Leaving Bangkok Thailand

In this live I talk about my future plans in Bangkok Thailand. Thank you for watching.


  1. Joe, you earned your leisure time and it’s great that you can enjoy it with such a wonderful mate. Gift is truly a treasure and I wish her and you good luck and safe travels.

  2. Very Cool Joe. Gracie and I loved PKK and miss it and will head back down soon. Selfishly, I’m sad I never made one of your meet-ups here in BKK. You add massive value here and I love seeing your perspective. All the best!!!


  4. Tourism is down everywhere because of coronavirus; but tourism in thailand was down before the virus…..americans like me have moved to vietnam…..1 year business visa, no residency issues, no immigration issues here…..i can stay where i want when i want, and i do not have to report to immigration…..i love it here, Da Nang is very cool without the humidity of most of SE Asia…..

  5. Da Nang is awesome, but it is also empty without many tourists at all….i think now is an excellent time to travel….many hotels are empty and giving great deals, no crowds, planes are not crowded……i’m going to stay in da nang for 3 months, then halong bay for 3 months, then phu quoc island….i think i might live permanently in Vietnam……the Coronavirus is keeping people home, but the truth is there aren’t many cases for 8 billion earthlings……you have a better chance of winning the lottery than dying from the virus……; ) on a last note, marry that beautiful Gift already…. ; )

  6. Joe, thanks for all the great videos. I’m a big fan. I know YouTube money is nothing for you. Perhaps, you could collect it and make a donation to some under privileged Thai kids, give it to an orphanage, to a rural school or a remote hospital somewhere. Plus you can make a video out of it and bring us along the journey if that happens. Cheers.

    1. Thank you πŸ™ for the suggestion my friend. I do donate every now and then. I usually keep things like that between me and the organization/recipient private. I guess there is nothing wrong with doing a video on it. All the best!

  7. Hey Gift & Joe, we’re moving this year from Nong Plalai – Bang Lamung (after 8 years) to Hin Lek Fai, for a better nature life . Maybe one day we can meet each other between Prachuap and Hin Lek Fai, for a nice talk. Good luck with your moving…
    PS : have you email or messenger ? I like my privacy πŸ˜‰

  8. Come visit Bali I’ll be there in two weeks air in Chiangmai is bad I want to come back during rainy season perhaps anyways good luck
    I’ll be in Chiangmai till March 14 –

  9. I live in Florida now but when I go home to New Jersey, I go to Hoboken just for Fiore’s deli for a sandwich and some fresh wet mozzella. Also love to eat at Leo’s in Hoboken.

  10. My opinion on video length is 30 – 40 minutes, people can always fast foward until they find a interesting topic they want to see, a 15 minute driving scene and multiple gas station stops is to much for me so I just fast forward. I would like you to talk more and describe the area you are visiting some time you go silent, Chuck does a great job in this area. I really like when other expats are interviewed and asked the when, why, what, how, budget, back ground information , where does you retirement funds come from, what occupation he/she had, as for traveling was other vloggers not so much for, i.e. traveling with C/P it the same coverage and most likely will only watch one. Yes walking in Thailand is pain sometimes I live in a small village north of Udonthani, many unpleasant dogs , motorcycles, sugarcane trucks, tractors, rice gins on small roads, your guard must be up all the time.

  11. I would vote for at least 30 min vids. Cha am, hua hin is the area I’m planning on having a home base at. Love that area. It’s cold ❄ here in NC, USA. Thanks Joe and Gift. Hope you feel better soon Gift. Love your channel too, very entertaining. πŸ™ Stay safe. Jeff.

  12. Hi Joe – I think about 10-15 minutes is fine for a video, and you have shown us some great places recently. Ignore the haters and the trolls, and good luck with you next chapter together.

  13. I forgot the exact details of US immigration laws (regarding marriage with a foreigner) but as you know I went through it personally and I recall with my wife once she received a Green Card, that Green Card would’ve been revoked if we were out of the USA for too many consecutive months. There may have been forms we could’ve filed that would’ve let us get around that but it was a hassle and we weren’t traveling much back then. The most significant problem, beyond losing the card itself if you are out of the country too long, is it interrupts the journey to citizenship and basically takes you back to square 1. So if you do ever plan to get Gift a green card and potentially US citizenship consider you’d likely need to be in the USA most of the time. Last time I checked citizenship based on marriage can be granted in as little as 3 years, though your affiliation and career with DoD might expedite that. Of course none of these may relate to your plans just wanted to let you know my friend.

  14. Joe – that’s a good choice of location. You know the reasons. Looking forward to what you share with us. To note, your honest and not trying to make money off of this, which is admirable. Thanks very much, and for your service too.

  15. Congrats on the decision to get out of the city. Why not get better quality of life for less money? I look forward to talking my girlfriend into getting out of Pattaya/Jomtien at some point but it’s fine for now.

  16. Super excited to follow this journey and welcome to the 10K club – I know very well how hard it is to get there. I’ll be in Kamala Beach for the month of August. Let me know if you and Gift are in the area then – would love to grab a meal with you guys!

