Koreans and Filipinos Discuss the #CancelKorea Movement | STREET DEBATE

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  1. 2:50 she thinks koreans are entitled people… she thinks the worlds need to adjust in a way of Koreans perspective.. hahaha Tiktok is a international social media platform used by many countries it is not exclusively use by Koreans.. every people every ethnicity every Nation have a differences.. don’t be so entitled lol..

  2. Sa taong nakaassigned maginterview sa manila, sana man lang sa ayala or bgc sya naginterview. Maganda na background at the same time mas madaming teenagers dun na aware sa issue about dito. Pinakita mo na din sana modern manila tutal marami manonood nito. 🤦🏻‍♂️ Anyway kudos!

  3. Koreans are still living in the past. Filipinos moved on. This girl 2:27 doesn’t believe what Bela said, the controversial tiktok influencer. Does she really know Bela in person? Move on Koreans! As if Korea was the only country affected during World War. that more than 50 years ago! It’s 2020 now!

  4. “I also felt annoyed because we were insulted by people we idolize”
    “When it comes to Korea, Filipinos support them a lot but when it comes to us, why do they have to make those sort of comments”

    sana all taglish yiiee mabuhay ang Pilipinas

  5. It is wrong that she got the tattoo that flag is the same as the Nazi flag, you cannot use it anymore under any circumstance. However when she got rid of the tattoo and apologized I think that’s good enough.

  6. So the flag of imperial Japan symbolizes Japanese colonialism and they don’t have the right to use it.
    Could we say the same the Union Jack??
    Since they also committed various atrocities to other countries.

    But I really think it’s subjective…

  7. I find it stupid when someone idolizing certain countries, especially if the reason is based on what they see in media. No matter where we live, each countries has their own benefits and drawbacks.

  8. Who started this cringy drama? Oh of course those teenagers on supreme court of twitter.

    I just can’t filipinos, I felt even most bothered if that dude on tiktok wasn’t even korean in the first place pretending to be someone else just to stir up drama. Why are Filipinos like this? 🙄

  9. This is actually, netizens (Koreans) don’t have right to judge a person’s (Filipino) personal choice tattoo. She can have any kinds of tattoo she wants. Koreans can hate that symbols (your business). But she’s not Korean and her own tattoo is not your business.. what a shame

  10. Its not even The Rising Sun flag 😐 its Heart inside sun rays 😐 You have bigger fish to fry SoKor 😐 your enemy is not our enemy. Just focus on NoKor they just killed an officer so what you gonna do?

  11. Can you do a street review for sei ashina Death she passed away two weeks ago she was 36 years old cause of death or suicide by hanging and yes I know it’s really sad I know but rest in peace for her ☮️🥀🕊🙏🏻😔

  12. Isang patunay ito na may somer ignorant pa rin na mga koreans regarding the issue. If you look closely in the tattoo it doesn’t totally resemble the Japan’s Imperial Flag. It is a heart with rays which i think it has different meaning for her.

  13. Why attack the whole country due to one’s offensive decision? One person doesn’t reflect the whole nation. I’m disappointed that people in Korea immediately reacted with racist comments.

  14. People are always trying to cancel something so that they feel like they made a difference in the world but in reality they are making things exceptionally worse

  15. I’m laughing out laud. Can’t believe this became an issue. Kids from Korea, get off the net. Kids from Phillipines, ignore and chill. Let’s enjoy life

  16. Whether she apologized or not, that doesn’t give Koreans the right to say and write such derogatory things towards all the Philippines. I heard the Philippines actually played a huge role and fought along side the Koreans… seeing how they’d call them all these derogatory terms after all they’ve done for them is disgusting.

  17. Some Koreans regard everything with a radial design as a Rising Sun Flag.
    Perhaps soon Hyundai will be forced to change the design of their car wheels.

  18. I wished Koreans had this same energy when they do something offensive to people of other races and ethnicities. There seems to be a trend here, they get upset and then their racism screams out. This is not the first time people are “cancelling Korea.” I won’t tell people how to feel about this situation, however, once again this could have been a teaching moment, but no….people want to be racist AGAIN.

  19. I feel like Koreans need to realise that not everyone in the world is going to automatically know their country’s history. I’ll be completely honest, I didn’t even know that Japan colonised Korea and other Asian countries (wends not taught it in the UK) but I did educate myself. Considering that Bella is American there was really no reason for them to insult Filipinos as a whole. I do find it ironic though that they’re so hard headed in offending other cultures (more specifically black culture) and sticking to their guns with it

  20. I understand why Koreans are offended by that influencer’s tattoo. But I really don’t understand why Koreans attacked and insulted ALL Filipinos…. They aren’t any better than white people that become hateful towards ALL black people because they had a bad experience with ONE. It’s ridiculous.

  21. I thought this issue are already solved. Why is it like they want it to become bigger again? The Filipino are already forgive them and apologized if they said bad things and the Korean People already apologized because of the mistake of their fellowmen. Hays! MOVE ON BRO!! DONT MAKE IT BIGGER!. I hope both peace for our country ❤️❤️🇵🇭

  22. If I know, who ever started this were just kids. When i checked on twitter, it feels like a kids fight. And so I decided not to invest so much about this issue anymore.

  23. From Singapore and Indonesia here – ASEAN nations are generally well aware of what the Japanese has done. We were shat on too – we feel your frustrations, Korea. But my question is, is she actually Pinoy? Or an American of Filipino descent? And she is currently IN America… So why were there people in Korea mad at the Philippines? Instead of the US? She’s an American influencer, after all. Please be kind to our Asean siblings… We’re already dealing with a bully trying to steal our ocean territory. We don’t need more fights.

  24. Oversimplifying this issue by saying that it’s just a tiktok video dismisses the deep seeded racism that exists in South Korea towards Filipinos. It really didn’t take much for them to open the flood gates of hate. Filipinos are kind- hearted, welcoming and almost naive in their child-like innocence. I think that is a beautiful trait. I would much rather that than live in a world where money and plastic surgery is valued more than the substance of one’s character. By all means Filipinos, forgive, but maybe in future don’t kiss the feet of someone who wouldn’t spit on you if you were on fire.

  25. I haven’t even heard of this issue until I came across the video on my feed. However, as a non-Korean and non-Philippines, this $hit is petty AF. Also, I got a query for that lady with the white top – let us assume that Bella had that tattoo without even realising the impact it has on Koreans, provided that when she got that tattoo, she didn’t even think about Japanese imperialism. Then, why should Koreans get offended..? Did she intend for the tattoo to be directed at her Korean audience? Why did she need to apologise in the first place for something that she had no intentions of doing? +

    Another interesting point is that being a victim of Japanese war crimes seems to be baked into the national psyche and while it is a good learning experience, hanging onto that as part of national identity is toxic, to the point where everything and everyone that had no intentions of creating that image, become an imagined threat. While I am not downplaying the crimes of the Japanese imperial army, Koreans do not have ownership of victimhood and bashing some random tiktokers for having a tattoo that PERCEIVED to be rude, is just cancer.

  26. 大体さー、どうして韓国人は旭日旗模様を目の敵にする訳?

  27. The historical problem about the RISING SUN FLAG that Koreans claim is counterfeiting.

    The current Korean opposition to the RISING SUN FLAG is based on the August 10, 2012 soccer game.
    Japan and South Korea faced each other in the 3rd place decision of the London Olympics held on that day. Korea won in this match, but the Korean bronze medal was in danger of being canceled due to the political performance of Korean player Jung-woo Park .
    Park feared the disposal and used the flag as an excuse.“There was the RISING SUN FLAG at the venue. I just got revenge.”it was like this.
    At this time, general Koreans also started complaining. This can be confirmed by examining Google Trends.

    Why do you think Park chose such an excuse? Because he was learning from Sung-Yueng Ki,Korean soccer player.
    He used racial discrimination against Japan in the January 25, 2011 soccer game and used the RISING SUN FLAG as an excuse.
    Koreans misunderstood that it was right because Japan show mercy and did not blame.
    It seems that it was not much talked about in Korea because Korea was defeated in this match. There are few traces left on Google Trends.

    Don’t forget to check the facts before commenting on me.

  28. crazy that tiktok is causing so much controversy… wasnt there another filipino-american tiktokker that got in trouble in hawaii for not quarantining? do the right thing… let’s get along. eat good food, be happy. smile.

  29. One. There’s no such things as a tik tok star. Its. Unstable as a yt star. Get a real job and everyone ban tiktok. The world would be at more peace. And ph ppl everyone I meet dosent speak English or find it insulting. Plus you all cheat in games and close them. Dont take that poor country seriously. They use pocket wifi for God sales

  30. I can guarantee that some people do get tattoos without knowing what it means, only on the basis that it looks cool (I have a few that I got impromptu). Korean don’t understand this because of tattoo stigma and tattooing is illegal. Either way tik tok is stupid, deserves to be banned and that girl is dumb af to tattoo a rising sun on herself and all the bullying of grouping people because of one person’s mistake is absolutely absurd and childish

  31. I still don’t get it… why attack a filipino with their issue to the japanese people. Kung alam lang nila kung anong nationality ng mga soldiers ng japanese imperial army… when they raped Manila and Luzon back ww2. Hindi lahat sila hapon…

  32. Not exactly a petty issue bcuz it involves one of the darkest side of their history but it just became really petty when unessary insults and comments arise that triggered a lot of people. This is social media everything can happen with just a click. As what kuya said. We are all responsible on how are we going to educate ourselves. Let’s just spread the love ♥ 🇵🇭

  33. This is just plain stupid.

    First of all, Bella Poarch is American Citizen (not Filipino)
    even though she’s Filipino-American.
    So why the hate of Filipinos and not on Hawaiians or the Americans?

    Second, she’s in Hawaii where there are lots of Filipino and Japanese Descent,
    again not in South Korea.

