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  2. I believe in “Mirror Punishment”. Instead 10, 15, 20 years of jail time … their punishment should be getting physical abuse by people who 10~20x stronger than the perpetrator, and keep doing it till they die. Add that, then the execution were recorded & accessable by public, so people will think twice before doing heinous crime. I know y’all think it’s more like utopia fantasy novel plot, but you won’t stop criminal activity if jail time is your worst punishment.

  3. I thankfully was placed with wonderful parents. This makes me so angry that this happen to her and I hope both of the parents gets what’s coming to them.

  4. Sex-selective infanticide continue to exist today in less-developed countries and some rural areas in China and India that are over-populated with high poverty. While developed countries report in decreasing birth rate but yet have lenient laws to protect the children.

  5. I personally think that the parents is the main one who responsible for this and then the police who didn’t do anything to protect her after 3 reports. This kind of case just make be feel so blessed to be born in loving family.

  6. Increasing punishment can only limit crime to a certain extent. Instead of increasing the year of imprisonment, we should focus more on what is causing the problem in the first place.

    We should find the root of the problem to prevent similar future crimes. In this case: Why did the parents abuse the child?

    Is it mental health issues? Then we should build up mental health awareness in the public and increase research on improving mental health. Work pressure, stress, money issues, alcohol, etc.

    We need to find the root of the problem and just not punish the criminal when the crime has already been done.

  7. Similar cases in Japan have occurred. Both Korea and Japan are societies that are sick, suffocative and unnatural. What a disgrace to be a public defender like the police force and fail to respond to this atrocity.

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  9. I’m 18 years old and don’t plan on having children in a long time but like… I’ve been thinking about kids and how much they need as individuals. They are these tiny creatures who are innocence themselves, completely helpless, need nothing but love, attention and care and support and lifetime mentors, parents, friends, providers and protection…. and people think of them so lightly. It baffles me. Babies and children need so much. They need so much and they’re goodness and innocence themselves and people abuse them, neglect them and even go as far as harming them. I know some parents try their best but like… still. It’s so wrong to do that to children. So wrong. Especially parent to child. That poor baby. Poor kid. I heard about the severity of her injuries… it’s just saddening and makes me feel sad inside that there are people who do that to their children. I was physically and mentally abused by my mother and my dad was completely absent. So I know what it feels like to be abused and it still messes with me day to day. Imagine being so young and having some grown women stomp on you… she must have been in so much pain. Poor jung-in.

  10. 6:33 about the fact that “punishment isn’t the whole solution” is so true. Prevention is a more meaningful step. Yes the adoption agency should screen parents better, yes the police should take child abuse cases more seriously. But the bottom line is that mental health in general needs to be incorporated into education, and there needs to be more resources on helping parents how to parent better. It was probably too late for this couple to fix their issues, it would probably take years to put them back on the right course to being decent human beings. But as a mother myself, I do believe that in cases where mother’s act out, it’s rarely that they enjoy inflicting the abuse. They’re at their wits end. Maybe they’re suffering from postpartum depression, maybe they’re just so burnt out because they have no childrearing support and they don’t know how to deal with a screaming infant or a tantrum throwing toddler. I’m by no means excusing the behavior. What I’m trying to say is, if you don’t fix the root cause, the vicious cycle will just repeat itself.

  11. I’m korean and the first time I ever tried to call the police on my dad for getting drunk and threatening to kill me and my mother, the police dispatcher told me to call the domestic abuse hotline and hung up on me. Didn’t even tell me the domestic abuse number and just hung up.

    It was my next door neighbor that got my dad to stop raging out after threatening him to call the police for disturbance.

    The korean police is a joke.

  12. Abusing a child , compared to people who are normally violent , like gang members and all , wouldn’t be abe to kill a child … you have to be some special type of evil to do that to a child continuously and still feel no remorse …… to the point they die …

  13. There’s is a big difference between decipline and abuse . Some people think its OK to take out their frustrations on their children . Some parents are just pure evil .

  14. I was very plz’d to hear Koreans that were feeling outraged by this unacceptable behavior ‘n were wanting even life sentences to be given. After hearing your interview….’n I would HIGHLY RECOMMEND that they mysteriously received a copy of this interview & thus heard the ppl’s wishes for severity of maximum to life imprisonment as one gentleman said “242yearts” and those officers also indicted nt he child’s murder for dereliction of duties. Absolutely disgusting…!!!!

  15. Think about it this way. They not only took her life but also the life of her upcoming generations. They literally destroyed a whole possible family lineage

  16. a similar case of a couple in Vietnam who abused their little daughter for an extended period and the child eventually died because of physical abuse.
    Guess what, the man (stepfather) got a death sentence & the mother got a life sentence. That’s what you do to those who abuse and kill children!

  17. The sad thing is that the signs of abuse were reported by the kindergarten teachers to the authorities, three freakin’ times!!(if I’m not mistaken) but they just shrugged it off!.

  18. First instead of making it an option for the “parents to return the child” the adoption agency or social services should be involved in this child’s life even after the adoption process, parents should be monitored to see if they work together as a family or not. Here is where they can find signs of abuse early. It is easy to say but hard to implement, however just because it’s hard doesn’t mean it shouldn’t be attempted, especially if innocent lives can be saved. The option of returning a child is insane instead the adoption agency or social services should be the ones to intervene and take the child away.

  19. I agree with bandana guy opinion on dissolving adoption. You can’t even refund a shirt you bought without receipts and the right time frame just “because you don’t like it anymore”. Why should you be able to do that with a human then? That’s also just inhumane.

  20. Thank you for making a video about JungIn! I think its extremly important that keep talking about this, and Maybe it will Make a difference in any possible future cases. And I LOVED the fact that you included as many different perspectives and opinions as possible, because the truth is that people feel differently about this case. Everyone agrees its terrible what happened, but how to move on from this, thats where the different opinions comes in. Thank you! Thank you! Thank you!!!👏👏❤💜

  21. When I heard about this news I was crying my eyes out and more when I saw all her picture with bruised body..what she do to deserve all this she just a baby you psycho parents..I hope she got the justice she need and RIP jung in..

  22. How how her father just got prosecuted for child neglect and the mother for murder
    Both of them were responsible. If you ask even the father deserve the murder charges or accomplice in murder. It happened in house dont tell me he was unaware of what that child was going through. And the police department failed that child, I hope there is a proper investigation

  23. You cannot interpret the president’s statement any other way, he should never have said this and thought more carefully! adoptees are humans, living souls with feelings and not things! A statement from the parents point of view, but in the end it should mainly be what is best for the child. when you have a child naturally what will you do if you do not like the child? you can’t push it back where it came from! A child has been abused and murdered, how lonely, sad and totally ignorant, abandoned by all, the adults who have the power to intervene have not taken their responsibility. With power comes responsibility, as long as a child cannot speak for themselves who is going to do it?

  24. 10:19 Just to clarify: in the West, corporal punishment of children is not necessarily considered abuse (not in all countries at least); it depends on the severity of the blows, their frequency and the age of the child. I live in the West and received corporal punishment several times when I was a child, but I don’t think I have ever been mistreated: it was perfectly normal in my social context.

