Koreans React to Suicide of Seoul Mayor | STREET DEBATE

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  1. Considering Koreas abyssmal mental health situtation, this accusation might’ve just been a trigger that set him off and not the full reason. Just my opinion.

  2. Was the Mayor of Seoul a victim of Economic warfare? With Mayor Park Won-soon policy against sexual exploitation and sexual harassment it mess with the flow of power and favors. Is that why they had do Character assassination? Than later real assassination?

  3. Humans need to collectively change how judgemental they are towards one another. Judging so much with no intention of helping others makes everyone look disgusting.

  4. The whole thing is too suspicious. First , being a mayor means he has more than enough money and power to enjoy a good prostitution, there’s absolutely no need for him to commit such a pathetic crime. Secondly, if the secretary has evidences of being sexually harassed, she could have blackmail him for anything she wants, are you telling me she had gone through all that trouble and exposed herself to the public just to defend the justice? And even if the mayor did commit sexual harassment , it’s unlikely a successful politician would end his own life because of it. Politician have no shame, and should have much stronger will than that.

  5. Harrassed and suicide right away. His secondary is not kpop idol. And before he is a mayor he is a lawyer that fights for women’s right for a long time. And most important he is one of the best friends with South Korea’s new president. Not 100% sure but I don’t think a person justice like him can do that. Its more like house of cards

  6. If this happened in Spain, there will be people who defend the mayor and called feminazi to the Secretary, because it is still a patriarchal country.

  7. 4 years of sexual harassment, suicide easily exit. You should live loser, how a mayor who knows for “civil right” suicide? If you are not guilty, fight it… damn corrupt person

  8. Why not he DID NOTHING WRONG just depression to suicide ? The sectary want to blame for him for SOMETHING he didn’t do to ruin his reputation that for political reasons.

  9. I don’t think that he took his life because of the allegations for sexual harassment, it doesn’t really makes sense bcs why would he sexual harass a woman he works with when he can just call a prostitute and having been rich he could’ve paid a lot for that and have anyone he likes.
    But even if he DID harass his secretary I don’t think he would kill himself just bcs he thought that he would go in jail for it bcs politicians usually get away with a lot of crimes, or at least they don’t serve as much time in prison as other people who are not famous. I personally think his suicide had a different reason (If it was actually suicide at all…)

  10. I think they need to investigate it till proven, not just abandoned it because of his death. So people will know whether he did sexually harrass or not. Not knowing will lead to rabbit hole which may harm both side even more.

  11. Some of the comments on here are disgusting, really shows how women’s are treated like scoundrels just by speaking out. Gender equality is massively needed in Asian, it is the norm to see them as secondary and the stereotypes are suffocating. This women spoke out about the YEARS of harassment she received due to this man. I bet even more women did, but due to his suicide many will think keeping quiet will respect the dead. And it’s sad.

  12. 고인의인터뷰에먹칠?
    고인이 한짓그대로를 언급한건데먹칠이라면 먹칠은 고인이한거죠.
    2차가해자임 여기나온 님이요

    음..그리고 피해자가해하는남성도잇고, 맞는말 가해가섞인분들이 나머지분들이네요.
    한국남성인터뷰한분들이 정상적인말을 하는때도있는거보고놀랐어요.
    대다수한국남자들은 여혐 애지는데.

    또.. 가해자신분(가해자인지모름) 이 죽었는데, 그게 본인이한 성범죄로 처벌받을까봐 알려질까봐자살한거면 유감정도가아닌, 책임짐ㆍ

  13. I really don’t think he committed suicide. This whole case is too weird for me. I really think it should be investigated to get the truth, at least for the secretary.

  14. I am surprise people in South Korea are not wearing their mask correctly. 2 person had their mask only covering the mouths while the lady with the white mask didn’t flatten the mask on the nose bridge neither did she pull the mask down under her chin. Hope people don’t be complacent as covid-19 is still very much around us.

  15. The USA leads the world in good and bad. For sexual harassment look at Bill Clinton, Donald Trump, Joe Biden and several other public figures. So look at what’s happening in the USA today chaos and race riots. This will be your countries in 5 to 20 years. Fortunately you have time to prepare for it…. but you won’t because people of all races and colors won’t believe it can happen in their home country.

  16. funny how everyone in the video were wearing masks and yet no one had any problem breathing hahaha 😂 America the great
    p.s. if you need help, that was sarcasm directed to anti-maskers

  17. At least South Corean politicians have honour and pride and take responsibility for their actions. RoW should learn from South Coren politicians. Sorry for the Seoul mayor. He has done a great job for human rights. But he took final decision for his action. RIP. Peace for his family.

  18. I don’t want to dig any South Korean politician cases… There is way too much wind at the top of South Korea…
    Follow the “official” news and continue your korean citizen life ^_^

  19. 고소인과 고소받은 사람의 소실만 있다.
    고소인의 명확한 증거가 없다면 조사 자체가 성립 하지 않는다.
    당연 수사 대상도 아니다.
    (방어권이 소멸 된 상대방에게 수사 할 수 없기 때문이다)
    진실을 우리는 모른다.
    그러니 입 다물라…..
    야만적 마냥 사냥이 보편화된
    비열한 한국 사회의 자화상일 뿐이다.
    더욱이 이번 경우로 미투 운동의 좌절만 가져올 것이다.

  20. In case you didn’t know women get paid to file false sexual allegations and koreans would have made him and his family suffer. Thats why he did what he did. He worked all his life against corruption and women rights. They had to cancel him out

  21. But he was the Mayor, there shouldnt even had to be a need for someone to file a missing report, after a few hours of the actual, mayor of the whole city not showing up, of course they shouldve tried to find him, the city doesnt run on its own.

  22. This is a real problem when a man is placed on a pedestal like a hero and that a taint of scandal is rebuked because of that image. That is really scarey because we perpetuate a stereotype that a clean man will never sexually harass a woman.

  23. 왜 한국만 어두운 사건만 다루지? 옆나라도 아베 비리랑 연예인 자살사건 등 엄청 많은데 그런건 다루지도않고
    왜 한국만 나쁜쪽으로 다루는지 의도가 뭐지

  24. I feel like they respect death too much. I feel bad for his family but they still should investigate and determine whether or not he was guilty for his crime. Otherwise it shows that a sexual assault victim means nothing and they already made that clear with an excessive 5day funeral paid with the ppl’s tax money.

  25. I’m shocked that everyone they’re interviewing is assuming he’s guilty of what he’s being accused of. Here in America we have a system of innocent until proven guilty. There is a likelihood he killed himself because his reputation was destroyed rather than the fact he felt guilt. If he’s willing to sexually harass a woman then why would he feel guilty? Only sociopaths do that type of stuff. I think they should continue the investigation to either clear his name or bring closure to the secretary. If the law is put in place to “honor” the dead then it isn’t doing a good job if everyone thinks he’s a sexual predator. Just my opinion on this. I feel bad for everyone involved in this.

  26. Perhaps, the case was fabricated as a motive and he was killed by opposition in fact. Sensitive issue is a distraction. Tho I don’t know who is he and what he did

  27. Hey….another (possible) suicide of Japanese actor happened recently….I hope and pray all of you take care of your mental health….People sometimes don’t take mental health seriously but it needs to be said that we all need to make sure to pay attention to ourselves sometimes…💙🙏

  28. The interviewed are well informed about what’s happening in their City. Their take on the questions asked were confidently and intelligently well articulated. Considering that it is a street interview, they don’t have enough time to think about what to say but directly answered from their own point of views which for me are brilliant thoughts and views! Wish all young people at their age have such a take / stand on issues around them. Salute to them and to Asian Boss. You are doing a great job!

  29. How intelligent and considerate these people are! Seriously! After watching all the Trump news I can hardly believe my ears that there exists good people like this anymore.

  30. Even if he didn’t do it, his honour was already trashed.

    Hopefully the secretary will be able to proof her case. Else, this is no different than murder.

  31. Despite South Korea having already controlled the pandemic, the way these people have all worn proper masks teaches the rest of the world, especially people of India, Brazil and the US. In India, the masks are mostly low quality, and people would lower their masks to the chin when they are talking to someone.

  32. I like how Koreans express themselves so well! Without being negative or aggressive, but just by using arguments or facts to develop their argumentations…. unlike most western countries.

  33. Absolutely no evidence whatsoever. Innocent until proven otherwise. It’s sad that yet another false accuser has taken the life of yet another man.

