Korean Rest Stop Food Court Guide

What can you eat at a Korean Rest Stop (excluding the delicious snacks and street food style items) FIND OUT in this short and sweet episode!

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  1. The video was too short. You should have tried all the food so I could watch and procrastinate longer. Now I have to actually write my final papers!πŸ₯Ί

  2. “Again, No Self-Control.” and “I picked food that was bad for my body Because it was the most delicious.” – is the story of my life.

  3. First thought was ” don’t rant our you’ll have soggy noddles”. Second ” stop talking and eat the noddles”. Third “the noddles are dead soggyπŸ˜’”.

  4. These constant uploads… I LOVE IT!!! In America, we have rest stops (like literally a parking lot & a hut or two & a few pottys) and truck stops(which are like where you guys are) which have like almost EVERYTHING! I just went to a truck stop in Iowa deemed “The Worlds Biggest Truckstop”. It even had Nogoshim ramen😁😁! #teamnosoggyramen

  5. “rest stops are always a highlight of road trips”…. wow I cant relate! in the US I just pray that I won’t get shot by some neo-nazi at a gas station with a pull to hold close door bathroom stall… πŸ™

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