    Lastly, by their logic, they should also ban the Philippine Flag
    since it also resembles a Rising Sun.

  34. That first girl who said that the tattoo was made to criticize only Korea pisses me off, like sis Phillipine was also colonized by Japan??? Japan colonized more than 25 countries so go educate yourself before making comments like that. What you say represents your country, the racist comments made by those Koreans really show that no matter how good a country looks, its not that pretty on the inside.

  35. Sorry to say but Korean netizens can be incredibly immature and toxic towards women. I love some kpop and kdrama but that isn’t the reality of that country that struggles with sexism.

    We’ve all done and said dumb stuff without fully understanding the history/meaning/background/consequences. For example, non-Chinese people have gotten tattoos of Chinese words that turn out to mean something vulgar or nonsensical.

    By the way, I’m not Filipino… in case some of you might be thinking that I’m being biased. As the saying goes, don’t throw stones when you live in glass houses.

  36. People mistake their admiration towards Kdramas or Kpop to be a product from a perfect society but it is well known fact through various reports that koreans are pretty short tempered and racist.

  37. Everything started with Ki Sung-yueng’s excuse. Prior to that, the Rising Sun Flag was not a problem.

    January 25, 2011 AFC Asian Cup Semifinal Japan vs Korea

    Immediately after Ki Sung-yueng decided the PK, he imitated a monkey

    It is regarded as a problem by the media

    Even though he made excuses, he couldn’t escape and the Rising Sun Flag (actually it doesn’t exist) in the audience
    To justify oneself because it was fueled by nationalism
    Make up a lie and blame Japan

    Since then, the Korean media has defended him and began to consider the Rising Sun Flag a problem.

  38. The younger generation nowadays insulted by simple tatoo and other people’s preferences and started racists attacks. I say the Korean youngster becomes too fragile.

  39. Being aware of each other’s culture and history is on point! Many Filipinos actually know that Korea, China and other Asian countries were also colonized by Japan, but I don’t know how many Koreans know that Filipinos were actually also colonized by Japan. If they had known that, those particular Korean trolls would have been less self-centered in criticizing Bella Poarch and Filipinos. They should also learn the good things other countries did for their country in their history, and not only the bad things, and with that, I mean how Filipino soldiers help them fight for their independence from N.K. I admit that a lot of Filipinos are toxic and call Koreans “plastic” but majority of Filipinos love Korea and they are willing to fight other Filipinos to defend Koreans. I hope that Koreans would also defend Filipinos to other Koreans. 🙂

  40. Korea: cancels Philippines because one AMERICAN tiktok influencer has a tattoo that “resembles” the rising sun imagery; gets angry because other people don’t know about Korean sensitivities.
    Also Korea: does blackface but doesn’t understand why people get upset; looks down on people of color; responds to perceived slights by making racist comments; believes in the concept of Korean “pure blood”; ignores the fact the other Asian countries also suffered Japanese occupation but have chosen to move on instead of harping and dwelling on the past.

    Ironically, the “rays” from the Rising Sun motif is also widely used by the US Military in many of their patches, who are on Korean soil right now helping to deter NKorea from attacking the South. But I guess no one is going to complain about them, huh? Sadly, I suspect that the girl who assumed the worst intentions of the tiktok influencer is the norm in Korea, and not the exception. Korea has lost its shine for me years ago – stopped buying Korean brands since back then.

  41. koreans do racist… not all.. but most of them…. they look down on everyone by the look especially when u have dark skin…. poarch do apologize cuz for her not knowing about that rising sun flag and she promise that wont happen again and will acknowledge herself and everyone…instead forgive her the koreans mocking all the filipinos….. support for the philipines….

  42. Lmao! that is why social medias are toxic, its easy for people to spread hateful comments from one another fake news everywhere ,there are far more important things in this life we should focus on to be better than these nonsense tiktokers who are cringe worthy and wasting your time.geezzzz

  43. When I was a kid I want to go to Korea but now that I know their true colors …. I will choose Japan, Japanese people and anime.. I like the Japanese rising flag too 😉 cuz the meaning of that is not Nazi or bad thing ,the meaning of Japanese rising flag is good so stop Korean lie.. some day I will tattoo the Japanese rising flag in my arms and travel the world….
    u disrespect our country so don’t expect that we will respect u 😉
    Yours truly from pilipino

  44. 나라마다하고 사람마다 나쁜 것을 했어요. 이기적임이 큰 문제라서 용서하는 법을 배워야 해요. 용서하면 회복할 수 있겠지요. 뉘우침도 중요해요. 하지만 싸움이 두 사람 필요해요. 그래서 만약 한 명 사랑 해주면 상태가 좋아질 수 있어요. 우리 다 사랑 필요해요.

  45. It was definitely wrong for the Filipino to tattoo that offensive symbol on her arm and I don’t condone it at all. However, some Koreans are not very educated when it comes to black people and use the excuse that they are not “educated”, “didn’t know” etc when interacting with black people. Double standards and hypocrisy🤦‍♀️

  46. As a Filipino, one thing I can ignore in this issue is one knetz calling those Filipino soldiers (those who fought in Korean war) “dogs”. Those soldiers who died for your country didn’t deserve this insult.

  47. Pag wala ng Palabas ang Koreans sa Bansa mabubura din yan sa paningin ng Tao. Dati sikat mga telenovela ng mga Latino yong MariMar ni Thalia, tapos yong original Meteo Garden ng Taiwanese.. after non na invade na ng korea dahil sa advertising and other things that promotes their entertainment. Dapat ganon din sana ang Pilipinas mag promote para lumaki ang kita 😁

  48. In my opinion, the South Korean people are too traumatized with japanese imperial flag,

    why don’t we make peace with Japan?? after all the past cannot be changed.

    can south korean study learn from Indonesian? indonesian people can make peace and befriend with Japan even though it was once colonized during world war 2

  49. Filipinos shouldn’t give in Korean’s sneaky harrasment. Filipinos should do what you believe is right. Korea tried to arrest a Filipino ambassador to Korea for sexial harrasment, saying they are seeking justice. On the other hand, Newzealand tried to arrest a Korean diplomat for sexual harassment, what Korea did was to interfere with the arrest. Korea has that double standard. Do Filipinos know Many Korean volunterred for Japanese army and also fought against Allies with Japanese soldiers? They claim they are victim of WW2. but they are perpatrator. We shouldn’t be fooled by Korean’s anti-japanese propaganda.

  50. Not to mention, the koreans expected that all asians knew that they apparently hate japan??? Like you dont even know that filipinos suffered under the japanese military. U expect that everyone will know your countrys history but you cant do the same?!?!?! Talk about entitled

  51. Some humans fight over a small thing,they can’t even imagine how much we and our life is small in this vast universe.
    “Smile and silence are two great things. Smile is the way to solve many problems and silence is the way to avoid many problems.”
    “Empty mind is the home of negativity.”
    You will get nothing by fight but regret. Love everyone that’s the only way to make your life worthwhile.
    Have a nice day. <3

  52. I don’t know why Filipinos idolize Korea when Filipinos are EXTRAORDINARY themselves. Filipinos also dealt with problems from Japan so the fact that those specific Korean people have the nerve to call Filipinos uneducated? Ironic. Korean people do many offensive things themselves and should also check themselves. I am pretty sure that influencer did not have Korea on her mind when she got the tattoo… but I can understand how it may seem to Koreans. Historic scars are hard to get rid of when no resolution has been made.

  53. Everything related to Nazis is offensive to Jews. The world justifies it.
    Everything related to Japanese Imperial past is offensive to Koreans. The world justifies it.
    But if Hindus/Indians get offended by Islam/Muslims/Mughals and their symbols, we are called Intolerant and hatemongers?

  54. So my question is that korean who commented it did she know that Filipino supported them
    Nah i don’t think so why didn’t she 🤷‍♀️.Why didn’t she remember why only japanese.
    those war doesn’t affect me and yet we re just passing it cmon were not living in those time get used to it do you think the war only happened in Korea its literally everywhere now in the arab or some part asia are still on war and being raped why not help them and look here you’re totally fine

  55. Korean history is not philippines or other countries history. dont involve other countries about your conflict with japan and their risingsunflag. dont force other countries to follow your countries do and dont’ s
    Bella is not korean shes not living in korea…..so she’s entitle to do whatever she wants to her body. its none of your business as korean’s
    so’ why this koreans blaming bella. whether she did that on purpose or not. the world does not only revolve for you guys (korea/koreans).stop being superior.

  56. 2:47 “I thought she purposely did that to start to fight or because she doesn’t like Korea” lmao what in the narcissism. because God forbid everybody should know korea’s history

  57. we Filipinos are kind and friendly..i think most of my fellow Filipino people didn’t take it seriously.. except the minors or the immature ones..😆 I still love koreans their culture and foods..hihi.. but the means,let us burry them 6ft under alive..joke! ✌

  58. Filipino’s laughing to koreans when they say that we don’t know what they thru by the japanese war between korean. LMAO we the filipinos or our country experience that too.

  59. Why koreans care about smb’s tattoo? Who gave you the right to be harsh at them, it is their willing even if they’d support god damn imperialistic japan

  60. Tbh, koreans are too imposing of their history to other people. They must be aware that not everyone in the world will feel the same way of that rising sun symbol as countries have own histories and cultural values as well.

    More importantly, the video was posted publicly so I don’t think they have the right to criticize her as it was not even meant to specifically offend koreans in the first place.

    The lesson here is that we must respect our cultural differences and stop racism 😅

  61. Is it right to demand ppl from other country to know your country’s history? If you ask the Koreans abt America’s history or Europe’s history, they won’t even know a thing. So why are they expecting ppl from other country to know abt their history.

  62. Even if all koreans promise that they wont be a racist. It will forever in their mindset and mentality to look down on south east asian countries just like the japanese imperialism, it will stuck in their mind forever.