  34. I think this interview forgot to note that the deceased mayor is one of the top bets for South Korea’s next presidential election. I’m not saying we disregard the sexual harassment issue, but we all know, politics is filthy.

  35. If true, probably that secretary wasn’t the only one. Sexual preditors are creatures of habit. Remember Strauss-Kahn? A member of his staff said – if you’re a woman, don’t be alone in a room with him.

  36. As a Chinese I am so shocked and sad.the mayor also care about China and send the messages and videos for wishing us to overcome the coronavirus….

  37. Y DNT u talk to china people about controlling and converting uighur muslims ? Doing these types of harrassment of aborting their babies and treating their generation as slaves sounds good for a developed country as they say ? Trying to expand their country in all the borders and distributing other countries unnecessarily during this corona pandemic which was also started and spread because of them? Try to ask Chinese people about this topic … They dnt have access to other international news and media… simply by trusting their media which was their country’s ruling parties puppets still they represent same thoughts…I want to know…can u ask the people about this?

  38. I’m from England I think this channel should make a video interviewing Koreans about what they think about black people from Europe and Britain

  39. The investigation should continue so the truth is established. If she made a truthful allegation, I pray she gets closure and doesn’t suffer any guilt of prejudice but instead gets the support and healing she needs so she can live the rest of her life with well-deserved peace of mind. If she lied and made a false accusation, then she deserves to suffer punishing social as well as legal consequences. Since the investigation won’t continue, all we can do is reserve judgment and move on, but judging by the people interviewed in this video, the public has already made its decision (and not in his favor).

  40. I think I watch too much mystery/crime kdramas that I actually don’t believe he suicided but instead someone on Higher position killed him after plotting the perfect timing when the mayor Issued for sexual assaulting his secretary, it’s the perfect time to kill him and bribe specific police team that was assigned to that case to show it as ‘suicide’ not a ‘murder

  41. If it were to be a set up suicide the people behind it have done everything thoroughly to remove him from his position and ruin his keepsake. Assault accusation, no responsibility taken, no investigation possible, including the 5 day funeral instead of 3 days..

    For me too it can seem like there’s more to it than we know, but that’s primarily a cultural reasoning. From a European point of view I wouldn’t understand why he would commit suicide even if he was guilty. So this is where conspiracy thinking jumps in.

  42. As someone living in Korea at the moment, I want to mention another perspective
    I am just saying what I THINK could be the case
    Politics in Korea is very scary.
    The Seoul Mayor is from blue party and since blue party is so big in power
    Pink party might want to do something to jeopardize it?
    The Seoul Mayor is a selfless man.
    He could have suicided to save blue party from a lot of unnecessary problems.
    This allegation would take years to uncover and that would be a lot of negative backlash for the blue party.
    I’m not saying the girl is lying but let’s please not just assume he died because he didn’t want the case to follow through.
    I hope he rests in peace.

  43. If that news was for publicity and money, man… they did the man bad and let me just remind you here in Korea when someone that has a face in media is accused of such crime it’s hard to get back on your feet because of strong hate. You basically loose everything

  44. Maybe if your actions are so shameful that you’d rather die than have it be known by others you shouldn’t be doing it. Especially if it’s you being a sexual predator.

  45. well he must have been guilty that’s why he committed suicide. Truthful people don’t committ suicide if they know they are not guilty no matter what they say.

  46. I think the secretary seduce him. They had an affair. She used something to blackmail him & since that doesn’t work she told him she will tell the media that he sexual harrassment her. That will be a big blow to his reputation, ego & family. Asia always wants face & he being public figure was very hard for him + the covid crisis caused a lot of stress & mental problem. As you know isolation & lockdown there is a lot of suicide & domestic violence.

  47. I feel even more worried for the secretary because I feel people might try to harm her or blame her because of his death when she is a victim in this situation too.


  49. IT Is an allegation STILL NOT proved,… you can’t think every women is a right person… no, for example in my country in south america we knew that women like a lot men in power charges … these women start an extra marital relation with those men who work with ,,, and when the man wants to end that relationship .. these women file those charges (false charges) sexual harassment etc etc … not telling the true at all .. So, police must investigate to find out every single detail of the real relationship between boss and employee .. and that will give you light to the true which is almost always what I mentioned before … a lie a terrible lie a cruel charge against a person who wants to end the relationship— poor man poor man who found an opportunist and crazy woman
    … therefore there must be witness of that accepted relationship perhaps looking through CCTV videos etc to prove that mutual consented relationship … that turned a problem when the poor man wished to end it…

  50. IT Is an allegation STILL NOT proved,… you can’t think every women is a right person… no, for example in my country in south america we knew that women like a lot men in power charges … these women start an extra marital relation with those men who work with ,,, and when the man wants to end that relationship .. these women file those charges (false charges) sexual harassment etc etc … not telling the true at all .. So, police must investigate to find out every single detail of the real relationship between boss and employee .. and that will give you light to the true which is almost always what I mentioned before … a lie a terrible lie a cruel charge against a person who wants to end the relationship— poor man poor man who found an opportunist and crazy woman
    … therefore there must be witness of that accepted relationship perhaps looking through CCTV videos etc to prove that mutual consented relationship … that turned a problem when the poor man wished to end it…

  51. A few points to make to those automatically assuming he was guilty.
    An accusation is NOT proof of guilt.
    According to a Pew Research study, at least 60% of men are afraid to mentor women at work or even be in a one-on-one assignment with them for fear of being accused of sexual harassment.
    Many societies, South Korea among them, don’t wait for proof of guilt before believing the accusation or just shaming the person who was accused because they believe “there’s no smoke without fire”.
    Women DO and HAVE falsely accused men of sexual harassment.
    Sexual harassment can have many different meanings, depending on who you talk to. For instance, some women get all bent out of shape and accuse a man of sexual harassment if he compliments her clothes or looks.
    Even after a man is proven innocent of a false accusation, the stigma of that accusation stays with them the rest of their lives and often the lives of their families.
    Over half of the comments on here automatically assumed he was guilty. Not even bothering to wonder if it was true or not.
    To those who automatically believed it, put yourself in his situation. How would you feel if YOU were accused, your son or husband were accused? Would it be different then? And yes, women do and have sexually harassed men. Much more often than you’d think.

  52. Taking your life away is never the answer or the end to your problems. In fact, it causes more problems to the victim(s) and the people who supported you. I know, many people are heartbroken. Specifically, the victim(s) she is probably blaming herself so hard right now and wanting to commit suicide to release herself from the stress. (I told my mom abt this and now I’m having the talk -_-) should’ve not open my mouth

  53. a man with proven achievements is been criticized for unproven allegation,,,,,,,public media need to get there act together if they seek truth and transparency rather than cheap excitement

  54. Knowing how that sensitive that topic can be in SK I am happy to hear men wanting justice for the secretary instead of blaming or not believing her!

  55. I kinda like the direction the guy around 5:00 is going.. base it on the facts, not just speculations and sensationalizing it on media.. i wonder why he didn’t get much air time like the others??

  56. umm I know this sound a bit of conspiracy does the alleged sexual harrasment been proven, I mean what is the prove. there is also possibiity he is murdered just saying. it just strange most of comment say he is fighting woman right stuff it just strange, while i have not investigate it. even if it’s true I would fight unless the prove is strong i’m sure it true since if I commited suicide it same like proving I’m wrong, considering the mayor has 3 term I don’t think he is that stupid and coward for 3 term politician that very outspoken it unlikely.

    there also posibility he really did and just want to run away though depending on allegation.

  57. he committed sexual assault and killed himself because this was found out and he received public shame and humiliation. I don’t think he deserves any pity and I feel so so bad for the secretary, she’s not only gonna probably receive blame from others but from herself as well

  58. 확정되지 않은 사건을 제대로 된 설명 없이 단순히 추측성 기사로 기정사실화하는 늬앙스로 이런 무책임한 인터뷰를 진행하다니 유감입니다

  59. Of course in politics, your enemy put you in a situation where you can’t escape, they plan and kill you and then make your murder to look like a suicide….

  60. the most ironic thing is that on Korean social media, there r so many comments like “kekeke” (Korean hahaha) under the news about this suicide…..
    it would be brutal if those comments r real……

  61. I don’t understand what’s the point of protecting the honor of someone who is already dead what about the suffering that the victim would go through just because they are alive??? The case should be investigated and there should be a clear verdict

  62. It was a double bind if this was a murder. First give a reason for suicide, which is shame culture, which is sexual harassment, which mislead the investigation and public opinion, enforce by metoo movement. Then proceed with murder and frame it like suicide. Or perhaps the sexual harassment is true. uhhh i dont know what to trust….

