Koreans React To George Floyd’s Death and Protests In the US | STREET DEBATE

In the wake of George Floyd’s death, the Black Lives Matter movement has gone global and a lot of you requested that Asian Boss interview ordinary South Koreans to get their perspectives on this issue. South Korea, of course, has experience with organizing one of the most successful protests in history to impeach their own president.

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  1. We hope you find South Koreans’ answers insightful as they have experience with organizing one of the most successful protests in history to impeach their own president. Download our community app, MOGAO, where you can exchange your thoughts and debate with other intellectually-curious people from all over the world on important social issues:
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  2. i was sad when i heard one of them say they’re traumatized on coming to the US because of a racial discrimination experience :’((((( i just hope she doesn’t believe everyone in the US is like that. ❤️

  3. Am hopeful for the younger generations ..My Mother and I have NEVER seen eye to eye when it came to her overstanding on what it means to be Black in America..yes I’m half korean but she always let it be known to me that I was considered Black, ( which I am Very Proud to be ) .. Since 2012 , I have had 2 close friends brutally murdered by White Police and she never batted an eye or expressed empathy of any kind ..for that and many other reasons we are estranged for the moment ..My daughter , however did just tell me that my mom was angry at what had happened to George Floyd , so maybe she is finally seeing the light as the discrimination, hatred ,disenfranchisement, and just overall disregard for Black and Brown all over the world has FINALLY reached its ” peak” in terms of world wide focus ..Only Time Will Tell Tho..

  4. Did you tell them George floyd was a well know criminal with a long list of crimes. did you tell them he did not die from the cop holding him down but from a combination of medical conditions?

  5. As an Asian American, I’m surprised and glad that the Koreans are so supportive of this black lives matter movement because I had a hard time trying to explain to my parents and make them understand why this is so important

  6. wonder why no one mentioned that the officer who kneeled on Floyd has been arrested and charged with murder. Protests are legitimate and should be supported. however, there are a number of people who are using the protest as an excuse to riot. this includes white supremacists and people on the far left. too many agendas that are not helping to remove racial discrimination in the US.

  7. Can we also continue to cover the Hong Kong protests? I feel like people are forgetting that it’s still ongoing and imoortant as well

  8. BREAKING NEWS!!! MAJORITY of Black people get killed by other BLACK PEOPLE! Local man puzzled as to why BLM isn’t outraged by this fact. He says “Apparently BLM doesn’t care about black lives, if they did, they would stop killing each other.”
    In other news
    Protests were very pEaCefUl, so Peaceful in fact, it ended with fires, and looting…

  9. Discrimination exists everywhere not just the US for example Canada has it too and so does the UK etc that’s why alot of them are protesting with us because discrimination and racism is so deeply rooted in our society that some people think it’s normal to the point where it’s an everyday thing for most

  10. As these people know nothing about what is going on except what they are told by the media. you are just getting back the views their media feeds them

  11. Wonder what the reaction to the fact that evidence exists showing a majority of the looting and violence being instigated by the police (using unnecessary force like tear gas on peaceful protesters) and others who want to halt the BLM movement by ratcheting up the hate and bringing the police into an otherwise peaceful protest.

  12. I hope some people can realize that some of us think this is the only way to change things, and that many of the violent protesters are actually not real protestors. Is there anyway you guys can show this video to Americans living in the U.S. and have them talk about this video. Kind of like in a chat format like you guys use to do with the North Korean defector content. I would love for Koreans to see how Americans think and what they have to say about a few points made in the video. Or have them talk about a few points made in the video ( without mentioning the video so the people in this video won’t get any hate comments). Also as an African American female and a child of an immigrant parent I’m grateful that so many people are standing with us. Thank you for making this video and uploading it so fast. 🙏

  13. 흑인들이 받는 인종차별 이슈가 이렇게까지 심한걸 우린 다 알고 있었는데… 전세계가 이렇게 공개적으로 말할때 ㅁㅊ 혁명이 같고 사회적으로 다시 옛날에 사는거 같아요 진짜 sf영화 같은걸 아닌가..

  14. police brutality and racism are separate issues and they will not be solved if people keep treating them like they’re the same thing. People are so ignorant right now

  15. Yep cuz mostly korean are racist they felt sympathy cuz the guy is dead so maybe floyd may change the mind of racist people his death be not put in vain

  16. It’s sad to hear their perception of the US has changed. Especially the woman that says, “how could Americans have such bad judgement” referring to voting for Trump… she’s right though. The only part was 6:40. I’m not saying he’s a liar but I’ve never seen anything like that in California. It’s even the opposite, there will be signs saying don’t use He/her pronouns only they/them

  17. The woman in the swamp green shirt and the gentleman in the red hoody was speaking some facts. This is the type of thing that we as black people like to see. Yeah we do have our scumbags, but for the most part… we just tryna live in peace in a society that is particularly hostile towards us

  18. One of the ex-officers is Asian. The protests started out peaceful until rioters and looters, who are there to benefit from all this. Bricks have been planted across cities for throwing. The government-appointed autopsy person reported falsely to make it look like George Floyd was on drugs when he wasn’t. Proof came after the family hired and independent autopsy technician. Do they know this?

