Koreans Believe Foreigners Are To Blame For WHAT?!

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  1. I carry the Oncor brand of condom with me. Shameless plug since I’m sponsored by them for all my festival season needs when I’m in Korea ✌️😉

  2. I’m in love with these new random little informative videos. I don’t even live in Korea but it’s so interesting to me to see the differences between cultures.

  3. Lol for those planning to have a little fun on vacation or for those living long term in Korea 👌🏼 it’s nice to see it’s an easy process. Also, boy that price is so low 😱

  4. Hey yall! I love the information videos yall have been coming out with 💜💜💜 I’m going to korea in August so they’re a big help. You dont have to but could yall maybe do a in depth video on tax refund in korea for foreigners? If I’m not mistaken I think yall have talked about it, but I’m still confused 😅

  5. I don’t think it’s only Koreans who believe they can only get std’s from foreigners, I feel like its mainly Asian countries that have this opinion because for the majority of their populace, they are of their main ethnicity. It also ties with the tradition that Asians typically hold about relationships with their own kind. Other countries are more often diverse and again i’m not saying that other ppl from different countries don’t think the same, its just not as often because diversity is more accepting there. Its nice to see that checkups are pretty cheap and very easy to do. Everyone can get std’s and if you’re sexually active it’s bound to happen and its okay, its ignorance which is not okay.

    1. ​@Jay J Anyones first sexual experience shouldn’t hurt at all unless your doing it wrong.
      hymens dont always ‘break’ or bleed during sex.
      If you have a hymen at all

      many women who have never had sex dont have one

      and if they did it’s a high probability that it’s prolly not “intact’ because of daily life
      Intact hymen doesnt mean “virgin”
      That’s a myth

    2. in asia (china, korea, e.t.c) its statistically more common to a) cheat on your partner and b) frequent prostitutes.

      its not rocket science. yeah sure blame it on foreigners – this kind of attitude and ignorance is just going to make the problem worse

    3. Being sexually active does not mean you have to get STDs. If you have the sexual habits of a dog on heat yes, then you will get STDs foreigner or Korean!

    4. Koreans belief in this is because supposedly, Koreans were virgins until marriage, even though this has been a huge lie for decade due to Korean women always denying they’ve ever had sex before. This is why vaginal reconstruction surgery was very popular in Korea to reintroduce a hymen before marriage. I am not sure how it is now, but if you’ve ever slept with Korean women, especially in the past, I’m sure that you’ve heard several times that you are only the first or second person she has ever had sex with. Personally, I know I’ve heard this from almost every Korean woman and so have my friends, even with the women that have slept with multiple friends who said to each friend that they were the only second person they have had sex with. And this is from thousands of Korean women. It used to be that they claimed they were virgins until people realized that many first sex experiences for women include bleeding when the hymen is broken. In addition, the belief that foreigners exclusively give you STDs has a lot to do with the American soldiers stationed in Korea who have sex with women in Korea or those women who claim to have been raped by a foreigner and men claim it was their girlfriend who gave them the STD. Now, Korea has become more sexually liberated in recent years, but these old beliefs still hold true.

    1. Aleksandra M the main problem is not getting checked. I had several friends almost at the cancer stage. Don’t skip on your yearly check-up. Maybe I should say the Cancer Strain of HPV is on the rise which according to the Dr is the truth.

    2. only a couple of strains are dangerous – carry the risk of developing cancer (cervical women, throat men). most vaccines just protect you from the harmful strains, but some can protect you from a number of different strains. the majority of people will have some version of HPV – if not now, in the future – it’s incredibly contagious and spreads through contact with the skin. Most will not develop any symptoms e.g. genital warts and therefore not be contagious but there’s a lot of negative stigma associated with it. you don’t even have to be sexually active or have unprotected sex to catch it. you may have already had a strain and killed off the virus in your system. you can be vaccinated against the cancer causing strains but still catch one of the other strains . it can lay dormant in your system and your immune system could be compromised 30 years from now and you could develop symptoms. yes it can be dangerous – in some forms, but there’s also a lot of negative stigma associated with it. HPV is a broad term, it’s good to raise awareness but try not to spread misinformation.

    3. 8 of 10 people have a strain of one or other kind of HPV,(idk how accurate the study that I read was) it’s as common as Herpes almost, it matters a lot what kind it is because some lead to cancer and some are harmless. That’s why the obgyn is your friend 🙂

  6. We Fancy: Helping to keep everyone STD free.. Or check to be sure they are STD free! (Cause if I see another herpes lesion on these Kpop stars.. *shudders*

  7. For any girls watching there is an international obgyn near 교대 or Seoul national university of education called mediflower. The doctors nurses and reception speak English there too. You can go there for std testing or pretty much all your girly needs.

  8. It’s also good to remember that if you ask a korean if they are healthy and they say yes it’s not always because they actually did the tests but because they believe they can’t get it because they don’t sleep around every night with different people. I had 1 friend believing he couldn’t get it cuz you can only get it from foreigners (not true) and 1 that thought he could only get it if he sleep around with many ppl (not true), all that is needed is just that 1 person that didn’t check themselves or just don’t care if they spread it around as long as they get what they want. I hope they get better sex education in korea soon.

  9. If the condom breaks, don’t think about it, just go to the hospital and get the hiv shot.
    Anything else is (easily) curable.
    Right on the hpv part.
    Well done lads!

  10. Lol when he said “ if they ask you to come in, BIG trouble” 😂😂 that’s when you know you fucked up. Always wear condoms people! Be protected. Or don’t have sex.

  11. These two are so fucking awesome. All the shit you need but don’t want to spend effort finding summed up in a quick, to the point, informative video. Bless you guys.

  12. Koreans have more hook up sex than most countries. Seriously, never seen so many people hooking up so easily in my life. Ya’ll need to stay safe and wear condoms cuz theres too many teen pregnancies in Korea that nobody is talking about cuz these girls get shunned and eventually give up their babies. Fucking stop, so many orphans are korean it’s insane!!!

    1. That’s impossible… since my first and main language is English and I’m really bad at Chinese. If you weren’t being racist, you’d have said I sound like an American (or Canadian) guy speaking Korean. Looks like someone’s racist.

  13. Omg…how naive. I can’t believe Koreans actually think that only foreigners spread sexual diseases, so naive 😂… It’s called Sexually transmitted disease or sexually transmitted infections. So if Koreans are having sex, like everyone else in our world, then they DEFINITELY spread it at well. I can’t believe in 2019 people are so uneducated about sex. Blows my mind.

  14. HPV is nothing to play and can have some serious ramifications if left untreated. It is rampantly spreading worldwide, so get checked and stay healthy.

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