Leaving Pattaya, Thailand in 2020 | No Tourists in Pattaya

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In this video, I recorded myself explaining why I was leaving Pattaya, Thailand in 2020. I’ve never seen no tourist in Pattaya before. Being in Pattaya was depressing. Prices for services, including but not limited to transportation, were higher than normal. The bars and nightlife venues in Pattaya were full of employees, but had very few customers. The famous, Pattaya Beach Road was not busy at all. Pattaya Walking Street was not crowded at all. Only Pattaya Lk Metro seemed to have enough customers to sustain the economic impact on their businesses. With the borders of Thailand closed, no tourist can come in to Thailand’s famous tourists destination’s. No tourists in Pattaya is a sight I thought I would never see. That’s why leaving Pattaya, Thailand in 2020 was the correct decision for me.

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  1. I travel Thailand for over 25 yrs. Lived there for 6 yrs. Thailand doesn’t want expats…..they abuse, over charge….
    They have charted their own course. They will never change.
    All the smart expats have left, so many inviting countries.

  2. Serious suggestion: Why don’t you take your next break and visit “real” Thailand, rather than Pattaya? For example, Kanchanaburi. Or go visit Foreigner Joe and Thai Girl Gift down in Prachuap. Or go check out Korat (where “Maggie’s Journey” is from).

    You can go to Suvarnabhumi and rent a car for less than $50 for the whole weekend (Fri evening – Sunday evening) w/unlimited mileage. (look at rentalcars dot com for pricing) Then you can drive basically any place you want. Sure, it’s probably too long a drive to Chiang Mai or Southern Thailand, but there is so much else to see other than Pattaya.

  3. the GREAT news:: there is SIGNIFICANTLY more to Thailand than Pattaya. Not everyone’s experience but, for *me*, Pattaya no longer has anything to offer me, nor I it. That’s been that case since ~2018. I was so grateful when I discovered “elsewhere”. Perhaps this is the best thing that’s ever happened to your travel schedule? 😉 aaaaaand once again, I put on my rose colored glasses and hopped over to the next island BLAM! 😉

  4. Pattaya dead! I left a Thai club on 3rd Road which had 2,000+ people in it until 3 am. Gotta know where to go and prices have dropped not shot up! New restuarant just opened and every dish 10 baht. You need a tour guide. 😂

  5. I am glad you have had some good experiences. If you stay long enough and buy property or try to do other business, you will realize that the laws have a goal to stealing from the expat.

  6. Honestly I think that right now, Americans or rather Westerners are being shaken for every tourist dollar they have. I’m currently in Mexico, on my last day of a 10 day trip (5 days I’m Cancun) and I have seen ridiculous prices (like 12 USD for a basic drink and 15 USD for a quesadilla) at a basic hotel. I know that this plandemic is making people desperate and jacking up prices but with airfare to Thailand already being expensive (December and January) I just don’t think it’s feasible for the average person to really have fun over there. It’s a real shame because I really wanted to go to Thailand and the Philippines but the room rates are like staying in Hawaii for crying out loud.

  7. I believe the death of Pattaya of what it was is almost a foregone conclusion. Next will be the buyup of all the defunct properties at cut rate prices. Go Go bars will all be pushed way back to be replaced with soulless malls and trendy expensive restaurants catering to rich tourists coming off soon to be built cruise ship docks. Stick a fork in it boys. Pattaya’s run as the naughty fun capital of the world is done.

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