  63. Every country is having there own problems especially more in 2020
    There r more deaths
    Whatever the world is not soo pure as some people think but intelligent people are really very cautious about the situations and the world

  64. I was sexually abused as a child. People thinks the pain, the shame, the torture would heal overtime for victims of sexual abuse/harassment.
    Here, now, the me 20 years after my experience I’ll say: they don’t. That horrible feelings would creep around you, suffocates you even decades after. They would make you wonder if your significant other can be trusted. If you should even have children, if you could keep your children save. When you accidentally hear about this kind of case, and you would be torn about whether you should run as far as you can, or if you should step out of the shadow and tell the world how horrible it was for the victims.

  65. And just right after his death, all investigations are forced to terminate. Police even don’t have an Autopsy. If he was suicide, then I will believe that fxking Epstein really kills himself out of fear.
    Such nonsense.

  66. Two mayors in Seoul and Busan were involved in sexual harrasment scandals. They were democrats who called themselves feminist. What a hypocrite they were.

  67. ok so i’ve theorize something
    so like
    1.) the mayor and the secretary were in a relationship of some sort or they did something that the secretary could’ve blackmailed him through and since the mayos didn’t hjave the gut or anything something like that so he killed himself
    2.) idk what really happened but based on the public news that i’m getting rn, the story is that the mayor did really assault his secretary and committed suicide after that becfause of things
    nonetheless, the lawsuit should still continue because the victim, as of now, shouldn’t be neglected AT ALL even if the respect for the dead in deeply rooted within our culture
    it is best to resolve everything before it leads to another life being taken away

  68. The young man who spoke at 7:02 and 12:56 gave very valid and reasonable explanations regarding Mayor Park’s suicide [if he committed suicide]. Unfortunately with any suicide, the situation is left with many unanswered questions of why? Only speculations and assumptions are left but these do not constituent the truth.

  69. Idk if some of those people just put the facemask below their nose for interview or whether they really just wore it like. But in anycase please cover the nose and mouth

  70. Although it’s better for any society to not just believe but investigate a sexual misconduct, it’s also wise to look at both sides considering in this case, the dudes dead asf. If we’re talking about politics this guy probably had enemies in Korea, AGAINST women’s rights and progressivness which leads me to believe murder or foul play, was most likely what happened. Also committing suicide in the mountains seems kind of counter intuitive, like why not just in his home or other area where people are more likely to find his body?

    Edit: Also if the Murder and set up theory is true, then maybe the sexual allegation was also a set up, or someone was payed to defame him? It would go hand in hand with his suspicious suicide.

  71. Suicide and Rape are very common in Korea and it is very serious problem . Alcohol,Depression, anxiety, materialism etc highly found in youth.

  72. the liberal leftards are trying to stir stories and create another matryr again,this is the fact,believe in facts folks,not the mayor or any accusations,not the same anymore.

  73. It is ironic that he, who committed sex crimes, brought the sex torture case to the surface for the first time during the military dictatorship and led to the conviction of the case as a lawyer…It was shocking that the person who made a mark in the history of woman rights in Korea was a sex offender.

  74. This reminds me of fiery priest. These gangsters kill a well respected priest and throw him off a mountain. Then the media says he killed himself and that there was a sexual harassment claim against him before his death.

  75. Awful situation. I wish it never happened, but at this point, I hope the allegations are true and not a false accusation. Prayers for everyone involved and the people of Seoul

  76. Everyone is so respectful, if this has happened in my country it would be so different. Politicians don’t even resign here, I cannot imagine anyone committing suicide.

  77. Like the case of long padding and 윤지오(Yoon ji-oh), I cannot believe this video because this channel may manipulate the speak of interviewers.

  78. It’s not suicide the coz of death 💀 but it’s conspiracy… asked the secretary if how much they paid for her to ruined life of others…

  79. I am Korean and I have lived in Seoul for 28 years(except 2years for military service).

    Park Won Soon is the worst mayor I have ever seen. It was really terrible time.

  80. Did it ever occur to anyone that he may be innocent and committed suicide because his honor had been questioned? May he rest in peace and if he was innocent I hope the accuser is tormented the rest of her life

  81. he was accused of sexually assaulting someone, his secretary. if he knew 100% for a fact that he did not do anything, he wouldn’t have committed suicide.

  82. One person mentioned that progressives in Korean fight corruption by Conservatives. Is the Conservative party considered the party of corruption?

  83. is it still an allegation or has it been confirmed that he in fact harassed his secretary? if not what if the “victim” is lying? the investigation should be continued because if the allegation is false its the “victim” who should be punished

  84. this is the price you have to pay for being such a perfect country like japan suicide rate is VERY HIGH and after seeing this in south Korea…i have a different perspective about east Asia

  85. I’m a Seoul citizen. I really respected Mayor Park Won-soon. But we need to reveal the truth..
    If the sin disappears due to death, similar incidents will happen again. Someone will commit suicide to cover sin. because this is the only way to avoid criticism and maintain honor.
    Look at this situation..A person lost his life in suicide, and the victim became like an perpetrator. His family and people around him are also suffering. Side effects are enormous.
    He had to survive and take responsibility for society.
    The investigation should continue.
    I am really shocked and sad..

  86. Imagine that your father is accused of sexual harassment, and he commits suicide before anything is cleared up. The public will end up shaming ur deceased father who didn’t even bother to say a word. That’s a lot for anyone to handle.
    Edit: I’m not saying he didn’t commit these acts, I’m just saying that it could’ve been anything but no one will know and people will have their own theories no matter what.

  87. I wish the secretary will be okay and would like to hope that law eventuslly disappears. Victims need closure, and her case is even more delicate because of the mayor’s actions. It is not meaningless to give closure to the secretary. It will not be the sort of justice she seeked, but having proof of support of her claim would be a great emotional comfort. So why prioritize a dead man over the living victim? I understand his family would be pained, but a woman has been scorned. Culture is very complicated.
    Also, hope his daughter and wife will recupperate from this well enough. So sad to know men dare to harass women and not think of the women that are part of their own lives and how they would feel if they were victims themselves.

  88. Whats with korea and suicide, when celebrities and well known people start to suicide once or twice a month its because that reflect the reality of the country. Ciber bullying. Expectations. Shame. Looks. The pressure they had in everyday life its too much, i would probably run away of that country, i am not that strong.

  89. R.I.P. to this mayor. for all the good he had done in the 7 years before this incident. I don’t know the details , but his core principles and operations that he’s supported shouldn’t be discounted.

  90. I’m a Korean studying in Europe and I also have considered killing myself multiple times for not completing uni assignments because it’s very shameful to be a Korean. Sometimes people think it’s better to die than losing the reputation.

  91. The fact that investigations have halted as a result of his death is appalling. One of the interviewees said: attending the mayor’s funeral is not akin to condoning sexual harassment. In the same vein, the mayor’s death is a completely separate issue from whether this woman was harassed or not.
    I also don’t think that the point of convicting the mayor is purely to ‘punish’ a potential perpetrator. It’s about identifying and taking a STANCE against systemic mistreatment against women – a way of advancing Korean society. If the country’s lawmakers let this one slip, it will only give the sick-minded a reason to further scrutinise the plaintiff and reinforce their sexist agenda.
    As a Korean myself, I am heart-broken and terribly concerned that my fellow country people are so divided on this issue. I am embarrassed that we aren’t thinking about this in a more wholistic and measured way.

  92. The only good thing that Christianity brought to society: step up against suicide.
    Its easy to see how its different the Occidental view upon this subject.

  93. If investigating an accusation is dishonoring the dead, you are sending the tacit message that the deceased person is guilty, or suicide is an admission of guilt. Even if a dead person turns out to be guilty, the message is still that having a posthumous crime conviction in a hypothetical biography is worse suffering than any crime victim surviving them might feel.

    In my book, Korea just went one step further than the usual shaming of a sexual assault survivor. They used tax payer money to say, as loudly as they could, ‘We do not care if this person was a hypocrite or ruined people’s lives, he was a known politician and that is all that matters’. Meanwhile a potential victim of sexual assault is told she is the reason her country was robbed of a ‘a great public servant’. And, on the tiny, tiny chance that this is a false accusation, his family has no way to clear his (and, by extension, their own) name.

    No matter how you look at it, this is shameful and unjust.

