Korean Men Discuss Whether BTS Should Receive Military Service Exemption | STREET DEBATE

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  1. Good luck with dealing with fan. If they will go for 2 years it is over. You can’t reach a world statues. Look at Justin Bieber resent music. He is no longer so popular and he is having more awards.

  2. I’m not Korean and obviously there’s more to this than what I may see but I think the most beneficial thing is for all of them to just go together, even as soon as next year or something cause they aren’t touring cause of the pandemic anyway. And with a new album dropping at the end of this year plus all their music and content fans will have enough to survive the 2 years and when they come back they can pick up where they left off and knowing their fanbase, they might be bigger than ever when they return. Just my opinion.

  3. It seems that the Koreans interviewed , except for the one who went to USA, are not aware of the HUGE influence of BTS and their achievements abroad. Speaking for myself, I wouldn’t ever be interested in anything Korean if not for BTS. Because of them, I can now read Korean Hangul , I love Korean food, I watch Korean movies and I know much more about Korean culture. Added to that I am more aware of other Korean brands such as LG, Samsung, Hyundai etc. I wonder how many people in the world have been touched by BTS like me. Added to that, they are spreading much needed positive energy to the world. So, at least for now I think their military service should be delayed and the government could find a solution that can satisfy most people , including BTS themselves later on.

  4. Robbed 2 years of youth? Thats idiotic for me because serving for the military is what makes your youth worth it. U also get feild experience and learn to live life with discipline.

  5. 방탄소년단은 군대 간다고 이미 몇 번이나 말했고 정치인들이 계속 언급하는 것인데 이 영상에서는 그런 언급이 없어서 인터뷰 하시는 분 중에는 마치 방탄소년단이 군대를 가기 싫어한다라고 말씀하시는 분도 있네요
    이런 주제로 인터뷰를 진행하실 때는 더 정확히 알아보고 미리 언급해야 하는 것 아닐까요??
    잘못된 정보를 퍼뜨리는 것은 생각하지 않으신가 보네요

  6. Before BTS, i didn’t knew if a country like South Korea existed. Still there are so many countries that we don’t know about, you cannot read about all of them in school. This itself is a lot to say about what BTS has done for South Korea. Almost half of the world’s population would know where is South Korea now. If this is not an achievement, then i don’t know what is. If athletes are exempted, then BTS should also b.

  7. Honeslty I’m more worried about how it’d affect the members. They’re bodies are of course not perfect die to how much they train, I’m worried military training could hurt them more and also mentally. I would miss them but 18 months isnt too long I just hope theyll be ok.

  8. BTS 본인들이 가겠다는데 장삼이사들이 말이 많네. 가면 가는 대로 멋있는거고 안가면 안가는 대로 이해할 수 있다.

  9. I personally think that BTS shouldn’t be exempted because if they did, it could cause controversies among South Koreans who disagree with it, which could be detrimental to BTS’ image and their future work.

  10. First of all Service means not only millitary service.
    Bts has already service so many things to their country. According to i heard, because of bts 1.1 trillion economic capital is increased in Korea. That is not enough . If bts went to millitary then who know what will happen.

  11. BTS’s unique position, talents can be used to help the gov. & the military more effectively than them getting military training & carrying a gun. They can promote the military, make money for the Korean economy aka the government. If they join the military, they’ll change, they probably won’t be as funny & sweet as they are now, they won’t be as popular & make as much money. Give BTS an exemption like sports stars. BTS can continue to make money for Korea.

  12. God can people stop talking about this now, BTS have literally said from the start they will serve, I notice that part is usually left out of all these conversations 😑 why is this still a topic of conversation

  13. Both sides are correct, although BTS contributed a huge amount for Korea but at the end they are citizens of Korea so should serve for their country.
    Actually to be honest I don’t want them to go coz I will miss them but it’s a matter of their country so I am no one to speak against it so I will respect the decision made by the big hit and Korean gov.

  14. BTS are good people, have contributed a lot for pop music, economy and their culture and I think they deserve exemption but I also wish they’ll go bz kpop fans will go insane if they don’t and also it will be an honor for themselves.

    It was nice to hear takes on Korean men but I think some were being selfish honestly. I heard men were jealous if someone got an exception, I guess it’s true
    Whenever BTS and military discussion comes, the butthurt fans of other kpop groups are always the first ones to give their opinion.

  15. They talk about privilege but everyone knows that if bts don’t use their privileges during military they would get bad treated specially the youngest ones. Just look what they did to Gdragon just cuz of jealousy.

  16. For me I madly wish BTS to get an exemption from military.. 😭 but it’s upon their country’s law… at least give them a less period to serve military…whatever will happen in future I will forever be an army and support BTS….💜💜💜

  17. As of now BTS and Bighit aren’t giving any opinions about anything but the politicians are the ones that are making this a big deal. BTS said in previous interviews that they would serve the military when the country calls for them. If BTS and their company are staying still why aren’t the politicians staying still as well? It seems like they are just taking credit for the things that BTS has brought to Korea.

  18. Very thought provoking interview. In Singapore we have mandatory military conscription for all males as well. So I understand the feelings shared a bit more. But we unfortunately don’t have a BTS in singapore so it’s hard to understand fully too heh. I think some interviewees brought up some interesting perspectives that aren’t commonly brought up too. This is a tough one. I wonder if there could a compromise and a balance. For example, instead of completely exempting, but to allow certain individuals to serve in their late 30s. In other words, raise the age for some individuals so they can still contribute to the nation economically and culturally in their field while they can

  19. Honestly , BTS has done a lot for their country , they have given exemption to sports players and classical musicians
    I’m not asking for BTS to get exemption but at least reduce their serving period , They have dine so much and not to forget they hit NO1 IN the HOT100 CHART AGAIN !
    They have increased tourism , economy and much more
    A lot of people are intrested in Korean language and culture cause of them
    And losing 7 men in the military isn’t a big deal , I get that they have to serve , as citizens they have to
    But reduce their serving period

  20. Ofcourse they should not be exempted. Its their country, no one should be above the law. Even tho i am their fan, i would be more happy if they served their country. The respect for them would increase in my eyes

  21. The interviewees are in difficult position because they might be bash by the supports of BTS. you’ll notice that most of them are careful in giving statements when asked if BTS should be exempted from mandatory military service. 😂😂😁

  22. My personal opinion, idc if they get exempted or not, wtv BTS’ decision is (they said they’re willing to serve), I support them. But I’m kinda hoping that if they’re gonna enlist, they enlist together, so they get out together and start releasing music again, together. But idk if BH would allow that or if the members agree with that.

    Again, whatever their decision is, I support

  23. Imo even if BTS goes to military and comes back they will be as popular as today cause army are not just attracted to BTS because they are good looking, great singers ,etc it’s more than that

  24. why bts should recieve excemption?? are they sick or dying😏? yess they are famous but it doesnt mean they should exempted them in the military..im sure even your president did the right thing😏😅

  25. It seems like Korean men just want everyone to suffer like they had to instead of having more foreign money brought in to their country (through tourism/promotion of Korean products) They really care about themselves rather than the benefit of their whole country and its people

  26. BTS doesn’t ask for exemption. It’s annoying how others make it sounds like they don’t want to serve. At this point I can’t wait for them to serve all at the same time and come back proudly and continue dominating the music scene. That will shut the haters up. We will wait for them to come back!

  27. Asian Boss features topics promoting their own country. When it comes to south east asian countries they feature the dirtiest topics. Discrimination!

  28. BTS, just like any other popular idol no matter where they live should follow the laws of the country they are in. As for Korean culture, I don’t think of Koreans when I listen to BTS, they are just another pop group. So it would be actually sad if people judge Korean culture by a pop singer group. As there is much more to Korea than singers.

