How to get to La Aldea Buena Subdivision

How to find La Aldea Buena SubdivisionWe once lived here for a few months before returning to Bogo. However I decieded to leave this post in as there are plenty of places to rent in this subdivision. Enjoy the photos here.


Here is a series of annotated photos showing seven turns you need to make to find the La Aleda Buena Subdivision. This is south of Mactan International Airport you will see low flying planes over head here all the time.

Here’s a nice way to find the subdivision using landmarks. Go from the old bridge from Cebu over to Mactan, go down until the road starts to turn to the left a gradual curve. Then start looking for a Tattoo sign on the right. Directly after he Tattoo sign you will see a road and a Petron station on your right, make a right turn here. It is a sharp right at this point. Drive down this road, first you will see a Lotto sign on your left than a little further on you will see another  brightly lit lotto sign sticking out of a building on your right. Make a left right at that sign between some buildings. Go down this road not making any turns until you arrive at a fork, at this fork make a left or kind of just stay streight at the fork. Continue on for a while until you see the subdivision sign La Alede Buena. Make a left at the main entrance to the subdivision. Drive streight until you see a circle. At the circle make a right tuen and go all the way down until you see a basketball court on your right. Make a left just after the basketball court. Go down, count 3 streets and on the third make a right turn. now look for our house block 21 lot 8. View the images here to recognize he house we are in.

Click on any images to get a full sized image.

Map of Mactan Island has most of the street names on it. (click the map to enlarge it)

Turn #1 Right "S. Osmena", You will see a Tattoo shop almost to the turn then a Petron station make a right here.
Turn #2 Left Babag Looc Road, You will see a Lotto sign right where you make this left turn.

Turn #3 Left, This is not really a turn rather a fork in the road you keep streight or left side of the fork.

Turn #4 at the "La Aldea Buena" subdivision. After a little while you will see the main gate of our subdivision turn left into it thre is a guard.

Turn 5 at the circle Right

Turn #6 after the basketball court Turn Left

This is an overview of the entire area.

Another view of the area.

La Aldea Buena Subdivision

View of the houses around us.

La Aldea Buena Street Level 1, Front of an available house, actually there are plenty here.
La Aldea Buena Street Level 2, Aproaching our place view of the building we are in.

La Aldea Buena Street Level 3, Dentist Office next to us.

La Aldea Buena Street Level 4, Dental clinic 2

La Aldea Buena Street Level 5, Our street.
La Aldea Buena Street Level 6, Take a right turn here.

La Aldea Buena Street Level 7, Views of other buildings near us. Our street to the right.

La Aldea Buena Street Level 8, Basketball courts water tank.

La Aldea Buena Street Level 9, Street with water tank and Basketball courts. Looking back from where you came in. Showing all the smaller units to yur rigth.

La Aldea Buena Street Level 10, Looking towards the street you need to turn left on. Basketball court is to the right. Filipino style car parking areas.

La Aldea Buena Street Level 11, Coming down the road after the left. Notice the beautiful homes here. This is one street before ours.

La Aldea Buena Street Level 11, More buildings near us on the main cross street.

La Aldea Buena Street Level 12, Near our street a Sari-Sari store.

La Aldea Buena Street Level 13, Our street again.

La Aldea Buena Street Level 14, One beautiful townhouse, check out the deck on the roof.

La Aldea Buena Street Level 15, Looking back out towards the main road.
La Aldea Buena Street Level 16

La Aldea Buena Street Level 17, Sari-Sari store across the street from us. Free Enterprise is alive and well.

La Aldea Buena Street Level 18, Down our street.


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  2. Hi Charles,

    Are you posting directions with pictures to your home? Business? No way I would do that with mmy home.

    I’m confused where you are… I’ve seen several indications that you are in Bogo City. I am asking as I am too. We should get together.

    You just have a child? I’m not sure that I’m not getting you mixed up with others. Feel free to email me or maybe I will email yoyu.

    1. I have a large home in Bogo but the internet is too slow as I build WordPress websites for a business. Therefore we are renting here for P 5,000. My business is in my office at this townhouse so not only is it my home it is also my business office. This place is guarded by a guard at a single entry point, and the house is never left unattended.

      1. looks like you put a lot of work into taking all the pictures and giving full detail descriptions. Looks nice Charles. Keep up the good work. God Bless you and your family there!!!

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