Legacy of a Father

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  1. FB Messenger is, thankfully, separate to FB itself (this is a relatively new ‘feature’. It’s a lifeline to many, especially for people wanting to talk to their girlfriends in the Philippines.
    I’ve just returned from another 30-day ban, but I could use both FB Messenger accounts.

  2. a good thing about the internet/video recording is you can record all your life history/family history that your kid will not listen to when you tell her but will want to know later. my 33 yr old daughter asked me a few wks ago whether my mom had any bros &/or sisters. I said ‘seriously?’ I’ve told her this stuff many times yet no listening…

  3. Good on ya Ned i have lots Respect for the veterans we used to have a Repatriation hospital near me but it has closed as most of the ww2 veterans have died my mum was a Waf women’s air force hear in Australia also my dad was in there was only 2 yrs but the war finished but because they dident go over seas so really no good stuff for them but i have few friends who were Vietnam veterans and i totally respect all service people hope the baby and Chichi is ok to all goes well

  4. My father is burred in Arlington national cemetery. I still remember the burial ceremony and my Mother receiving the flag. It’s all a class act. It’s strange, many people have seen it in a movie but actually participating in it is something that’s very memorable. Thank you for the story and for your service as well.

  5. I met my philipina on FB most philipina like facebook that how we communicate I deleted a blogger on there he only used it to promote his u tube he never respond to me good lick to you wife child. I was army 74 -76

  6. Congratulations on becoming a Father you look back on this day and see that it was one of the greatest days in your life God bless you and your wife and your child and may he always keep his loving arms around you and keep you safe and healthy in the name of Jesus Christ Amen!!!!!

  7. Your opinion of FB is spot on. The benefit it has given to reconnect to my Marine buddies has redeemed it on some level. Those years were brief yet life altering. I’m glad I was able to find many of them.

  8. I agree with you Ned, I use Facebook to keep in close easy contact with my inlaws in the Philippines 🙂 I’m tired of seeing so much news posts on there.

  9. I retired from the Army in 2016 and now a scumbag DoD civilian in Japan. Maintaining relationships is crucial. I’m with you on facebook.. total crapshow but the messenger app is wonderful as you pointed out.
    Congrats on becoming a father! My Pinay wife and are about to kick our youngest out of the house as she recently graduated high school. It WILL change your life… from today-on nothing will be the same, but it is awesome! God bless and take care!

  10. It’s funny how we keep up with folks we served with. I was US Army Funeral Honor Guard @ Ft. Eustis Va. in 1986. We served the State of Virginia. I was chosen out of our entire Company. I fit the qualifications. Height between 5’10 and 6’, not overweight or too thin, and clean cut. No choice

  11. Retired 1 JUNE 2020, US Army 38 years. Like you I was a late bloomer and my ONLY child turned 1 last week and I will soon be 57. Thanks to my Filipina wife. Blessings all.

  12. Great video 44 years for me. I am glad you could hook up with this Veterans daughter. At my fathers funeral WWII vet I felt deprived when they only played a record at the cemetery. But years back when my grand father passed WWI he got the real deal. Bugler and a couple guys doing a rifle volley. It sad to loose the tradition

  13. Gave up on fb, dropped it and will never look back. More bs than it’s worth in my opinion. Thankfully two that I served with found me by name and those connections will never leave me and so grateful that we have contact now after not having communicated since 1988.
    Congrats on the baby and I hope chichay is well.

  14. Retired USAF 3/94’
    Good Luck with the birth of your first
    I and my Girl Chai are having our first together around the 25TH and we are very excited about that.

  15. Your best ever! I have been in exactly that service. The presentation of the flag to the widow…my mother. It seems like only yesterday…the rifle fire salute, the bagpiper playing amazing grace as the hearse slowly drives away. It still breaks my heart and I am grateful to the Navy team that held the ceremony with precision and grace…the Navy officer on bended knee in front of my mother with the flag and shell casings..”On behalf of a grateful nation…” One never gets over it.

  16. Love the letter you sent, great gesture, real tear jerker. USN 87-92, did honor guard for 2 years. Most humbling and honorable thing I ever done. (Yes, 100lbs ago 😳). Last 9 months as flag presenter. I’ll never forget the speech (insert Navy in place of Army)… I don’t think I ever completed the salute without shaking just a little. Thanks for the memory blast.
    Praying everything goes perfect with your little girl today.

  17. I should add that I thank you all for your service.. Each and every member that kept us safe and contributed to our great country. Thank you all God bless you all..👍

  18. Ned this is your best live stream/ video ever. Thank you for being so thoughtful to that you lady. Also congratulations to you and may God bless you and yours always.

  19. Yeah I’m not a Facebook fan at all but I have it . It’s because I feel like I need it . , I’m still looking forward to my day , we both got married the same year but my wife is in a different country so it’s hard to become a father from 15,000 miles away .. I’m a very very late bloomer too , we are around the same age . I will keep you in my prayers , I have had good, bad and ugly too . Lol at gogo bobo’s sister . You’re brother is a friggin loser buddy as Mike Ditka used to say,

  20. Neat 👍 I should try to connect with my old unit.. As I exited the Infantry in 1989 all my friends moved off to Saudi Arabia and I got home as war started. Would be cool to see how they all faired. 👍A 3/36th Infantry then later A 5/5 Cav out of Kirchgoens Germany in 3rd Armored Division

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