  29. This only shows how Koreans look at public service as “a mandated obligation” NOT AS “patriotic duty”. Don’t you think that’s pure crab mentality? Sad that they tend to be less pragmatic compared to other Asian neighbors, to think they seek global attention in the light of its achievements. Well, I believe that’s what you call cultural diversity. As Peter Drucker said, “other culture eats strategy for breakfast” Think SK should try to discern that kind of strategy? Just saying…

  30. I don’t care about military service especially because it’s not my place to comment on it, coz I’m not Korean but it just makes me sad that BTS are still not seen as artist. I always hear weird things from Korean general public. Things like I’m a guy so i don’t know much about them. Like is their music specifically designed for women ???? Or worse the Kpop stigma & stigma of ‘manufactured’ & being a product. We fight with so many western journalist here when they try to say the same for BTS meanwhile some people in their own country think the same. It’s just so ironic. BTS is going to be possibly the biggest artist from
    S.Korea ever. Not just S.Korea, possibly one of the biggest from Asia ever. I don’t see some else making it so big any time soon.

  31. Most men in Korea want bts to be excluded from military service. Just like they wanted Son Heung-Min to be excluded. This issue is not just about bts. Progamer faker is also being discussed about excluding military service.
    And recently, our Ministry of National Defense decided not to exclude the bts. But it’s only possible to postpone their military service as much as possible based on public opinion.

  32. makes me sad to think about it tbh….the whole situation really. i completely understand the necessity and i’m not saying s. korea is doing anything wrong… but all of it seems unfair. not just to bts, but to everyone who has to go against their will.

  33. I think just culturally because of how significant it seems to be- the whole duty thing- I doubt bts would want to skip out on military service. But cultural and societal significance aside I’d understand the justification with how much they’ve spread the influence of Korean culture across the world and their economic contributions as well as the great message they send to their millions and millions of fans

  34. I just think there should be no conscription, period. In my opinion it’s a violation of our right to freedom. Just as everyone on the video said, most people don’t want to do it, it’s a waste of their time and youth, and the majority of people are not and will never be fit for the military because their skills are in some other area of contribution. And for what? The man-made, bleak social construct that is “honor”? It’s not the 1700s anymore. Conscription should be removed from every country. Too bad the UN cannot do anything about it, even when they were the ones that wrote the UDHR, which would be the main argument to ending conscription.

  35. I wouldn’t be surprised if they were exempted. They could still serve the military but it wouldn’t change the fact the privileged ones have exceptions for them.
    Everyone praises their contribution to the Korean economy but how about other Koreans working way harder in a less bling-bling environment ? Or those struggling with poverty, considering the class gap is getting wider by the day in South Korea.
    Im sure the BTS are nice people and all but this topic goes to confirm, people lives aren’t equal.

  36. Man i know bts is ready to serve and i saw that interview where jin said that he’s ready, but as a person that will also experience and serve in the military if they got exempted that’s not actually a big deal for me. Exempting 7 people doesn’t mean that our military power will drop, now they just need to set a standards.

  37. Why do all these men say it’s a Korean’s duty to serve their country but women aren’t obligated to serve? Shouldn’t they at least do their part and do civil service, even if they don’t take arms?

  38. That person in all black, his opinion is very realistic and logical. I agree with him. The AI engineer and dancer in cap, their views are interesting too.
    But it should be clarified to the participants that it is the various government figures and media one sidedly doing all the arguments and speculation. BTS themselves have never asked for exemption and emphasized they will do it.

  39. I think BTS had already made up their minds to serve, whether or not they want to was never up to them, they already knew it was their responsibility. So this debate was more between governmental parties and weighing BTS’ economic value.

    I honestly think BigHit and BTS themselves are always a step ahead. I’m sure they’ll find a way to always keep the fans entertained with content while they’re serving. I’m not worried, they’ll forever be a group I love and respect.

  40. Its pretty sad to see that people assume that bts wants to be exempted. When the discussion about this began, BTS did put an end card to it by saying they will definitely serve their duty as South Korean citizens when the duty call. And they have repeated the same answer in every press conference ever since. It got to the point even Suga has to address this issue in his mixtape strongly tellling that they will enlist for sure. It is the politicians who despite bts words keep discussing this. BTS have stated their decision years before. I just hope more people are aware of bts decision and keep that in mind while engaging in conversation since clearly a lot doesnt.

  41. I think from 2020 they have gained A LOT popularity & i really don’t want them to go like they met Ban-ki-moon too & I think they are not going anywhere that’s all I need because Jin’s birthday ain’t far 🙁


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  43. Theres that korean dude that tried to avoid military service and he is now hated by the country and was not allowed to step foot in their country, so they should probably serve if they dont want to be that guy

  44. 0:35 “Since I’m a guy, I’m not too interested” bro whats wrong with being interested as a guy lol, it would be really funny if he was secretly interested and not wating to show it LMAO

  45. i am not a bts fan i dont want hate or anything but i think bts should go to the military its not fair to other koreans that did do there service and kpop groups did or are about to do there service 🙂 bts should do the service

  46. Am disgusted by some of these guyz comments. First of, BTS NEVER asked to be exempted, it’s just politicians suggesting because of the money BTS makes to SK. I used and still believe South Koreans don’t apreciate BTS members and their hard work as they should. Oh and the guy who said:” am a guy so am not interested”, you just showed what a perverted mind you have as you look into music according to genders and not the music itself. I honestly could not watch this video past 2 mints…it got my blood boiling 😡

  47. They would love to enlist bcoz its part of the law. They are responsible men. Gov. giving them chance bcoz of the achievments they got that represent their country. But, its nice to know what Korean men thinks about this.

  48. I respect the members’ decision, but I’ll say this until they return my interest in Korea and all it’s cultural aspects halts. I was interested only because of BTS. The Government and the people have a blind spot for BTS’ achievements, so these people are invisible to me. I’ll continue to focus only on BTS.

  49. I am well aware of the law about mandatory military service in South Korea but i just don’t understand how they feel better about an athlete bringing back a gold medal from the olympics and being exempted from military service but not so good/frustrated about singers that have been helping the whole country economy for the past 4-5 years even representing a percentage of the country’s economy. From a governmental point of you, i think they brought more light and notoriety to South Korea than any athlete who won a gold medal. And receiving exemption does not mean you HAVE to accept it. It’s a very personal choice and there’s literally a 6-year age gap between the oldest and youngest member. So their individual point of views could also be very different. No one knows wether they would accept the exemption. So speculating so much about it, in Europe, it would lead to a revision of the whole law which would most likely end all exemption laws. I think they should all move on from this topic and when the time comes we’ll see what has been decided. In all due respect.

  50. All this FAKE Topic to increase their views with BTS, smart move but greedy and boring topic. Better find new interesting topic next time. Chaaigaa!

  51. 6:19 He said it so well. I remember this issue was also brought up for Big Bang a few years ago. They too were a big contributor to the S.Korean economy. I don’t think any of these groups would want to face the humiliation of not serving their country. It’s just toxic fans and of course Big Hit that’s asking the Minister for the exemption. After all what does Big Hit really have other than BTS. The other groups don’t compare. Too much corruption in S. Korea.

  52. Back when Hallyu & K-pop was just starting, it’s making lots of money from male idols, but why does this topic never arise? No one wants to go but they had to, because that’s their law (circa 1957). Remember that Korean rapper that’s blacklisted for at least a decade thinking he can get away with the mandatory military law? He begged to be “home” but because it’s the law, people criticize his decision to escape it and when Korea “forgave & lifted” his sanction it’s too late and his reputation is tainted but at least he’s ‘home’ .. the only celebrity I know of being “excempted” is actor Kim Young-Kwang, his father served during the Vietnam War and therefore he only serve 6 months of public service work instead of 18 months..

    I’m sure their fans will wait for their return. I’ve waited for mine, TVXQ (otp 5), SuJu (otp 13), Big Bang and actors too (Kim Bum, Kang HaNeul, Kim SooHyun, and many more).. true fans understand.

  53. It’s not like this matters since BTS seems to want to do it anyway, but the crab mentality in this video is insane
    With this mentality there’s no progression. If you didn’t want to go that’s more of a reason for wanting others not to go, not a reason that they should go as well.

