Koreans React To COVID-19 Resurgence And Potential Lockdown | STREET INTERVIEW

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  1. Religion followers and their minister leading the sheeps to self destruction. Doing this dangerous coronvirus time with large gathering of people is leading people into death. How selfish can people be to only think of themselves and not others safety. These religion leaders using events to seek 💰 money for their own pockets. Ask yourself what more important health or religion beliefs? Did not God give us common sense to judge right from wrong?

  2. Some people are really selfish. Going to a church or temples is not the priority right now. What matters is their lives and the lives of others around them.

  3. Can we have more videos on Covid and Korea please Asian Boss. They were coming in regularly until recently. Also news from Covid and Japan would be good.


    By the way great insights as usual

  4. In the USA the economy is everything so that is it. At this point it’s acceptable to be a casualty of war. Do what you can to protect yourself and live life. If you’re one of the less fortunate than too bad for you.

  5. I LOVE BEING KOREAN. My people are doing abs actively doing something with 300-400 NEW CASES! meanwhile americans are doing nothing with 40k-70k new cases a day

  6. Here in Belgium there is proof that the government/media/hospitals are corrupting the death by covid-statistics. People who didn’t die from covid and/or weren’t even tested to see if they had covid (most probably because they didn’t show symptoms) have “covid-19” written on their death declarations. and when the families show their anger about this to the hospitals they tell the families that they are pressured by the government to put that on the death declarations.
    Globally there is something different going on than a virus of which is believed that is already long gone. It is said that people are testing positive for a virus which has similar symptoms (Rhino virus) but they say it’s covid-19.

  7. So if masks work and the entire nation of South Korea has been wearing masks for months, why is the virus still a problem? Get on with life stop being so afraid

  8. What’s happening in my country? Well, for the second time stupid idiots and right wing idiots were planning to organize a huge demonstration against Covid safety measures in Berlin, Germany. The senator tried to ban the protest, saying that last time protesters were not following safety measures like wearing masks and keeping a distance, that’s why the protest was dissolved early. The court denied the ban, since protesting is a fundamental right given by the German constitution, however it reinforced the need for protesters to keep a certain distance. The police then added the requirement for everyone to wear a mask. And guess what, stupid idiots who are against safety measures cannot be expected to follow safety measures while protesting said safety measures. So the police has already dissolved the protest before it even really began due to massive counts of violations of stipulations, just like the last time when they came here to protest. It’s really, really f-ing frustrating to see that level of stupidity mixed with right-wing and conspiracy theorist’s propaganda and a never before seen level of selfishness. I hope next time the courts are actually on our side and band the gatherings in favor of public health.

  9. The rally combined with the flooding. 🤞🏾 they get it back under control. As a country they’ve done everything right and their leadership has been solid. I hope they stay the course in continuing to do what’s right.

  10. At this point in the world Pandemic if you don’t believe or understand the seriousness of this issue then you are either demented or homicidal/suicidal.✌

  11. May god bless South Korea even though my country needs more blessings daammm 60,000 cases a day and we’re just sitting like bruh the vaccine is gettin ready!!

  12. That rally should of been cancelled. I think it’s just a bunch of self serving people who need to understand that this is something that is beyond religion. I always thought that religious people would have the sense & compassion to understand this. (I’m not religious, but was when I was younger because of family) In Australia, there are some states that are still getting infected, but people still say it’s a conspiracy or protest against wearing mask or border jumping/sneaking through passed authority. I’m just waiting for it to start again in my state because of these types of people. I don’t go out much & still take precautions. Not only for my sake, but everyone around me, even if they don’t have the same personal views.

  13. You can get infected or turned positive at anytime. Just because you tested negative on a Monday it doesn’t mean you will be negative the rest of the week. You don’t have to have to have a fever to transmit it either. The only way to lower your chances is masks and constant washing/cleaning and stay at home whenever possible. Good Luck.

  14. They forgot to mention the outbreak in a Korean Starbucks. If I remember correctly, every guest got infected, except the staff. Why isn’t this talked about?

