Koreans React To Telegram Sex Crime Scandal [Street Interview] | ASIAN BOSS

While the whole world is dealing with the coronavirus outbreak, there was an incident of sex crime in Korea that completely buried the coronavirus-related news and left the whole country in shock. The so-called “Nth room case” involved a 20-something male running a sex slave ring via a popular communication app, Telegram. Since he got arrested, his identity has been revealed, and the public is still trying to come to terms with what went on in these private chat groups that involved over 70 women, some as young as 8 years old. We hit the streets of Seoul to find out what happened and how the public is reacting. 

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  1. education is so important, because any one of us could get ourselves into any sorts of trouble. the mind is a tricky thing. everything mentioned that needs improving definitely should be.

  2. My friend once said “People have rare things that they like sexually, but if you have harming or morally wrong preferences what you should do is not act like an animal and keep feeding that dark part of you, you have to control it and be a decent human”

    1. Self-restraint, guilt, and shame have been cast as harmful things by leftists for decades, but they are essential parts of moral development. They are not inherently harmful, but only harmful if done to extremes or in a context without compassion.

  3. I just finished a literature review on human trafficking, here’s my perspective:

    1) I disagree that before the authorities have fully & properly investigated that they showed the young perpetrators face- isn’t that a breach of human rights? what if someone more sinister and inhumane was “pulling” the strings from behind the scenes and the young man is just a puppet?? BTW I am not saying that the young man is not wrong or siding with him, regardless of him being the lone perpetrator or not he is accountable for doing such diabolical acts and for child pornography!!!

    2) I really hope and pray that the victims get good quality therapy and have a strong social network to help them heal. My heart goes out to them and their families Kia Kaha!

    Thank you Asian Boss for covering this case, its a shocking and tragic one! we have had a few human trafficking cases in NZ too, so we are not immune to these crimes as well.

  4. To be honest, we should find a way to study or at least tell the kids in school that this type of thing is bad just like telling them hitting someone is bad/killing a creature is bad.

  5. “2 million people signed a petition to have his (perp’s) face revealed.” So the authorities did just that. This explains why democracy is a horrid form of government. Democracy is “mob rule.” No laws, just give in to the peasants wielding torches and pitchforks. Democracy is 3 wolves and 2 sheep deciding what’s for dinner, and the response in Korea to this creep’s (alleged) horrid deeds perfectly perfectly demonstrates the issue. Adults understand this issue while kids, who don’t know anything, are usually all for it.

  6. I do know where my comments go but here is point
    I am in N.America and I am telling you these things happens here too. these people are mentally ill .but we treat them differently

    1- sentences to jail comes with life sentence in US without parole ,In Canada is 25 years jail depends on severity of crime
    2- education makes people aware but it does not reduce crimes significantly

    3-when child predators get to jail,you have to teach them correct behaviour and do something that they do not learn more crime at jail because when they get out then they will continue to do what they do,connect them with mental therapist and also they must take pills

    4-teach parents to monitor they internet activity of kids but not obsessively

    5-surveillance camera outside your home surrounding can help to deter child crimes
    7-foaster good caring parenting because when kids trust their parents ,they will reveal if they were trapped by criminals

    8-governement must have under cover cops and informants in Dark Web and Internet and also in real world to find children and sex trafficking in your society.

    I love Korean culture ,these incidents do not turn women against men. women are humble and modest,it is really nice!!

  7. thank you, really, if I had not seen this video I would never have heard of this case, i’m from latin america and i think this information is important to share to be aware, that criminal could be our friend, coworker, relative, etc… I can’t believe how cruel some people can be.

  8. Not only the perpetrator but also the members of the chat should be named and shamed. Once they are made famous and things are revealed to their families, others will think before daring to engage in such activities. Knowing how conservative the society is, it can have a good impact.

  9. I do understand that the young girls were in danger and especially when someone is young you could easily manipulate them but college girls ? Sometimes it’s your fault sending your information or any sexual act you did on camera to a person you have never met . I live in Greece in a relatively big city and a group of girls that are 14-16 send a group nudges and solo nudes to one guy and he simply gave it to everybody but in the end the authorities blamed him somehow .

  10. I hope they focus on this case because the fact that they are really powerful people Involved I know they would try to cover up with other scandal so please for the victims theses men should be exposed and punished at all cost

  11. The korean judicial system needs to set a precedent with this case and give a harsher punishment and sentencing to these criminals and all those who have been found to have watched or distributed these videos and pictures

  12. The guy with glasses is so clueless for his age or he is one of the people on the chat room . Even a person who pays prostitution and uses their services is a participant in a crime . Idiot . Imagine being 8 years old CHILD not woman , and following protocol of sexual misconduct. Wtf . How about emphasizing the criminals , tracing everyone who paid and watched . And label them . And post their pictures.