  63. A Filipino, unintentionally – not knowing what it is (which is definitely possible. i have seen many such tattoos; people don’t take ’em as seriously as you’d think)- puts a tattoo of something that looks like the Japanese imperial flag… on a TIKTOK video that had nothing to do with any of this. And a country is enraged. Wow. Just. Wow.

  64. I only have two conclusion when it comes to this :
    1. I found cyberbullying is really bad in South Korea. Sometimes I even feel like “oh, it’s a south korean thing” because of how bad it is. How many famous S. Koreans that ended up killing themselves from cyberbullying. This girl even removed her tattoo and yet they’re still cyberbullying her. It’s not her responsibility to walks on the eggshells just so you guys won’t get butthurt.
    2. I think those South Koreans kinda forgot that they’re not the only people that were affected by the war. Philippines, Indonesia, and other countries as well had it bad but we get over it. It was a war time era, people had different mentality back then. It’s better to forgive, don’t forget and learn from our history rather than holding grudges and demand everyone to understand you. I think it’s pretty childish.

    Don’t get me wrong, I do have lots of respect for S. Korea as it has a very good culture and it’s growing fast. But I still do feel that their attitude towards this issue (and other cyberbullying) is just cringe.

  65. I don’t understand. A tattoo – even if offensive to some – is a personal choice. I’m sure she’s not the only person with a rising sun tattoo. Why are the Koreans after her?

  66. Is anyone actually surprised that it’s a gen z girl on Tick Tock who got a tattoo without realizing the history behind it and the blowback that it would cause? lol

    Maybe stop shaking your ass to vapid pop songs aka attention seeking on mobile apps. And instead pick up a non fiction book and start learning something.

  67. It’s funny because some Koreans were claiming that it looks like the rising sun symbol. Well, it looks like the symbol but not exactly like the rising sun symbol. There’s a big difference. Lol. Anyway, those Koreans don’t represent the entire Korea so I just let it pass. I didn’t make a fuss about it. One thing that I just don’t understand is why some Koreans still continue to be offended by it and still have resentful thoughts and still continue to hate? That must be exhausting. Lol. Not only Koreans suffered under the Japanese occupation but the Philippines too. Claiming to suffer for decades under the Japanese is no match to the sufferings the Filipinos suffered for “centuries” under the Spanish rule. Not to mention under the Americans and the Japanese as well. Do we hate the Spaniards, the Americans and the Japanese? No! Do we hold grudges against them? No! It’s in the past. It’s done. It’s over. There’s nothing we can do about it anymore. So the Filipinos buried their past, kept the lessons and moved on. Let’s build bridges, not burn them. ✌️ ☺️ 😊😍 😘

    “Bury your past, let flowers grow where they lay.” – Rachel Wolchin

  68. Literally No One:

    The guy in a blue shirt on the thumbnail look smells good and do also had handkerchief at his back (baby type 🥰🥰) Hahaha 😂😂😂

  69. The Tiktok who had the tattoo grew up in AMERICA…. Most people doesn’t know what it symbolized.. If the whole country of Korea knew what it means, doesn’t mean all the American people knew it too… Philippines was also colonized by the Japanese but not all are aware what that tattoo means….

    Koreans hates the symbol but they shouldn’t force others to hate it too…

  70. 韓国人の旭日旗批判は、2011年のサッカー選手奇誠庸によるモンキーセレモニーから始まりました。当時、韓国人選手による侮蔑的な態度や韓国人サポーターによる政治的な応援が問題視されていました。それを覆い隠すために彼ら韓国人は旭日旗をスケープゴートにしているのです。それが彼らの民族主義と国粋主義の肥大化に後押しされるようになりました。それ以前は、韓国を含む世界中に旭日旗デザインの商品があっても抗議されませんでしたし、自衛隊の艦艇が旭日旗を掲げて韓国の港に入港しても抗議はありませんでした。


  71. I kind of understand and sympathize with Korean people for reacting negatively, I think its called “trauma response” they felt directly personally attack by one persons tattoo when one could debate they shouldn’t have reacted in an elitist, racist way.. I understand korean people have had their experience denied by Japan very dryly and unfairly and perhaps they expect the whole world to understand their country’s history, yet not everybody gets universal history in school, or any education in many cases. I connect to their rage because I feel the same when I see Americans or Frenchmen using Che Guevara symbolism… they may not know or actively ignore how he helped detonated many genocides accross latin america. I am extremely offended by that person but I dont think many people dig or care to dig into the history of many things because any and many faces or symbols become so bastardized on the internet. So Im open to forgiving the ignorance but not the continuation of ignorance after the fact.

  72. I can understand how that flag is offensive but it’s very stupid to hate a whole country because one person used it.
    Also they should put in the school history books the signification of this flag. In my high school they were doing it while talking about Japan in WWII (I’m in France).

  73. In the first place, you are deceived by Ki Sung-yueng. He used it as an excuse because he was pointed out that he had discriminated against in a soccer match. Koreans began to criticize the Rising Sun Flag in line with it, only nine years ago.Before 2011, Koreans never blamed the Rising Sun Flag. If so, please give me proof, it’s only 9 years ago, so there are many.

  74. 80 % plastic surgery????? Ahahahaha thatswhy some of korea say, pinoy
    is uneducated. 80% Its so nonsense. Who spread this rumor?
    This rumor start from japan and taiwan. I think that pinoy want to believe that. Whatever true or not. Cause koreans too tall, white, good looking compare to pinoy. But do not spread rumor. Its not good

  75. Personally I understand the pain coming from the Koreans because of the negative connotations attached to the Rising Sun Flag. However, stooping down to as low a level as racism to combat racism is just not the right move. If you result to racist insults then you aren’t any better than the issue. Is it so hard to educate someone without being racist and not resulting to personal insults?. There is so much information and history in this world that it will be impossible to be familiar with each and every single one that’s why the idea of “learning” and “growing” exists because people can be freed from their ignorance by learning and being taught and people can and are allowed to grow from their past mistakes and toxicity. Also Bella grew up in the US where the Korean history may not have been taught and it isn’t in an environment wherein she is exposed to Korean culture. She said she was inspired by Jhene Aiko and didn’t know the meaning of the tattoo which could be true because she was also stationed in Japan wherein the Rising Sun Flag wasn’t held in a negative light. There are so many places in the world that don’t hold the Rising Sun in a negative light and don’t even know the painful history it holds for Koreans. So it was truly an honest mistake. Just why is it so hard to educated people in an educated and kind way.

  76. I will never understand why ppl get offended because of every little thing. Especially a past they’ve never experienced. Most of thos who were offended, probably weren’t even, or barley born in the same century as WW2 =/
    I hope ppl don’t start getting offended at every country, for still using the same flag activly as they did then.

  77. 넷상에 올린 코멘트 하나가지고 나라전체를 보이콧할 생각을 하다니 ㅋㅋ 동남아 사람들도 한국에 대해 인종차별적인 코멘트 많이 남김. 케이팝 외퀴들 얼마나 많은데 ㅋㅋ 그렇다고 동남아 전체를 보이콧하자는 븅신이 어디있냐? 아무도 그런댓글 신경안씀 어느나라 어딜가나 나쁜댓글 남기는 놈들 있는거지.

  78. I like hearing opinions from people. I actually find CancelKorea interesting. But it should be called CancelRacism, this was a great opportunity to educate both countries about their culture and history. But as you expected from Twitter, they were just being egocentric and causing more hatred to each other. I was very disappointed that instead of touching these senstive topics to create constructive criticism, they actually made a drama with irrational comments.

  79. I wouldn’t be surprised if the Filipino “influencer” really didn’t know about her tattoo resembling Imperial Japanese flag, ignorance and stupidity is expected from these so-called “TikTok stars” anyway

  80. The Korean girl in white shirt and pink facemask said that the Tiktoker girl Tattooed it to start a fight and said that its ridiculous that she doesnt know the history. NOT EVERYONE KNOWS KOREAN HISTORY. I KNOW PHILIPPINES HISTORY, when Japanese invaded Philippines. But we filipinos forgave Japanese, we moved on.

    Spain colonized the Philippines for 300 years, followed by the USA for 48 years. What I am just trying to say is, despite of those experiences that we had, we learned how to go on with our lives, keep the smiles in our face and above all learned how to fight back when its needed.

  81. Now tell me how a person who is from a different nationality who happens to have Filipino blood in her is made to represent an entire country she is not even from? Racist side of Korea takes advantage of every opportunity they can find to look down on other east asians. That is it. You want to hold someone accountable? Hold the girl accountable, not an entire nation lol

  82. I have a friend who lives in korea for 3yrs (her mom is working there) and since she’s a native filipina automatic her skinstone is tan and she said that there’s a lot of racist in her school calling her some names and so on.

    I don’t generalized this but we and my friend can’t deny the fact that Some of Koreans are naturally racist.

  83. But I feel everyone’s over looking the fact that there’s huge racism and colorism among the Asian community mostly East Asian projecting their racist agenda on south East Asians for being poorer, darker, shorter etc. Most but not all East Asians find themselves superior than the south East Asians is an all known drama which no one wants to unfold. Like Lisa from the kpop black pink band being attacked for being thai and saying she isn’t pretty or fair enough and what not. Or that lily may Mac girl got attacked calling her ugly dark etc by Korean fans cause the kpop Kpop idol praised or followed her or something . Its sad to see cause kpop and Korean culture is much loved everywhere around the world but then when these south East Asian fans idolize them this much only to find out that they are treated as lesser and belittled by most of the people it really raises the question. It’s like among the whites the Germans think they are superior. I live in east Asia and it’s very clear what’s happening . I just feel we should open up about sick topics and incorporate more dark skinned Asians etc in mainstream media too. Any famous Philippine or south East Asian girl or influencer pops up on a global level some East Asian haters will equally pop up. This is so common being an East Asian myself when that Bella girl started to become big my roommate who is an East Asian like me commented saying she’s pretty but she still dark and short and probably has nose job etc like “she’s pretty for a Philippino” kind of tone . I’m just stating these cause I just feel it’s time to talk about it.