  15. In Germany the daily new cases have risen from around 200 to over 1k within the last few weeks – most people get infected on parties or on vacation. And yeah, there are also some people here who are protesting against wearing a mask and other stuff that is supposed to slow down the spread of the virus AND keep businesses open. But if I compare it to the situation in the US then it’s not that bad …

  16. 3 questions :
    1/ “case” does it mean :
    a) peole infected but NOT ILL
    (nothing to fear)
    b)people infected and ILL
    (perhaps, treatment required)
    c) people severly ILL or DEAD
    (take care of old people)

    2/If “case” means DEAD then what did AUTOPSY revealed to help healing survivors

    3/ Are their mask more efficient against Civd19 then european mask? If so, i want their mask

  17. Seems to be human nature to be lax until the disease hits home to you in some personal way. People are the same where ever you go….😞…same here in Jamaica….selfishness is worse than the disease…

  18. The change to get infected outside in fresh air is almost zero. Even when not distancing. So i wonder why the infections went up. But of course you don’t want to be in closed rooms like churches where people sing and the air ventilation is weak. But lets get realistic. Healthy people won’t die of this virus. Its the weak and old people we have to protect.

    Considering youré question in the video how my country is doing. Well very fine. We have about 30 people hospitalised but zero deaths in 4 months now. And we are not wearing mouth masks. The only rule this far is social distancing but most people don’t do that either.

  19. Please don’t mislead as if the resurgence has to do with the massive meeting. and a church. Even before the massive gathering, the trend had been already upward of the number of COVID infected. The government announced as the COVID infected number growing as soon as the massive meeting when the truth is it takes at least 5 to 2 weeks before the infected begin to show symptoms. I think the Korean government scapegoated these specific groups to blame others for their oww mishandlings.
    Even before the massive meeting, the beaches were full of people. Also, the government encouraged to see movies and shopping by distributing coupons. These could have been the reason for drastic increase of people infected with the COVID.

  20. At least korea’s govt is much better at handling covid problems, that’s what I believe. Meanwhile in Indonesia, the case is approx 30k in this last 2 weeks(based on google search) And the govt is busy with either their personal politic agenda for next election (this confirm me how people is really selfish) or handling covid problem with nonsense solution. And don’t forget about how the citizen here are sooooo ignorant with this covid disease. Even some of the so called public figure here are spread stupid rumor about how covid is conspiracy from elite global. *smh

  21. Makes me more grateful being here in Malaysia. if the case spike, it’s only about 20 cases daily and we already a bit freaked out. normal is only around 4-5 cases daily with no death for over a month. this situation in SK is like a warning for all of us to never let our guard down no matter the situation. not until there’s cure. stay safe guys

  22. SK population about 52 million. 321 Total Deaths and about 20,000 cases! But by all means, live your life in fear and place blame on anyone that doesn’t conform to your political masters orders to obey and fear your fellow man. As a long time fan of Asian Boss, I respectfully request that you include some recent statistics next time you do one of these interviews! You’re better than MSM Propaganda!

  23. i found it interesting that almost everyone is wearing a disposable mask (except the grandma). here in the usa a lot of people are making homemade masks with cute fabric, its a huge industry right now

  24. We had a level 3 lockdown here in Romania when the virus was first tearing through the country (March – beginning of June). Only essential workers had to regularly go to work, all places of entertainment (cinema, restaurants, malls, museums) or facilities like banks were closed or functioned online. People could only gather in a limited number (at one point it was no more than 3). If you went out you had to have a signed and dated declaration of where you were going and for what purpose otherwise you’d be fined. People couldn’t leave the city. And one of the counties with the most infections was under quarantine.

  25. i couldn’t help but realize that august 15th is also the night lightning struck california and started massive wildfires… i think my birthday is cursed 😭

  26. Korean women have cute eyes. I like eyes that don’t have double eyelids or are not thick. These days, I think they look cuter because their eyes are emphasized by the mask.
    I think I should just marry a Korean girl

  27. 중국에서 첨부터 삼단계이상 강력한정도로 관리했어 그래서 빨리끝났어 너희들은 아직도 정신못차리고 이러다가 코로나가 계속 안끝날지도몰라

  28. It’s interesting that rallies spread it in SK – in Australia mass BLM rallies were held across the country, and no infections resulted. Maybe it’s because the participants wore masks and tried to stay apart.