  54. It’s good to hear opinion of other people and what they think BTS never said to exempt them from the service.
    Mean while the person who started this whole talk must be enjoying somewhere

  55. all of these men saying BTS shouldn’t be exempt from military service are obviously butthurt that they had to do it and BTS may not have to. $5 billion is a lot, not every individual in the country can contribute $5 billion to the economy…

  56. At least they should decrease to 6 to 7 months at least because they bring cultural and musical enhancement to the korean society and they even recied the van fleet award by the Korean government, if they exempt the bts that would be better and good all ways, even people get to aware of the Korean culture in the states…….

  57. I believe that they would definitely serve their country very well ♥️♥️♥️♥️♥️♥️🇰🇷🇰🇷🇰🇷🇰🇷🇰🇷🇰🇷

  58. I never realised that the exemption for athletes and classical musicians was some kind of special pardon as a reward for having won a prestigious title or whatever. I thought it was based on practical reasons of representing the nation abroad, maintaining their skills and allowing for their international schedules. If it really is some sort of pardon for past achievement, it doesn’t seem right.

    As for BTS, I would have expected there to be some concern for the projected impact on their economy during their absence. But I don’t know about these things myself, I guess it’s no big deal.

  59. What he just said 10:13 was kind of facts. He defended his stance on the whole thing pretty well. Also what’s up with people using the “Bts didn’t say they want to be exempted” as an excuse? No stars with a sane mind or at least a decent company would SAY that they want to exempted!!! Maybe they don’t expect it but if the government offered it, they could say that they want to serve, but they will do it a bit later than the mandatory age. But let’s stop saying that they never said it because of course they would never say it, even if they would like it. The men in the videos said it: most of them don’t want to go. The reason why Bts publicly said that they are ready to serve is because they’re in the spotlight and they know VERY well they own country and what the general public thinks of military exemptions.

  60. If Elvis, who was/still is popular around the world, had to serve in the U S Army, (as did other personalities) why should BTS be immune to military service?

  61. Regardles of what BTS as individuals want, from an economic standpoint they are doing a better service to their country staying as world renown artists, than wasting their moment of fame by going to the military for two years when they are at the peak of their career. But i understand there is more at play here, for example the cultural value their society gives to the military service.

  62. I am not a korean but I heard korean law exempt international athletes to serve in military because they are already providing national service at sports, but BTS is also spreading korean culture and voice internationally and in a survey it stated that 1 out of 13 foreigners visit korea because of BTS, I personally intersted in korea because of BTS, since they are already serving the nation through music I think they should be exempted from military service. ❤ BTS from INDIA

  63. it’s not that music is for girls, it’s not that music is bad, what is bad is not continuing the sacrifice our ancestors fought for what South Korea is today.

  64. I am not Korean but I totally agree with black cap guy why should athletes get exemption when even they are doing what they love , it’s not that they started playing for the country from the very beginning and as the brown beanie guy said even BTS is BigHit’s product , they are doing what they are doing purely out of their personal interest so even they shouldn’t be exempted cause there never was any clear criteria for them to be exempted.

  65. BTS are pulling $5B in the SK economy, that’s why this is really a hot topic for their government. But BTS themselves said that they will serve in the military when the time is right. Don’t worry, BTS will go to the military but armys are not, so we getting that achievements regardless.

  66. “They never said anything about refusing.” And of course, what did you expect the group representing Korea to say? That they don’t want to go? Korean society judges a lot what idols do or say, imagine the scandal if they didn’t say anything other than “it would be an honor”.

    They are the same as all those men at the end of the day, who really wants to go to military service having such a threat in the north.

  67. I think the best thing would be to enlist one member at a time letting the remaining 6 to keep performing. I think they waited too long. Jin and Suga are 27 a year before they get fined. If both have to serve leaving only 5, its more of a loss. Rm and J Hope are 26 and V and Jimin are 25. Its tough, they might get a lot of negative reaction if they get exceptions. Average citizens don’t want the rich and famous to get special treatment. They’re so culturally impactful that it might start a protest to rid of the service completely. From the interviews most men find it a nuisance getting more outdated

  68. The day yall leave bts alone… They say nothing mind their own business and their name is getting involved cause politicians don’t know how to shut up.

  69. BTS is serving the country…uts no doubt that even though kdrama and kpop were already famous around the world…but BTS has taken it to another level and brought so much popularity about kpop which eventually gave korea a big advantage…we can say that doing this is the biggest service they have given to the country!!

  70. I’m curious why are there so much bullying in the military is it because of hierarchy? Everyone is on the same boat of not wanting to be there so why make it harder? My country has its own issues within the military sexual assaults is a big one

  71. The fact that many Koreans don’t accept how much Honor, Money, Tourism and everything else BTS generated ALONE vs THOSE who won Gold Medalsfor their country just blows my mind how dumb they are. Those who won gold medals on sports on korea are only known on Korea and not many know them outside of the country. But if people outside Korea see a Korean they will always mention BTS. The reason of them being BTS in a company and contributing in big company as the SAME is BIG FXCKING NONSENSE for the exemption.

    Note: I don’t care whether BTS is exempted I just don’t like how they’re degrading what BTS did for Korea and basically treating BTS as nothing

  72. Film and TV actors/entertainers are not exempt from the service, so why do BTS get special exemption?? They all are from the entertainment industry aren’t they ?

  73. The only difference is, BTS globally promotes SK in so many ways (culture, language, tourism, etc) and obviously giving more benefits for SK economy. I’m not saying other occupations are less, but please.. you have to admit they can give so much more to the country because they’re globally famous. Maybe other fields (like dancer and marketing employees) achievements are standout, and thats really really cool. But please, come on boy.. you can see the difference right? Every lifes are important, but you and I must admit that not everyone giving massive impact to the country like BTS. If you can promotes and being beneficial to your country like BTS do, I think you deserve exemption from military service too.

  74. One thing to all armys: Not all south koreans are armys to support this exemption. They will think logically and the public sentiment is important to the country.

  75. I don’t think that bts will loose their spotlight bc even if they go to do military service us army’s are going to keep streaming and toping new charts we will never give up on bts so I don’t think they will get affected at all

  76. The guy saying that he thinks military numbers will dwindle due to AI caught me off guard, that’s a take I’ve never heard before. Don’t know enough to argue for or against it.

  77. The funniest thing is Bts never asked for exemption and Jin said that he will answer the call of duty when asked. The only thing bighit has stated is that they are trying to delay Jin’s military exemption until 2021 under the acceptance of law so that he can continue doing music after which he will serve. Its just people talking about it excluding bts themselves from the discussion.

  78. I don’t know what will I do without BTS…But I’m so proud of BTS because even if they were exempted, they would still serve for their country. They will have to go. Though they have already made Korea’s name shine, I’m so proud that BTS STILL want to serve the country! I purple you BTS!

  79. As I know bts themselves want to go so I’m not worried about it, no matter what I and many armys like me will be waiting for them. I found some really valid points in the interview. I think the standard of who should Or shouldn’t be exempted are not clear as it doesn’t include people achieving big things in different fields, that’s why there is confusion. If an athlete’s win is important then achievement of a person from some other field is equally important .

  80. Why does this archaic and sexist law still exist anyway? This should not be mandatory but optional for those who want to serve in the military – regardless of the person being male, female or non-binary.

  81. So when I saw the title I thought the comment section will be lit but Everyone pretty much is saying the same thing XD. I mean I understand once I read. I mean iunderstand once I read. I mean I understand once I read.
    ☝ screen in comment section right now.

  82. She said in the intro “the biggest South Korean boy band in the world” – it sounds semantically inaccurate. Currently they are THE biggest group in the world, and they’re from South Korea.

  83. Very interesting interview, I find all of them to be very smart and informed on the matter. I love BTS, and I do think they should make an exception. I understand people may not think its fair, but people get exceptions and special treatment all the time. If the engineering student can get exempt, then there should be others who can be as well. And considering this is a hot topic again, I would think this is a money issue. Since BTS have still been selling merch, concert tickets etc. They are still bringing in returns when the economies of the world are struggling. And it opened a new discussion on making clear rules as to who can and cant be exempt.

  84. Not sure if I missed this info, but is the issue just regarding BTS members? Or is the minister asking exemption for all internationally recognized korean artist?
    Right now SuperM is also big internationally … EXO , GOT7, MonstaX & NCT are also well known… Why were they not discussing this issue for the other groups?
    Is it just because BTS has brought in a bigger revenue for the country?