  84. Rising sun is a very common and widely popular design. Its use is domain free, applied to many products and fine/industrial art. Korean activists are going extreme, attacking almost everything which just “look like” rising sun. Even though their wartime grudge is valid and justified at home, it should never go beyond the Korean border. Their obsession and policing to nitpick are big turn-offs, and end up curtailing free speech and expressions.

  85. Are you serious? Why is it an issue to begin with even?? Because of what? A tattoo? The world’s economy is crashing and you have the audacity to spread even more hate on each other?? Both the koreans and the filipono should be ashamed of themselves. Instead of uniting, the world is searching what or who to hate on next, who will be the next victim of this cancel culture. This is just dumb and infuriating.

  86. Koreans were being too sensitive. We Filipinos also experienced the brutal occupation of Japanese from 1942-1945, but since it happened a long ago, we just think of it as a part of our history although there are still movements asking for the justice of comfort womens during those years, we still try to forgive them to what they did but we’ll never forget.

  87. I think Indians are far better in this. How? India was a colony of Britain for a century but we never care whether anybody do something like this… Actually isn’t she a Filipino? How come it bothers Korea? …come on you need to grow up

  88. I just dont like the way (the korean girl in white) saying things in a way that only korean suffering from japan during world war,

    And really like the philippines is ready to forgive…

  89. There’s so negativity in this world man (͡° ͜ʖ ͡°).. If a person unintentionally did something, we as humans should be the one to forgive them…
    I know that Korea shares the same sentiments with Japan as India & Pakistan shares with the Britishers..
    But I can’t blame an Indian born Britisher living in U.S.A., having a tattoo of the British empire on his/her hand while dancing on a bollywood song & making a “TIK-TOK” video….🤦🏻
    Is it even worth discussing 🙅🏻
    Don’t try to make every little thing national or anti-national on social media 🤷🏻
    On the other hand as far as I know (maybe I could be wrong) Koreans & Philippines people shared the same ruthlessness by Japanese during WW-II…
    Maybe Koreans were affected the most, but Rabindranath Tagore once quoted Korea as the “LAMP OF THE EAST” due to the kindness he saw in Korean peoples eyes (when it was still a colony of Japan)…..
    So, rather than dealing on such pity issues we should face some reality check on the more critical things that’s happening in the world right now…
    Peace out ✌🏻

  90. Please don’t fight…korea and Philippines are good friend..just forgive your friend they are not know about it.Give them a good advice not scold and angery at them..be gentle and love. I am sorry English is not my language.. Peace.Bye

  91. This is blown way out of proportion only because everyone bored and stuck at home because of covid. Im Korean with filipino wife and a bunch of filipino friends and they are the most genuine people I know. Don’t let some retards effect the relationship of a whole country. This is so dumb.

  92. Korea Colonized over 35 years while Philippines colonialized 300+ years by spanish not mention Japanese and American too. But we don’t need to plant some nerves to it, Because it’s a part of our history even you fight and forced bella poarch to remove it nothing change about history and It’s not a Imperial Rising sun they similar bit yeah its difference only stupid people said that, ‘thats actually the flag” duh

  93. You can see how bias they are. I’m not GENERALIZING Koreans but hey! Bella is FIL-AM and those Koreans who bash her sees her Filipino side not the American side. It really shows how racially bias these people. Why attack Filipino, tbh way back then I just don’t like people degrading others according to their races. Do you think yourself superior? just because your country has famous people to offer or rich and were not? Who cares!! Educate yourself first!

  94. I find it childish that blaming TikTok for all the problems here, especially when India and USA poor relationship with China is going to affect the mindset of the people here. Pretty hypocritical I say, especially blaming South Korea for being upset and being nit picky, but universally agreed that TikTok is the problem, I don’t use TikTok, I don’t watch any of them and so far never really care. but hilarious that the users who are just nationalist fanatics rally around some CHINA conspiracy to TikTok to conquer the world, when it’s just a silly video app for people to share their 15 seconds of fame. Blatant racism is what I say, especially seeing people here who deeply hated China for successfully contained the virus while both USA and India failed spectacularly. And don’t worry, I live in this spectacular failure.

  95. Korean blame japan do war crime in Korea. But japan every years said sorry to all country…

    And korea not say sorry to vietnam? For war crime in Vietnam war?

    And korean think us ( S.E.A) not sufering from japan to??? 😂😂😂


  96. Why do you generalize Koreans with what some Koreans have done? Conversely, would you feel good if Filipinos commit crimes in Korea and Koreans generalize and curse Filipinos?

  97. I wan to say to few dumb comments..What does it matter that the Philippines was also a colony by Japan? Shouldn’t we be more careful with each other if we have the same experience? And I’m 20s Korean and I asked my friends about this debate, and only a few of them knew. I think it is because the most users of TikTok in Korea are teenagers…Anyway, I think the Korean’s reckless attacks on the Philippines was really wrong and also the Rising Sun Flag of TikTok woman was of course behavior to be criticized.

  98. SO… An *American* teen with a tattoo symbolizing *Japanese* imperialism triggered some *Koreans* to badmouth the *Filipinos* , causing more *Filipinos* to lash back at more *Koreans* , while no one is talking about:
    #1 For those that are defending the girl for not having ill intentions, the fact that she got such a controversial tattoo is likely because American education is just bad and teaches very little on Asian history (or any other non-America-centric global issues), making her uneducated at best.
    #2 Besides ethnicity, she probably has very little to do with the Philippines and the Filipinos that actually live there.
    #3 At the core it is a problem that stems from Japan’s imperial past, not Korea or the Philippines, both of which had suffered from Japanese imperialism. It is a shame that so many people today would still not accept that Japan had committed atrocities across Asia a century ago.
    #4 National pride is important, but we should also realize that people from other countries are proud of their own. It is meaningless and wrong to badmouth other countries just because of a few hotheaded individuals.

  99. This is the age we have come upon… People being hot headed and irrational leading to issues that should never happen in the first place. Not just Koreans or Philipinos. Social Media overall reactions are just over the top and unreasonable.
    I am happy to see both sides are aware of the what is going on and that the average joes (not the internet “warriors”) agree that both countries should just move on. This stopped being an issue when the Philipino celebrity said she was going to remove the tatoo.

  100. We have forgiven the japanese, why can’t they? And if we can forgive the japanese, then we can forgive the koreans. Mabuhay tyo ng walang galit sa puso natin

  101. Both country have this toxic citizen. I’m only disappointed that both parties handle it in a most childish way.. But yeah it’s already finish, I hope it won’t happened again.

  102. In the first place, the Rising Sun Flag should not be compared to the Nazist Swastika. There are several historical recognition issues between Japan and South Korea not solved, but the Rising Sun Flag has its own meaning for Japan, not specifically in the way they’re saying. I don’t think it’s right to impose aggressively only their side of the story to others like it’s 100% truth in this way, specially by doing it in a racist and agressive way. It’s very disappointing.

  103. Some koreans love to mocked other countries as if they are high and mighty ,first the vietnamese and now the filipinos,they never stop being racist to their other fellow asians. .

  104. I only heard about this on twitter, where toxic people are. People there are always emotional and reactive as if the world revolves only around them. 😆
    I think Bella really didn’t know what it meant, she just got the same tattoo as her idol. She’s also more American than Filipino so why is there a need to hate Filipinos?

  105. Philippines were colonized and eventually suffered as well on the hands of the Imperial Japan long ago. One TikTok star does not in anyway reflect one country’s stand on this matter. It is always complicated to talk about the past. She apologized for her ignorance of the world history, so it’s kinda unfair to say that she purposely tattooed it in her arms coz she’s hating South Korea per se. Seriously? Let’s all move on people! Let’s just love one another. Is that so difficult?

  106. Please just stop hating each other! Please do research who divided Asian countries! Who is getting benefits from this hating each other! Please stop believing only text from your school….

  107. As an African American,

    I side with the Koreans on why they dislike someone who has a tattoo that symbolizes the dark part of Korea, I know the history of comfort woman and Imperial japan and that’s just awful, the Filipino Influencer knew what the symbol represents, she gave the “oh I got caught apology”. So long story short, I’m on the Koreans side they have the right to dislike someone who mocks the dark history, hopefully the Filipino gets some education … in the future

  108. for the information of korean people not only korea colonized by the Japanese but also the Philippines, this is the era where we have to forgive and move forward. we need you apologies KOREANS.

  109. 2:57/15:02 seriously? It’s ridiculous not to know what the flag symbolizes? Did she even go out from her cave? She’ll be shocked of how new generations in PH did not know that flag symbolizes. It’s simple most filipinos have moved on! Now, I’m wondering if this koreans will go to u.s how will they react? People in the U.S use that flag as a design for tshirt, bandanas and for sure she’s not the only one who has that tattoo. Me myself didn’t know that flag symbolises until now. And I do admit I like the look of that flag. If people can’t accept changes about the flag then don’t go Japan. Isn’t it a slapped through their faces? It’s okay not to forget the past but we have to accept the changes or else we cannot move on it’s not the way to live a life.

  110. Not everything revolves around you korea. How do expect someone else to know what is offensive for you? And sorry you want everyone to know about your history??? Do you know about the history if the Philippines? Or any other countrys history for that matter?? Entitled much???

  111. I don’t like the girl wearing white shirt and pink mask.. Seriously?it was intentionally tattoo to make issue? It’s right to criticize her? This girl is dumb I guess. Bella is not even a KOREAN yet she apologized for those who offended by her tattoo. Reverse situation, I won’t tolerate or sided my fellow Filipinos for doing wrong act.Well racist and descrimating are happening all over the world. The media took over this issue so much.Sometimes I don’t use social media, it’s toxic.