  25. Countrys Like Japan and Korea are the most safe country but is not true cases like this can happen anywere specially like korea have problemes like drugs inssues and sexual harassement and Rape in night clubs and domestic violence on bout countrys but nobody Wants do something.

  26. The guy with the headband clearly understands what’s the problem and can even empathize with the concept of adopting a child.
    For me most of the people asked can’t fully understand adoption.

    The main problem here is the family culture in Korea and the lack of interest by the police in reported incidents.
    No wonder why there is a lot of people who commit suicide in Korea. People don’t know how to understand one another and didn’t care for other people.

  27. i hope this doesn’t change people’s respect towards adoptive parents, a loving family can exist with or without blood relations. this is a tmi,but i recently found out i can’t have kids so i plan on adopting 🙂 anyway, the change should happen with the police who let this case slip 3 times. i hope things can reform to protect innocent children

  28. This is like the trial case of Gabriel Fernandez. It makes me sad that people can really do inhumane things, where we can choose to be kind, compassionate to each other and have a good heart.

  29. Me and my mom had the same experience with my korean step dad when i was 7. One thing i hate about koreans (Not all) if you are not related to them (My step dad familly side) they will not care iven if you are getting beat up to death infront of them specially if you are foreign (Not Korean).

  30. We can change the system as much as we want but it will not make any difference if actual people inside the system aren’t sympathetic.

    Most of us may know at least 3 similar cases of adopted children that suffered child abuse and eventually lead to their deaths… and I can’t imagine how many more of unknown cases of this happening everywhere.

  31. someone said it in the comments…”All children deserve parents but some parents don’t deserve children” which I completely agree with, not everyone deserves children. Also, in the video a lady said the perfect point which is kind of goes on not only in Korea but in most Asian countries that is ‘Its not our problem or someone else will do it or make a report about it’ which is really a culture of not butting into other people’s lives. Which is the worst thing. Cause that is turning the people into kind of hypocrites. They themselves don’t try to do something better but will surely butt in to say things if someone else is trying to do it for the better…Also adoption is slowly but successfully being included into the Asian society which is the best thing. Bring a ray of light and hope to a child’s life.

  32. I loved what the Ajumma was saying about the sad fact of an abused child still going to the arms of the parents that abuse them. It’s so sad and true. It makes my heart sick.

  33. Society needs to learn that whether giving birth through your body or birth through your heart (adoption), that child is yours for life (unless there are serious extenuating circumstances), to protect and nurture not abuse, use and torture.
    One of the scariest forms of abuse is mental/psychological as there are no physical indicators – the scariest form of abuse is family members, friends, neighbours, community suspecting a child is getting abused and doing nothing about it, that is true abuse! I

  34. I don’t know if you have child protection services in Korea, we do in Germany. I highly recommend putting it in place, it helps a great deal in preventing such tragic events.

  35. just because you are the parent of that child , doesn’t mean you have the right to abuse them . sadly this mentality is still common in a lot of countries and many cultures normalize child abuse as way of ” raising ” .

  36. I dislike the page not because of the news but because of the inhumane deed to a child and lack of action by the authorities. So sad and cruel action by a human being. RIP little girl .. God bless her soul.. Sick people for doing that. Life sentence or death penalty.

  37. Corporal punishment and child abuse were something that existed everywhere around the world. It’s just that other cultures have moved on from that as they understand child welfare and psychology more and more. Unfortunately, cultures like ours (Asian and a few others) are stubbornly holding on to destructive practices (this being just one of them) under the misguided protection of ‘it’s the culture here’. It’s incredibly frustrating. Especially since, if we were to look at history, no one culture can continue to exist if it refuses to change and develop. So why do our cultures get a free pass for clearly dangerous and outdated practices (outdated in the eyes of the world as a whole)? Worse still, some people get defensive and say things like “we’re not the west, don’t enforce their ideals on us”. So I’m sorry, I guess that’s saying that our culture is one where children is abused, racism and xenophobia is casually accepted, people end up killing themselves from pressure because it’s not publically acceptable to talk about their struggles, etc.? If that’s the case, I want no part of that culture.

  38. I feel bad for the woman in pink jacket about her abusive parents. Thankfully, she get to pass it and looking at her now, all cheerful, makes me so happy for her. Hope her well.
    And of course, I’m really sorry for what happened to Joeng-In. I prayed for her happiness in heaven. And hope her adoptive parents get what they deserve.

  39. coincidentally, I just finished the last episode of the Korean series “mother” , then i enter YouTube and find this. I
    Feel terribly sad cuz i find similar story in real life and not just a drama and even terrible than the drama.
    And come on people if u don’t like children don’t have them and don’t adopt them.

    It is a series talking about such thing. U have to watch it if u didn’t.

  40. Well..I don’t care about being politically correct on this issue..I would say deserve capitol punishment.
    Jail time only works when jail provide, mental health facilities, redevelopment facilities and pathways to enter back into society. This means that there is alot of invest in it and the people aren’t ignored or shunned. Do we that ? Nope. We throw the people in jail. And hate them (rightfully) for what they have done. If we hate some people ALOT for the actions and done ever want them back in society. Why not just use capitol punishment. I am sorry I do not believe that everyone deserves to live or get a new chance. You are free to your own opinion.

  41. There were also a similar case too in Mauritius, 2 months ago. A little 2 years old boy named Aryaan was brutually murdered by his step-father. What’s worse is that the mother claimed that she didn’t hear his child crying and screaming when his partner was mistreating him. The doctor who gave the death certificate, didn’t even check on the boy and had her license revoke because she accepted money to give the certiicate

  42. I believe Jung-In is in a better place now, i hope this raises enough awareness so that these things will be reported and prosecuted as soon as possible so no more children have to suffer

  43. Thank you Asian Boss for making a video on this case. This definitely has raised our awareness on child abuse cases in Asia and its culture. I hope this can be talked more as Asian culture and views on this matter is so far behind than the Westerners.

  44. 15 year maximum sentence for making the life of an innocent child one of torture and killing her? That is ridiculously short. The life of a kindergartner is just as precious as the life of an adult. I am sad to learn that the Korean justice system has decided otherwise.

  45. Little kids and even teenagers that end up in adoption centers and under foster families care are often very neglected and mistreated. This happens in every country since, sadly, human malice is universal; but it is very shocking to see this happening with people who legally adopted this baby. This makes me so sad, because adoption procedures are often very long and hard to complete for some people who really want to have a child (in my own country at least it’s very expensive and it lasts so much time to complete), but if it were easier then this kind of horrible situations would take place more often… So idk what to think anymore 🙁

  46. Is it just that feels enraged about How the world see adoption. It’s frustrating that people think that by birthing a kid is the only appropriate and better way of love or have a family. It’s completely ridiculous.
    Choice is the most important way to love and have a family cos either way through natural process or adoption you have to still make a decision to Choose to Love your child. It’s not an easy decision either way . The adoption agency should have been held responsible as well , they are in place to protect those helpless. Kids are the weaker party !!
    Now am super grateful for the English child protection system (not perfect but protects the kids to an extent ) .