  85. The guy with the glasses had the most intelligent response and probably the smartest. In the eyes of God we are all equally loved but we are not all equal in talent, attributes and abilities. If you wanted to argue equality, why aren’t Korean women required for military service. The reality people need to accept and appreciate is BTS’s value to South Korea is enormously greater doing what they are currently doing than spending almost 2 years in the military. To me, this isn’t about giving some individuals preferential treatment but about doing what is best for your country. After all, isn’t serving in the military about the welfare of your country. BTS is boosting the welfare of South Korea than they could possibly do in the South Korean military.

  86. It’s great to see their opinions, but why is this topic still being discussed so much when BTS themselves have said that they will serve when the time comes? They’ve said this multiple times now and yet the media and politicians refuse to leave it alone. In return this has people making assumptions about them that shouldn’t be made. That’s frustrating to be honest. And I hope more people realize that this constant debate on their military service is not BTS’ doing. But other than that, great video Asian Boss!

  87. It doesn’t matter if they are famous or not, to a government they are citizen first so they have to serve military service. It’s unfair that they are famous so they should be treated differently.

  88. It reminds me in a press conference when Jin said himself that he is ready to serve any time when he is called. Why this should be a problem? I am just sad that he is probably will serve this year or next year which I won’t see him for 2 months when BTS is the hot issue for their works now. As a non-korean I should be grateful that my country doesn’t have such thing.

  89. Law is law and there’s no exemption to the other except if it is with accord to the law to except then in such serving in military in Korea.

  90. It’s only fair to let bts go to military. Obviously korean men will feel it’s unfair.
    But maybe they can extend the time of their enlistment.

    Thank you asian boss, this is such a closure of how korean men think about this issue

  91. Honestly I used to like your interview but this one was unnecessary. How about do a segment of how much impact their music and their existence has done for South Korea’s economic , mental health, Korean culture, Korean language . Go around asked in the Street of KOREA if they know how people are learning Korean because Bts or how they visit Korea because of BTS. Many came to know Korea is because of them . Asked them if they know Harvard university also has case studies for BTS impact. It is under Harvard business case studies. May be spread little positivity instead this type of nonsense things. Most of the people in Korea are probably not thinking about it all. It will cease to exist if media like yourself constantly not bringing up. This is a non-issue to army and bts. Bts never said they will not go and armys will respect whatever their decision. So stop trying to be gossiping channel.

  92. 아시안보스 10 새들아 코리안보스로 이름 바꿔라. 말만 아시안보스지 조회수 뽑아먹을려고 온통 한국 관련 영상. 그것도 결론 미리 내려놓고 짜집기 영상으로 즈그 ㅈ대로 한국 이미지 10창 냄. 검머외들을 인간 취급하면 안되는 이유 ㅉㅉ

  93. 1:48 It appears to be a common misconception that BTS themselves think they are above the law and deserve to be exempted, but that is categorically untrue, at least based on what they’ve said about the issue publicly. Echoing what others have said – I wish the reporter had clarified after his response that BTS have said that they are *willing* and *ready* to serve when they are called.

  94. I don’t think Asian Boss mentioned that the BTS themselves are asking for the exemption. They were just gathering information about the other’s opinions about giving BTS the exemption.

  95. Had no idea that athletes & dancers/classical musicians who win big international awards or Olympics stuff get exempt. I feel like it just needs to be even where everyone does it.
    Sure I’ll hate not having a full 7 member group of bts but I understand that they have to do that. Just crazy that the government has classical dancers and musicians in a different field to idols.

  96. I always see people on Twitter so damn upset about the idea of BTS getting an exemption. But I don’t think its something for international fans to be upset about. Regardless, it is an interesting discussion to be had. Not just about BTS but the laws surrounding exemption in the first place. I believe it is these discussions that will probably spark a change.

  97. Imagine trying to invade South Korea you would get fcked up, they all know close combat Tae Kwon do and military tactics and fire arms that’s a gg

  98. They should not be exempted. Even without them Korea is still, a Popular country. Stronger than NoKor, except Nukes. And BTS ARMY’s are stronger than Nokors Army.

  99. Aren’t they all in there 20’s and up. Best get it done sooner than later, leave military after covid season, host concert. Im not a bts fan but that sounds like a win win

  100. Well I really don’t think so that BTS will get exempted ,they should not be and they never asked for exemption as well.
    So many k-pop idols have served or serving in the military. No matter how much they have contributed in Korean wave.

  101. I know our bangtan is willing to serve when they are called for a military. We know bts they are one of the most humble people that i know. But let’s just wait for the korean government decision. Whatever decision they will make, I’ll be happy for our boys. But to be honest it hurts me if they are not complete making more success in the future. Hoping that they will go military together so they will come back to us (armys) together after 2 years of serving. Please if you don’t want to excempt them just please make them serve together. I’ll be happy whatever they decision is 💜💜💜 They will be gone for 18-22 months but we will always be here. We’ll continue to support them until the time of their coming back to us again. ILOVEBANGTAN SO MUCH 💜💜💜

  102. I know our bangtan is willing to serve when they are called for a military. We know bts they are one of the most humble people that i know. But let’s just wait for the korean government decision. Whatever decision they will make, I’ll be happy for our boys. But to be honest it hurts me if they are not complete making more success in the future. Hoping that they will go military together so they will come back to us (armys) together after 2 years of serving. Please if you don’t want to exempt them just please make them serve together. I’ll be happy whatever they decision is 💜💜💜 They will be gone for 2 years but army we will always be here. We’ll continue to support them until they came back. ILOVEBANGTAN SO MUCH 💜💜💜

  103. I like how they show different point of views. BTS has never expressed not wanting to be exempted though. They have repeatedly mentioned wanting to serve, so I do not understand why this topic keeps being mentioned.
    They do not want to be exempted, the government is not going to exempt them.
    End of story. Stobb it as Jin would say.

  104. If we dig up deeper from the start this issue rise up for the first time, it was a couple years ago from people out of bighit company neither bts themselves. Bighit never talk about this but the media keep asking it and seokjin said they will serve when the time come, so its clear no need to make it a problem when bts only focus on their job and their college but people keep making uneven issues. So please no need to talk about it because like the mens said in this video that its a sensitive issue. Time to shut up and move on. Period.

  105. Why do people think two years is a long time? I guess in Korea since there is such stiff competition for job positions etc.. it may seem that they lose their place BUT two years is not a long time. Also, BTS did not say they want special treatment of being exempt. I think it’s mostly the Korean Tourism/government sector who may not want to lose or have a decrease in the revenue that BTS brings to the country if they go into the military for even the short two years.

  106. Wow so many antis and haters comment here, some are xenophobic, some are upset their favs didn’t get exempted, some are so jealous if BTS get one, some look down BTS achievements…. To remind you all, BTS didn’t ask for exemption, so don’t try to use this topic to attack them.

  107. I am quite new to the k-pop scene…Is Asian Boss a north Korean company?.On the contrary I do like G-dragon & always wanted to know what the G stands for…if by any strange or bizarre chance that BTS is exempted..then G possibly means ‘Goofy’? .

  108. Well here’s a suggestion try to convince your government to open your milatary services for all like United States as in US military it’s not mandatory for an individual to be American any one can join US military as many Koreans don’t want to serve in military it’s pointless to have it compulsory as they are not of any use

  109. Haven’t you already done a video on this? Anyway I literally do not see the point on all this debate PPL just use bts for their own political agendas 💀 bts have said they’ll serve when they have to (cr. What do you think? by agust d)

  110. Equality means equality. just because they can sing and dance better than most of the pupolation doesn’t meant they should receive any special treatment. Military training is good for them. Maybe after the service they’ll become manly men like they should be.

  111. You army’s and I know if BTS goes to military then we are gonna also return to the abnormal, boring, depressing life again..The music industry is gonna loose a great part from it.. But we can’t speak about that you know…I’m dependent on President Moon Jae in.