  112. I’ve never been so disappointed in Asian Boss, anything that has to do with tik tok stuff please leave them out. Tik tok is such a toxic app and full of problems that I absolutely do not want to hear about.

  113. I think most people seemed quite reasonable talking about the issue, but that Korean girl at the beginning who claimed the flag on her arm was a personal attack against Korea is insane, the flag is older than when Japan occupied Korea, it has no ideological “anti-Korean” meaning, it is more realistically a symbol of Japanese Imperialism and expansionism, not a good thing but nothing specifically anti-Korean, and Japan also invaded loads of South East Asia too, and big chunks of China, it wasn’t a war against just Japan and Korea, I think she needs to educate herself before claimed such absurd things

  114. *_”just because of a stupid tiktok video”_*

    People just comment on whatever’s in front of them without knowing the full context. Makes me puke.

    The tiktok was just catalyst, the grudges, indifference, etc goes way back.

  115. The man in 9.00 min said so true that the Koreans are racially discriminating against other asian countries and being rude and racist. Koreans like pale people from Europe more compared to other foreigners..there are many cases now.

  116. As a Korean, I’m definitely slightly offended by Bella Poarch’s tattoo but I believe it’s something that can be forgiven since she’s apologized and admitted to her mistake. And I apologize on behalf of the toxic group of Koreans who thought it was okay to say derogatory things to the people of the Philippines as a whole. But please please don’t cancel Korea and attack us as a whole too. It literally breaks my heart to see all the pain Korea’s gone through get disregarded because of a controversy that started on tik tok. Let’s all just try to understand each other and spread love. Please.

  117. Filipinos are not oblige to know the culture of korea.. their hatred towards japan should be contained in korean peninsula only…
    Bella Poarch is a Filipino 100% Filipino living in the US, she is only oblige to know the Filipino Americal history !!! Rising sun tattoo has a different meaning thank the rising sun flag… people should know the difference… koreans should move forward coz the did the same to Vietnam.

  118. Those problems arised by some worthless fellows in social media and now the whole country dealing with such an issues,, if u want to go against someone’s thought just go for that person and don’t make such unworthy controversy

  119. Im so sick of people combating hate with hate. That if someone has an opposing view to another their first instinct is to inflict pain. Both sides of this socialmedia frenzy are wrongfully inflicting racist comments and actions, that can have reprocutions for generation. I understand history and culture is important, your oppinions are valid but not when it is to inflict pain. An eye for an eye makes the world go blind. Instead of coming together to inform each other, we are are taking sides of the oppinions of a minority of people. The fact is these racists and bigots are only a small group of people, but it is generalizing the greater part of each nation.

  120. Even Koreans themselves admit that there’s a lot of racist in Korea. And it’s not just from tiktok, there’s always a conflict several years back and has continued even now, the difference is that one country has reach the boiling point.

  121. The whole thing is too fishy. Most likely the dangerous provocateur was sponsored by some corrupted foreign organized gang elements or foreign interest, with the intent to divide Filipinos from South Korea and even divide from Japan — all in one shot. Now think which interests might seek such a positive scenario from which to exploit for one’s greater agenda ?? It could honestly be numerous interests, so it would be hard to dial it down to just one, sure. That said, Tik Tok imho should be suspended for at least a month to allow for users to make a self-check and re-set.

  122. But also didn’t they think that symbolism all around the world are so varied and different, one culture / country might take it as something offensive while other country would take it as something good, why would they base only from their own, and taking the most negative perspective and attack /foreigners/ who clearly don’t have the same cultural opinion as them…that’s just ridiculously immature…

  123. What I don’t understand here is that the Philippines was also colonized by Japan, yet many Koreans react as if they were the only ones concerned by Japanese colonialism. I am surprised that some Koreans have such a self-centered view on the issue. That makes me wonder how this part of Asian history is taught in Korean schools.

  124. I think South Koreans have to understand that they are NOT the only victims of Japanese colony and comfort women. Taiwan was colonized by Japan for 50 years (1895-1945) which is 15 more years than SK. Taiwanese have already moved on and let the past to be the past. South Korea is overly sensitive and competitive when it comes to Japan which is not good for mental health.

  125. Both country have their fair share of insult to each other so I guess, they’re even. It doesn’t make any sense at all if people continue to be so pressed about this issue. Maybe we should just leave it all behind and move on. Racism against racism ? it’s just so toxic and pointless at the same time.

  126. Don’t call this Korea vs Philippines
    Most koreans even didn’t care about this issue except for tiktok or twitter users….and filipinos maybe also

  127. Since Chinese people are blocked from Tik Tok international version ( I know, Chinese app blocking Chinese people)…. They are not joining to blame. But Japan did crazy things to Korea and China as well

  128. Dear Koreans and fellow Filipinos, we should all be above this issue. It’s too petty for our own sakes.

    If Filipino tourists visit Korea and happen to commit something that is against Korean custom or culture, they could be excused by the locals because they’re tourists – they’re not required (perhaps encouraged) to know about the custom and culture. So I can’t help but wonder about why they took offense of Poarch’s tattoo. Do Koreans really expect Poarch to know about the Korean history behind that flag tattoo before she got it? I believe Poarch shouldn’t have apologized. It’s too petty.

    Moreover, mga kababayan ko, buong banyagang bansa talaga ika-cancel natin? Sino ba tayo? Kina-cancel na nga natin ang isa’t isa sa sarili nating bansa, gagawin pa natin sa Korea? We’re better than this. Peace! 🙂

  129. what? those 2 Korean girls specially the one wearing white said Bella should have known what her tattoo meant and said she did it on purpose!!!! everyone can use those sun rays…. why do they have to associate it with their country’s past always…. Bella has apologised and explained her side….still it’s so outrageous of her to think that way

  130. Filipinos became offended because foreigners especially of east asian descent usually are racist to SEA people. Because many SEA countries are still developing countries and the people in general have tan/brown skin that east asians do not like. It’s true that in any country there are racists and crackheads but I hope they try not to generalize the whole country. The Filipinos that were posting about the beauty of the Filipinos started because the racist Koreans were belittling them saying they were brown and uneducated.

    I hope racist foreigners try to know first what’s really in Ph. So many islands and people. There are 3 classification of beauty in PH. The mestizas, morenas and chinitas. They probably keep seeing the morenas. So they assume everyone is morena and short. There are morenas that are pretty. The ones that are usually good looking to their standards and educated don’t go online to upload Tiktok videos or be keyboard warriors online because they have other more meaningful things to do. There are also tall Filipinos. Though the majority of Fils are shorter. I am a Filipina. My height is 178 cm. (Though it is not common to be a tall Filipina woman, I and my sisters are all tall because our dad is tall.) Some Filipinos even think I’m Korean or Thai. Whenever I go out of the country, I am asked usually where I am from. They can never guess that I am from the Philippines. They usually are quite surprised and say, “You don’t look Filipino.” I say to them always that PH is a diverse country and they should try to visit to see the people and the amazing places in the Philippines. I think they thought Filipinos have only one look.

    The past is the past. They’re not the only country that suffered before and colonized. The fault of the people from the past shouldn’t burden the people of today. I do understand the that this is a very sensitive topic for them so they are very emotional about it but the world can’t keep adjusting so just they can’t be disappointed or agitated.

  131. Just admit it some knetizens are really toxic even their own idols committed suicide because of their derogatory and trashy attitude. I came from Philippines, though I can’t deny the fact that we also did something wrong because of that hashtag but to tell you the truth it wouldn’t ended with that “cancel korea” when most of knetizens generalize the Filipino for whatever insulting words to say to us. I am a kpop and kdrama lover but due to that event recently I have made up my mind as not to be a fan anymore of koreans, maybe I am the only one (I guess) but who cares thanks for the experiences 😅 and lastly we may have our peace in social media but it won’t change my decision anyway.

  132. the real issue is not most of us mostly Filipino does not know what the Japanese flag symbol means to Korea coz we are not aware of what happens between Japan and Korea that’s the point. I guess even Bella Poarch is not aware of that issue too so why those Korean attack Bella instead they explain etc. and the sad part they immediately blame the whole country just because of the mistake of one person who does not know what issue japan and Korea have. and as a Filipino it hurts to see in front of you that other nations spit and tear the flag you fought. for those are the bad things they started without asking first if we know that deep issue between them.

  133. “These days, there are angry ghosts all around us. Dead from wars, sickness, starvation, and nobody cares. So – you say you’re under a curse. So what, so’s the whole damn world.” – Jigo

  134. The Koreans have always blamed the Rising Sun Flag for Asian countries, but in reality only the Koreans were making noise. That was completely overlooked.
    Koreans are free to dislike the Rising Sun Flag, but Koreans who force other countries are unusual. It is the Koreans who have to give proper history education.

  135. they said we are uneducated but the truth is they are the one who are uneducated. they dont even know that the philippines played a big part in their freedom. also note they come here in our country to learn english. The main point in this issue is we need to understand each other bcoz what sensitive for you is not for the other person. For bella she is not supposed to apologise for that bcoz its her own body. but she did apologise just to pleased those toxic knetz.

  136. This is ridiculous behaviour from those that leave these comments and create issues out of thin air for clout. Of all the issues in the world right now why add on to it with nonsense? Again, people have this false sense of security that typing away hate filled comments about others they’ve never met is safe and ok since they are at a distance. It’s all fun and games until she dies or each of them become targets. Guy at 11:46 knows what’s up, people ought to start being the supposedly intelligent animals they are. Heck even nonhuman animals don’t fight amongst each other in times of crisis. Smh.

  137. Variations of the rising sun flag have been used in Japan since the 7th century with the most famous iteration having been used since 1870, 40 years before the Japanese occupation of Korea. So for the Koreans to be so offended by a cultural symbol of Japan is extremely sensitive on their part. The occupation ended 75 years ago. I think it’s high time to let bygones be bygones. Maybe it’s just a product of S. Korea being the social justice warriors of Asia. I don’t know.