    Australia is a huge country so the COVID-19 situation is different in each state. One state has it bad and have been in complete lockdown for months – masks are mandatory and they can only leave their house for 1 hour each day for exercise. The state I’m in has almost no cases, so we can pretty much do what we want, just no big gatherings. But even though I have freedom, I stay at home as much as possible, and always wear a mask if I have to go out.

  29. The guy in black tshirt and spectacles saying ” i think we shud enter level 3 coz people wont listen otherwise”. He seems so done with the behaviour of the public😂.

  30. I’m sure Linus, and everyone else in Itaewon, from the previous video Asian Boss put out a little while ago (American BBQ), are saying, “we feel you churches…welcome to the ‘displaced blame’ club.

  31. I hope the general Korean Citizens could see how incredibly inspiring they are by simply not going against public policies, qhile the rest of the world pays masks and social distance DUST. We love you we see you and you’re AMAZING 🧡 In my country (Venezuela) people who get corona are labeled bio terrorists and they are sent to concentration camps, where they arent fed properly and robbed of their freedom. I really wish people would appreciate their countries more, instead of fighting back regullations. The sooner we get over this the faster we can bounce back. 🧡

  32. If yu in the states we fina go through another lockdown in September so get ready n were also going to suffer a food shortage. Stay safe y’all ✌️

  33. It’s already been proven that large gatherings such as rallies did increase the covid cases but it’s so frustrating when people encourage others to join them in rallies like there’s no pandemic.
    If you really care for medical frontliners, everyone’s safety and the economy, then try your best to protect yourself and others, and stay home if you can.
    I know some people also take advantage of the summer season because after that they’ll wait for another year again. It’s nice to go to the beach or pool but if it’s crowded it’s better to avoid those places. Anyway, you can still enjoy summer without going to the beach.

  34. It’s sad how horrible humans are at protecting ourselves. The government cares about trying to stop a deadly virus, until money gets in the way. Imagine in time we all die from a virus or major illness just because of numbers and paper with no value…

  35. Think the Korean Covid situation is bad? Hahahaha. Don’t worry, our Covid situation here in Philippines had never gotten better and we’re all just sitting here while our president plays pat-me-please-i’m-a-good-dog with Russia and Chine while waiting for a vaccine xD very cute actually 🙂

  36. Usually like your videos but this is SO biased. You’re asking average people to confirm their suspicions. But is what they HEAR true? Are the cases indeed going up? If they are, how many of these cases are people who were at the rally? This is what a investigative journalist would do. Instead you’re being tabloid journalist just giving people a place to complain and not out there looking for the truth.

  37. We are hard-headed not followed the COVID19 Pandemic safety protocol of the medical sector. I hope all of us support the medical sectors of preventing social distancing, wearing mask and face shield, used hand sanitizer,

    After the World War II, the world dismissed the League of Nation because it had failed to prevent German Fascism from starting a war to invade other nations. The League was the replaced by the United Nation (UN) which was expected to have more power to prevent the Third World War.
    Unfortunately, the World War III breaks out in an invisible, diabolical way without a clear trace of the initiators. There are also deaths, separations, famine, and misery but without much sounds of gunfire. The UN does not have sufficient effective mechanism to prevent such a diabolical war like this.

  39. Somehow I knew when they blamed an outbreak on a rally that it would be a “conservative” rally. Same everywhere, I guess. In the US, leftist protests and riots are completely virus free — but any conservative gathering is considered a threat to public health.

    I wonder how the virus knows to only attack conservatives but not liberals?

  40. I know its sucks but I live in South Florida which has been a hotspot for months. Social distancing masks etc has been the norm for months. My county which is pretty much the size of Seoul has more cases than South Korea in total pretty much. Just follow the protocol and it will get better.