  94. In the Philippines many politicians and high ranking people had more controversies but they never kill themselves,they grow more evil day by day..they have thick face

  95. I think there could be two possible reasons behind the suicide/death by the Mayor.
    1st: Because he is running away from the responsibility of what he did. Or should we say he is a coward who can’t take responsibility for what he did so to “save his face” from humiliation, he committed suicide.

    2nd: Foul Play, it could be that he was murdered. Based on what the Koreans were saying, he seemed like a “good” mayor and supported human rights and woman’s rights and protection. It could be that he knows something (like a whistleblower) that can ruin the reputation of other politicians, which he was about to expose that’s why they had his former secretary to testify sexual harassment against him. So that when he died, people would think that he committed suicide instead of foul play because it coincides with his sexual harassment case.

    But then, of course, we wouldn’t know because the mayor is no longer there to testify.
    I hope the investigation will still continue so if proven guilty, at least the former secretary will still get “justice” in some kind of way even if the perpetrator is already gone. But if not, then at least, the mayor and his family’s name will be cleared.

    However, it pisses me off that they held a 5-day funeral for the Mayor using the taxes ?! Like what?! The Audacity :l
    And because of this, it makes me doubt if he really is innocent.. or maybe the “real suspect” just creating more controversy and ruckus.

  96. What a news. It’s so unfortunate he chose to end his life, but I think he just felt all Koreans and especially all his fellow citizens were convinced of his guilt even before a judge could deliver a verdict, and was overwhelmed by that.
    For cultural reasons and because there have been lots of alleged harassment cases that actually never happened or were built out of revenge, I’m always very suspicious when someone comes up with such an accusation. Sexual harassment hasn’t a clear definition and as a woman myself I feel it has to clearly state what it is in order to discourage false accusations and as an incentive for real victims to come forward. Even patting someone’s shoulder constitutes sexual harassment these days, that’s ridiculous (this is an actual case disputed in court. Don’t know how it ended)

    Side note: I am absolutely grounded by the way Koreans talk about political issues. Can I borrow one for a lecture on democracy to Italian politicians?

  97. I really hope they still continue investigating to be fair for both the sec and mayor. If allegations are true: The victim chose to live despite the pain and fear from the alleged sexual assault. It’s kinda unfair and sad because the mayor chose to die instead of owning up to his actions. If it’s not true: They can clear the name of the late mayor.

    I hope everyone involve can find answers and peace.

  98. i don’t know who’s the actual victim here. but i just feel really bad for him/her/them. and i don’t know if it could get better. but i hope they’ll get better.

    (sry for bad english)

  99. One thing I know for sure is he was dead before being proven guilty. In theory, he is still innocent but everyone already talked about him as a wrongdoer

  100. What kind of law is that lmao.
    Even if the accused has passed away, it doesn’t give much justice to the victims. If they were truly guilty of their crimes, then what kind of closure would the people affected by the misconduct of others have? Should they be satisfied that the offender is gone? Should they feel guilty because they may have led others to their own demise? Not because the accused cease to exist means that so do what could have been potentially their crimes. I’m not from SK but I’m so fed up with the rotten systems in this planet smh

  101. I am quite relieved that most of them are siding with the victim, i hope the lawsuit still proceed and i hope that the victim should be at least compensated with justice even if the mayor had died. For the mayor, rest in peace.

  102. the joke is that sexual misconduct are still not proved by police and many people think the reason of committing suicide is because of that reason. Seen like no people have critical thinking. I congrat to the korea consortium since their plan has succeed.

  103. Why u have to take your own life.. Even if you lose everything doesn’t mean.. World is bad.. We are here to help you… Tell u your problems.. We will be like your lover that you have missed…

  104. Hard to believe a political figure will kill himself over an accusation when he could’ve plead for his innocence by hiring good lawyers. Either he truly was guilty of harassment or he was assassinated by political rivals.

  105. My 3 queens ruling in the back… Hwasa, Sunmi and Chungha 😁
    Its the shame of contradicting his own values and morals and the fear of facing criticism for it that killed him. Then again my Kdrama led speculation tells me it could be murder and the whole thing could have been staged we just don’t know 🤷‍♀️

  106. me to movement is abused by the politician. I am sure Mayor wad murdered looking like he committed suicide. Filing sexual horrassment of his formal sectetary was set up.
    She lied. She said that she has suffered from sexual horrassment for four years, but the fact is she worked obly 2 and hslf years for him. No female will suffer 4 years under that situation even she loses her job and she becomes homeless or even death. Korea is open society. She does not even show her face. And every day she is using media. Someone is using her. She filed it on the day the opposite party’ dog Yoon had to kneel due to his misconduct.

  107. He was a lawyer helping women with their rights… bruh this is messed up. I hope the victim is safe and doesn’t blame herself for what happened.

  108. The way these people answer really shows or rather reflect why South Korea is one of the most progressive countries…their citizens are really educated. The root of progress.

  109. I think you guys should ask Korea if they have heard the story of Vanessa Guillén! She was missing for two months on their OWN military base… she was murdered by one of the soldiers. That soldier committed suicide as well. Know her name. Vanessa Guillén

  110. Guys you really cant judge anything regards this case, specially if you are not korean. He used to be mayor for 8 yrs.. You know politics worlds are so dirty, you can’t just say that he suicide due to his shame acts towards his secretary. We don’t know which one is true or not, and then it could be truth is gonna be reveal or it could be just disappear.
    Politics are full of lies. So stop being speculative

  111. And with this we say dont blame the victim. He’s the one with no shame sexually harrassed her and he himself commit suicide. Have sympathy for the victim not the culprit, its unfortunate he died before he’s prosecuted.

  112. they say there is no good in punishing the mayor now that he is dead. that only his family would face the punishment so they should not pursue it. this is an entirely wrong way of looking at the situation. if the mayor is innocent, the world may know that result and his honor, instead of being questioned, will be restored. if the mayor is guilty, then the world will know and his crimes will be acknowledged by everyone and the victim can find peace knowing that justice is served at least by the public announcement of his guilt. it isn’t a matter of who gets the punishment and how best to avoid punishment and make the more powerful side at peace. if he committed the crime, then as a lawmaker and law abiding citizen he should have enough honor to respect the law and accept the word of the courts.

  113. I think I’ve seen this film before. Evil character does really evil things to innocent people. Evil character gets called out in public. The even more evil people above that one then send people at night to Epstein the guy.

    Ps.: not minimising the damage that harassment and abuse (of any kind) do to someone. I don’t know the facts so I’m not “taking a side” in this. I’m just pointing out how convenient his death is for his party and whatever companies and powerful groups he was associated with. It could be a coincidence… But I tend to see the worst in things. Old habits I guess.

  114. He was a coward who committed a crime and took the easy way out. Imagine if you were his secretary and he sexually harassed you? How would you feel? He deserved prison!

  115. And you are telling me that this man wasn’t murdered.
    His secretary filed a report and it hasn’t even reached court and he was found dead.
    Just saying… It’s too fishy. (plus his influence and after all that hardwork to get to where he is.)

  116. I feel people should report crimes at the time of it happening , rather than keep quiet for X years before opening up. It’s very hard to proof and most of the time we take the words of the victims to be true as a benefit of doubt. Context is affected, memories hazen. We haven’t discussed possibility of accusations being mixed with lies and exaggeration.

  117. The comments of the young man as it regarded what use would a trial be now because the mayor is dead were interesting. At no point did he consider the significance of a trial for the alleged victim. It is interesting to see how cultural views differ across countries

  118. It was actually secret sneaky spies from North Korea, they found the perfect opportunity to do it without being noticed. The SSS ( secret sneaky spies)

  119. I don’t know the full story about the allegations but has anyone thought that maybe he was innocent? It’s just a feeling since they’re saying he was a lawyer that spent his career fighting for women’s rights and sexual assault victims. I believe victims can be on either side. We’ve seen it many times in the US where women have made false allegations and even tho they were proven false, the man’s life is still ruined. Imagine this now happening in a country where shame/ honor culture is so strong that its practically acceptable to commit suicide???

  120. There is a conspiracy theory that says he was forced to commit suicide by shame or at least got set up to look like he committed suicide to prevent him from running for next president.

  121. – The obvious thoughts from ppl is he committed suicide out of shame for pass sexual harassments
    – Some pro-Chinese foreign supporters are calling out the US, because the Seoul Mayor was an actual “pro” China and a independent supporter of the unification between NK & SK without foreign intervention so the CIA had to intervene
    – His rival political parties made him commit suicide

  122. If this is true, then I feel bad for the both of them but worse for the victim. Because the perpetrator had an easy way out while she has to face the judgment of the people after this. Seems ironic.