  138. *Stupid social media influencers with little to no brain, i think its alright to laugh at them, they deserve hate for their stupidity, it’s their stupidity that makes them popular anyway.*

  139. Is BTS having a concert in Japan? Isn’t that kind of like hypocritical if so.koreans are so triggered by Japan? But no, they take it out on poor Filipinos, hmmm..

  140. Filipinos be hypocrites like: Let’s forgive and forget. Love one another.
    Change South Korea to China and they’ll show their real colors, racist and bigot Filipinos at their finest.

  141. I’m surprised that this is still an issue…I’m from PH, and I love Korea and Japan 🤗! Stop the hate, pls. educate, and then move on. PEACE 😊

  142. I mean she said she will get the tatto removed 🙄 why is it still a thing 😂😂

    i think constant usage of rising sun flag isnt appropriate, especailly when japanese empire’s wrong doings hasn’t resolved that well, nostalgic / fantasizing that era and its symbols seems wrong.

    But at the same time korean people attacked black dude on social media when he accused a korean kid doing black face… so i dont know.
    If korean people dont respect other cultural taboo, why should people from different cultures should respect koreans’??

  143. The tiktoker in question was most likely not well verse in history. Escalating this issue is ridiculous and unnecessary. Apologies from many parties are needed and some form of discussion towards reconciliation should be made. Other issues that arise from this incident were already present. Changing perceptions begin with the self before it spreads to the many.

  144. to hold one person accountable for a whole country for a tattoo that she got on her own and none of you guys paid for but easily criticize and assuming its meaning wtf is wrong with yall…..?

  145. Sometimes I think, is Asian Boss or Korean Boss? Because the contents of ​​the Asian Boss Most of the presentations will go mostly in the way of South Korea. As if the Asian Boss took South Korea as the center Then people have to revolve around you.

    however, Whatever works for you.Whatever makes you happy.

  146. I think it’s stupid to generalize an entire race because of one person but Bella have the most HALF ASSED apology on Tik tok as well as not knowing the significance it also had in the Philippines

  147. Ok n yan! Tama n yang isyung yan maglubsy n kyo WAG NYO NG PALAKIHIN pa! Enough of this issue koreans already post thrir apologies same thong with filipino so please enough for this issue. To Koreans komman hae, to filipinos tama n po..

  148. So tired of all the social justice warriors all over this. It’s okay to be pissed off Filipinos. You don’t always have to be a doormat or the forgiving one. Quit idolizing Korea, or any other country for that matter, and you won’t get hurt. Idolize yourselves and your own country more.

  149. I’m dying laughing when i watch this articles.
    Ahahahahaha..correct me if im wrong.
    If we Filipinos are uneducated tell me why so many koreans learning english from our country!! WTF!!!! NOW TELL ME WHO IS UNEDUCATED???

  150. Yo german pinoy here, i didnt even know about the korean japanese history. But I do know about the filipino japanese history. Someone should not think everyone knows everything. We should stop thinking that everyone we know has the same knowledge and instead getting angry or laughing at them we should educate. Love, Peace and Respect.

  151. Kinda crazy how people are cancelling *entire* countries because of some dumb girl on tiktok.
    Bella is just one girl. Not a country. Same goes for Korea, why are people cancelling the entirety of korea when it should be aimed towards the koreans that are actually racist?

  152. I’m Korean and while yes the tattoo looks somewhat similar to the Japanese war flag, red concentration lines are used in colored comics and animations quite a lot in action scenes and THAT tattoo wasn’t even meant to be a Japanese war flag imo

  153. This situation is so blown out of proportion. Both nations must work towards educating and respecting one another, especially since the issue being pressed tackles a common oppressor. It is ultimately our goal to tell and remember the harsh experiences our grandparents and great grandparents went through under Japanese rule — and we must learn to march forward with this in mind. We should not generalize entire nations by the wrongdoings of a few individuals, but we should not tolerate the maltreatment coming from both sides. I hope this petty little issue won’t tarnish the diplomacy Korea and the Philippines have developed through decades of war and struggle.

  154. Please correct me if iam wrong,
    My country was colonized by japan and it said that japan treat us worse than the dutch, but i never heard of my people having issues about this rising sun flag, and it also said that the flag was not purposely used only for war it was exist even before the war.
    I believe that koreans are sensitive about this because korea and japan kinda “not in a good terms” for some reason.
    Sorry if i got it got it wrong, feel free to correct me

  155. That one korean girl really thinks Korea was the only country that suffered under Japanese occupation and has the audacity to say Filipinos need to be more educated? I’d probably get behind in the CancelKorea trend but I support ending racism way more. Let’s move on. Stay in school, kids.

  156. In the United States the rising sun symbol is everywhere, I didn’t understand its connotation, it’s so similar to the current Japanese flag — a lot of people here in the US like the look of that symbol. Like kanji it’s used in a lot of clothing and merchandise for the aesthetic appeal, I can absolutely believe somebody would have a tattoo of it here without knowing the connotations of it, we don’t understand that it’s equivalent to the Nazi swastika to a lot of people (well *I* do now and will try to be more careful about it in the future).

  157. One thing i don’t understand is, why koreans have to care about her tattoo? Didn’t they know that we have different history? Why do we, filipinos have to care about their history? This issue shows that the world doesn’t revolve only for them(vice versa)

  158. Kami mga pinoy ay sinakop din ng japan nong kanilang pamamayagpag madami silang ginawa sa mga pinoy na di maganda tulad nang pang aalipin din sa aming mga kababayan nong araw,anjan ang ginawa nilang sex slave ang mga pilipina tapos pinag papatay pa mga lalaki pati mga sangol inihahagis paitaas sabay sasaluhin ng bayoneta ng mga hapon,pero ang di alam ng nakakarami ang mga gumagawa noon sa mga pilipino ay ang mga koreano yan ang sabi ng aking mga lolat lolo na nabuhay nong panahon ng japon pero ganon paman walang galit ang mga pinoy sa koreano at japan kaya masyado lang naging sensitibo ang mga koreano❤✌

  159. Folks at Asian Boss! You should do this with India and Pakistan. It’s a deep wound for both countries and this type of interview is an excellent format for the issue.

  160. Hello, ok so I’m not very familiar with non indian history in general, so would anyone be kind enough to explain why the tattoo is wrong, conepeltoy fine if you dont feel comfortable, I just like to know things. I can obviously go on wikipedia and I did but I think what a certain something means to people is just as important as the facts surrounding it.

    Edit: lol the video explained it just after that, still if anyone feels like weighing in,, feel free to or don’t.

    Anyway, more power to both Filipinos and south koreans!!

  161. Some koreans act as if they are the only one suffered from japanese occupation. While in fact, many asian countries experienced the same. The southeast asians were even colonized by western powers for many years bcs they rich in natural resources.

  162. This Korean girl on 2:30 is so entitled
    do you think Korea is the only country colonised by Japan?
    Big No! Phillippines also Colonised by Japan, and those symbol did not affect any filipino whatsoever
    Before you Criticized other country for not knowing your history, YOU SHOULD LEARN about their history also, otherwise you just put your country to shame.

  163. Can these K-Netz stop? They are always quick to attack people. The girl didn’t know about the resemblance and did a mistake. Y’all also racists as hell so stop being so butthurt.

  164. Me watching this video :
    Also me as an Indian wearing a t-shirt with the UK’s national flag printed on it which has a tag written made in china while watching this video : 🙂🙂🙂🙂🙂🙂🙂🙂🙂🙂🙂🙂🙂🙂

  165. Big bruh moment. It’s just a tattoo. Why get affected by it so much and catastrophise it to this degree. People need to critically think more man…

    And even if historically that’s a controversial symbol. It happened so long ago that there’s no point in holding on to it’s past meaning. It just creates unnecessary suffering and ignorance. What’s funny is that the one’s who gets affected by that so much didn’t even live at that time, so why are they so triggered by it? Trolling? Social and cultural conditioning? Either way it creates pointless conflict that could otherwise be avoided if people learn to think for themselves…

  166. What Filipinos fail to acknowledge is the fact that Koreans look down on Southeast Asians in general. What the Tiktok commenter described as “poor, uneducated, and short” was really how they view not just Filipinos, but also Thais, Vietnamese, etc.

  167. Filipinos and other asian countries is also a victim of colonization of japanese emperialism not only korea Filipinos know alot about that flag not including Bella poarch cause she is half american not a pure filipino although she lived in hawaii right now …

  168. SK should move from the past. Japanese also invaded mu country and many were killed, slaved by them but now 2020 and japanese has remorsed what they did in the past. Japan new generation also hates what their ancestor did in WWII.

  169. Most of the filipinos are hypocrites and racist, I’m not saying that I’m on the side of koreans but as a Filipino I noticed that racism here is on another level. They are not even aware that their remarks are displaying racism

  170. Koreans still living in the darkness of the past
    Pilipinos are living in the present and time to come
    Most of the Filipinos are Christians and Bible believer forgive and forget leave everything behind
    Move forward

  171. To be honest, ppl shouldn’t idolize K-pop artists the way they currently do. K-pop is a business that prays on idolization of the fans to milk out money from them. You want to watch/listen to K-pop, it’s fine, just don’t idolize it and become a zombie

  172. Fun fact hahah got this from Korean american…
    Bella Poarch is a Filipino American but she lived longer in the US.
    If Bella has dual citizen why is it they insult ony her Filipino ethnicity only? How about her being an american citizen? Are they afraid to Americans but not Filipinos?

    Their media always portrayed PH as the most Dangerous country so Koreans would stop coming in here to Ph.

    Time will come, you’ll see Ph rising again.