    The older lady’s comment hit so hard cos it kinda blood tie /relation is the only justification to be called family ( not just her but my parents do think this way) .

    Totally messed up and sad way of thinking

  47. This type of child abuse is very common in Korea. I lived in Korea for almost 10 years. Corporal punishment and physical abuse is part of the culture.

  48. This is so sad to hear. From what I’ve seen in media, movies, etc., it always seemed to me that S Koreans looked down on orphans and those who are adopted. Just look at how most of them are portrayed in media: the crazy one, the killer, the anti social one.
    I truly hope this misconception within their culture can change.

  49. The slightest signs and suspicions about child abuse should be always taken seriously…. The police neglected two reports from the doc who first treated the girl and two kindergarten workers…. these abusers always hid it well.. And the end will be as horrific as this… May this little angel rest in peace 🙏

  50. There should be more thorough investigation before allowing a couple to adopt a child. It happens world wide! In South Africa, corporal punishment is now against the law, so you may not hit your children AT ALL. It’s not always a good thing, kids need a soft spank now and then, but when you look at things like this, I’d say it would be best. Sad story to hear. I’m sure this couple may never adopt again. In USA, a sexual offender gets listed and can’t go anywhere without being ridiculed or watched. They should do the same with child abusers. Put them to complete public shame, besides going to jail for a period of time. People like that arn’t fit to be in society. It should apply to individuals too who are commiting domestic violence. It seems, when you watch kdramas how often you see woman grabbing each other by the hair. That is something I can’t emagine being a real life thing…?? However, to much beating and hair pulling going on. How can parents beat a grown up individual? It’s something that only happens in abusive homes. Violence as a whole is unacceptable. They should stop potraying violence in movies as a whole. 🙏💚💛 In the first place, when a child gets adopted, he or she was abandoned or orphaned. There already exists a feeling of abandonment in such a child. It’s not right to abuse them at all. The Korean adoptive services should make sure they send children to a home that has the financial means to look after such a child and make sure they are fit to look after children. 💐
    Perhaps your president only tried to emphasies that it’s best to return a child to the orphanage before abusing him or her. In any way, how can you not like a child? In this couples case, they dislike children. My question is, should there not be a following up service where the agencies pay unexpected visits to their home to make sure the child is in fit care? If someone reported this case why did they not intervene in time to prevent the child from being killed? They need to change their policies, if there is any signs of being under fed or bruises etc, dirty living conditions or emotional problems with the child, just take her/him back into the system of orphans. It’s 👎…

  51. If you hated that child do much, just don’t conceive or adopt… It’s as easy as that… What kind of psychotic behaviour was that to beat them. I just don’t understand

  52. The adoptive parents should pay for this heinous crime and acts of cruelty. But having that in mind, the police and organizations are also responsible to a certain degree. Especially since they were called in before and have the responsibility of the wellbeing of the child. Hearing about her injuries make me utterly sick. 😖

  53. People who abuse children in any way whatsoever should be put away and the key thrown away. They should never see daylight again. It’s horrendous! It makes me sick to the stomach. In fact, put them in a room with me and let’s see how they feel after a while. They will be begging for the electric chair. Urgh!!!!!

  54. Adoption wouldn’t happen if the real birth parents are responsible!! Unless the mother got rape then that’s a different issue. A child never deserves to be abused no matter how bad they are. Love and care for them will make them return the love and care. This makes me mad. I wish there’s an end to child abuse!

  55. I don’t know but did they abuse her just bcoz she was adopted and not their biological child? If so then u don’t deserve to be parents that’s why God didn’t bless u🤬 She was just 16 months ! Are u even a human? Am not saying that only in korea but all over the world this message should reach….. Every child deserves parents but some parents don’t deserve child coz this is what happens 🙄…alos her biological parents gave her up so that she could have a better life and now just think about what her parents must be going through 😭😭😭😭😭😭 Hopefully this mentality changes in society….. I can’t just blame the police or doctors as what happened can’t be changed but surely we can stop such things from happening to anyone anywhere in the future

  56. Damn I don’t know if this was filtered or not but these people sound so intelligent, insightful, well educated and well-spoken. Every single one of them thought about the issue and suggested a solution or addressed an important problem. The lady talking about how longer sentences don’t necessarily stop people from committing crimes was If you came up to a young person like that in my country they would probably just say “yeah, it’s bad” and then mumble some nonsense they’ve just come up with. I know Korea has its problems but unlike the western countries like UK or the US – you look at the younger generations and are very optimistic about the future of this world.

  57. How can a whole process of people not recognise abuse? Wasn’t she taken to a doctor? Like how does it end up with a death of a child.

    Everyone in that process is responsible for that child’s death

  58. I’m American and had several friends who were adopted when I was growing up. All of them were happy and had good parents, but I know that many adopted children are also abused in the US. The government pays the parents monthly to take care of an adopted child and there are people who only care about the money and don’t take care of the children. I have seen the horror stories of abused children on the news and I find it disgusting. A life sentence for killing a child is appropriate. At least in the US child abusers are beaten regularly by other inmates in prison, which makes their lives living hell. Having lived in Seoul for a year, I will say one thing about Korean culture: for generations Korea has been a patriarchy and I used to get very upset when I saw men hitting women, or male managers kicking or slapping their employees, or women walking around staring at the ground whenever a man started yelling because they were terrified of men. Until Korea makes it NOT OKAY for anyone to abuse another person, for any reason, the problem of abuse is not going to go away.

  59. Why are there no organisations that monitor the adoptive children’s status after transferring the parenting to the adoptive one? This might prevent most of the child abuse cases around the world!

  60. “Parents are our allies even when the world turns it’s back against us, but what if our parent’s are the enemy, can we rely on the world?”- Anon13
    There are much more horrible and inhumane cases like this. The problem is, they’re just not caught and brought into spotlight.

  61. I have noticed that punishments for any crime like rape or murder are very low in Korea compared to other nations. On top of that it feels like proving one guilty is even harder.