  41. They have 300 cases a day and here in India 60,000 cases per day😣 and more than 1000 deaths per day. I just hope that one day everything will be fine🙏Amen

  42. I generally agree with most of the sentiments here, especially with the young man wearing the black T-shirt saying that we should go to Level 3 already. He’s right, people are just not listening and I’m getting so sick and tired of it.

    I just don’t understand why people from Seoul need to travel so badly that they travel to the area I’m living in and bring the virus with them whilst giving the middle finger to social distancing. Same with churches and their gatherings. Seriously, to hell and beyond with these people.

  43. We re gonna enter a state like in the movies where everyone is controlled and in camps. Lol great. I ve never seen cvd but isn’t that supposed to be like flu which people with enough immune defense can ward off ? statistically speaking. Interview seems a bit biased though.

  44. Run the numbers yourselves and tell me if it’s overblown or not. The fact that the world is just waiting for a vaccine to fall in our laps that may or may not be effective is ridiculous. You do know even with a vaccine people still drop dead from the flu right?

  45. In 🇲🇾 Malaysia, the Govt implement Movement Control Order (MCO)/lockdown almost immediately after the case suddenly Up from 42cases a day (14March) to 186cases a day (15March).

    In May, Govt open up policy to bring in back Malaysian from other infected countries, then the Covid-19 cases rise back but under control.

    After 80days MCO, we start back our daily routine but need to follow certains rules..

  46. People need to take this virus seriously. Until a vaccine comes out, you’re only putting yourself and others around you in danger with your carelessness.

  47. All lies. Certificate of vaccination (cov) ID 19 is a HOAX. There’s no virus. Say no to masks, tests and to all vaccines. They don’t own you. 8/29/20

  48. unfortunately cases in vancouver, B.C. increased after residents travelling abroad returned from vacations. Not only did they possibly bring the virus but they also were not as conscious of the rules as people who stayed over the summer, as a result the total cases increased by 2000 and there are a few jumps occurring (today something like 100 new cases were reported).

    In general business are stridently following regulations. There are hand sanitizing stations everywhere, and business have attendents enforce (perhaps encourage is the right word because you cannot force people to do anything)social distancing.

    I’m proud to say that vancouverites are in general extremely conscientious, it’s quite interesting though to note the different levels of sensitivity between different cultural groups, here I’d have to give oriental peoples a big thumbs up… and brown peoples a big thumbs down (sorry, I’m just joking… but it’s true)

    Personally, I find this exhausting but it’s necessary and it’s the right thing to do, I hope everyone stays blessed throughout this difficult time…

    p.s. please don’t get offended at the use of the term ‘brown’ dear oversensitive white person….

  49. It’s easy to say make it level 3 so that people don’t go out anymore but you have to understand that unlike in Europe the korean government isn’t helping the businesses when closed so no one can get their salary when it’s all closed

  50. Welcome to the NWO, everyone.
    All over a meaningless test for something that provably doesn’t exist, reportedly isn’t even any worse than the flu (according to statistics that are wildly exaggerated), and for which all ‘preventative measures’ are _absolutely pointless_ since, were it real, we’d all ‘catch it’ eventually anyway. ‘Preventative measures’ therefore are _counterproductive_ in that they prevent ‘herd immunity’ and drag this out even longer.
    Thanks, Sheep!

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  51. Its all to
    blame to china they had stupid plan because there’s many people there i don’t hate chinese i just hate those who did or had plan especially who are behind this situation

  52. Malaysia is under good control. Our government is quite strict about the rules (eg social distancing and wearing masks in public). We will be fined and might sent into jail for days if we tend to break the rules, but mostly fine of course. For the number of cases, it’s now stay either in single digit or double digits and from what I read on news the number rarely goes up more than 30 cases.

  53. It’s interesting to see the contrast between how easily Koreans bow down to authoritarian measures/collectivist thinking versus the Western mentality of open everything up because it’s an infringement on personal freedom. Americans immediately want to return to normalcy regardless of case numbers whereas Koreans are all about locking everything down even if the data doesn’t necessarily support it, lol.