  13. They’re just explaining the crime not reacting and what’s with South Korea and their sex crime industry plenty of celebrities engage in it and it’s still in the dark

  14. I mean… the guy is making the girls do those things via online right.. so why would those girls agree to do it tho?

    Im talking about the time when the guy approached girls.

    Why would the girl want to get involved? This needs deeper investigation… girls in the internet is somewhat dumb and i dont understand why…the guy’s WRONG IN EVERY WAY but why did those girls can get involved in these things if they’re approached from online like it’s not event physical.

  15. Guys in South Korea they have this tradition where you’re 1-2 years older than you actually are. So they youngest girl that’s supposedly eight according to korean culture would actually be six or seven.

  16. 8:22 “the problem is the internet, we need a method to prevent kids from doing that”
    Lady, the problem is not free access to internet. And there is already an amazing method for preventing kids doing stupid things online. It’s this thing called parenting. Well, parental controls have also been a thing since forever, but parents are neglecting their responsibility and not using them.

    DO NOT even think about regulating the human right to freely access the internet. A disgusting ignorant idea that will send humanity back to the previous millennium.

  17. The people like this are everywhere in the world. We could walk past them on the sidewalk and not even know it. Scary to think about.

  18. I know this has nothing to do with the Nth room case. But when u guys wear this masks it should cover up ur nose AND mouth…..not just only ur mouth and let the nose run wild

  19. This could be an unpopular opinion and there is no excuse for what happened but… I think the lack of free expression of sexuality, poor sex education and porn being illegal forces people to go to extremes to get what they want. If porn was legal, for example, we could have consensual participants, protected by the law, government monitoring and I really believe this type of filthy tragedy would be less likely to occur. Humans are sexual creatures. They will find a way, illegal or not.

  20. The digital world is getting scarier,victims also involves younger kids.Its getting out of hand,I hope there is also an app that can determine how bad the intentions of the person who’s sending those inappropriate things.

  21. I’m amazed by the good elaboration on every answer.
    Imo the older guy was so much on point with everything except about the regulation on privacy app (IMO).
    About the spread of fear, do not panic, just know that there will be always evil in the world, but that s doesn’t mean that s someone near you. I don’t know much about criminality in South Korea, but what i’ve seen today are many intelligent and educated people, and that s not everywhere in the world.
    Best wishes from Italy!

  22. I realized I was being judgmental at the start just because that one guy was middle aged. He honestly had the most thought out and proactive responses

  23. In almost every case of this nature in Korea you’ll find a politician or police involved , either through negligence/participation or cover up..I feel like this is probably why they’ll never change the laws, THEY’RE part of the problem and they need to protect themselves/each other.. if you have read messages, even with the burning sun, these men know that the law is crap and they’ll likely get a slap on the wrist for this which is why that Jobin guy told the girls that they have more to lose because he knows that society will treat them like crap even though they’re the victims .. majority of lawmakers are men, men are saying they’re being targeted in this and it’s some “feminazi” bs and all kinds of excuses ..unless laws and attitudes change there will never be justice for the victims. . I’m not hopeful about justice but nevertheless, I can only hope the victims find ways to cope with their trauma

  24. I hope SK police who are investigating the case can identify both the victims and the participants. Give psychological help for the victims. If the group participants are found guilty, I hope they are given the worst punishment. The others participants that did not report the group should be considered accomplice.

  25. It’s kind of weird to me that there are so many people in the comments saying that sex education and stronger punishments are the way to solve sexual abuse like this, when in the US, punishment for child pornography is at least 15 years in jail and it’s still a huge issue. The older guy saying, “If they realize it’s a crime, then they’ll report it” was also a very WTF moment. Like, these men are paying money to see videos of girls who haven’t even gone through puberty yet and he thinks they’re gonna just blink and realize that it’s illegal? They definitely already know that. The two younger girls actually pointed out what the issues are leading up to stuff like this–that men don’t realize how big of an issue it is and how pervasive sexual assault is in all societies so it’s often brushed off as individual issues that downplay how actually serious it is.

  26. Good … Don’t trust anyone. As the Coronavirus worsens and we head to an apocalyse …. This might be the best skill you have. It LL make you a nervous wreck … Sure …

  27. no discipline and a lack of proper sex education at the right ages is bound to create people who can’t control their chemistry. i see this everywhere. there is not enough science in these kinds of lessons and not enough people who specialise in the human body. i think professionals should be hired to teach teenage kids at school about sex education rather than just normal teachers. I’m 37 now, i remember at the schools i went to our sex education teachers where normal teachers given a system to teach the class. also the classes where mixed genders so alot of information was jokey and laughable, so kids don’t take it serious enough and instead are only triggered to think about what they shouldn’t do. For the lack of self control and discipline this is what disgusts me about mankind.

    i love Asian boss ! so i click like to stand for what you all do for others.

