Learning Thailand: Beauty doesn’t matter. #shorts

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This video explains what I’ve learned about the beauty in people. With any country in the world, Thailand is no exception. People’s physical beauty often doesn’t match their inner beauty. Looks will fade. Compassion, caring, and empathy won’t. Look for the inner beauty of the women you date.

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  1. Inner beauty is often reflected in outer beauty. A real heart felt smile vs a “Thai smile.” How they take care of themselves. And so on.

    Not all the time, but a lot of the time.

  2. Ever so wise, however often exterior beauty masks a ugly soul. The issue is one of discernment. Can you figure out that if gorgeous almond eyed beauty is actually a cold stoned con-artist or is she just human and is just kinda of a bitch today? That is the issue. It takes experience and caution. The tricky thing is not to let your heart get stomped on as you are in the figuring out stage. Additionally there are gals that are in it for the long game. These are the tough ones that have their strategy down. After the poor slob builds that house, finances and pays off the truck he is shocked to find her “brother” actually was her husband. Never go all in. There really isn’t a up side. Never buy/invest in a relationship more than you can afford to walk away from. Myself? I think I have found a gal that is both. Time will tell, however I will not invest more than I can afford to lose. Last bit of unsolicited advice? Find your own contentment, with or without her.

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