  112. It’s unfortunate that even in 2020 there’s still a mandate for Korean men to serve in the military. It is 2 years of a persons life. Bringing in 5 billion US dollars and they’re super popular even in the U.S. I think they’ll get an exemption although I can see why men who’ve already served their mandated time to the military would be upset about it. 2 years away from the music business while their at the top of their career would definitely hurt them as far as trying to regain that popularity cuz the momentum would be gone.

  113. Why korean people don’t protest against this mandatory military service!? I think it should be your choice if you want to serve in the military or not. I am happy that this mandatory military service doesn’t exist in my country.
    It’s really not necessary in this modern era to fight with men power.

  114. So basically the Korean men feel it’s so unfair to themselves if BTS get exempted (when BTS NEVER ask for that), then to make the society totally fair, Korea gov should remove the exemptions also for the athletes attend like World Cup and classical musicians win 1st place internationally, because as they said their lives are not more important and their youth are not more precious than the normal Korean men, and I don’t think those athletes and musicians are working hard just to merely gain honor for their country but also pursuing their own achievements and their dream to be on top, so no exemption is allowed at all, then no Korean men will feel frustrated.

  115. I’m a BTS ARMY and they have never said they wouldn’t serve, they have said that when the time comes they will serve their country, so why doing an interview in a matter that is not in discussion by them??… this is something nobody has nothing to do with it, only government can say the other way but is not happening so just accept the reality.

  116. Mam military sevice was very proud thing to do in all country. service in military even bts is most popular but they have to follow there culture and see the military field and proud to serve his country. Military is one thing you can’t compare with any thing even artist. I don’t know how Korean see military service in there country but I love military service…

  117. I like all these perspectives. I understand the people who are uncomfortable and I really respect that a big thing was they didn’t want to look down on other’s livelihoods when everyone is working hard in their respected field. It’s interesting the thought of setting a certain criteria if this is something that would be considered. It would forever be difficult to quantify though because like someone said, you don’t get first place in music. You just do well and get awards. It’s not the same as something with placements.

    That being said, the members have stood behind serving since the first time I’ve ever heard them be asked about it. Though it’ll be sad to not see them for a little while, we’ll be alright. Right? Just think… artists take breaks all the time. Heck, I’m used to 2-year breaks between albums if I’m being completely honest.

  118. Bts must serve the military like the rest celebrities and idols if they don’t do it that no fair for the rest idols who serve already army and the will serve the army after , many kpop groups was popular in USA,Europe etc before bts blows up the industry and they serve their country without exception .bts fans this must realize it

  119. They all had good points! Though, the comment about BTS simply being a product of Big Hit is very dehumanizing. You can’t compare any kind of artist to just being a product that got popular. I feel it completely diminishes the hard work the artist themselves put in.

    Frankly, though, this conversation is getting so tiring. There just needs to be a finished decision on this bc they bring up this topic every few months and the group/fans get thrust into a debate they never asked to be in. At the end of the day, BTS will do what they are called to do and ARMY are going to support either way.

  120. It’s good to hear the opinion from Korean men here. I believe BTS will serve the military service when it’s their time. It just about time.

  121. Military is a mandatory thing in Korea, and trying to exempt BTS is wrong on so many levels. That basically gives a message that other kpop groups don’t matter, just bts. Well, not my country, so whatever, but this is just crazy to me.

  122. What an interesting topic. I wish I knew more about what the S.K. military service entailed, but it seems very basic. There are many branches in my countries military, and you could be trained to be a doctor or engineer, so you wouldn’t need an exemption. Furthermore, there are even bands and sports teams for these military services.

    I think military service for these young men could help them grow as people, especially in the social system that they are a part of. If they shirk service, this will inspire some feelings of disrespect, and if they serve, they will be respected as fellow citizens.

    I think most countries should require service of some kind for 2 years, and it should be beneficial for individuals and society, in order to help people find a well suited role in a society that will benefit from having the best suited people in those roles.

    When I was in school, I initially did very well and had a lot of potential, but felt no one cared about what I did. I didn’t want to enter the traditional military because I hated being yelled at and didn’t want to be demeaned into a subservient role. I ended up dropping out of school and feel that there are many people like me all over the world that don’t feel like they belong as a cog in the machine. If there was some ‘service,’ in between schooling and ‘real life,’ not necessarily military, it could create a sense of bond with peers.

    Society underestimates the value of individuals, because it is easy to take at face value; society takes individuals at face value, and young people take society at face value. Until society gets better at human evaluation, potential will continue to be wasted, more than anyone can fathom.

  123. 내가 개고생했으니까 니도 고생해라 라는 한국남자의 마인드가 제일 문제임 니가 뭔데 너하나만 고생했다고 전국 젊은 남자들한테 고생시켜?

  124. If you asked the BTS members they would say no I don’t want to be exempt from serving in the military .Its there duty as a Korean Citizen’s I would want to see all the members served at the same time🌍

  125. That’s why people need to listen to the news or something, bts never said they don’t want to serve the military, they said when the times comes they are ready to serve 🥴bts didn’t ask for an exemption it’s just the govt don’t want to lose a million of dollars.

  126. BTS going to the military isn’t a controversial topic at all, it’s literally the most natural thing, but the way the media talks about it makes it seem like some sort of scandal. I wouldn’t be surprised if this is just another scam by certain companies that what to affect Big Hit’s IPO, which is happening right now.

  127. And my opinion is somewhat of a half-assed interview.

    One aspect I think you should have brought their attention was how much revenue they bring into Korea.

    Not only that you should also mention how they do exempt other athletes and certain other high-performing classical musical artists and how would that not compared to a pop Idol who is at the top of their game? Shouldn’t there be standards that a Kpop idol should be able to fulfill in order to get waved as well?

    Youve barely scratched at the surface of this conversation. Of course ordinary people are going to be a pissy about BTS pisdibly getting exempted however how can you compare ordinary people with what BTS has done for Korea & tourism Etc?

  128. Why is this even being discussed? Only because they bring in a lot of money for the South Korean government? Do you guys realize how BTS is basically being reduced to an economic tool? I knew this would happen some day. Army need to open their eyes: the BTS members have been used as puppets and it’s the media, entertainment industry and the government that’s benefitting from it. If every healthy man has served they should too. Honestly no offence but the world won’t stop for BTS. The day the truly get the exemption I don’t want to hear any Army talking about Big3 privilege again, because right now there’s obviously a thing going on called BTS privilge.

  129. All the koreaboos who think BTS shouldn’t serve the army needs to shut their mouth. You’re never gonna meet them now, when they serve, or finished their civic duty, never ever. BTS shouldn’t even be exempt from serving their country at all. Period. It wouldn’t be fair at all to normal citizens.

  130. Now that the govt decided that there’ll be no exemptions, I wonder what will the boys experience during their service. With this much noise, I’m sure there will be a lot of unwanted attention to them from their superiors and peers during the service. I genuinely hope they’ll have a good experience from this.

  131. BTS took a 9 months hiatus before MOTS Persona came up. People were happy that since BTS took a break, other k-pop artists will get chance. Still no such difference was visible and BTS topped popularity charts even then.
    Would like to remind everyone that BTS will be going to the military,not the ARMY 😉

  132. It’s not like all of the members are going to enlist at the same time. A lot of other groups have been able to promote without a member present. Some Army’s have very little faith. BTS will be fine, just believe in yourselves!

  133. The part about this whole debate that infuriates me is that the members themselves have not said anything. It is a political issue, but the BTS name is in its centre, making me angry. It is also not that I don’t understand where the Minister of culture and tourism comes from.
    As an army I definitely don’t want to go but that is just my opinion.
    at the end of the day it is BTS will.

  134. In my country boys should go military after school. All my classmates go to serve. You should go no matter what even you a champion in Olympics. Expect you have health issues. I think only Koreans should discuss this question and I heard that Government says they will be serve to the country.

  135. I’m an American male, I respect the decision to enforce that they must meet the same expectations as their peers. If war ever did occur they’re prepared, further exemptions will not be permitted, look at the American civil war and the northern side allowing to pay for exemption, it created much animosity. Every life is important every life has one value which is time.