  123. Heres a thought, the former mayor is a proactive in peace making to china and japan and for unity. Its easy to eliminate someone when he is accused and paint it like suicide. What country does not agree for the peace-unity within the peninsula. Pretty obvious

  124. heres a twist if he was arrested and knew things he’d prolly take a plea and spill all the beans. honestly prolly a murder. congrats your not much different than america 🎊🎊

  125. He was just accused, not proven guilty. He could fight her in court, and maybe win, so why commit suicide? I think there are more sinister plots involve. He was considered for a presidential candidacy after all.

  126. A country with no independent army has no freedom, just colony place, the same story to Japan. The colonizer can do whatever they wanna do including bully, murder and rxpx. For example, ask Korean men who visit Korean bars near US army base for bully examples; ask Tadahiro Matsushita and this time Park Won-Soon for murder example, and ask Japanese girls in Okinawa for rxpe examples.

  127. I don’t like how people seem to assume things so blatantly when so little is certified. His death may have had many unforseen causes. As for the accusation, nothing good will come out of it. Either the lady lied witch is a terrible thing or the mayor accualy did it witch is also a terrible thing. Most likley we will never know for sure as is sadly custom to cases like theese.

  128. There are thousands of people who believe the fantasy of K-Pop and K-dramas but South Korea is the country with the highest suicide rate in the world… they are also the country with the highest rate of plastic surgeries (by population)… S. Korea is not what fans of these genres imagine it is.

  129. The ammount of comments assuming the woman is doing this as a cash-grab or attention-seeking is disturbing to me. Who would do that in such a conservative country such as Korea? Where there’s constant cases of exploitation and corruption, and huge stigma around these topics?
    You gotta do mental gymnastics to explain why the man commited such action barely a day after the accusation. One single day. A clear, guilt-free conscience doesn’t do that.

  130. 겉으로는 인권 운동, 성평등ㅋㅋ 근데 기억하는게 이 두가지면 나머지 부분에서는 성과가 없거나 조졌다는 뜻 아님? 무능ㅋㅋ 그리고 자기는 비서 인권 무시하고 성희롱 성추행 ㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋ웃겨 정말

  131. 박원순이 죽은거 솔직히 우습지 ㅋㅋ죽음으로 도망친 겁쟁이. 피해자를 이젠 좌파들의 적으로 만든 비겁자.

  132. It’s so sad that we live in a world where the first thing we do when someone comes forward to speak out about their alleged sexual assault/harassment is to victim blame. Statistics have shown that majority of sexual assault claims are true and to take it step further sexual harassment is actually underreported. Not saying that there are no false claims but conducting a clear and thorough investigation should be the due process. By closing the investigation they would be doing the victim a great disservice.

  133. I dont know what I want to come out as the truth…
    1. When the woman was lying it would mean that this poor innocent man was wrongly accused and forced into suicide
    2. When the women said the truth it means that she got sexually harassed which is gross

  134. died people can never argue. it is all up to alived enemies to put dirt on him. People are easy to be manipulated by media because people do not really care.

  135. Just because he killed himself does not mean the case should be closed. What if he was blackmailed and had no other choice but to kill himself. I think they should investigate this to the fullest.

  136. What if this is all not true? And he’s murdered? And not a suicide. Why would he go to the mountains to kill himself where he can do it in his room?

  137. I heard that he went missing but after a week, today, I saw this video and I find it interesting but it’s unfortunate for the citizens of Seoul. And a bit shocking about the claim made against him. I wonder why he committed suicide though. Maybe it was for another reason. 🤔🤷‍♀️

  138. Korea has the most sexual harassment problems in all Asia countries. So it’s no surprise that he committed suicide. Actually this has restored his honor as a man and human.

  139. I have heard so much about how terrible the political conflict in Korean is. So I quite doubt whether the “fact” of sexual harassment is true or just is a political weapon from his political enemies. After all, an accusation of sexual harassment is so effective to destroy a politician who fights for woman’s rights.

  140. I’m saddened that there were quite a number of people who thought that continuing the lawsuit is meaningless and disrespectful to the mayor. The victim’s pain, mental anguish and cry for justice was thrown aside just because the person killed himself. Plus, wouldn’t it be better if the case was settled so the people can actually know the truth. If the allegations aren’t true, then the mayor’s name gets cleared. If it is, then justice will be served. It’s unfortunate that he committed suicide but if ever the allegations are true, then his secretary faces a much unfortunate and undeserved fate.

  141. The answers are surprinsingly interesting and clever… all of them seem so well informed! You wouldn’t find those answers in the streets in my country lmao

  142. On 10 july my country had an election day during this pandemic times.😐 And 15;02 Hwasa Maria song. I think they shld continue with the investigation and not just stop just because the mayor passed away.

  143. the day he went missing, there was a news saying he was found dead and the article was taken down. Then the next day the article was reuploaded. There were also several articles about how he was not in good terms with the president and another president candidate and it was all taken down. He was wearing a heavy jacket with long pants when the weather was almost 100 F. He told everyone he had a big announcement to make after he came back. I don’t think he commited suicide, I have a feeling he was forced to commit suicide. (sry for bad english)

  144. There is more to it than what meets the eye. This is not an open and shut case. Sure, people in higher positions do exploit women, but this particular case has a lot of grey areas. I feel that before we jump to conclusions, let the facts be unravelled in the court of law. If the deceased is truly guilty, a hefty compensation should be awarded to the alleged victim. You can’t put the dead in jail, right?

  145. Degenerate, irresponsible. He committed suicide to get away from the investigation. If he was clean he wouldn’t have committed suicide. What is more horrifying is that there are some political fanatics who blame and persecute the sexually harassed secretary for his death. And what are these so-called feminist organizations saying about this incident? Nothing. Goes on to prove that they are nothing more than just left wing puppets.

  146. Hmm, one lady suggested other politicians perhaps drove the mayor to suicide, while the interviewer pointed out there are no lawsuits against the dead?

    Could Mayor Park have died in order to protect someone, other than himself? His colleagues’ reputation, or even his family’s money? Guilty or not guilty, life in Korea is considered expendable.

  147. You can see their discipline unlike In the Philippines some people not wearing a face mask even they have the highest active cases of Covid19 in Southeast Asia.

  148. Meanwhile the president of the US has marital affair, sexual assault/harassment, and pedophilia allegations against him and he’s still the president of the US flapping his gums like a senile old man 🤦🏻‍♀️

  149. Dkdktv has a really interesting take on this case. They speculated that the Liberal Party may have blackmailed the Seoul mayor into commuting suicide because the party would be too tainted by its association to him with this scandal. Apparently the last person seen with the Seoul mayor was a liberal politician. Also for context, two other high level liberal politicians have also had MeToo scandals and the party is in danger of losing political control.

  150. Of course cases like these tend to turn out true, but I personally find it very suspicious that a big name politician campaigning for equality, against conservative views and corruption for so long would suddenly pass away before running for president, and that the lawsuit would not be investigated at all.

    In any case, best wishes to the secretary and mayor’s family who are probably in a very difficult place rn. They doesn’t deserve any of this honestly.

  151. as a korean and seoul citizen, i hate mayor park’s irresponsibility. he knew the lawsuit in advance by illegal way. and he just avoided his crime by suicide. many citizens are disappointed in his behavior. and some radical advocates are harassing the secretary.

  152. The reality of serial korean drama. Politic issues are not only for a single person. I certainly sure it’s more than about sexual assault but bigger including other people in politic area. Poor the secretary, hope you can keep fighting for moving your life.

  153. Mayor Park called himself sincere feminist. And then look What he did. Of course investigations not done yet but Suicide is not good way for solving the problem. Just live your life, confess, and endure your sin forever. He was a great person except for that murder and contributed democracy history in Korea. So sad and angry for him.

  154. Mayor Park could have apologized, awaited trial,, served some light jail time or community service and rehab, and been on his way to move onwards and upwards. Suicide always is disappointing. 💔 “It is much better to live for a cause, than to die for a cause.” – Unknown

  155. I hope that what the secretary said was true and not false because it got the mayor to take his life, but at the same time, I’m thinking from a western/American perspective where it’s almost normalized for a lot women to just make false sexual assault/harassment claims against people, especially those with power or money so they can capitalize off of it.