  28. 260,000 is an exaggerated number which is wrong information.
    N-bang members are about 30,000. 260,000 is just click number.

    And There are about 3 million people’s petition to reveal the identities of N-bang members. We are angry. We can’t let this go. We have to make sure it doesn’t happen again.

  29. And korean men “hate” feminists? Are ready to diregard and hate women/idols who wear girl power t-shirts? They should know all feminists are not 3rd wave and radical, they provide empowerment and that is what is needed in countries like this.

  30. Korea is the least sexually active country in the world on average. I think the stress from work, peers, expectations and culture can contribute to distinct cases. I am not defending these sex criminals. But we can’t look at them as if we are not responsible for them as a society as we are part of that society that made them.. Education is just one part of the puzzle, the other is taking initiative to make the place that we live in.. a mentally healthy and peaceful place to be in by communicating to each other also learning a thing or two about emotional intelligence. Laws are not going to change people…better quality lives are going to change people.

  31. This is a super big case in South Korea yet it isn’t reported at all in any large int media platform. Could Telegram be blocking large reporting on it?

    1. @Meri Neko They always will but how effective and widespread it will be is debatable. Just because there’s another way to do it doesn’t mean Telegram isn’t responsible for the lack of oversight.

    2. @Meri Neko Fair enough, just wondering why there’s no reporting on it. They did nothing wrong but the existence of a platform that makes it easy to be encrypted and anonymous online is probably something to be debated.

  32. Why everyone become a psychologist all of a sudden, people in the comments talking bout porn being a catalyst to pedophilia and more extreme sexual desires. A proper sex education would probably help for a start and have yall noticed how countries that block porn or even have porn being illegal eg India have much more sexual crimes? Just think bout that a second

  33. 영어 좀 한다고 착각하는 아시안 보스에 와서 우월감을 느끼는 것이 유일한 낙입니다. 그들이 내 실력을 알면 좌절을 느끼죠. 왜냐면 저와 아시안 보스의 실력은 하늘과 땅 차이거든요. (저와 전혀 무관한 청소년들이 혹시라도 이곳에 오면, 기분 나빠하지 말고 제 글을 무시하시기 바랍니다. 여기 말고 내 영어 실력을 자랑할 곳이 없어요.)

  34. Sexual crimes like this don’t get attention long enough to get proper punishment in Korea. Every time, people take interest for like a week and it gets quiet. People forget about them and what the criminals get is just a fine or a few years in jail. Even though sexual crimes happen a lot in Korea they don’t get much attention. We need everyone’s support in this. This is a big case and unfortunately it hasn’t got the attention of major foreign media because of the virus outbreak. I am so devastated as a woman living here in Korea. Please help us and spread the word.

  35. As these cases in Korea become more prevalent, I think its about time that the Korean Government strengthen its policy to protect women and children from this abuses. Come to think of it, why is it that ordinary people were caught how about the rich & powerful men behind of it?? Likewise, the current penalties imposed is lenient compare to the moral&physical trauma inflicted by these abusers

  36. as much as i wish for things to change in south Korea I know nothing is gonna be put in action. victims are still gonna be traumatized and the perpetrators will still be their scummy ass selves

  37. Korean society is messed up. I feel sad for korean women. To all the koreaboos out there who have korean men fetishes & perceive all of them to be romantic and gentlemenly from kdramas/kpop – wake up. Just look to all the korean female celebs who have passed because of unnatural causes. Their deaths mean something.

  38. Money and Power can always keep you from being punish for your crimes ! It’s a universal thing unfortunately but my heart break for these young women ! P.S. one was and 8 yr. old child ! Monsters are everywhere but when found they must be brought to justice ! Much love from America !

  39. I really hope proper punishment is given to those who did this, to all of those involved. Also hope the victims get the support they need and justice too. How can humans still cause this much harm to each other because of greedy and sick interests… This case is abhorrent. The government needs to do better. It’s insane how cases like this get buried down to protect sick perverts.