  19. I think the last comment that was made was very powerful. Racism is not only a problem of the USA, it happens all around the world. While the USA is a hot spot for this topic right now and legal action and changes of the system are needed there, we should all think about how we can also change the situation in other country’s as well. Racism is never fair and never good and although it is not always ending with a murder, it is hurtful and excludes and needs to be addressed in all of its forms.

  20. 3:37 shocking isn’t it?

    To this day and age what has been happening for centuries is still happening at present, only that it gets filmed and documented.

    4:03 When people put themselves in their shoes it becomes more real. They get to have a bit more understanding of how it must be for the victim and their family.

    People in the comments say South Koreans are too naive and ignorant in their opinions; that they do not know the extent of the suffering of black people because they themselves are not black.

    To some degree this may be true since the interviewees were not the ones who experience the brutality first hand. But it is also true that you don’t have to be black to understand that the problems exist; that there is something wrong in the system; and that it needs to change.

    Sympathy has no race.

  21. Despite being in the 21st century, the sad reality is that racism still continues to exist and will always be an issue. It’s not just the United States but literally everywhere. (Korea included). I am glad all the officers were charged and hopeful that this won’t be a common occurrence in the future. Hopefully, people will start to be more open towards each other and understand one another. Not all cops are like this and there many good cops out there. Stay strong. Let’s make the world a better place one step at a time.

  22. 흑인분들 인권문제에 관한 의견의 인터뷰도 좋지만 한국의 외국인 노동자분들에 대한 차별과 갈등에 관한 한국 국민들의 의견과 소통도 다루어 봤으면 합니다.

  23. 3:26 4:22 why do they all think that Asians and black ppl can face something similar in the US… 6:12 can someone please correct her. Also, why should they learn how Koreans protest when they’re protesting about something WAYYY worse that’s been going on for centuries.

  24. Sorry but the comments come from one of the most judgemental people in the world. Even the skin color is a little darker, the South Koreans can crush any celebrity. Any children can be victimized by school violence for a little difference. When some Muslim women wear a hijab in the streets, whats happened? Even in the popular drama “Oh My Baby” one single women alienate BCS of she want baby. South Korea has the most hateful netizens, isn’t it? Then before I watch this, I’ll hope the reporter connects this event to the South Korean discrimination issues. But you only presenting the US. Most of the K-Dramas about the Kings, Chaebols, etc. BCS in the deep they want to be like that. “A privileged born, special high blood” I Like this channel most of the time. But you must make an empathy bridge to global & local problems. Not only in South Korea, but in Japan also. I’m a little disappointed.

  25. You guys always go straight to the source that’s why I think you are way better than what is broadcast everyday on TV, you are way way more efficient. I think most Koreans have understood most of the issues and it’s nice to hear, thank you for sharing 🙏🏽

  26. US needs another OBAMA for president. Trump is to blame for being a racist. There are many murders amid white policemen

  27. How are the East-Asians and Southeast-Asians doing right now in USA and every else around the world? I hope they’re okay, after all what’s happened with the Covid-19 and all the racist violence that they had to go through(even before all of these incidences, they’ve always been discriminated against for centuries). Have they also been protesting?

  28. George Floyd was killed in Minneapolis, Minnesota USA. I live there. Over 270 buildings have been damaged, looted and burnt and countless lives have been affected. We have been under a curfew for about 9 days now. The “peaceful protest” has been taken over by anarchists attempting to overthrow our government. They have dishonored Mr. Floyd and his family. Any righteous reason some of the protesters had has been high-jacked by these thugs and I don’t see a quick end to the chaos. There is also a possible back story to his death (both men worked at a bar together and knew each other). I think in this case, we can’t assume it was strictly a race problem. (I mean really, who knows since they were acquainted). All 4 officers have been arrested in connection with this incident fortunately.

  29. Not only black people are fighting against discrimination and racism, people from different backgrounds are also in the same battle.

  30. George Floyd had a dangerous criminal background. Commit stupid crimes win stupid prizes. He bore the fruit of what he’d sowed.

  31. there are tons of cases like this , thankfully someone recorded this one and now people finally realize that racism is real and is happening. if only racism didnt exist, the world would’ve been more peaceful

  32. If people outside our own country can sympathize and recognize there’s something wrong with our government and police force, how can people within our own country continue being perpetrators and willfully ignorant?

  33. It’s obvious everyone will opine on good deeds,anti racism,social classes etc on screen because everyone is watching them when in reality Korea itself is evil.

  34. I saw someone say they are breaking into Louis Vuitton and Apple store and looting because they are the most racist brands. Then why do they loot their items and use them. They are consuming the brands items therefore helping the brand. I think some people are taking advantage of the situation.

