Last Day at Ayala Mall Before Quarantine Shutdown – TGIF

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    1. Don’t beleive the hysteria. Cov 19 is a real threat if you have respiratory issues. Swine flu was way worse, and the workd didn’t stop. Somthing sinister is happening.

  2. I been watching Jasons videos, especially the ones on Baguio. Got my trip still booked for past mid April with Japan Airlines. I am crossing my fingers that all this is over by then. US is going on lockdown tonight at midnight for at the very least 2 weeks. Curfew for everyone, everyone is closing down their business’s, the only ones working will be first responders, (medical & law enforcement) & military. It will get worst before it gets better. Wish I was on lockdown on top of the mountains of Benguet enjoying the nice weather Baguio has to offer. Oh well. Lo que sera sera.

    1. USA is mostly state-by-state. New York, California, and Illinois – essential workers only. All others stay home. Effectively on lockdown. Rest of USA: groceries open, plus medical and police. I live near a university – was big party time Wednesday 3/18; not going near there again for at least 6 weeks.

  3. On my gosh, this is Doug form Indy, thank you for your video it is a welcomed diversion from what is going on here its chaos, we could really use a long Reekay live chat about now…😉😉😉 thank you again Reekay……

  4. I’m over at Bamboo Bay condos in Mandaue and I refuse to get into a cab or share an elevator with anyone but my fiance. They shut down our pool and gym and we just lay around mostly. We walk to get our groceries to avoid the cab but its not a bad walk except for the usual Cebu street pollution. If I absolutely have to use a cab I will insist on him having the windows rolled down and I’ll cover my face with a big thick towel, lol

    1. @Reekay’s LifeBeyondTheSea Very nice. The pool and gym are better than average. There is a Bo’s coffee shop on site. Our 22 sqm studio with balcony is $552 a month with the monthly discount rate. We walk to the Fooda store now which is 10 minutes away. Not as nice as IT Park or Ayala Mall area but cheaper

  5. Honestly how do Filipino people afford to live in the Philippines I’m always here in about how low their pay is yeah you got all the restaurants and stores of the United States

    1. The filipinos who eat in those places are many times those who work abroad.
      I know many filipinos who make 250 pesos a day (5dollars)
      I.e. gas stations etc

    2. These restaurants are only in the large city malls mostly for western tourists and businessmen. You will find the locals in the food court

  6. Hey Reekay Not used to seeing lots of emptiness of people there. That sucks it will locked down till mid April. I hope to make it back there in June to hang out with you and Jason.

  7. I am due to arrive on Saturday and I guess I will be put on quarantine in my hotel although I will be trying reach my home in Dipolog, Any advice? Thank you

    1. @Reekay’s LifeBeyondTheSea I cannot buy ticket online but so far they let people out of Cebu on ferries but not in. But this can change anytime. I had a trip rebooked via Manila to Dipolog on 15th April with Cebu Pacific I just received an email it has been cancelled so obviously the Manila lockdown had been extended😏

    2. that’s gonna be tough currently. check with OceanJet Ferry schedule to see if you can leave cebu to somewhere on mindanao to then get to dipolog.

  8. That’s one of the nice things having a Fridays in the Philippines for some good home meaning United States Thai food. It looked delicious

  9. Pretty sure the Philippines is going to be on more of a strict lockdown, if not, this will get far worse and last longer. Henry and all, don’t know if you have watched Dr John Campbell here on YouTube, I would highly recommend it.

  10. Keep us posted on the situation over there, even if you can’t go out much. Be well. I’ve visited the Philippines before, though I live in Vegas. The entire Strip is closed down and dark for the first time ever.

  11. Be careful out there dude! The situation in Italy is so bad. I was in Hong Kong 5 weeks ago and they were already hitting the emergency button on all 4 channels. I’m doing the same with social distancing, frequent hand washing, and staying away from crowds. Prayers to friends and family.

    1. Well pretty much a mismatch as well as the age differences. But watching that vlog Reekay gave about the age gap differences it sort of justify it. There is no law saying you can’t date someone young enough to be your daughter. And all the other reasons where its nobody business but just the two that are involve. So If it makes both of you happy and got the money to support this lifestyle go for it!!!

  12. “Endless Fries”!! I love it!! Finally a western answer to “Endless Rice”. Hope you and Vi stay safe and healthy through this. No midnight BBQ runs Henry, they’re all closed and things might start getting ugly as people’s last paychecks run out.