  136. 형평성 얘기하는 사람들 많은데 그럼 방탄이 일반인과 똑같이 군대가는게 공평한거야?
    난 그게 불공평한거 같은데
    배아픈 사람들 있는거 같은데 제발 인정할건 인정하자 나랑은 다른 사람들이구 나보다 애국자란거
    본인들 직업이지만 우리나라 미치는 영향이 넘사벽인데
    일본 공중파에서도 넌지시 방탄이 군대가길 바라는 마음들이 드러나던데 왜 그러겠음ㅋㅋ중국이 갑자기 웃기지도 않는 트집 잡는 이유가 뭐겠냐고

  137. my understanding is that its extremely difficult to get out of the service, for good reason imo. is it just me or is the hosts accent kinda funny?

  138. Exempt or not, they’ll all probably still do their military service. They could all chose to enlist at the same time, and be back in two years with ARMY hopefully still waiting for them. The government could also take this as an opportunity to tighten up the laws behind this issue so that no more confusion can occur in the future.

    But when you think about it, having all the members to enlist at the same time would be asking a lot considering the youngest member is barely in his early twenties, the prime idol age. But having each member enlist once he turns 28 could also mean a whole 7 years before the group is whole again. It’s practically career suicide.

    All in all, it’s a very complicated issue and it seems like the only solution that would satisfy everyone is if the two Koreas were united again!

  139. summary: of course the boys are never the type to abuse their privilege tbh, i think their hard work and dedication to their careers already prove that. to me, its really not up to them, but its a fight between the kr gov, their label, the korean public’s opnion and the dpt of sports and leisure. there’s people who want them to go because its their duty as korean men, but theres people who dont because of their contribution to the korean economy. in the end, its a question of patriotism and honour- is it more patriotic to enlist in the army despite their idol status, or is it more patriotic and honourable to work hard as idols to continue serving the economy, global relations and tourism company.

  140. Why is BTS’s enlistment sooooo special? They have to enlist just like everyone else, why do people have to talk about it so much? The BTS members themselves have NEVER said that they don’t want to go, isn’t that the most important part? They said they’re going to the military, PERIOD. Move on with your life, there’s no need to discuss this topic over and over and over again.

  141. I honestly think that they will do what Suho from Exo did and just get their date pushed back until they can’t anymore. They already said they will go and there’s a possibility if they don’t go through with what they said then people will be upset. I forgot the artists name but I remember a KPOP artists adamantly said he would serve in the Korean army on national television multiple times but instead he went back to the U.S to get his citizenship and people were furious and even protested and eventually he was banned.

  142. This topic has come up among ARMY since they debuted and it’s a different situation now since they’ve achieved so much but I think the most important thing is this: if they get exempt, a large portion of the Korean population (mostly the men who had to do their military service themselves) will have a very negative opinion of them from then on. Internationally, people and fans will probably not really care, but their reputation in Korea would be damaged in ways they probably could never repair in their lifetimes. If they don’t get exempt, it will really suck for BTS’ career but the Korean public’s opinion of them will not change. Internationally, they would take a big hit (lol) in their career’s just by being away for that long. Whether they are exempt or not, there is no totally positive outcome here. Unless the mandatory military service stops completely before any of the members have to go, there is no way to get around it without some negative impact. As for what they “should” do, I guess it depends more on whether they value what the Korean public thinks of them or whether they value what their fans, especially international ARMY, want more. In the end, bangtan themselves don’t really get to choose but I am sure this topic also weighs heavy on their minds. I hope as ARMY we can respect whatever decision they make and stand by their side no matter what.

  143. damn, the excuse that they(bts) are giving so much to the nation so we should exempt them is like saying a big cooperate give so much to the nation so lets exempt them from paying tax.

  144. Totally disagree with the guy in the brown hat. Comparing BTS’s accomplishments to that of an employee contributing to the marketing division of his company? BTS isn’t a “product” of Big Hit or “brand”. They’re literally cultural figures and ARTISTS. You’re talking as if they don’t contribute anything to their music. Are ballerinas just products of their companies? Is Serena Williams a product of her coach? It completely downplays the efforts and work ethic of being an artist. Why is that only granted to certain artists? Hip hop is so devalued in society it’s wild. Do you know how hard it is to get a #1 on the Billboard charts in a time where people don’t buy physical music anymore?

  145. My personal opinion here; I think the government is waiting to see if they win a Grammy this coming year. Also, if folks would stop talking about this then the government could just give them an exemption with out it being in the media. But with people continuing to talk about it there is nothing they can do.

  146. I’m not Korean so maybe I don’t understand but to me this seems like a massive waste of time and resources and is inefficient. the amount of money wasted on training and equipment for all these new reserves could have instead be spent on proving better compensation and training active personnel, specialists, and contracting PMCs ready and always trained on current equipment and protocols. No wastage on maintaining a shitty outdated reserve roster of who 99% will never don their camos in their lifetime and military expenditure slashed by a 1/3rd. And as a bonus the government has more availed expenditure.

  147. this is more about the people who get a lot of profits from BTS refuse the military serving & want them to get exempt, otherwise they will lose money for years to come.

  148. Well, BTS never stated that they wouldn’t serve their country. When the right time comes they will serve. The media should stop making assumptions about their exemption.

  149. It sets a bad precedent to apply certain laws unfairly just because they happen to be celebrities or other important public figures. The definitional problem for exemptions also needs to be cleaned up. But I don’t think applying a “one rule for me and one rule for thee” approach is fair here. An unknown Korean guy could be the top sales earner at a company and still be forced to serve because he’s born male. Don’t see why BTS should be getting special treatment despite their artistic and financial accolades. It’ll cause people to become resentful and question the legal system.

  150. If you’re not living in Korea or have ever been under their standards you do not have a say in this. Least it should not matter. Only the citizens of korea and the government should have say and make there decision based on themselves and their believes and opinions

  151. Admittedly I think South Korea has been far too lenient with granting exemptions in the first place but given the current laws and regulations I would even go as far as to argue that it’d be unfair NOT to exempt BTS from military service. So many exceptions have already been made to athletes and other artists (and one person even mentioned he was exempt due to his studies?), I don’t see why BTS wouldn’t be eligible, considering the massive contributions they have made to spreading Korean culture (which they even received an award for!). I understand that it might seem unfair to others but f BTS does not get exempt then everyone before them should’ve never been exempt either.

  152. I am confused how these men are comparing their 2yrs of life with someone that brought so much respect, attention, tourism etc etc to korea to be exempted from bts . The deserve to be exempted as they brought so much glory to the country from all over the world

  153. Everyone had a good point saying it is up to BTS to make the decision. And why AsianBoss even bothered about this at all. But, this is still a valid discussion regarding exempting “royalties”. BTS is just an example for current time. It’s a valid discussion to ask those who actually already completed or going to the military services. If someone had donated/contributed huge amount of money to the country, should they be exempted?

  154. ” We’ll be sure to go to the military when it’s time, so
    All the bastards who tried to sell our name to freeload off us, shut up ”
    -Min Yoongi from BTS

  155. No one is really asking for a complete exception anymore since BTS themselves have said they want to serve their country when the time comes. What fans and the general korean public want is a delay to their military services until at least their 30s, that way BTS can keep promoting while they’re at the peak of their careers. It would also benefit korea because they wouldn’t lose out on the economical impact BTS has given them and will keep giving them as long as they are active and not in the military.

  156. I mean we all know they said they will go to the service when time arrives but that doesn’t mean the will go gratefully, even the guys in the interview say it: no one wants to go, they taking away 2 years of your youth. So… we’ll se what happens…

  157. Do they all not realize how much BTS helps their economy and industry, and that like 1 in 13 tourists visit the country because of them? Like, BTS brings in literal billions.

    I also think it’s pretty nasty to be like “I had to go, I wasted two years of my life, I want other people to also go through that” like— bro. Are you for real?

  158. For me I think they should go to the military. It will definitely be sad but it is a duty that they can/have to do. It may definitely make the economy low in South Korea but there is other Kpop group and make the economy go up. One thing Big hit should do is for the whole group to go together as one instead of them going one by one. This will make this process longer. Good luck to BTS and stay safe!