  62. Firstly if the country continues to disgrace or shame a single mother or parent, they will expect many problems. Love your children no matter what mistakes are made.❤

  63. Who should be held responsible for Jung-In’s death? I think in this case, other than the adoptive parents who were the direct abusers, the incompetent police and the Korean/Asian family culture are to blame. What I cannot fathom is how the police in this case kept dismissing abuse reports again and again due to “insufficient evidence”? Jung-In’s school and even the abusers’ family friend reported signs of abuse, were the police blind? How much abuse do they need to see in order to start investigating? When the child loses a limb or falls into a coma? Then that is considered abuse? Some bruises and cuts – those are not considered injuries? Are they idiots? Will kids keep falling for no reason and suffer so many bruises and injuries? This is a child for goodness sake! And maybe they were hesitant to point fingers at the parents the first time the report came in. Then what about the 2nd time when the family friend reported it? I mean, shouldn’t alarm bells be ringing furiously by now? Didn’t they even check the child and conduct checks at all? To dismiss the case again? Does that make any sense??? I just cannot understand. None of the police officers smell a rat? Do Korean children get beaten up so bad all the time that the police think it’s common? Just because the perpetrators are parents make it OK for a child to get beaten up and tortured? Not once, not twice but over a prolonged period of time! Did they stop to think how much a child must have suffered by getting tortured over time? Did NOBODY in the police use their brains to think? Is this rocket science? Even if the idea of strict family discipline is ingrained in their minds, even if the parents’ family backgrounds look perfect and unstained, as police officers, aren’t they trained to pick up child abuse signs at all? If the abusers are directly guilty for killing the child, I think the police in this case are equally culpable.
    Jung-In ah, it is so regretful that even when people who tried to save you called the police, nothing worked. The police who were supposed to save you from further harm and possibly death, did NOTHING. They just stood aside and allowed the abuse to continue till you died so unjustly. You could have been saved, and grew up to see more of the world, but nobody did more to help you. How lonely and helpless you must have felt. I am so sorry.

  64. What kind of sick and weird people are they? They should get life long prison sentence with hard labour or death penalty. How can someone treat a baby like that? Seems police are also responsible for this. Didn’t any neighbours notice anything at all?

    They should change their Adoption policies and procedures. Need strict laws and punishments.

  65. The worst part is that people/neighbors did report incidents and police just ignored it and I think there were regular visits to the home – I think those from the adoption center? (Might be wrong) – and they didn’t even notice.

  66. I saw this news in another channel. The day care staffs and doctor reported and warned police about child abuse multiple time but the police ignored the complainant. The mother is charged for murder and child abuse the adoptive father is charged for negligence of child abuse. The police and parents are responsible for the child death. The POLICE should also charged for negligence of child abuse.

  67. That poor little sweet heart just needed to be loved and cared for. I grew up in an abusive home too and that could’ve been me! The system failed her.

  68. Usually when a child gets adopted, we as a society put our entire trust on the new parents to give the child a better life (which I’m assuming in this case, the bio parents aren’t fit to raise her). But then we get news like this one, can’t tell you how much it boils my blood seeing this.

  69. If you want more information about this case I recommend watching Stephanie Soo’s video on it. She’s very thorough with all the true crime cases she talks about in her mukbangs.

  70. Jung-In didn’t deserve to get hit. The average amount Jung-In was hurt was 3,800 Newtons – 4,200 Newtons. Whereas, the mom claims she dropped the child, which only forces 720N-1,433Newtons. The mom also claimed “I didn’t hit that hard”, but she had over 800 videos of abusing this child. That means the mother and father REWATCHED these events of abuse as a trophy, as a memory. Not only that, they showed off their family on a TV show and yet they pulled this. I really hope Jung-In gets justice and I hope both her parents get life sentences

  71. And yet, so many cases of abuse goes ignored under the guise “they’re doing it out of love” and “no matter what, they’re your parents.” There’s a fine line between disciplining your kids and abusing them.

  72. 9:17 absolutely made me break down. This is true. As someone who experienced child abuse this is absolutely true. Especially because family seems like something that is supposed to protect you. So you think, “oh, maybe I did something wrong. I need to be better”. You feel empty inside but getting a hug once in a while or a small head pat literally makes you feel like everything is okay now even if later you know you’re going to be hurt one way or another. May God have you in his Mercy Jeong In ♡ I’m sorry

  73. Thank you for doing this still. Thank you for letting her be heard in a way….and hopefully helping along some changes for the future children to be safer and loved, and to have a voice. You gave her that voice. Thank you.

  74. It’s just heartbreaking. Knowing that things could go differently for jung-in if only the police did something sooner. So the older lady is right in that regard, in which the system NEEDS to be revised so that cases like this can be prevented or reduced dramatically.
    The adoptive parents are clearly not right in the mind! Their biological child is thankfully had never been abused. BUT they adopted jung-in, and the ‘mother’ abused the baby (idk abt the ‘father’ but it’s still just as f cked up that he didn’t do anything abt it).
    The president’s statement is seems ignorant. The adoptive ‘parents’ enjoyed the popularity and the publicity they’re receiving from adopting jung-in, right? So it doesn’t make any sense for them to return the baby back, that would affect their image. The issue is on how child abuse cases SHOULD be assessed and that police should act fast as a way to prevent actual child abuse.

  75. Jeong-jin is not an isolated case, a sad reality that we need to know. Even in other countries, things like this happened to children which is so cruel and beyond anyone’s comprehension. I agree with one of the responses that this should not stop with just an increased on maximum imprisonment of the criminals but a better system that will handle child abuse. From the institution who process the adoption, to the police department, child care, etc. It’s a long shot, but a single small step is better than nothing.

  76. the question is why they adopted her if they will only abuse her? wether it was adoption or birth if the parents don’t handle the responsibilities and of course, don’t know how to change any bad behaviour in children that will lead to child abuse, married divorce, bad relationships between parents and not forgetting it will affect the children and their future. so in my opinion, I think if the countries were engaging some people to have a job that is couching parents on child-raising and changing any bad behaviour. it can be when the mothers give birth in the hospital someone in the hospital takes the mother’s number and some specific data and after 1 or 2 years they call her to start couching her. the mother will pass the method to her child once he/she has a child, and with that, the culture will make a better difference and more knowledge and reduce society’s married problems. this is my opinion I didn’t consider whether it can be done or not, and the difficulties also.

  77. I don’t know if I agree with dissolving an adoption. Some of the responders said that if the parents felt like the child was too much to handle, they should be able to give the child back. However, I think the issue should be addressed before the adoption. Parents should have background checks done, the agency should interview the potential parents and their friends/family, etc. In the case of toddlers and older, agencies should try to diagnose any type of mental disorder or disability, so they could match the children with parents they see are fit and able to take care of children with special needs. For infants, the parents should be willing and able to take care of their adopted child regardless of whether they have any disorders or disabilities or not. I don’t really have high hopes in the adoption process undergoing such a drastic change, but I hope it does happen eventually

  78. I heard the news that child abuse has increased due to Pandemic, but I was more shocked to hear this accident. I hope all the children in the world are happy.

  79. I grew up my grandparents torturing my mother and too much domestic violence. It’s very common in Asia. There were days as a child when I wished I’d die.

  80. 경찰이 잘못개입했다가 잘못되면 경찰 개인이 뒤집어쓴다
    경찰조직에서 커버안쳐주니 함부로 참견못하는거지
    술취한여자 남경이 못건드는것처럼
    이게다 페미쿵쾅들의 감수성 때문이지
    얼마전 미혼모맘충들께서 제주도가서 세금낭비하고 왔다던데ㅋㄱ 내세금

  81. S. Korea must implement a mandated reporting system for people
    In education, law enforcement and medical services so that they can be held liable for not reporting or responding to these cases in the appropriate manner. Parent education or adoptive parents, support groups for the adoptive parents and other resources like they do in US.