  156. I don’t know the whole story, and the background of this person. But seeing how people talk about his actions before this incident he doesn’t appear as someone who might have committed such a crime. One lady mentioned he fought for women’s rights and the other said he was against sexual crimes. I’m not trying to blame or shame anyone, these are just my own speculations, but I think that he possibly might have been framed. One person also said how this mayor has been on his duty for the past 8 years and being reelected 3 times in a row is indeed not easy. And because of that he might have crossed somebody dangerous. Seeing how he kept his position for this long, means he did a lot for his people and people trusted him. I’m saying this as person who hates politics and has serious trust issues with people.
    On the other hand if the accusations are true then I’m really sorry for the victim. And as for the late mayor, he has done a really good job deceiving people for 8 long years.

  157. Asian Boss, PLEASE report on the Uighur Genocide being committed by China. There is so little coverage on this event and so many countries have not taken action, PLEASE help bring awareness

  158. He most likely committed suicide because he knew the sexual misconduct charges were true. He didnt want to face any punishment and he wanted to preserve his reputation. What a toxic man, he even wrote, “im sorry to all people” in his death note. I feel so bad for his victims. May they find peace.

  159. As a Korean, what I want to say about his death is that he should be treated as a ‘sex offender’ rather than ‘the deceased’. The perpetrator’s suicide is another crime. He should be criticized as a sex offender.

  160. Think we need to save judgment until further concrete evidence is gathered. And we also need a definitive definition of sexual harrassment – the secretary mentioned needing to fetch his under garments after he came back from running and shower, as one example. Obviously, she may have been angry at being made to do this, but sexual harrassment?

  161. If this was a web novel with extensive plots and sly people, then this incident will definitely be very fishy. Why would he go all the way to the mountains to commit suicide. What if it’s not suicide but murder, with the sexual assault allegation being a distraction to prevent the people from looking into the death more closely. Also if he is someone who is capable enough to get elected multiple times then don’t you think he would be intelligent enough to stay away from his own secretary.

    This is just speculation, from an overactive imagination and someone who has nothing else to do. Don’t take it too seriously.

    I am just passing by🧐.

  162. I get my education about politicians from k drama: 90% of them are greedy and have fake public image. K drama also taught me that the victim’s life will be made miserable by the mayor’s surviving family members.

  163. I like that the people in this video do not PULL their facemasks down to speak 🙂 Like certain other countries where people are “wearing” masks, but when they are in touch with other humans, they remove the mask to speak more clearly.

  164. All I can think of is the lady at 2:00. I really want to pinch her mask for her. You know, the nose area….oh the next guy 🤦🏻‍♀️

  165. Actually I don’t know what to think of this, if he indeed sexuality assaulted his secretary then he literally committed suicide to scape assuming the guilt, a cowardly move.

  166. The investigation should have went forward to see the truth in all of this. Very sad situation. And very fishy as well. Sounds like a coverup for sure.

  167. He was so cowardlike and selfish. He’s disgusting. But the most disgusting thing is that the city govt helds such a expensive funeral for him and even a placard for his death. I mean what a great threat would that be for a victim? What is the hidden message behind all of this? I’m sick of living in Korea as a woman

  168. Everyone’s opinions are split which I respect and understand but can y’all stop acting like you are detectives?? it’s super insulting to the girl and to the mayor’s family…And if it wasn’t suicide. Have some heart.

  169. I dont know the whole story because everyone is capable of lying. Sexual harassment is definitely bad but so is making false accusation. It would have been ideal if the truth could be found out through a fair trial. I just hope the surviving victims stay strong and find peace eventually.

  170. When any public scandal happens, instead of Koreans taking a look at themselves, they pile on and blame one person. I have no doubt that he harassed her, because i live in korea, and i know that this happens in EVERY. SINGLE. WORKPLACE. here. I want korean men to not blame one public person only, but take a look at themselves, because this is one single patriarchal society in which men are all raised to behave in this same way, and guess what? They do.

  171. If the sexual abuse is false, which is pretty common for MeToo, he still would be shamed for only the reason, that he is s men.
    Never believe women, believe at facts and evidense!

  172. Will they continue with the sexual assault investigation? The fact that he committed suicide (to me) indicates that it’s true, and if so, the victim deserves to be heard by the law.

  173. Don’t focus on the sexual harassment, this is exactly what the Korean media & politicians want ordinary Koreans to focus at. There is a power struggle at the top. This is how they get rid of rivals, always the same all over the world, always something to do with sexual harassment. You can search on google how big politicians fall from grace all over the world, always similar stories. If he’s still alive, he can be the next South Korean President in coming years. That’s why they got rid of him 😓😓😓

  174. When they show a boy in front of nature republic Chungha’s song is played. I know its out of place but still, as her fan I wanted to say it. Sorry if it offends someone

  175. All those passing judgement on him – he was not even tried! He was just accused and everyone is treating him like he is a convicted sex offender and that he committed suicide! In politics, business or soured relationships, false rape and sexual assault allegations are use to get even or to tank an opponent or corporation. In divorce cases, it is used for getting leverage. There should be an in-depth investigation – an upcoming top politician suddenly “dies” before an election? Really?

  176. tbh when i watched this episode of miss hammurabi drama it cleared most of my doubts. Suicide cant give u a clean sheet or proves u innocent

  177. She, the victim, was allegedly accosted by the mayor a long time prior she plucked up her courage and only after a while she decided to make rhe incident publicly known. Perhaps, she wanted the money but the Mayor refused or so. People do not try to understand the reason, you can do lots of good things be praised and loved but the moment a guy comes up pinning wrongs on you withoug stalwart evidence those very people get mad and start feeling very uncomfortable11. Hypocrites!!!

  178. the victim will never get her justice if her claim were true. if his family wasnt aware of sexual right.

    1. they would say. enough!!! dont you see?? he die bcuz of u. this is all u want. isnt it?? we are strungle already. this is not easy for us.
    2. me!! no. i dont kill him, he died cuz he choose to die. due his lack of responsibillity. he just need to face my claim and not running away. he died coward

  179. Check carefully!
    What was he working on?
    Did he get in someone’s way?
    Don’t be hasty to destroy a person’s name!
    Check everything carefully🙏🏼

  180. Why I hear so many suicide news from Korea
    They should educate their people on this matter
    For us it’s simple that taking your life is really a big sin
    So live your life even if it’s hard you’ll be rewarded for your struggles
    The more struggles you face , more you become closer to Allah
    And Allah said
    la taqnutu min rahmatillah

  181. Many peopleople says that if he had not done anything (crime) then why he committed Suicide, it means he was feeling guilty. Now let me tell you a true story, this happens about 5 to 6 months ago in my town a man who was a doctor and heir of a reputed hospital, unfortunately he was falsely accused in a rape case, his father couldn’t bear it and had a heart attack and died. Later it had been proven that he was not guilty but after two to three days returning to his home from prison he committed suicide. Now one may ask then why he committed suicide. It’s because the reputation that he had earned through out his lifetime has been “destroyed”. Ok let me believe that people will treat him with respect like before, but somewhere in the mind of his employees (female) there will be a fear while entering into his cabin, people will think twice to believe him. Do you know how it feels when you are accused for something which you don’t even committed?
    N. B. :- I don’t know who is right and who is wrong. All I am trying to say is that our society judges the victim so much that he hesitates whether he should live or not.
    At the end I want to say that suicide is not an option. Look at our Salman Khan ( the great, greater, greatest superstar), there are so many accusation on him like drinking and driving which leads to death of the people in footpath, few actresses claims him for harassing them, he hunted an endengered species of deer called blackbuck. Just to avoid or suppress all the allegations he does a lots of charity work.

  182. SK is big on reputation! If you spoil it, they will drag you forever. Chances are he might have done it but didn’t want to face the consequences…. Almost like a cowardly move… If he didnt do it then I dont understand why he would take his own life

  183. I thought this only happened in kdrama .l hope justice save the right one. When l hear S .Korea two things l remember First kdrama and second one is suicide. People must know that suicide is not an answer.

  184. Come on people. The mayor killed himself because he was ashamed of sexually assaulting his secretary.

    He was also one of the advocates of women’s right.

    This is NO honor in his death whatsoever.

  185. Well, an innocent man wouldn’t have killed himself just because of being sued (or framed) for sexual assault, especially a powerful lawyer/ politician who could have defended himself in court. But if it was murder, not suicide, then that would be entirely different story.

  186. Just because he was a woman’s right lawyer doesn’t mean he actually cared he may be doing it for public favour , Hu knows what goes on in the heart of man

  187. May his soul rest in peace , but if he really did sexually harass his secretary then he was a coward for not been to face the crowd n give an explanation.