  159. BTS is not an exemption. They should go to military just like every other male in their country unless the govt. Specifically asks them not to. This shouldn’t even be a debate.

  160. Excuse my ignorance, but when exactly are they supposed to serve in the military? Jin is already 27 and all the other members are past 20. Is there an age limit until when you should have finished your military service? ‘Cause I heard that their contract will end in 2027. Are they allowed to serve after that or they must serve sometime in the near future?

  161. While I ain’t a Korean, I am a Singaporean male where we have the same 2 years mandatory National Service. Interestingly, I had a similar discussion with my army friends regarding this and I feel Singaporeans are more pragmatist than nationalists. The military wouldn’t collapse just because there’s 7 less enlistees, so why for the sake of “fairness” and symbolic values of serving the military would we give up on the extraordinary benefits BTS can bring to the country if they are allowed to not serve.

    In the end, I think Singaporeans are generally pragmatists and will choose tangible (economic benefits etc) over the intangible (symbolic values of national service, duty to country etc)

  162. I think they all made some good points… All I know is that this isn’t a conversation subject for NON-KOREAN people. International Ami.. this really ain’t our business… 
    If the boys serve.. well they serve and we wish them good luck and continue to support them… 
    if they don’t.. then cool.. we just continue supporting…
    I hope this is something every fandom understands bc it is getting annoying seeing posts people who ain’t even Korean giving their two cents.

  163. Im an army but i think there is no exemption needed cause from the very start, going in military service were like a tradition and it is really required in SK. Don’t let your emotion eat your mind.

  164. I do want them to serve and they did say they want to, but if korean need an internationally recognized award or something or criteria, what will be their opinions if bts get grammy award, because grammy award is the biggest award can singer win, so I’m just curious about that✌️

  165. Every Fan girls saying that their Idols wanted to do Military Service and not be exempted, that’s what your Idols are probably saying but on the back of their minds they’re praying that they get exempted. Hahahahahaha

  166. I would argue that BTS has had more impact on promoting Korea than any athlete or classical singer. From my perspective if it wasn’t for Kpop and maybe K dramas and Korean food people wouldn’t even know that South Korea existed. When I got interested in Kpop via the internet people around me would say “But isn’t Korea a dictatorship with that crazy person called Kim Jong Un?” Like people wouldn’t even know that there are 2 koreas cause the country wasn’t that well known and the more well known one was the problematic North cause it has more press due to the atrocities it inflicts on others. It is that cultural promotion that brings tourism and investment to the country. It is those cultural assets that when promoted successfully brings abundance to the country and it’s people. It’s that international recognition and popularity. I’m from Mexico and there are people who come from the other side of the world just to see the place where Frida Kahlo lived and in doing so contribute to the maintenance and abundance of the local businesses in the area like restaurants, shops etc. That’s just my opinion.

  167. I believe BTS always wanted to serve the people. Just giving them exemption and not doing the same for other popular Korean groups is unfair in my eyes

  168. It’s very interesting to see others’ opinions and the guy in black was very well spoken. However, I kind of wish they would have mentioned that BTS has never said they want to be exempted. In fact, they have said time and time again that they will be honored to serve when the time comes. It’s other people who bring this up often. Very nice interview.

  169. honestly it doesn’t sound like a big issue, and what i mean is that it would not make a difference to the country to not have 7 men, it would be a big issue if they were more not going because it would affect the entire system, of course sounds simple but what I see is this is about equality, is unfair for all those men who already went. Also I get why the speculation, they’re bringing money to their country so if they stop they’ll affect the entire nation’s economy or at least that’s how is portrayed.

  170. Maybe they should just give a choice to people, like serve for some years, or pay a huge amount of money. Either way, if they pay large money, it will fund the military expense of the others and you save yourself from doing military stuff and hardship

  171. I think they should serve. I wanna preface by saying my opinion is based off of the positions of other people and their arguments, seeing as I’m not korean so I don’t have any other cultural context. I’m an army as well. The people interviewed made some good points. The whole concept of exemption is based off of the weight of benefits if they serve or if they continue with their job. If they’re exempted or get a special excuse like the time being shortened or the age requirement being pushed back, then it’d open a larger and more complicated conversation about what makes their job more beneficial to their country than other citizens’. I don’t want to say that their economic contributions are enough because it’s too shallow of a measurement on its own, and ultimately the choice is up to their government. Personally the consequences of them being exempt (public opinion being the main one) seem way too harsh for a group whose profit is literally based on their fans and the gp. It would make things too complicated if they were exempt, and would hurt a lot of people as well, I think.

  172. I don’t know why people keep trying to turn this into a drama or scandal of sorts.
    Didn’t BTS say that they will serve?

    I think the only ones wanting them to be exempt are ARMYs, because they know they’ll be two years without BTS, but if they(the group) really is as popular as the media makes them be, what are two years of silence?
    Blackpink went one year(and some months) without anything and yet you still see them being popular.

    I think that two years will pass faster than they think.

  173. The thing is that BTS didn’t say anything about exemption they never request or ask about it, it’s the ppl in the government opened this discussion. Bts said that if the time comes then they will serve. There’s other entertainment companies who use bts as an excuse for other idols to be exempted too.

  174. It’s actually good for them to join the military, giving them break from entertainment industry

    It’s normal for artists to take a break. Their popularity and music quality won’t drop or anything

    But athletes like Son Heung-Min might lose his place on the team if he absent for a long period

  175. The thing is, BTS themselves have never said they want to be exempted from the military. It’s other people, specially politicians, who keep mentioning it and it’s a shame cause it brings bad light onto BTS, who have continuously said they’re ready to serve.

  176. This was a very insightful interview but I wish there were more perspectives from people other than young men! I would’ve liked to hear from young girls who are actually BTS fans and even the elderly population who would probably have more emotional attachment to the Korean War

  177. If somebody are so talented and so popular across the globe, they have an exclusive right and opportunity to serve alternatively. It’s obvious thing.
    Cmon, don’t be jealous.

  178. They should set standards for exempting like for athletes or soccer players they have Olympic medals. Set some achievement mark for BTS too, then most people will not argue with them getting exempted .

  179. Multiple Kpop idols had to take a break from their careers to serve in the military. What make BTS so special?? BTS members will feel the heat if they don’t serve, even though they want to.

  180. Some of these Korean government officials are putting words into BTS’s mouth. They have NEVER ASKED, nor will they ask for an exemption! So stop with this nonsense. When their time comes, they will ALL GO. End of discussion. This shouldn’t even be an issue. They are South Korean citizens first, BTS second. Case closed.

  181. I am Korean.Korean men are obliged to serve in the military. I think we should be fair. BTS is an employee of the agency, not a national team member or a government employee. Ordinary men also have dreams, jobs, careers.The advancement of national prestige is just the result that follows.

  182. Just an idea…I’d love to see BTS all serve at the same time and BigHit film it all like a BTS RUN! Or BonVoyage! Then they could all be out at the same time and pick right backup where they left off. 🤣😂 I’m kidding, of course. I know that could never happen. But, wow! What ratings that would bring! I’d pay to see that!! LOL

  183. Not a Kpop fan, but in my opinion they shouldn’t have to go. The KPop industry, particularly BTS, has created a significant amount of tourism and income to south Korea they wouldn’t have otherwise. This has definitely had a massive effect on the economy and is its own service to the country? They’re willing to serve though so I guess it works out.

  184. Honestly, I don’t think BTS will be impacted greatly. Even if they serve, ARMYs will still help them break records during that time, it’s just we won’t be getting new songs/albums during that time.

  185. See what I think is that they should not be exempted as it is thier duty but the govt can decrease the tenure to one and half year or one year. Then it will fulfill both conditions.

  186. Here’s the thing. I don’t think BTS wanting to be exempted is the issue here. It’s clear that they said they will partake in it and they never said they want to be exempted.

    The issue was probably brought up again because if you see it in the business perspective, it’s complicated. They’re at the top right now, they contribute so much earnings for the Korean government, and is a big impact in Korean tourism. If they got enlisted and have a break, their hype will undeniably goes down and affects the market.