  54. I hate to say it, but Korea may need to do what Pennsylvania did during the Red Phase and Yellow Phase. It may be important to close non-essential businesses and gatherings for a bit so the numbers do not get out of control. The mandate to wear a mask to enter a business is controversial here (we even had a shooting over it in my hometown!), but the numbers in my area are steady and businesses are open, although the social distancing rules make it hard for restaurants. Level 3 sounds like our Red Phase. Now that we are in Green Phase in my hometown, it is not easy but it was worth it. Seoul should consider going Level 3 to flatten the curve. They don’t want the US has, and I do not want that for them either.

  55. My broskis i just wanna say i’m in cloud 9 rightnow cos i finally got my first ever korean girlfriend from busan and her name is annie. She’s pretty and hot af! We did it boys!

  56. Religion is so dumb. The cases in Korea have gone up again because people needed to pray to their sky king. Their dumbass religious views and conservative culture prompted them to do that stupid rally, too. Since the beginning of the pandemic, I had always believed that if the opposition party (the party of 박근혜) had been in power at this time, it would have been a disaster. They are proven to be incompetent and reckless.

  57. I own a small English hagwon in seoul. We follow all regulations, no more than ten kids in one class. Sitting at distance. I personally sanitize door knobs, chairs, desks, ventilation, masks, fever check… We have to close from monday (ok!). But then there r “one room hagwons” (sometimes more than ten kids packed together) n they can stay open. So now im losing money bc of the ban and possibly losing students bc other options r allowed to stay open. This sucks!

  58. Controversial thought but governments should just release crazy high infection and death rates and fake news to shock people into following the rules. Overblow the risk of infections to stop all travel and interactions and in a month or so, no more pandemic. But sadly, just wishful thinking.

  59. Religions in Korea are sect. (Lived there for 3 years) if you go to Korea, they’ll speak to you in the street asking “do you know where is hongik university ?” Then they ask you “are you traveling here ?”. In the end, they’ll ask you if you wanna experience korean traditionnal culture and lead you to one of there sect (church). Heard bad things happen to those who follow. DO NEVER FOLLOW THOSE GUYS.

  60. It’s so bad here in Brazil, that having 400 cases a day in Korea seems very little. We have over 1000 deaths a day here, so I wish we had only 400 cases a day.

  61. ⚠️Korean government failed to prevent the church meeting
    ⚠️Indian government failed to prevent the tablighi jamat meeting

    Results : Bang Bang Bang…….

  62. Sadly, aome people just won’t listen whether it’s here in the States or back home in Korea. Don’t realize they’re just prolonging this pandemic.

  63. It’s the same here in Italy
    Clubhouse has been shut down.
    And I heard another lockdown
    But it’s hasn’t been confirmed.
    I hope there wouldn’t be such thing
    Because I need to go to work and get money.

  64. The irony is all these people are out and about.. but then condemning the churches and rally’s.. so you guys are equally to blame.. the fact is true that they said masks are used as a armor end all be all.. and thats why this happened. Covid was always spreading but korea only contact traced.

  65. That protest and then that church…
    Seriously. People need to realize that even if the numbers are going down, they should still be vigilant about social distancing and keeping healthy; especially staying home & not going to work if you’re feeling even a little sick.

    I think if possible, you should avoid *ALL* areas where there is a gathering for any reason:
    – office
    – shopping malls
    – churches
    – grocery stores

    Heck, South Korea has a very strong system of online services & delivery systems so I think people should utilize the services to get groceries & food delivered, and order whatever it is they want through online shopping.
    The idea should be to minimize the spread to the absolute essential people.

    Practicing religion is fine. But to risk such a scary virus by going in person and gathering…Not worth it at all.
    For small business businesses, if it gets bad where they have to close, it could ruin many people’s livelihoods so the South Korean government should financially support those families that run their own businesses.

  66. I always assumed they would just be compliant and just obey their government. It just seemed like people that just do what they are told and don’t really think for themselves.

  67. What’s all this nonsense about the same churchgoers suing the government for incompetence in containing something they did?

    Seriously why are people over there bending over backwards to these religious nutjobs? The health of the citizenry is surely much more important than white Jesus.

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