  188. Detective must show us the proof whether it’s a suicide or sexuality harassment..
    ❓ is 🇰🇵 high courts doing..
    Can’t close these mess up case..

  189. It’s so sad that suicide now is considered a “solution” to escape from a crime–which isn’t really true; suicide never fixes anything.

  190. If this man was falsely accused of sexual harassment, his suicide makes sense to me. There is this one publicly recorded suicide by Budd Dwyer where he killed himself because he did not want to pay more for lawsuits and lawyers and years after his death, he was innocent from all charges. It might be the same for this guy.

  191. I believe woman wanted money from him or he couldnt handle stress and assaulted her.Anyways whatever it is,capitalistic Korea and Japan are like that as well as China.I believe Taiwan and Hong Kong are doing better on such issues.Well done video

  192. I think somehow from this incident I felt watching the Korean drama “The Fiery Priest” when an actual suicide to cover up “an actual case”

  193. I bought a celadon “thousands cranes” vase when I visited Seoul, still graces my rooms, have good sentiment about the city, never thought such dramas were unfolding behind the scenes

  194. I love how it shows that one allegation adn news can suddenly be automaticaly turn allegations adn rumors true 2:42 it just shows how muc people are BRAINDEAD and cant think for themslef and belive hearsay more than anything especialy in specific countries where news is like GODS WORD aka whatever article,news says it must be true.Alos MeToo movement at this point is more of a MODERN WICH HUNT than actual movement adn its more to use it as a tool for their own benefits rather than actauly use for good stuff.MeToo became overly corrupted/rotten inside.

  195. I admire the conservative values the Korean people have. The one guy called the mayor progressive. I doubt he would be called progressive in the U.S.. Accused does not mean guilty, so how can anyone assume he’s guilty. Now without knowing the evidence of guilt or innocence, without knowing the evidence of suicide or homicide I’ll be skeptical of anything the media says. Remember in the US we still question the suicide of Epstein and for very good reasons. Plus I could tell you all about fake news…Question and verify, facts.

  196. Bruh even if he cleared by the law he still will be viewed as criminal by the metoo masses, furthermore he is the mayor and that will burden his life from there on…

    Well thats from my point of view tho

  197. The country of Nth Room, Welcome to Video, no wonder why the Seoul mayor harrassed his female secretary sexually. S.K is literally a sex offenders heaven.

  198. Cultures of honor. I think, because the allegation would make his political career go down in flames paired with the consequences he would inevitably serve as well as not wanting to be seen and shamed all played a major part in his supposed suicide. I do feel bad for the victim. I like what one of the guys was saying though about how the sexual allegation doesn’t completely erase the 8 years of service he’s done with Seoul and that that was still something to be thankful for. Seems like he wasn’t a bad mayor.

  199. Whenever a major political figure commits “suicide” I’m always skeptical. Playing devils advocate, what if he came across some major corruption in the Korean government and he was going to do something about it, so they had him framed and killed. It’s very possible, politics is a disgusting game rife with immorality.

  200. l am a Korean, and I really don’t understand why the government is having a memorial ceremony of him. I really felt shocked and betrayed when I heard of his sexual harassment

  201. Impressed by the commentary of all of these ppl. Damn. As a millennial Korean who grew up American, I’m overwhelmed by how woke, articulate, decent, and also logical and eloquent these people all spoke. What happens when educational standards and civic participation are both high and expected. Can u imagine if the equivalent happened in America, what types of responses we would here? This makes me want to move to Korea,

  202. I’m strongly agree with the guy at 9:38 . People talk about the honor of the deceased meanwhile there’s still the victim; the secretary, that is still ALIVE. Imagine how screwed it was to be the victim.

  203. How much was the secretary paid to do that???? It was like Weinstein in the States. He was taken down by big pharma for wanting to make a documentary about the dangers of vaccines. Robert DeNiro’s son is severely brain damaged (autism) after vaccines. Trump’s son is brain damaged too. 7/17/20

  204. He is famous for being a mayor who has not raised any money during his term of office. He didn’t own any house or property. So it’s even more shocking for Koreans.

  205. suicide is a coward action..
    this gross human being is a low human afterall..
    if u do mistake, and face the problem and deal with the law…
    u can ask for death sentence if u really wanna die..

  206. who are the swarm creatures all around the world are going down around the same time does anybody else besides me find this very interesting this type of thing is happening all around the world people suiciding themselves are accidental deaths or disappearances when their crimes actually come out crimes against humanity is a terrible thing

  207. This is what happens when, people put reputation above life.
    The world has changed and people have to change with it…..it will take a while so open communication is a must.

  208. I think since he was married the disappointment and hurt that this caused for his family also played a large part

    There’s such a large range of things that could have happened given the standard precedents of power dynamics and interpersonal relations

    I don’t feel we have the information to know what happened so far and the loss of face adds a complex dimension in this case

  209. But if he were to suicide, why would his body be found in the mountain of all places? Could there be a possibility of being murdered instead of suicide? Being a mayor, he probably have a lot of rivals which may want to take him down by starting the sexual harassment news and then murdering him after to completely ruin his reputation and image. Not only that everyone’s attention was directed towards the sexual harassment and they completely ignored the fact that he could be murdered. I wonder who truly benefited from this whole incident

  210. One woman mentioned that to carry on with the case would bring the mayor’s family more grief, and while I think this may be true I also think that that would be on the passed mayor’s hands if he did commit suicide. The secretary must be facing even greater challenges than she was previously and just because the assaulter is gone doesn’t mean his actions were erased. The way he was put to rest really surprised me, to have an extravagant (based on what they said) funeral and memorial paid for by the citizens’ taxes to honor his death when he was a main suspect for sexual harassment doesn’t seem right.

  211. Shouldnt his suicide be justice to the secretary? I mean hes dead hes not going to harass anyone and did i mention hes dead? Win win secretary probs wanted him dead anyway

  212. Respect the decesed?
    But did he respect his secretary?
    11:00 This lady is annoying. If it was you the victim or your daughter will you say the same thing?

  213. I just can’t beleive he only died because of sexual harrasment case, it still feels like someone has killed him using that as an excuse. Sure he may be a sexual offender, but committing a suicide so fast doesn’t sound believable. I wish they investigate his death properly instead of closing it so soon, this is all can be a speculation only.

  214. Such a wimp! Trump, Clinton, Arab leaders, African dictators brag about banging secretaries. In Asia, they’re so soft. Lose face and kill themselves. Wow!

  215. I really think this is an elaborate cover up. After watching alot of kdramas and movies with politicians. I bet hes coerced to kill himself or even murdered

  216. I think S.K or any other countries should take care/adress mental health/suicide’s more frequently because suicide is getting more and more cases + most of the Gen z population have depression/suicidal thoughts, and mostly if someone commits false accusations they should take responsibility for it(im not saying the complaint was false idrk know what happened i just read the title im very sorry) this is all my opinion please correct me if anything is wrong :))

  217. This is a great representation of the difference in thinking from the new generation (youth) and older generations (the woman @ 10:30) I’m really glad her mentality is getting extinct ✌🏻

  218. I feel so bad for his secretary. She will be shamed and have to live with this for the rest of her life. He will now be seen as the victim and her the perpetrator when she did nothing wrong. She will feel guilty and alone. Every girl will think twice before standing up for themselves now. Poor girl.

  219. The worst aspect about not leading the investigations till the end it’s the message that it sends “if you commit suicide you’ll solve your problems” and that’s not true.

  220. Interesting answers, many of them very well thought out. Great interview!
    Not every case of a person is so black and white. A person could be a great and compassionate leader, AND an abuser in their personal life. A loving father, and a harasser to others. It’s fine if people want to honor him for his good service, and also shun him for his crimes. It makes sense.
    I can’t imagine how the victim feels.
    Glad to see that the general public takes these sexual harassment cases seriously. Must be horrid to have something so awful happen to you, then see others just brush it away.

  221. IT IS NOT SUICIDE. Don’t be foolish. Korean media started spreading news about him committing sucide even before he was found dead and way before his death was officially confirmed. Most ppl in Korea think this was made to look like suicide. I know the mayor. He is not the type of person to commit suicide just cuz of some sketchy sexual harrassment scandal that doesn’t even seem real.