  35. I feel that not everything is being reported over there. I feel like the second last guy who talked about protesters protecting stores from looters did his research beyond what the others saw. I think if maybe they knew why the protests evolved into violent ones then it would’ve been a different story. The protests started peacefully but for the most part it’s unprovoked police officers, looters and racists that are initiating the violence to destroy the movement. Also knowing the history could’ve played a big factor but I digress we’re in different countries so ofc we wouldn’t know beyond what we’re exposed to unless we actively look for it.

  36. That was very good,this issue ,needs to be mentioned ,to all ,very educated ,answers ,as a person of colour myself ,I live in the UK ,I’m adopted my parents are white ,they experienced,what I experienced,racial taunts,now at age 53,seeing what’s been happening,last week,I’m scared as hell ,it brings it all back.Will it change ,who knows ??? Black lives matter ,humans matter ,we are the same under the skin . 😔R.I.P George & other people this week,who lost they lives in the protests .😔🙏👍💕 be safe all .

  37. This is why I feel more at home in Asian countries and cultures than in my own country. This is what intelligent conversation looks like and we can all learn from it.

  38. No one wants violent protest, but 400 yrs of oppression is too much! Martin Luther King was nonviolent, and he was beaten, killed, and we have the same problem 50 yrs later. No more “asking” for change, people are demanding it NOW! It is sad that the oppressor only speaks the language of violence

  39. Pro answer at 13:20. The guy with the cap is well informed and gives a smart response. I also personally like the responses at 14:21 and 5:12 .

  40. Its really not good to killed the black guy who is already in his handcuffs.. bt what i hate the most is some people make it an excuse to do their evil thing… they make it worst.. they can do it in nice protest without someone or some properties destroyed

  41. The only reason why George Lloyd was murdered by the white police officer is because he is black. Yes racism and white supremacy is still a massive problem in the US. If George Lloyd were white he wouldn’t have been killed. This problem is magnified by Trump’s rhetoric. Also this problem is essentially modern day lynching due to lack of accountability. When a bad police killed someone they are often merely fired. The system protects the police more than it protects civilians, it is rare for a police to go to jail for killing a black person especially if the police is white. So often these police would get fired then they would apply for a job at a nearby town or another state and they would be hired again. But this mass protests means people are trying to hold the government accountable.

  42. I find it very privileged for Koreans to talk about racism when more than half of them have never actually met a Non-Korean in their entire lives. It’s so easy to cast judgement from a distance.

  43. Ya’ll are commenting “education looks like this” and it’s cracking me up. Other countries, especially Asian, have 0 DIVERSITY

  44. I think most people will realize that most of our protest are peaceful. The violent ones are the only ones the media is choosing to show. If there is violence it is mostly started by the police officers themselves, the police have even went to the extent to break Properties to frame protester. So I hope people will look in deeper than the headlines because the Media isn’t portraying it correctly.

  45. For some reason I didn’t think the current events in the US were a very popular piece of information among Koreans much less the extent of the situation but … thank you for the update

  46. Most USA cops just want a good paycheck with health and retirement benefits. So they are sheep who do as their boss wishes and allows.
    If they are trained and encouraged to abuse people they will. But, If they are arrested for beating and killing people they will stop.

  47. Striped boy hit it on the head when he said that racism, particularly against Black people, isn’t exclusive to America, but unfortunately exists all around the world, including Korea.

  48. Also it is systemic racism. Even in traffic stop, you will see if the white police officer stops a car and if the car passengers are black the police will approach the car with guns drawn, however if the passengers are white more often the police will approach the car with gun holstered. When a police has guns drawn the tension is magnified 10 fold.

  49. I feel bad for assuming because I was expecting Koreans to not have sympathy for a black man but I am glad they have sympathy for him and police violence in America.

  50. That police officer should be hanged till death , but the type of protests occuring in usa r condemnable , i m damn sure they r leftists who want an excuse to incite violence and show trump in bad light

  51. As a black man i appreciate how thoughtfulness of Korean people, i find it refreshing that people see how that could have been anyone and see that oppression no matter how it is dressed up is oppression.
    The type of society that i am sure we all want is one where everyone is treated equal, where everyone is helping each other for the HUMAN RACE and not for some simple minded racist agenda.
    I would say like the society presented in Star Trek.

  52. Koreans, or any non-Americans, have no business commenting on our issues. I think that both protestors and bystanders can agree.

  53. Considering their previous fundraising initiatives, I’m surprised AsianBoss didn’t provide any links to organizations/fundraisers in support of Floyd’s family/funeral expenses or the Black Lives Matter movement?

  54. The current situation in the US is that this has been going on throughout its history and is still happening today. Huge peaceful movements have made in recent years however most of them were dismissed and no real big changes are ever made including multiple cases of police brutality and murder. The racial wealth gap and the overall wealth gap is further than ever where few individuals and companies are now making billions off Covi-19, while 10s of millions are currently unemployed. Since the population is so huge the government can’t give everyone much financial relief. The next presidential election is also coming up gave another surge of political movement from both wings throwing the population into further division. George Floyd’s death was basically the tipping point and the accumulation of all the frustration, oppression, and racism in the US.
    It’s always nice to hear the opinions of people around the world. Good video!

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