  82. I almost cried listening to headband guy’s outlook and thoughtfulness about all of his answers. I also appreciated the points of views presented by the woman who was also abused herself and the older woman who was honest with herself, but still willing to foster a child.

  83. It amazes me how murder, sexual assault, etc. cases in Korea get a slap on the wrist but getting caught with marijuana gets you 10 years… They really need to revise their laws.

  84. There are bad people who are simply evil, but there are also heroes who come to the rescue. Here the police could have saved the little girl had they heeded any of the 3 reports of child abuse…

  85. The problem with S. Korea… the penalties for cruel, violent crimes are so WEAK. Torture, murder, rape, should be life… ESPECIALLY to a minor. In this case, a baby. Pathetic.

  86. bruh i dont even like kids or would like to start a family myself when i get older, but this is just sickening. how could they hurt an innocent child that never did anything wrong to them?? how they could do this to jeong in is beyond me. and 15 years?? the parents deserve at least a lifetime in prison

  87. I’d also like to add that child abuse doesn’t only happen in adoptive families. Biological parents can abuse their children as well and there should be a more thorough education/awareness about parenting/child welfare before any parent can become one.

  88. It’s to sad that a 16 month old child had to go through such torture by her adoptive parents. She could not have known what she was doing wrong, why her parents were treating her like that. Why people think thrashing a child in the name of discipline is okay? All countries should have proper law to to avoid such situations in future. Rest in peace sweet child.

  89. Unfortunately, it doesn’t happen just in South Korea, it’s world wide. It doesn’t just occur in adoptive families, but also biological families. During this pandemic, there’s increase rate of domestic violence and child abuses all over the world.

    Rip jung-in, sweet baby angel.

  90. This might seem cruel but a maximum of 15 years seems like its too little considering the fact they murdered an innocent, defenseless child whom they chose to care for…

  91. One guy mentioned that some people in the US get sentenced to 242 years in prison. Those lengths aren’t just statements to send a message. These ensure that the convicted actually spends their entire lives in prison. If they were given a life sentence, they might become eligible for parole after 15 or 30 years. They also make clear that the convicted are sentenced time for separate crimes and that they can’t be served concurrently (like serving 5 twenty-year sentences at the same time) but must serve them consecutively.

  92. RIP. What a sad case. I hope this will bring about better policies for adoption agencies as well as heightened punishments for child abusers. The police should start taking these cases much more seriously, too.

  93. Rather than a token hot asian girl asking vapid questions for American otaku, Asian Boss is finally asking hard-hitting questions like real journalists. Thumbs up.


  95. Police in korea are pretty much useless on every level of the law. They should defund the police in korea and put the money towards something more useful like civil service for children and elderly people

  96. Anyone who was in some way involved should be blamed for what happened. When you choose to stay silent regarding any kind of abuse you are a part of the problem. Some people really should not be allowed to have children; whether that’s through adoption, fostering, or pregnancy.

  97. This was so tragic..RIP! In america they separate kids from parents after 3rd hospital visit and parents have to prove in court they are fit to raise the child, etc. while in korea it’s like no ones business. I do hope they will change the laws to protect children. Jeong-in’s photo before adoption shows she was so full of life, glowing, adorable, happy, smiley but after adoption, a different child. 🙁
    On a side note, why do ALL Koreans speak so well? Everyone seems so educated & articulate. If you asked random people on the streets in America controversial or difficult questions like this, I doubt more than 1/2 could carry an intelligent conversation like this.

  98. Korean criminal law system is literally trash how is the maximum sentence for abusing a baby to death only 15 years. just like that man who raped the little girl should have gotten life in prison or the death penalty but now he’s roaming free.
    May this beautiful angel Rest in Paradise ❤️🙏 she’s in a better place now.

  99. this just bring tears to my eyes. that poor little girl. all the thoughts that must have gone through her head. she was so little. she knew this life for such a short time and all she saw was abuse. that is so sad. I wish we could have saved her.

  100. I’m sad to see this. I’m afraid that strict discipline and tiger parenting can sometimes lead to child abuse. And I wonder, why does corporal punishment like hitting with a belt or a rod is still being practiced until now? I’m hoping this will come to an end soon. 😞

  101. They gave someone who was a robber life in prison but they aren’t giving those people life…? Why is it called a “justice system” whenever justice is never served to the victims?

  102. They always try and do or say something when it’s to late. The incidents were reported to police and doctors yet they push it aside and it had such a heartbreaking and terrible outcome. Korea doesn’t stand for the victims in most cases as it is but you’d think they would for the child giving the parents life in prison, yet they still can’t do that? They gave a robber life in prison why not these terrible humans who did such a horrendous thing to that poor baby? I’m disgusted

  103. I am truly heart broken. There must be justice for this angel and kids who are currently being abused need to know who to turn to for help.
    The police need to take responsibility here and make changes.

  104. If the Police were called 3 times, why was nothing done? As a neighbor or someone who witnessed this I would’ve taken that child even if I was going to be charged with kidnapping. Someone dropped the ball.

  105. 8:07, yes she’s really right, for someone who experienced this type of harassment, she really knows it better than anyone. I noticed it too.
    Koreans should stop the culture of being a bystander only, I think that’s equal for the abuser itself.

  106. This is sad. Childrens are naughty and yes sometimes it gets irritating but we all were like that once, and no one deserves to be treated like that.

  107. May she rest in peace. She has contributed a lot to this world in just 16 months. I hope the awareness can help change something for the better and may her life continue to positively impact others.

  108. This poor girl was failed by every system set in place to protect her. I heard that her teachers and the other adults who cared for her tried to report this many times, but whenever they called the police, the police would call the foster mother who would take her out of school. For every case like this that blows up, who knows how many similar cases are flying under the radar because the police couldn’t be bothered to do their jobs.They should face consequences for their negligence, and hopefully this outpour of public outrage will get them a departmental overhaul and save other child victims.

  109. I have known someone who was not adopted and their own biological children abused her children. The two eldest who were mentally, emotionally and physically abused by their mother while the two younger kids were loved and adored. I remember once when it happened, my aunt telling me the eldest boy (he was I think in grade 5 or 6 or maybe younger) came home with lice in his hair and his mom poured boiling water on his head. He had to be taken into emergency. I was so shocked when I heard that. That was only one type of abuse, the others are just as horrific. They are now in their 50’s and the eldest kids are not able to function in society or have any kind of relationships romantic or friendship. The two younger kids are flourishing one is a lawyer and the other a doctor. The mother denied it all even the two eldest kids took their mom to court in their 30’s and won a $1 million each but of course they never saw any of it. The police failed them, their dad failed them, CAS failed them. So biological parents can do this horrific act too.

  110. Agree with the man who said “it’s not who the most responsible for the fault but each responsibility to it” so the child adoption agency, the police & yes the parents!


    If, someone adopts a child in INDIA,

  112. Manslaughter is killing accidentally or carelessly. These people intentionally hurt that baby and caused harm to her until she died. They knowingly beat her. If they get 15 years, please let it be hard labor.