  222. So actually someone might have orchestrated the whole thing and killed him because they knew very well that nobody would investigate any further.
    We shall see who gains the most now

  223. I don’t get it sometimes when it comes to Korea it’s like you get judge for anything .And look at the idols we have lost they got judged for being bullied and get judged for being a single parent and get judged for being with somebody they love. And it’s like I feel bad for Korea sometimes because I feel like there is some type of corruption that be going on behind the scenes that people don’t know about or afraid to talk about.
    I’m not saying everybody’s like that I’m just saying for what I heard and seen.

  224. What if he didn’t do sexual harassment? Not saying it’s something someone should lie about, but the same way someone could easily harass someone is the same way someone could easily be falsely accused… now I’m not here to defend him nor the Victim, I’m just saying there’s always two sides of the story, and unless you ARE one of the ones involved in the story, you’ll never know the truth.

  225. Even the peaceful country ( South Korea) also have this kind of incidents. I was thinking about it was only happen in my country ( India). May his family & his soul rest in peace😭😭

  226. I like how Asian Boss never interviews older generations for their opinions. But then again, the mayor was a “progressive”. It would have been interesting to hear what they thought of him.

  227. We was probably guilty and didn’t want to take responsibility or own up so he killed himself it’s not uncommon in that culture I say name and shame harasses if they get embarrassed oh well if you’ve got the nerve or balls to do it to someone dont be surprised when you get shamed for it this is why women dont report or speak up because they get shamed

  228. I think not continuing with the investigation is completely disrespecting the victim. Without the lawsuit being settled, there will always be enough people who will say that the secretary just made unverified claims about the sexual misconducts. It’s going to be very hard for her to cope with this whole situation and the guilt she’s already feeling of involuntarily causing someone to commit suicide. It’s an injustice to the victim and I really feel sorry for her. I hope she can find peace.

  229. People use the term “victim” in the video, as if it is already sure that what she told is the truth. In fact nothing is proven. And at least by that video, we don’t know what exactly happened to that woman according to her.

  230. 성희롱의 개념에대해 많은 기본교육이 고등학생때부터 꼭 필요하다고 생각합니다. 성희롱과 아닌것의 확실한 선이 어디까지인지에 대해 잘 구분하지 못하는 경우도 많읍니다. 교육프로그램이 강화되어야합니다.
    시장편을 들려는 것은 아닙니다. 오일장은 그것도 세금으로는 저도 반대 합니다.

  231. I feel like people are not even considering that the secretary might have lied. We havent seen any proof bc the case was dropped, so no need to treat this poor dead man like this

  232. if it wasn’t a suicide but a murder and the mayor was innocent.. then I realize more and more how similar most countries are, ’cause there are always thugs in power, who kill diligent, educated politicians that have the citizens’ support and therefore are a threat for the thugs. Nothing ever changed, ages have passed and it’s all still the same like it was in the medieval centuries – murdering innocent people is a norm that’s not punished for. Honest politicians (I still doubt that they exist, but hope so) who do their real work and contribute in their country will always be suppressed by primitive criminals who have the power just because they think they have the right to murder other person. This is disgusting and I am tired of this unfair, wrong world.

  233. I think its important to point out that, people are just complicated. And we shouldn’t judge or remember them by their worst mistakes. They should be remembered, but it shouldn’t define them. Because the mayor himself made a lot of strides in improving Seoul and women’s rights, as the video said. Plus, he didn’t rape anyone, or assault them. Its important to make the distinction. So all in all, we shouldn’t only remember him as a competent mayor, nor only remember him as a sexual harasser. To remember him as both is right.

  234. Beeing accused of “sexual harassment” doesn’t make you a sex offender. You’re only a sex offender if it is proven that you are one in court. So all these people in the video and a lot of commenters here on YouTube don’t seem to know the difference. The victim, as you all call her already, his secretary could always have given a false statement and false accusation which would make the mayor the victim.
    The fact that he was a lawyer who defended female rights and that he did things as a mayor for female rights, makes it hard for me to believe that he would do such a thing.
    And as a non Korean/Seoul taxpayer I also think that a 5 day funeral when it normally seems to be “only” 3 really is too much. If he was a Christian he would be shamed for taking his life because the bible condemns suicide and therefore you will be sent to hell.

  235. 13:59 It’s really interesting to think about the idea that one’s public identity should be separated from their aspect as an alleged sexual predator. Should you be remembered for your public identity if you had commited outrageous wrongs? Who knows.. it’s just interesting how he’s separating those two aspects of the mayor. Personally I think the label as a sexual predator and the official identity of being an important figure can’t really be separated, for example, think about those cases of nice, normal everyday people commiting murders and illegally filming in girls’ bathrooms and stuff. Do the public grieve when they get punished for their crimes because they were normally a good person? No, everyone would be outraged.
    That was my thoughts on the separation matter, but in specific about this case, it seems wrong in the first place the alleged crime was separated as the ‘unoffical side’ of the mayor, as it wasn’t as a normal citizen he allegedly harrased the woman, he allegedly harrased his secretary in his workplace using his offical status. For the guy in the video to have been able to grieve the mayor as a politician who worked hard for seoul, and not an alleged criminal, the crime should have been uninvolved with his workplace.

  236. Quite a lot of people talking about how his death should be enough for the victim. 🙁 psychologically speaking, this isn’t always the case. In fact, a death like that often causes more trauma than closure for the victim. When we talk about the concept justice in a trial, it isn’t just justice to the public, it’s also justice to the victim – if what she claimed was right, then she deserves for the truth to be released. That, will be a form of closure for her. I feel for his family – they will now have to carry this trauma and burden as well. But no part of that should affect the justice that is owed to the victim. & Given his position as a trusted public figure, wouldn’t it be better to continue the investigation and weed out his (if true) corrupt colleagues as well? The ones who didn’t do anything/tried to suppress it when the secretary first reported him to City Hall?

  237. I feel like the investigation should be continued. I know it will be harder to gain evidence. But if he didn’t do it, then he should be vindicated so that this doesn’t affect his legacy. And if he did do it, the victim deserves justice. Justice doesn’t have to mean punishment. It may be enough to just have people know what the guy was really like.

  238. 솔직히 말해보자 안희정이 성폭행범이냐? 둘이 불륜을 저지른 거고 사랑을 한거지 이게 진심으로 위력에 의한 성범죄로 보이는거냐. 여성인권과 별개로 사실과 증거로만 판단해봐라. 증인의 증언이 일관되므로 인정된다는게 맞다고 보나? 지금 세상은 잘못된 방향으로 가고있다. 그리고 이미 수사종결된 사건에서 피고소인을 조사한다면 고소인에 대한 조사도 이루어져야한다.

  239. The saddening thing about this is, regardless of whether Mayor Park was innocent or guilty, he will always be remembered for this incident.
    Not for his years as a lawyer for women’s rights, not for his achievements as mayor.
    He’ll go down in history as a public figure accused of sexual harassment.

  240. I think he killed himself because of guilty cause sometimes we as a human beings do things which after doing those things we realize what we have done. That doesn’t mean that it is not a crime. Crime is a crime that’s it. And i think as a position of mayor for so long he definitely had big contacts that could save him from this case because corruption is everywhere. So i think it was because of guilty.
    Now think of the victim people will start blaming her that because of her he commit sucide. And mayor family is definitely going to blame her with everything” she pushed him to do that”.
    And she will lose her job definitely cause no next mayor will want a secretary that could stand against him.
    Imagine her pain right now she lost a winning case.
    That’s the world we live in.
    Law is like a string you can fold it and even break it with power.

  241. Seoul’s mayor gets accused of sexual harassment: Commits suicide in shame. Donald Trump gets accused of sexual assault by 25 women: Gets elected president of the United States.

  242. Do 100 good things and people will remember one, do one bad thing and you will be cursed forever. As a feminist, i think all sex criminals should be treated like garbage regardless of whatever position they held in the society. I believe this is the most popular opinion and anyone who disagree basically conforms to his sexual wrongdoings.

  243. The law is very biased towards women. It has became so easy for women to accuse men of sexual harassment and get their life ruined without any judicial action.

  244. Noone is talking about the elephant in the room, how do we know these sex allegations are true? Its just too easy for woman to accuse men these days and get away with it if its false.

  245. I dunno if I believe this.. maybe I’ve watched too much drama but surly it wasn’t a suicide. It doesn’t sit right with me either that he was a lawyer for women’s right but apparently sexually harassed a woman????

  246. gosh i hate when people use the words oh its a sensitive topic more like its a fuckin really important topic that needs to be discussed more so we can stop this form happening treating it to sensitive prevents any growth why do u think american politics is trash everyone just goes oh its to sensitive we shouldn’t discuss this matter

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