  13. Yeah same here in New York never seen Times Square so empty and yes even if i live in Rochester New York had to make the 7 hour drive just to see how empty the big city is wow

  14. She’s so cute! I wonder if you let her study and build a future! I did with my “cutie” and now she’s MAN and in her last year for the doctorate ….

  15. Coming soon July Ghosts town Western Canada keep safe Hopefully only short term Need work . Everything Bad Timing Was coming April Summer .

  16. Howdy Reekay… Neri & I want to say Stay Healthy .. I am heading back to the US this Sunday at 12:10 am .. I will be flying back with Korean Air.. ..It seems that most of the international flights are still running.. My date was pushed forward by one day . My entry into the states was changed from Dallas Fort Worth to Chicago (O’ Hare)..I do not like O’Hare airport .. I hope to return back to Cebu Philippines this fall .. We both want to thank You for the great videos you have put out.. Your advice too has been helpful.. .. Hope to meet up with you again ..Wesley & Neri

  17. I was supposed to be coming to The Philippines on March 16 but it got Cancelled. I am hoping to reschedule it. Can you give me some advice on the place there? Safety, Crime, etc? Maybe we can meet?

  18. Dam reekay, in this video it really shows how gorgeous your filipina girlfriend is. She seems to lite up your life. You look like a happy camper. Congratulations on finding such a beautiful woman to spend your life with. God bless your lives and your relationship.

    1. my ‘no baby’ policy is something vi and i talked about for months, before i returned to the ph (from vietnam). her parents actually advised her years ago to put-off having kids and she agrees with it, that having kids limits your options in life. she is fine without kids in our future.

    2. This might be the one like with Ned and his new wife. But Ned didn’t snip his future generation factory like what Reekay did. This could be a problem but then again its non of our business.

    1. Did Rosemary take that STD test that ED wanted before having sex with her? Also Ed doesn’t like the way Rosemary digs into his wallet to buy things at the market. But then Ed doesn’t look anywhere like the suave Reekay is!!!

    1. tipping is for the most part not expected. any tips given are usually thrown into a communal-jar. the resto takes a big chunk out and then divides what’s left between all the staff. hence to lack of motivation since everyone gets the same amount, despite any effort or laziness on their part.

      some higher-end restos catering to expats will add a ‘service charge’, so that counts as the tip. check you receipt first.

  19. Hi Reekay and company. I was there 2 yrs ago for over a week at the Avalon Condos, 1/2 a block from the original Ayala Mall and practically visited the mall on the daily basis.
    Enjoy and be wise during this pandemia.
    Cali is already locked down for all 20 mil habitants of Ca. And I know by now you should know.
    My best to you guys.
    Jesse from Central Florida.
    All is well by me!

  20. Here in California, we are told to stay at home for at least 2 weeks, maybe longer. No work unless your in the medical field, food service, gas station attendant, etc. All non essential workers are to stay home, unless your going to get groceries, or gasoline, or emergency medical treatment. Ugh!

    1. it’s getting a bit nuts. financially, i don’t see how filipinos can take more than another 2-weeks without work/pay/food crisis.

      but there are rumors (only rumors) that this could go on for months more. we will see.

  21. As usual nice video Reekay, I’m still in Davao City we are in lock down here too. We did the same thing a couple of days ago went out and had very nice dinner before the city went into lock down. May you and V stay safe and healthy.

    1. if you are in a relatinship beyond 3-months, up to $200/month is what she’d be giving her parents if she were working. use that as a guide.

      if you’ve never met her, really.. nothing until you being a relationship in-person.

  22. ​ Reekay’s LifeBeyondTheSea Reply: Yes, with government help, and lots of people self sufficient, such as farmers and those living off the land, they will need to rely on a “Barter” type system, where they can trade goods among themselves, but make no mistake about it… life will become very difficult if it persists. Even OFW’s laid off work cannot send home the much needed cash the Filipino people depend on.

    1. yes, it’s getting dicey. not sure how much longer people can go without work to maintain this quarantine status nationwide.

  23. We were there at the mall the very same day. We got a flight out of Cebu to South Korea the next night and from there to Chicago and Roanoke, Va. They are really tightening things up there. My wife and I were not even allowed to sit next to each other in the van that took us to the airport.

  24. Wow. We haven’t had sit down dining for a week already. Almost everything is also shut down. I hear we’re going into a tight quarantine today. Hall pass required.

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