  173. 댓글들 개오바.
    아시안보스는 일본이 한국에 한 짓들을 대강이라도 알려주고
    욱일기의 의미와 일본이 욱일기를 공식적인자리(예를들면 올림픽)에서도 당당하게 사용하려한다는걸 알리든지 해서
    욱일기사용이 왜 한국인에게 화가나는 일인지 대충이라도 알려주고 나서 인터뷰보여줘야하는거아니에요?
    아시안보스 이래서 안봐요 댓글보다보면 너무 짜증이남.

  174. So what if she had a tattoo in her arm of the rising sun? Just because that we like a country and you don’t you have nor right to hate us, y’all have the highest wifi signal and yet y’all don’t educate yourselves, don’t forget that we where colonized by Japan too🤨

  175. People in Korea are angry at the Philippines because of one girl who lives in the US and people in the Philippines want to cancel Korea because of ONE girl who lives in the US…..OMG 🤦‍♀️

  176. I’m a Filipino and as for me, it is okay for a country to hate a certain country who colonized them. Hating a country who was once colonized their country makes them become so powerful. After all, Filipinos were the who started. They’ve been insulting Koreans even before that happened. They say Filipinos are friendly but that’s a fake news. I’ve seen a lot of racist and toxic Filipinos and those who live in a slum area, most of them are toxic, gangsters, arrogant. As for the racist that I’ve mentioned, they live in a Metro Manila, they think they’re superior now, they’re looking down on Bisaya, on their behalf(countrymen).

  177. Thank u for making this video and helping me realise hw stupid we r to bring up the most silly issue into a huge controversy and the responses made me realise in wht kind of a nutshell i was living in. Ppl are so open minded and accepting and thts great. The way Filipinos xplained their part and they r the most logically thinking ppl i guess. Putting controversies on such a minor issue tht too bcoz a few individuals frm another country put on racist comments is honestly stupid. Instead of just criticising the other nation here Filipinos accepted their mistake and asked to spread love. So did the koreans even though some of their responses were annoying.

  178. The first South Korean girl was rather disingenuous and emotionally driven. It’s quite impossible to not realize, as a fellow Asian, that the then Korean nation wasn’t the only one invaded by the Empire of Japan during its militarist heyday. South Koreans, such as herself, aren’t the only ones allowed to hold certain views towards the subject.

    Besides, claiming the Rising Sun Flag (Kyokujitsuki, 旭日旗) as a “war criminal flag” is too much of a stretch considering that its existence and usage predate World War II, hence excluding this particular period from what it actually stands for. The flag/symbol itself has a deeply-rooted history going as far as 12th century. Many notable aristocratic and samurai clans featured the symbol in their mon (emblem) such as that of the Ryūzōji clan (1186-1607). The Rising Sun Flag was formally designated as the official army flag and naval ensign in 1870 by the Meiji government, alongside the Flag of Japan (Hinomaru, 日の丸).

    The Kyokujitsuki cannot be likened to the Nazi swastika —an ancient Asian religious symbol found in Buddhism, Hinduism and Jainism, and hijacked/misappropriated by the Nazis in Germany— as the latter was randomly selected by the Nazis to symbolize their political party or movement, while the former represents Japan, as “Land of the Rising Sun”, and its history and identity. The only Japanese wartime flag/symbol that should earn real contempt is that of the Taisei Yokusankai (1940-1945), the political party responsible for transforming Japan into a one-party totalitarian state during WWII. Fortunately this symbol is banned in Japan.

    Lashing out at an entire nation (Philippines) because of a Filipino-AMERICAN influencer’s tattoo —an honest mistake— is simply inane. It is racist, ethnocentric, supremacist, and only promotes bigotry and misinformation. People like the first girl interviewed should stop assuming the world revolves around their country, and that others should think and behave like them. The entire controversy wouldn’t have happened and grew this big had people made factual research about history and not succumb to unfounded nationalist assumptions.

  179. No matter… How hard I think.. It still doesnt make any sense… Colonialism ended ages ago.. In all of the Asian countries.. Why such a huge fuss… Around a tiktoker???

  180. Bruh… I mean nobody knew what that flag meant until now. I’ll be honest if it’s a Filipino-American kid then they grew up in America and it’s obvious that they don’t know about that flag. To most of them it’s something related to Samurais or something. I mean so many people get Chinese or Japanese character without even knowing there meaning. I think it’s childish to get triggered by it. And tearing up their flag and spitting on it? Not cool.

  181. This whole thing is immature. Like why give a fck about someone else’s tattoo?? Just mind your own biz. The world does not revolve just for SoKor. Watching this video made me see who is more educated among the two nations

  182. So Filipinos are cancelling Korea even though someone who is Filipino put an offensive tattoo to Koreans on their arm? If K-netz were racist to Filipinos, shouldn’t people be better than the knetz instead of dropping to their level and insulting them back?

  183. Many Korean are racist to foreigners many Korean look down on foreigners that real talk. Korean stereotype that’s why I don’t want to go to Korea don’t idolize Korea idolize your own country fake beauty capital of the world southKorea

  184. I’m staying off the internet for a while. some people are just idiots and i need a break from hearing people acting like children for the sake of my mental health. ugh.

  185. Imagine a Fil-Am who is living outside the Philippines is being represented as a pure Filipino. Koreans hated Filipinos for that Fil-Am who lives in Hawaii. She is not a pure Filipino….doeant even serve the Filipino people but Americans…so please do not compare us Filipinos to her. She and her family abandon Philippines…so please do not compare the whole Philippines to her…and her fault is not the fault of the whole country.

  186. So does Korea think the world revolves around them? They can just choose to not be offended by something that the rest of the world doesn’t really care about. Most of East/Southeast Asia were abused by the Japanese, get over it. The girl doesn’t have to get that tattoo removed.

  187. Korea is not the only country invaded by the imperial Japan. Historicaly Philippines was also invaded by japan and our grandparents were also victims. A lot of them were raped, abused, murdered, tortured but Philippines chose not to be dragged with our history but we chose to move on.

  188. One thing for sure Koreans are for sure self-centered beings , so sensitive about a topic not knowing we were also colonized for damn longer compared to their country! 3 major powerhouses conquered us for god sakes. Mga Pusa tlaga!!! Meowmoewmeowmeow no wonder Chinese see them that way! Retokada na , mga doble-kara pa. Don’t start me with it I encountered a lot of them in my country mga mayayabang, taas noo lagi kala mo artistang naglilibot sa mall. Not to mention maa-anghang magsalita!

  189. Lol the fact that the girl thought the tiktoker got a TATTOO just to spite Korea. Where is the logic? At that point, you have to look in the mirror and say “get over yourself”.

    It was simple ignorance.

  190. Now that Koreans understand how it feels when someone is not educated on an aspect of history can Koreans STOP doing blackface. It is OFFENSIVE and needs to end

  191. korean hate tatoos first thing first,,even co korean has they hate them,,its just lame from this people.they have issue for everything,no wonder so many people commet suicide frm their country.

  192. I have a korean friend and we discussed the Japan era in both our countries. It’s not just Korea who had it rough. We also had the infamous Battle of Manila that you will see in Intramuros. When you hear the stories and see the aftermath photos, your heart will break. So this is a sensitive topic to both nations but it should not lead to cancelling each other. History is there for us to learn. Let’s not go backwards. I love Korea. I was there and I’ve seen how nice the people is. And Filipinos are, too.

  193. So wait she is going to lazer removed a tattoo on her body because others like the girl in the white sweater thought she did it to purposefully anger Korean people? She isn’t Korean nor from Korea. I’m not from either of these countries but I know Korea wasn’t the only place ravaged by Japanese imperialism. Especially knowing what they did in the Philippines. She didn’t get the tattoo to piss anyone off she got it because she liked it. This is a very dumb thing to have happened and I feel bad for that influencer who felt she had to REMOVE A TATTOO. to appease others. The self importance of some of these people is astounding.

  194. To be honest, the tattoo wasn’t exactly like the the flag. It was a heart with red rays behind, though it looked similar to the rising sun flag, it would be very borderline to just bash the girl without knowing her side. Like, i as an indian would have get that same tattoo made bcs i dont know about koreas history, but then they would just bash me.

  195. You could’ve just asked Filipinos in english. They can answer you in english. But of course I can’t blame you if you needed translators for South Koreans in this random interview…

  196. There are more important issues in the world than unintentional tattoo on a young kid. You cannot judge a whole culture or nation by one child… ridiculous.

    Don’t Koreans know that the Filipinos were also invaded by Nippon; Filipinos also have exactly the same issues as Koreans during WWII? I was born when the war just ended over 75 years ago in Manila. Growing up in poverty, both my parent suffered financial, mental, as well as physical injuries attributed to the Japanese invasion. The war took its toll! However, the irony of life, our whole family moved to Yokohama. I studied and graduated high school in Japan. Living in Japan, one quickly learn that the Japanese people are not “the same” ruthless invaders for the war. 55 years after leaving Japan, I always have a soft heart for my childhood friends in Japan and we often have our yearly reunion.

    It is destructive to hold a grudge for years. Please learn and understand the past history; and apply it to prevent another reoccurrence. When you live in many different cultures, you realize that we are all the same in this small world call earth. Many times government do not reflect the people they represent. Local politics hinder much need apologies from Japan to Korea; but realize people are people.

    …enough said from an old fart like me… peace to y’all!

  197. Tattoo is Art, Art is a symbol of Freedom. Bella Poarch don’t need to apologize bcuz she has its own meaning on that tattoo, if you korean hates that then respect it even they like it or not. 💯

  198. I find it weird that Koreans can express how a certain symbol insults them but when you try to explain certain symbols and etc that insult black people, or explain colonialism in Africa and how that’s affected modern day images and relations, they don’t get it and chose to remain a bit ignorant 🤷🏼‍♀️

  199. I think these cancel culture has gone way out of hand and has become nothing more then some dumb people angry. They don’t really solve anything a lot of the times.

