Walking is a great way to discover and explore a city. After having been confined at home for close to 2 months it was a great experience to get out and walk the neighborhoods. Observations and interactions while walking are much more real than traveling by taxi.


  1. I’m glad you got out for awhile. You’re right the cloth mask is annoying and hard to breathe through. I’m in Philadelphia, PA and there is no restriction on going out if you’re over 60. Still I only go out for groceries or other necessities once or twice a week. Groceries are open to seniors only for an hour before normal opening time.
    Stay safe!

  2. Itโ€™s very sad to hear that, companies are leaving the Philippines for Vietnam , and those wanna leave China will ended up in VN, India or Bangladesh, but may not come here….no wonder why the Philippines is slowly lagging behind everyone in SE Asia, People are eager to leave the country whatever they can, going aboard where salary is higher.

  3. the temperature checkers, how correct are they after thousands of presses and how many times are they calibrated , what is the accuracy after battery life is half used.

  4. Wearing a mask(about 60% of people) to the grocery store, not shopping shopping, wife and I walk on the bike path everyday, lots of people walking now. I have noticed that more and more people are driving somewhere, more kids are grouping together. We are in Oregon with stay at home orders but I think people are just getting tired of this on going situation. Plenty of food and supplies in the grocery stores. Some prices on things are going up—-meat, eggs, butter, milk

  5. Good to get out and stretch your legs. I know it is tough making videos right now but you always provide good information. Keep em coming!

  6. glad to see you out and about wish I could get out but I have a guard shack and a check point close by plus being a foreigner I can be seen a mile away.

  7. I was going to ask you a question, but you weren’t the person who shot the footage. I don’t wear a mask – I think that they’re more of a “Psychological Band Aid”. They aren’t N-95 particulate mask so the “protection” they provide is questionable at best. .I don’t know if you heard, but they started administering 10 – 20K test each Saturday for 3 Sat’s in row in Maricopa County.

  8. New York is faking their numbers. If you were to die of a heart attack there they would label it as COVID-19. Also if you show that you have covid even if you die of a car crash they would say itโ€™s because of the virus

  9. You FLEW the COOP..!
    Ha! Good for you. It pays to get out and about.
    I found getting out for even short walks, being deliberately social (even if by phone), getting away from all the fear-porn getting circulated… works pretty well to clear the head and feel alot better about things.
    I tend to wear the mask in supermarkets etc, in close quarters with strangers… rather than upset people unnecessarily… aside from that I’ll do without it. I’m still observing the Swedish approach, so far tending toward the herd-immunity idea rather than taking a shot.

  10. Careful out there Rod. My sister-in-law was turned away from a store and the quarentine checker followed her up the road to make sure she didn’t turn and try to get by again. Don’t want to see your picture on a wanted poster!!!! LOL

  11. I lost a few close friends recently in NYC. They were sick for only a few days and died. They were healthy people about my age. Take this seriously. Stay safe & healthy my friend from Minnescolda!

  12. My daughter works in a hospital lab. 6 weeks ago she took a 25% reduction in pay. She is salaried. Others took the same as a reduction of hours. It is effective through June due to lack of business. Not normally expected during a world wide pandemic.

  13. Have not checked out any flights Rod do you happen to know if philippine citazen can get a passport at this time,are the office’s open Is what I want to find out? And are any of the asian country’s opening up yet? Thanks Rod be well my friend

  14. Hi Rod, good to hear that you could get outside for a walk, I bet you enjoyed that. Weโ€™ve been less restricted in Uk, even over 65, can go out for a walk every day, plus shop for essentials as and when necessary. I see very few people wearing a mask here, I have worn one only once at the supermarket, where they control how many shoppers are allowed at any one time. On Sunday, the government are going to announce some easing of restrictions from next Monday. I think some more businesses and shops will be allowed to open with social distancing still applied. Yes people are avoiding going to hospitals here also for other issues. Stay safe and well .

  15. A resto named SLIM JIM????…
    A have to get one of those trademark lawyers to fix that problem….lol
    But if I endorsed it,,,they would have great steaks…

  16. I know it’s good.to get out Rod. I plan on doing the same next week. Will be 10, 11 weeks homebound. In my town, Digos City, we entered General quarantine on Monday but the mayor wants to move us back to extended because few are paying attention to the rules. He os a good mayor.dealing with many stupid people. Two weeks ago, on one day, 523 people were arrested for quarantine violations out ot a population of 26,000. Not good!

  17. I think there’s also other reasons why people in effected areas don’t take advantage of free testing besides concern they may catch it from the administering personnel. There may be those who may fear that if they are positive that they may become stigmatized so they would rather not know if they are or not. And some may question the validity of the test itself. It reminds me when HIV came about years ago & when free testing became available it didn’t seem that many people really took advantage of it.

  18. When I go out, which isn’t often, I find the mask a real pain. It’s hot, and it makes breathing harder.

  19. in bacolod i would start wearing a mask when i approach a checkpoint or in stores like grace and puregold as it’s required, personally i don’t believe in a validity of a mask, that’s not the only area to be infected with the virus, for crying out loud i wear shorts and a t-shirt daily.

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