  40. Something pretty similar burst out here in Italy a week ago. It was found that a group in Telegram with 50k members in it were sending pictures of women and young girls that they either took from social media or that they personally knew them. A good portion of it it’s revenge porn, they send to this groupchat nudes or just selfies they ex girlfriends send to them and ridiculed them with the other members. Another portion is straight up stalking, girls they have never met before and just took a picture of them or even a classmate from school/university. A percentage of them are also pedophiles, who ask to send pictures of young girls, sometimes photoshopped without clothes on. After sending the pictures, they all vote on whether they would have sex with them or on a scale of 0 to 10 how hot they are. Sometimes they all send a pic of their semen to show “how hot” they were.

    It’s scary because there are 50k members, still increasing. A member of this groupchat could be your brother, your boyfriend, your ex or some random guy who was in front of you in the subway with his phone pulled out and could have easily snap a picture of you. They could be taking your pictures, your friend’s, your girlfriend’s and even your little sister’s.
    People are now blaming girls for sending pictures to their boyfriend and even scoffing at them for posting _normal_ pictures on social media. Most girls have now their accounts locked up and deleted selfies because of this story since the group is still active and well. Here in Italy revenge porn has never been taken seriously, and has always been blamed on the victims for not being “cautious” enough. The police is doing absolutely nothing since they said it’s impossible to track down things and people on telegram.

  41. I happen to know about the Nth room scandal after one of the Webtoon creators I follow on Twitter tweeted about which made me more curious and so I looked into it…..I am so disgusted and infuriated apparently there were also some celebs who I don’t think have been revealed yet

  42. Can someone please explain to me how these girl were forced to provide those kind of video on the chat rooms? Was it because they were getting blackmailed? Because the guy said he’d steal their information? Was that the reason? In that case I’d rather have my information stolen then do those kind of things that the poor girls did.

  43. 𝙄 𝙝𝙖𝙫𝙚 𝙬𝙖𝙩𝙘𝙝𝙚𝙙 𝙩𝙝𝙞𝙨 𝙗𝙚𝙛𝙤𝙧𝙚 (𝙞𝙣 𝙞𝙩𝙨 𝙚𝙣𝙩𝙞𝙧𝙚𝙩𝙮) 𝙖𝙣𝙙 𝙞𝙩’𝙨 𝙣𝙤𝙩 𝙗𝙖𝙙 𝙖𝙩 𝙖𝙡𝙡. 𝙃𝙤𝙬𝙚𝙫𝙚𝙧

  44. This is where I live… so serious problem… where is the judge? STRONG punishments are required I agree with him and normal people are always observe and make it correct..

  45. as horrible as this incident is, it feels reassuring that people have such a reaction to it. if this happened in my country it would probably get an “oh that’s awful” and that would be it, because we see similar things relatively often, compared to korea

    1. It looks like something similar is happening in Korea though, unfortunately. None of the names are being revealed, and people are being sentenced really lightly – a year or two in jail for the key players who created the sex trafficking ring. It’s disgusting

  46. Things like these makes my heart so heavy when I hear or read on news… Such disgusting and monstrous people live among us in the society… Even the thought of that makes me fill with anger! I hope the justice is served… All these disgusting people who were in it should be trashed from the society cause they don’t belong.

  47. Im agree with all the comment, 8yrs is not enough to called a woman.. they are fragile and need protection.. child predator, exist everywhere.. props to the police force, for unbox this case..

  48. 🙏🏼Peace and Blessings

    Seems that the consensus among the people interviewed is the lack of interest and information from the government. Also sexual education and tougher laws need to be in place.

    There is too much sexual information out there, movies.videos, magazines even music have explicit sexual innuendos
    that pique the interest of all adolescents.
    The internet when used wrong can be the destruction of all common decent folks.
    7:47PM 🇺🇸

  49. Frightening, it must be addressed. It will ruin the capability and willingness of the authority if they remain numb.

    This just a tip of an iceberg.

  50. One of the tricks they used was to dm the victims saying their accounts might have been hacked and sending a link to a fake website looking like the real one, therefor giving their log in information to the hackers. And would be used to black mail the victims.

  51. I remember a while ago, when they caught on TV a south Korean diplomat to my native country going after underage girls. That was a cringeworthy moment for S.Korea, luckily they removed him fast and officially asked for for forgiveness. It gets really nasty up there…in the higher echelons of power. We should definitely be harsh on them no matter how much power they have no matter what country.

  52. Things like this really upset me to the core. I have followed Korean news for years and all these stories involving the abuse of Korean females by Korean males who get little to no punishment for them just shows that rights and protections for Korean women have a long way to go. What’s fine for the man has never been fine for the woman. If this had been a women doing this to men & boys, rest assured the government would be moving on this so quick it would make your head spin. Sex education improvements, more serious and dedicated approach from the government, hotlines for victims and informants are among the many things that Korea needs right now. Your gender or your status should NEVER matter in your rights and protections but in Korea, this is still an issue sadly.

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