  200. I just find it alarming how many of my country men look up to foreigners rather than their own, its pretty sad too because we want to be better but how can we be better if we don’t support our own 😕

  201. Japan was in the Philippines during WW2 as well. I think the Koreans who complained were too sensitive. Personally, I thought the tattoo was beautiful. It was her body so who cares whats on it.

  202. Why Does Asean Countries patronizing so much about going to korea?. specially Indonesia and Philippines?. What’s so good about them?. Where in fact, China, Korea, and Japan is really a bit racist towards their asean counter parts. The only thing i like and observe is that, Indonesia and Philippines are really bond or friendly to each other. Even there is an issue between malaysia and indonesia, it seems like Asean countries are more united and friendly. Unlike China, Korea, and Japan, Those 3 Asian Powerhouse seems like They only Care about themselves.

  203. Welp this is why I moved out of KOREA. There’s just so much stupid social media controversies in SK it’s just straight up stupid, last time I went to SK was when my grandma was suffering a stupid condition, and just because I was not white skinned, (I’m also pretty loud at public), they were looking at me in a strange way. I mean, SK it’s just like China.

  204. Ethnocentrism means using your own cultural standards as a frame of reference to judge someone else’s cultural standards and worldview; instead of using the standards of that particular culture.
    It’s as absurd as insisting we use the laws of Country A to govern Country B which have absolutely no relation with each other.

    Is it right to expect that the entire world knows everything there is to know about Korea? Probably not.
    Because the world doesn’t revolve around Korea.

    And we don’t expect Korea to know everything there is to know about the world either.
    This is simply a fight between kids that got media attention.

    한국인들은 인종차별주의자인가? 네
    필리핀 사람들은 인종차별주의자인가? 네
    한국인은 모두 인종차별주의자인가? 아니요.
    필리핀 사람들은 모두 인종차별주의자인가? 아니요.

  205. the problem here, are the SKoreans kids who can’t “move on”… you can’t even use the word “move on” here… most of us are generations of people who didn’t experience that hellish incident in the pass… its like, what rights do i have to be angry at your child just because you didn’t pay your debt… ahahaha

  206. For me, This is to all koreans out there. If you hate someone please be specific mention the name if it is needed but, Do not generalize the hate that represent the whole country or ethinicity bcuz we filipinos never lost a fight and we’re lookin for beatin.
    Its enough that he apologized and never ever do it again. Thanks god, that most of us knows how to hold anger and being patience.

  207. Is there actual beef? Do Korea not know that the Filipinos also were murdered, enslaved, and raped by the invading Japanese Army. Sure what the Japanese did to Korea is horrible but the Philippines weren’t spared. But it is true the Americans liberated the island nation before that of Korea.

    But Korea has had bigger issues that of the Chinese who they seem to be close with and Korea has more recent mass deaths due to the Chinese military than that of the Japanese invasion of Korea more than 70 years ago.

  208. Correct me if I’m wrong, but weren’t both the Philippines and Korea both colonized by Japan? If so, this seems like a strange controversy to have. It seems like the tik tok influencer needs to take remedial history classes.

  209. really?…we have been colonized by Japan and many other countries….but we don’t give a damn about some random tattoo of anyone….and TikTok is a dumb platform for dumb people..

  210. I mean… to be fair, culturally and historically, the flag of the rising sun can be equated in significance to the nazi flag, especially to the Korean people because of the cruelty they suffered under that flag well before and during the second world war. Of course, people outside of that cultural bubble wouldn’t understand what is so controversial about this flag, but as a person who studies history, the flag can understandably be put into the same category to the nazi swastika in these places. Given the whole history between Korea and Japan, this hopefully can be understandable to others looking in from the outside. However, in this case, this whole drama seems more rooted in unnecessary escalation, social media fervour and instances of racism, rather than what started the controversy in the first place. In conclusion, this controversy has nothing to do with what the flag represents, and is just people being big dumb dumbs.

  211. How did this even get this far ? It’s a red heart tattoo with red stripes. There are so many things we can point out that follows this pattern or color scheme. Are we gonna cancel lollipops ? Cancel Christmas because the candies have red/white stripes ? Everything can be an issue nowadays

  212. It’s wrong to generalize people. She apologized, so we must accept her apology. Nobody is perfect. If it weren’t for the Philippines soldiers who helped South Koreans, Koreans would not have a democratic country with thriving economy.🇰🇷👍🙏🌈💜🇵🇭

  213. I’m kinda annoyed when someone said that maybe she purposely did that to start a fight or because she doesn’t like korea and she’s being more on the side who criticize her. Who the f#:” will waste some money for tattoo just to mock or insult a specific nation? I bet she didn’t know how some Filipino soldiers from the past had fought and died for her country in Korean war. She should’ve been educated on how to look into both sides of the story just how some of her countrymen did in the video.

    The Philippines also experienced violence against the Japanese in the history but that doesn’t stop Filipinos to incorporate Japanese culture these days.

    On the positive note let’s appreciate these Filipino / Korean interviewees who have a better perception about diversity and acceptance.

  214. To all Koreans or other people who can’t let go iloveyou… we respect the hurt you have please have peace both in your heart and mind don’t pass your hatred onto the next generation. The past already have enough… be our future have peace. Live to Love not to hate😊

  215. 2:44 this girl right here is soooo close minded asf. In the very first place Bella Poarch actually doesn’t need to remove that for the sake of you guys the tattoo doesn’t even actually really a flag in fact there’s a human heart in it but you guys concluded that it was a rising sun flag. And putting a tattoo is someone’s freedom it’s their body why does she need to remove it if she’s really not intended to hurt someone else’s. She even apologized to all Koreans even she doesn’t really have to. Ghorl we Filipinos will not always going to adjust for you. I know that flag really meant a lot to all Koreans but remember you guys are not just the country colonized by Japan. We suffered too. Our ancestors even had experienced death March during Japanese colony. Anyway that’s all. Still Spread Love not hate. Stop concluding something bad about each other.💓

  216. I wish other countries that were colonised gave this same energy to their colonisers rather than loving them, we’d see a lot more progress in those countries for sure (not talking about Philippines specifically)

  217. This girl @2:25 who sided with those who criticized the Filipina Tiktoker with the tattoo, yeah I get it she put a tattoo of something which is offensive to Koreans. So I understand why Koreans would get mad at the tattoo that this Filipina girl had because it resembles the Japanese Imperial flag and it reflects on the bad history that Korea has had with Japan. I understand this. At the same time though, she apologized to Koreans for putting some tattoo on her arm that was offensive for them and some Koreans took it way too far when put all Filipinos in the same category as her, calling them stupid, uneducated, and poor like really guys? Come on. Also, we shouldn’t expect non-Koreans to know everything about Korean history, especially the ones that are interested in Korean culture and are trying to learn the Korean way of life. People need to learn to give grace to others sometimes. Instead of attacking this Filipina Tiktoker, who has made the mistake of offending Koreans and apologized for it, give her grace and tell her about your history and talk to her about why her tattoo was offensive to Koreans in a civil way. If we cannot be civil to each other then there’s a problem. Now you guys made those who love you and your culture mad. And I am saying this as a Korean American. Please stop the madness and let there be peace between Korea and the Philippines.

  218. That’s first girl is acting like the whole world revolves around Korea lmao. Not everyone knows Korean history. Y’all shoulda just educated Bella’s tiktok ass LMAOOO

  219. that girl who say’s,”I thought maybe she purposely did that to start a fight or doesn’t like Korea”, think Korea is the only country who suffered from the Japanese invasion, girl you need to fix your thinking, you need to study history more dumbass…

  220. I used to be a hardcore fan of kpop,kdrama etc and even dreamt of becoming one.But after i watched a Korean actress insult the PH in tv,I felt disapointed and sad,because in my mind i was like “Is that really what they think of us??” So for years i pretended like she didnt meant what she said (the actress) But after i visited korea and experienced racism just for being Filipino (Let me tell you i’m more on the lighter skin side,and despite being lighter skinned youd expect me to not be discriminated on,BUT NO.They dont care if your light skinned or not,if they dont like your nationality THEY WILL DISCRIMINATE YOU)

    I still listen to kpop,but i wouldnt say im a hardcore fan like i used to be.I realized that i would rather hardcore support my local Music (OPM).

    Edit:I would like to add that not all the Koreans i met discriminated me,but they definitely kept their distance.

  221. Wow that Korean girl from the first interview thinks that every country should adjust to their history and culture. You are so entitled girl wake up, the world doesn’t revolve around you alone. Do you even know other country’s history too? And I’m rolling my eyes haha 🙄

  222. well.. you have the right to hate Japan. And she has the right to love Japan, or whatever country in the world she wants to tattoo on her arm.. It is her arm ! For God’s sake. She does everything she wants with her arm. Every country has its own story, and if you are gonna hate someone because he/she has a preference, then where is the maturity ? People, please grow up. Do not spread hate ! We’ve had enough hate on this planet !

  223. So if this girl was white, black, Hispanic, there would be no issue. Her tattoo wasn’t a political statement in the first place. It’s a piece of art on her body that she paid to have. Y’all too insensitive for taking a tiktok so far from reality.

  224. I feel like this is the asian equivalent of having every derogatory term for minorities on your arm tattooed in America, but because we are used to that crap it’s not really news anymore

  225. The victim card will always be raised by South korea. Don’t use it for they are the sole victim of the Japanese Imperialism.(also please be reminded of the atrocities koreans have done to vietnamese and filipinos during the vietnam war/world war 2)

    South Korea isn’t innocent
    To 🇰🇷 and 🇯🇵 we forgive but never forget.

  226. I dont understand, why some koreans hated on filipinos when it was a filipino-american who lives in the US who commited the wrong. This one person doesnt necessarily define all Filipinos. Why is the Philippines’ popultaion only one??? I understand that they have a rough history with Japan I mean we do too. Filipinos also were victims of Japan’s tyranny, you would know this if you know anything about Philippine History however its not right that they insult all Filipinos.