yea they were like ten stories high now they no longer exist.crasy why when it rains it pours.we need some good news keep safe

  21. Read a news article (Australia) here about a guy who had brought 10k worth of toilet paper and handwash hoping to cash in. Ebay and the local sites refused his ads so he tried to return them. The store literally gave him the finger and in line with new store policies refused the refund. So the guy now has a lifetime supply of toilet paper and hand wash – I laughed so hard it almost hurt.

  22. Enjoying watching your lockdown time here from Denmark! 3 suggestions:
    1. Those croissants look awesome. Would love to see an episode of Chuck’s Baking School about how to make croissants
    2. Not to interfere, but don’t you think your MIL would appreciate being called by her real name or the Thai word for MIL?
    3. How about making cooking videos with your MIL? Cooking Thai food? With you and/or Paige explaining?

  23. Dollar store is like chinese store here in Spain, lots of cheap rubbish that you can get instantly but 75% cheaper on Aliexpress if you don’t mind the 4 week wait.

  24. Bread in Thailand is plain ‘ol plain ‘ol sandwich bread which to the credit of their creators (supermarkets and bakeries), is more (thicker) than something like Wonder Bread. Most other breads baked in local bakeries are sweet breads, the kind most Thais prefer. Bread from 5 star hotels and top rated restaurants are the exception though.

  25. That intro music! I miss hearing that daily. I could wake up groggy and irate, and after hearing that I was ready to conquer the province with the utmost positiveness!

  26. I really enjoy listening to you and watching your vlogs, Chuck. You’re so cool, calm, and collected that I find it starts to rub off on me! Thank you and Paige for being such a positive influence in these anxious times. All the best from North Carolina!!

  27. Don’t cough in public, you’ll get ‘cough shamed’. Similar to being ‘mask shamed’ The young people are rebelling? Good for them. Most people in Thailand just do as they’re told.

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