  113. Hey Asian boss……. Please let the international viewers know about the PALGHAR INCIDENT WITH THE 80 YEAR OLD SADHU IN INDIA!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! THE VEDIO IS SO BRUTUAL THAT YOU YOURSELF CAN CRY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! PLEASE LET EVERYONE KNOW WHAT HAPPENED IN PALGHAR ABOUT A YEAR AGO!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  114. Giving back adopted children because you don’t like them sounds intrinsically wrong. Adoption isn’t like shopping where you can choose the juiciest, and most unblemished looking apple or produce from the display. What they’re taking in is the responsibility to care for a human life. Besides, for normal cis couples, they also can’t do the same because even if their child comes with deformities or illnesses, they won’t be able to stick the child back inside the womb and ask for a refund.

  115. Thank you Asian Boss for covering this very sensitive and painful topic. I feel the conversations need to continue about preventing child abuse, adoption reform, policy changes to support single parents to not even have to worry about whether adoptive parents will treat an adoptee right, and family preservation. I hope to see more of these stories from you guys as it hits home very hard for me, as I’m a Korean adoptee who has had many difficulties with my adoption.

    P.S. I’m so happy for you guys that you were able to receive the funding you needed to continue your great work. It was so deserved!!!

  116. 아동학대는 완전한 죄이고 성경도 선명하게 말합니다 살인하지말라 간음하지말라 라고 하는데 사람들은 계속 기독교를 싫어하고 욕하고 있음에도 불고하고 하나님이 끝까지 사랑하고 있습니다

  117. I’m happy that you’ll are back ❤️ Even though there are many problems with your financial crises. But God will bless you to stay stable.
    I just want to say something to viewers plss don’t skip ads Every second is important for them ❤️

  118. I imagine the horror that this little baby had to live and the pain she felt without being able to complain or save herself and she didn’t even know what she did to deserve it. They left her in dirty clothes and they hit her so badly, why did they adopt her in the 1st place?!! I feel so sorry for the little angel.

  119. Yes, what that man said is right..you can’t just raise a child and be like “no i don’t like them anymore” and want to return them. that child is a human being. this reminds me of my own situation. when i told my parents i am gay, my dad literally said “if you want to continue choosing to be gay, you can consider me dead and that you don’t have a father anymore..don’t call me your father”….what kind of parent says that to their child?

  120. मै ये नहीं कह सकती कि ये केवल कोरिया से सम्बंधित है, ये कहि भी हो सकता है, लोगों को अपनी मानसिकता बदलनी होगी 😔😔

  121. Violence happens everywhere. Sadly in Asia there is still a fair at to go in terms of support services and encouraging people to speak out. Many suffer in silence.

  122. I totally disagree that it comes from the Western Hemisphere. It is a silent pandemic, it is more than anything socioeconomic and cultural in many cases. They are registered in the history of child, sexual and emotional abuse in the 19th and 20th centuries. It could be said that normal acceptance in society seems that there are no laws in the defense of minors. There is much to do in general regardless of the continent. The abuse was within the walls of X family with silence, taboo by which they would say. Today society is more open and everything is like gasoline runs on social networks. I must say that around the world child sexual slavery is increasing, painfully the same mothers who sell their children, kidnappings and adoptions, we are in a world where family values ​​have been lost.

  123. “I think the love small children give to their parents is unconditional. Even if children are abandoned or nearly killed by their parents, they will still love them. No matter what. That’s why parents shouldn’t let their children go, no matter what.” – Nao

  124. I’m glad this made news, because any time mainstream media shines a light on abuses, people become more aware and raise alarms earlier, and the organisations responsible for intervening can be held more accountable, and the abusers.
    Thank you for bringing this content to us all.

  125. The guy with headband and the woman with glasses responses are exactly I’m looking for. “Adoption” doesn’t mean you do “a good deed” for others, it’s something you also need to do and when you live together, you need that big heart to accept their wrongdoings and make sacrifices out of love. I like the term “fostering”. Tbh I don’t think I could ever do that. I donated to organizations and frequented foster home but I’m unable to love people unconditionally so I’m scared to even have kids myself moreover foster other people’s kids.

  126. Like what the last guy said, those abusive parents will be there anywhere in the future. So what we (society, police and the law) can do is to prevent and take actions sooner before things get worse.

  127. this video is such a great insight into the aspects of korean culture that factor into a case like this. it reminds me of the 2018 korean drama called Mother about a teacher who kidnaps a student who she discovers is being abused by her mother. One of the things that stood out to me from that drama was the difficulty that the teacher had in trying to overturn her conviction and seek access to the child. Even after she had served her prison sentence for kidnapping, people still felt that she had acted unethically in her attempt to save the little girl. Almost as if they thought it would have been better for her to leave the child with the mother than to break the law and usurp the rights of the biological mother.

  128. What an awful case. I agree that the parents should be held responsible but like many comments highlighted – I wouldn’t be surprised To learn of more cases like this that often get over looked

  129. I think that was really bad to abuse your child. If the child was not wanted they parents who adopted the girl could have givin the child to the agency and a nice family could adopt her. 😪🙏

  130. Learning that this video is demonetised due to the context of it it’s baffling and honestly insulting.. what is wrong with people working at YouTube?

  131. Can you guys do a street interview about Zheng Shuang’s scandal in China where she allegedly had 2 surrogates and wanted the children to be aborted because she and her boyfriend separated?

  132. “If the parents don’t like them then you could return them.” Are you kidding me children are human beings not some bag you can just go to a store with a recipt and take it back.

  133. Apparently the parents were well regarded and highly respected in society, so it would probably be hard to say whether they could do anything different in the adoption process to ensure anything like this won’t happen again. It’s so disheartening what happened to the cute little girl. 15 years is way too low of a sentence.

  134. Hey… ik its out of context but it wd b grt if cd confirm that asian boss is not closing down… i really freaked out that day wen u guys posted the video that ur channel might close😅😅

  135. Yea. I’ve seen the Korean news channel on TV talking about this. I couldn’t believe anyone would do this to a child and to that extreme to the point where the child died as a direct result of the physical trauma. I mean if they adopted a child, then they should’ve taken the responsible measures to do anything & everything for the sake & well being of the child.
    What’s crazy is that police didn’t do anything even after multiple reports.
    I agree with the statements about the culture of Korea being conservative and presuming it’s not their business and someone else will deal with it.
    Honestly, if you adopt a child and you’re feeling like you’re unable to take care of the child and have urges of abusing a child, I think the right thing to do is return the child to the adoption agency. It’s messed up to even think of doing that since at that point, the child will be pretty much an _item_ . But in the grand scheme of things, the opposite would be worse; being the child potentially being physically and/or mentally abused.

  136. obviously a very sad case, but I think child abuse, in general, is a subject that should be addressed in a broader sense. do adoptive parents abuse children more than natural parents?

  137. Between this and the Sewol and the way they treat children of single parents… not gonna lie, I’m f**king disgusted. R.I.P sweet baby girl.. you’re in a better place.