  17. The fiance visa is pretty quick. A lot of paperwork. It’s been good for my wife to acclimate to American culture over the last few years. We’ll visit Thailand for the month of April. Have fun. We’re not fans of Bangkok except to visit to change planes.

  18. Congrats on the move. It’s great to have flexibility! Appreciate your current average video lengths; no, to longer average lengths.

    Cheers 🍻

  19. Good decision!! More quality, more money to do things and more efficient time in life…right on, Joe!:-)) I just wished we could have trained together here…but hopefully another time…hehe…Keep up your positive lifestyle and the videos!:-))

  20. I just love you guys, I grew up in Jersey too. My Thai lady is named,” Khingpeth”. She’s warm and kind, and very different than American women.

  21. Aloha, I grew up in Mahwah, Northern Bergen County. I lived in Weehawkin just before moving to Hawaii. My father speaks fluent Thai that’s how I became interested in Thailand. Looking to become and expat there 2021.

  22. Congratulations on 10k. Of course I’ll continue to follow. Love your channel. Love Bangkok, but 1/4 rent can’t be sneezed at especially if you’re still close to Bangkok. Take care and safe travels.

  23. This is exciting news. Looking forward to watching the next chapter of your story Joe and Gift. Kanida and I will be watching your travels. Hope the move goes well too.

  24. Hi Joe. It was really nice to see and Gift yesterday in the restaurant on soi 22
    Its my favourite Essan restaurant in Bkk.
    Good food, excellent service, and low prices.

  25. Finally know when I’m seeing Bangkok- April 16th through May 1st. πŸ™‚

    Don’t have a clue how we would meet up, and would have to talk with my gf to help coordinate it..but would be cool to visit you guys, if possible

  26. Good for you all and this is awesome to see. I hope for nothing but continued success for you, your lovely lady and your channel.

    Safe travels my


  27. It is my understanding that it’s the same fiancΓ©e visa if you are married or not bc you have to go to your home state to have the foreign marriage recognized. The federal government gives you the visa & 90 days to either get married or have the foreign marriage recognized by your State. As you know, States regulates marriage.

  28. Me and my Wife have decided to sell the house in Palm Beach and move to Korat and build a house next April; get a car and start continuing our travel. Thanks for the information on getting a drivers license and getting our first car.

    1. @Betty Junemann Sorry to hear about the canceled plans my friend. Who knows, maybe your husband will chance his mind and decide to visit Thailand after all. All the best!

    2. My husband and I talked about moving to Thailand and traveling around southeast Asia. We are both in our 70’s. Now he has backed out on me and I’m stuck in Texas unless I just go by myself. So happy for you, hope everything goes as planned for y’all.

    1. I only have meetups with my YouTube viewers and subscribers the first and third Sunday of every month my friend. As stated in this livestream, those meetups are cancelled until further notice. If you would like to meet, please send me an email to joegreenwtf@gmail.com and perhaps we can meet up, if time permits. All the best!

  29. How the hell can anyone hate u and gift, your the most natural couple alive. Love your channel. Best wishes to u both great tomes ahead at your lifestyle that your doing keep it up your the best

  30. Is it odd having the steering wheel on the other side? Great video again. The reaction she made about her sisters and when you said she’s turning 40 was hilarious. Can’t wait for videos of your new spot and HomePro store! One more thing…Do they have a version of Walmart and sams club?

    1. Thank you πŸ™ for watching my friend. We do have a Makro in our town which is similar to Sams Club and Tesco similar to Walmart. All the best!

  31. I am part time resident..I come to Thailand every 4 months and stay 90 days at a time. I stay in NGAO..which is between Phayao and Lanpang..I am also Ex military myself..I mostly motorbike and site see and also travel with my Thai girlfriend also..like your videos..good luck in the new place..I didn’t care too much for Bangkok myself..but if you do travel up north..between now and mid June I would love to meet you both..stay safe..

  32. Mr green hi first time commenter on your vlog enjoyed this 44 minutes so much your VERY clear English makes a great vlog first and foremost love long vlogs gift is a lovely Lady travel with her please everywhere and enjoy and cherish your beautiful relation always and MAY GOD BLESS .

  33. Hi, Joe, you look ok for nearly 59 I’ve found you a couple of weeks ago busy now catching up on past vlogs… forget the Dinosaurworld ID it’s Bill lived in OZ 43 Yrs but ex London have a Wonderful
    Thai partner Mod from Chanthaburi 8 yrs.. intend to retire there soon Love Hua Hin continue your vlogs stay safe.

  34. Hey man. seen you around . with Chuck and Page…Think some other places. Like your page. Gift very beautiful. Good job. Hope you guys are happy for very long time….

  35. I see some ytubers have a regular 10 to 15 minutes video and also an extended version. .same title as the 10 minute video with EXTENDED in all caps for the longer one….

  36. Hi Joe! Once gift get her green card, she won’t be able to travel as much. One with green card needs to be in the states for at least 6 months. If not the green card will be taken away.

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