  138. My heart aches seeing how unloved she must’ve felt while at home. I have a 16 month old now and I can’t understand any person who could abuse a child who is so helpless. I hope this sweet babygirl gets justice for these trash so called parents, who doesn’t deserve the title! They do not deserve to be near any child, yet alone raise one!

  139. Awareness is always the first step to overcoming things. Thank you Asian Boss for spreading awareness about this case. I pray that humanity learns how to prevent tragedies such as this. Rest In Peace Jeong-in.

  140. As a law student, parents have many advantages, they can use mental problems as an advantage and many more. They would never get 15 years unless there is a very strong evidence against them. This will go on for long.

  141. Asian boss 🔥👏i like your works a lot, please dont shut down the channel, please continue bringing us awareness about many things around the world. Keep up your work🔥🔥🔥🔥love from India 💜

  142. i’ve been waiting for Asian Boss’ insight on this issue and it’s finally here. child abuse is the cruelest crime of humanity, how could someone harm a child who couldn’t even defend herself. child abuse cases always make me angry, no matter where it happen.

  143. They killed a human they should be killed too.. they deserve death penalty..15years is so short… i also experience abuse by my mom before hurt me and mentally abuse so thats why when i got older i got depression..

  144. I totally agree with the lady in the minute 6:55 , raising the maximum penalty is not the total solution and that they should act in order to deal with child abuse to prevent cases like this one happen over and over

  145. Today I read a news in my country Malaysia. A child, initially adopted for years by loving adoptive parents, is abused to death by his own mom and step father. His mom took him back from adoptive parents last year and 3 months later he was dead. This is just sad, child abuse cases are everywhere 😢

  146. I live in the States, and I first heard about it through a youtuber, by the name of Gracie, that I watch, and then I googled it and read about the story. It made me sick to my stomach, and seething with anger. Why adopt a child just to abuse her to death? I fault definitely the father for knowing it was going on and did nothing. The evil mother who I hope they give her death, but in actuality the husband should be given the same sentence as well. The doctor’s, the kindergarten, CPS, teachers, the relatives, and the worst ones, the stupid ass inept keystone cops that literally refused to do anything. They’re all to blame and in hindsight, they all played apart in her death. A baby, a child, she just wanted to be loved. What’s so hard about loving a precious innocent child? This baby suffered so much, and when I saw the videos of her and pictures, you can tell her demeanor changed from being happy to sad. May Jung – in rest in peace in heaven👼. No more pain she will ever have to endure. Children are here to be loved and nurtured not beaten and murdered.

  147. They are unfortunate facts, that women and men are involved in so much humiliation towards children. The laws must change and be tougher to at least the rates go down. It is painful to say it this way. The silence of the night become the ghosts of pain, all those outcasts – Where everyone knows and at the same time no one hears or knows anything.

  148. It literally takes a village to raise a child, and for too long societies who give families too heavy of a burden in raising the next generation keep failing children like Jung-in. What kind of responsibility should law enforcement that responded and ultimately failed the child take? Where are inefficiencies in the system that limits child protective agencies and branches of government to investigate and support children suspected of abuse? This child was reported by childcare workers and pediatricians 3 times for suspected child abuse, but nothing was done other than being physically assaulted by the adopted parent and threatened with lawsuits.

    What kind of education is being offered to young teens and adults on topics of child rearing, secure and consensual relationships, sex ed, and legislation they can access if they are found to be victims of domestic violence? What kind of circumstances prevented Jung-in’s biological parent(s) from creating a family unit for her rather than to give her up for adoption? How many teens and young adults in Korea know what signs of abusive relationships to look for, how to protect themselves? Doesn’t Korea have an emerging and increasingly public domestic violence involving stalking and blackmailing between even those who are dating?

    What resources are available for parents who need emotional regulation and parenting education to be better parents? Because not all parents, adopted and biological, are intentionally evil and abusive. Some don’t know how to be better parents and better human beings. Except perhaps the accused in this case. Even their extended family are in denial.

  149. The girl in the pink jacket is totally right. if there’s a fight on the subway, most of the people who witness the fight may think, “that’s between them, i don’t want to get involved.” I’ve also heard from people that when they tried to get involved, they had to do so much stuff and go to the police station and put themselves out there to be a witness. So it’s kind of like “i don’t want to get involved because i don’t want to deal with the negative effects of getting involved.” They think they will get 피해 (burdened) by getting involved.

  150. How about report on USA military rape on S. Koreans women and japanese women? Too much cover up by these 2 vassal state for US soldiers rape crimes.

  151. Again? Didn’t they make a movie years ago on child abuse about the lack of enforcement and interventions from police despite reporting and evidences. Miss Baek.

  152. These kind of inhuman behaviours are responsible for the loss of trust on the true humanity….And sadly these kind of things are happening everyday which are not even noticed….so it’s our duty to spread awareness to stop these things….
    Let’s keep fighting…
    And AB thank u for letting us know the common people opinion, which really doesn’t get revealed nowadays…🙏

  153. This is so heartbreaking. The system failed Jung In. There were so many opportunities to save her, but the police were negligent. The adoptive mother truly has no shame. She will not admit to her crimes. They even recorded the abuse! Justice for Jung In!

  154. We may not be able to know this story. Thank you Asian Boss for always keeping us updated.

    Nobody has the right to hurt anyone and yet heartless people steal a child’s life and this young????????

  155. I feel that with these types of cases, we should start from the root, with education. Us as childs, we didn’t knew between good and bad, that’s why it is important that as much as in schools and homes children are taught about child abuse and how to communicate it, communication is important. Children should be able to communicate the abuse they are receiving, and know that is not right or normal, many times it happens that the children do not say anything because they think the abuse is normal and they deserve it . Jeong-in was a baby, she still did not know how to speak but with her injuries and with her signs, she was showing the suffering, it hurts that many didn’t care. Obviously, in school, teachers should also be trained to be able to notice child abuse early and be able to save a life. The basis of everything begins with education, if we begin to educate society in a certain way and to instill new behaviors, I believe that cases of child abuse would be drastically reduced.

  156. Now i understand why it so hard to adopt baby in my country theres many process then they need watch parents or observe for a months if they mentally and financially prepared sometimes the process is a year.

  157. Man… I’m baffled that anyone could hurt a child. I’m not the most caring person out there, in fact, I’m definitely an arse in most situation. However, the thought of hurting a child sickens me. I can’t believe her parents, adoptive or not, could do this to her. What sort of monsters would abuse a child to death?

  158. I felt very angry and sad when I first read about it a few weeks ago. Seeing the name Jung-in automatically just makes me think about this poor baby. tbh i almost didn’t want to click to watch this video. its quite emotional when you see that smiling face and then the reality of what has happened. No punishment is enough. Even whatever these monsters are. life time imprisonment is just being lenient. Responsibility is very very hard for many to accept.

  159. I remmeber there was a korean movie about this n lemme tell u its so sad af n the parent goshhhhhh omgggg

    Guys higly recommended watch the movie my first client like omg MUST SEE

  160. It’s sad to see how parents can abuse such a young baby and it’s not even about being young, you should never put your hands a child or anyone for that matter

  161. This case is sickening. They really went through all the trouble of adopting a child just to abuse her to death. These “parents” deserve a life sentence, if not the death penalty. The authorities that failed to do anything to aid the child despite the many complaints deserve severe punishment as well

  162. There was a similar incident in the US where Ariel Robinson, a black reality star, murdered her white adopted child, and even worse is that it was speculated to be racially motivated.

  163. Rest in peace baby girl and Parents like these don’t deserve their children at all .🙏
    But it’s also a sickness within that person and People like these deserve hell also.

  164. Cutting the genitals of babies is also serious child abuse. Babies literally die from this regularly. There are zero benefits, despite the claims to the contrary from the biased people who do this. South Korea should never have adopted this from the United States where even there the rate of doing it has gone down with increased awareness.

  165. Those adoptive parents aren’t parents, they are heartless monsters. I just hope that little Jung-in is fine in heaven in god’s loving and warm arms…

  166. What would they have done if Baby P happened in Korea! At least Koreans are so active with the displeasure. Wish UK were more active.

    Baby P case was awful!!! The birth mum was involved n allowed his abuse! The amount of injuries was horrendous. He was around same age as my nephew. He died at 2 yrs of age. My nephew is 14 now! But that incident is etched in my memory forever!!!

  167. It is natural that the adoption agency cannot guarantee a hundred percent safety for the child, especially when those adoptive parents are good at acting. So in my opinion, the fault lies in the police for not doing a thorough investigation. If they would have just checked the infant’s body for injury, this wouldn’t have escalated.

  168. Asian boss is the best YouTube channel with the asian news. I hope you guys continue such efforts for the society in future. Full support from your viewers.!!!!

  169. I actually did not know about the case, but when I saw the title of the video and the image of someone so little,I started shivering. I mean how can someone do this to someone, especially to infants who did not even know anything about this world. What is happening to this world. Good job, Asian boss. Keep doing more important content like this, this issue needs to be talked about. We will always support you guys.

  170. that woman makes no sense, a ton of people (women) stay with people (men) who hit them. abuse doesn’t just go from nothing to hitting, their paths of escape are closed out (especially in a culture like korea where it’s often expected for women to give up full time careers once they’re married and/or have kids), their self esteem is destroyed, and they live in fear. with child abuse cases, not like this one, often the mother will also be being abused by the husband/father. and the same issue happens where people ignore it because “it’s not our business” and even if the women report it, nothing happens.

    edit: that woman is terrible! she’s using a case about a child’s DEATH to rant about how child abuse is a western creation and that back in the days when parents hit and emotionally neglected their kids, it wasn’t ACTUALLY abuse. bro, what??? you’re part of the reason this kid is dead, you would have been one of the neighbours going “it’s not my problem, it’s family matters”. good job.

  171. there is a flaw in Korean culture (as there are flaws in every culture) that the government doesn’t get involved with domestic violence issues as much. This goes back to their Confucianism principles from way back. It basically tells them that if you have issues within your family, then you should resolve those issues yourself instead of informing authorities and even IF authorities come, they won’t do much to resolve anything. Of course I hope this will change in the near future and I’m sure it will!

    edit: on second thought, I actually don’t think it will chance so fast since Korean politicians are still mainly old conservative backward thinking people.

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  175. I’m an East Asian, and TRUST ME, this is a Asian problem, not just a Korean problem (and yes even in the the Middle East like Saudi Arabia or Iran, and South Asia like India and Pakistan). I’ve faced abuse myself from my parents and I’ve seen my brothers get abused by them too.

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  180. korea’s culture of still normalisation corporal punishment contributed to this. it is considered normal to spank children as young as 2-3 despite them being incapable of understanding what they did wrong or why they’re being hurt. there are specific canes and hard objects used as they are less likely to create bruises. this is completely normalising abuse and abuse tactics, and teachers and neighbours and police think “it’s family business, parents have the right to hit their kids”. and then this happens. it’s the same with domestic abuse against women, it’s minimised until it’s too late and people are dead.

    edit: ah yes, at the latter part of the video, the younger people are pointing this out.

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    I’m an adoptee and have had nothing but love from my adoptive parents.

    The president could have phrased his wording better than saying if you do not like them.

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  188. This is titled “Koreans react to the worst child abuse case in Korea”, yet the truth is that so many of these cases go unreported. And the ones that do go public are often less morbid than the ones we’ll never know about. “In the past five years, 132 children have died because of parental abuse in South Korea. In 2018, 30 children died from abuse; 25 killed by their parents.” – Invisible scars and the death of a child, The Korea Times

  189. The woman that was commenting on returning the children is right in thinking that it would make many take adoption very lightly. But also if you can return children like a pair of online shoes you bought that doesn’t fit then that would create a whole different type of situation. Children are not things and that would actually be terribly scarring for them.

  190. I do not agree with only 15 years prison. It is not just an abuse. It is a killing and torture intention. There is some thing creepy inside the family.

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  192. If you look at the aggregate statistics, adopted children are far more likely to be abused by their step-parents compared to biological children and their birth parents. Obviously this isn’t true for every adoptive couple, but the probability is starkly greater. Compound that with the fact that East Asian society tends to view corporal punishment in the home as an acceptable form of childhood discipline compared to the West.

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    Bandana guy was my favorite 🙂 and only one that I agreed with. The idea of returning and adopted child is hideous 🙁 would you give away your biological child if they’re being “complicated” too? No. You wouldn’t. One thing is not having the means to raise (in that case you shouldn’t even adopt in the first place!!!) another is returning a child like a T-shirt you didn’t like or didn’t fit you quite right…

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    Truly *D I S G U S T I N G*

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  198. I would like to thank you for another respectful and very insightful video. Thank you for bringing this issue as well. This case should not be closed until justice is served, although nothing can bring this innocent little baby girl…

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    Also the mature woman with glasses and red pattern sweater was so articulate I enjoyed her candor.

  204. I have a 1 year old child and looking at him, he is the most precious thing in the world and I’d give everything to protect him. Its sad that some parents fail to see children that way, adoptive or otherwise.

  205. Is there a reason for the adoptive parents to adopt her? Like I know in the US the parents might get an incentive if they become foster parents… and in Indonesia the more dependants you have, the lower your tax will be. Is there anything similar in South Korea?

    I want to know because it’s interesting from a socioeconomic perspective. I am not trying to justify the abuse. Maybe there should be some light shine on this and how taxation and government benefits affect behavior. Also if there isn’t anything like that in South Korea, the parents are monsters

    Edit: adding context of why I ask the question

  206. All children deserve parents but some parents don’t deserve children. The sad thing is that some parents are abusive to their children while other couples are trying to have a child and can’t have one.

  207. The authorities, meaning the police that were contacted before by the people, are also at fault. There are too many cases of neglect in abuse cases, from the same people that are supposed to help you the most, that only react once it’s too late. Rest in Peace Jung-in ❤️

  208. the fact that case like that can happen everywhere and the age seems to be younger younger like gabriel fernandez is just mindblowing to me i hope they spend the rest of their lives in prison honestly disgusting human

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