    With that being said, exempted or not, they will still go to the military. I don’t think the boys are the type that will abuse their privilege.

  187. Although bangtan does want to serve and probbly will ; i feel that if,.. say one member dosen’t want to, he shoulden’t half to and be excempt. They have served there country in other ways, and yes its fair. It’s not as easy as people think. Serving in such a way…considering how much they had struggled to get there. I know some korean men would get jelous, but there not the ones that worked this way to earn that privilge. Not to be disrespectful to the men who did serve and worked hard, but please understand the amount of work they did as well. This should go for any man that serves our country well in other ways, not just for bangtan. Hopefully in the future we woulden’t need to ask ourself’s these questions.

  188. To y’all in the comments writing the same thing over and over, it doesn’t matter whether BTS wants to be exempt or not. Like the interviewer said in the video, they’ve brought in $5B to the South Korean economy. The SK govt. is discussing the possibility of exemptions because BTS is literally a money-making machine. It has nothing to do with what they’ve achieved. From a business standpoint, it would be stupid to not exempt them. But Eastern Asians are very prideful, so they probably won’t be exempt. And that’s ok too.

  189. bts members never said they wanted to be exempted from it. the topic just arose due to a government official. since in korea famous gold winning athletes get exempt i think bts should too, they basically won gold in perfomance arts.

  190. During the Vietnam War, the rich in the US were exempt from military service while the poor were fed into the meat grinder. I believe this is a huge aspect of what caused the US populace to become demoralized and ultimately lose the war. As a general rule, if you’re going to have mandatory military service, it should be applied evenly across the board. There should not be exemptions for the rich or famous.

  191. If BTS didn’t serve in the military it will be their shame since they’re the citizens of Korea and the boys want to serve it’s not us to decision but them we don’t have rights to complain if the boys want to serve let them be if they don’t want to serve let them be they are not puppet and that’s the decision of the boys they already know what they will do

  192. Just wanted to say that the guy who majors in AI looks like he has a mask that is made for a child and its looks like it way to small for his face lol 😬 but I liked his responses and others too

  193. Im a man too even though I’m not Korean, and I’m willing to serve my country, but I will not be frustrated if someone who contributed Billion Dollars to the economy, are getting exempted. Let alone compared myself to them, cause those guys have done so much to the nation. Than me, serving a few years in the Armed Forces.

  194. Wait why is everyone pretending to know how bts feels about the mandatory conscription. Like stfu army I love you but 🤦‍♀️ let them speak for themselves through their words and actions. 💜

  195. Itu orang pada bilang kalo sebenernya banyak dr mereka yg gak mau wajib militer, gt ada yg bilang kemaren kalo di indo dibikin wajib militer biar digandrungi kaya oppa korea, wtf

  196. To all those asking why this is being discussed even when bts never asked to skip military service:
    Its incredibly stupid to lose millions in tax money and advertisement for the service of a handful man,
    when theoretical injuries could even yield insurance liabilities in the tens of thousands.

    On the other hand; I can understand the symbolism, especially the idea of fairness, a lot of the interviewees had great points.

    In the end the examples of many other exceptions pushed me to the side of letting the group choose.

  197. Not all you butt hurt fans assuming Koreans dont already know that BTS didnt ask to be exempt. They know they didnt but thats not the question

  198. If you’re too lazy to go through the comments section:
    “BTS didn’t ask for the exemption, they’re ready to serve in the military.”

    Congrats, now you’ve seen every single comment on here.

  199. Well BTS said they’re ready to serve so yes. I know fans will be hurt, but I gotta break it to ya. BTS aren’t special that they need military exemption. This will not stop their success if they do military services. Just because they’re super popular some fans might be wanting an exemption and for me it’s a no. Because BTS are just a boy group from Korea. Just like Exo/SHINee/Got7 etc. or any other boy group, they should serve in the military. BTS shouldn’t get an exemption because of their popularity. Popularity shouldn’t stop a group from following the rules of their country.

    If other kpop idols have done it, then so do BTS, BTS will and shouldn’t get an exemption.

    I’m not an Army, but I’m just glad that BTS are humble and nice people! ❤️

  200. BTS is getting paid for all the work they do so they should serve in the military. And besides BTS themselves want to go anyway so its not a big deal

  201. Well, come to think of it, if and when war breaks and BTS got exempted from military training/service, how will they be able to defend the country? It would be for the best interest of BTS and SK if all male citizens get to experience military service. I agree with the guy in black.

  202. I’m not sure why this is even up for discussion. BTS had long ago said they will go regardless so they had already made their decision and made it publicly known. I’m not sure why the question is even asked and why opinions matter when the group impacted, in this case BTS, already made their decision?

  203. The guy with the black vest and brown beanie actually went deep into the issue and I totally understand why this is an issue. He brings up valid points and, if they’re true to Korean law, then BTS members should serve in the military. I hope the war ends soon so this burden won’t be carried by boys growing up in South Korea.

  204. I hate when people say BTS don’t want to go to military ???? They say they are going cuz its their duty as citizens of Korea 🙂ik it’s heart breaking but🙂

  205. Of course they need to serve. No special treatment just for being famous. Other Korean idols in the past who tried to skip service got banned from performing so it’d be insane to let them skip service. One idol who secretly got American citizenship to ditch service even got permanently banned from Korea.

  206. We should get rid of the exemptions. That way, we don’t have to have this conversation. However, if the exemption remains in place, I think BTS fits the criteria for exemption. I can’t think of many “artist” who have had the cultural and economic impact as this group….and I’m not even a kpop fan.

  207. It’s just simple, It became an issue because of economic contribution, I think Korean business or government is opportunist when it’s all about money.

  208. I wish they will go together in military service and also comeback together like a Boss 🔥 , I don’t want to see 6/5 of them I always want to see 7 of them 💜💜💜

  209. Bravo! This is just wondeful. What work! The interviewer asked direct straight forward questions. All of the men were polite, eloquent, rational and bright with well thought out responses. You can see the issue is a passionate one and theyve discussed and thought about it many times.

  210. bts never said they dont want to serve in the military they said they will serve when the time comes its the media and antis making assumptions on their own

  211. This was a good mix of people’s views and they also justified their reasoning fairly well. It was a little sad to hear about the thoughts of reunification having changed, but it also makes sense. Thanks for providing this interview!

  212. This is my view…. BTS Is already doing an exceptional duty showing Korean culture to the whole world , becoz of them economy of south Korea increased so much.. It is way better work that can be done for the country by BTS. 💜

  213. I swore BTS never said they wanted to be exempt but made it clear that they will be serving their time in the military
    Dang……as an ARMY that makes me love BTS even more knowing that about them💜 I’M SO PROUD OF OUR BOYS!!

  214. the “contributors to the country” clause seems like a good argument for exempting them. i personally think it would be a good look for south korea in terms of foreign relations to prioritize their kindof cultural ambassadors to the world to keep doing what they do rather than to obligate them to military service

  215. well… even if they tried to run away from it the government will just do something about it

    excommunicated or sumthin forgot what happened to that 1 guy who tried to run away from it

  216. I believe they should be exempted from the military service since they have accomplished many things for themselves and for their country. They brought more attention to South Korea than any other artist. There the most popular boy band ever and I don’t think there will be another wave of popularity within years from now with another Korean group. But even if it does happen, South Korea will be known because of BTS.

    Even if it does happen, great…. they can get exempted as well
    But if one of the members wants to do the military services then they should because it’s their country and they should be proud of it. But I think they should be given the option of exemption

  217. I’m An ARMY & Other ARMYS of BTS Disagree With The Fact That They Should Go & Serve In The Military. I Believe It Would Be Unfair To The Members & Persons Who Also Had To Serve In The Military That They Be Exempted, I Do Get That These Seven Amazingly Talented Men Have Done Alot For The Republic of South Korea’s By Spreading Their Culture & Boasting the Economy But Its Also An Honor To Serve. Yes It Will Be Tough But From An Early Age Its Apart of Their Culture For The Men To Serve.

  218. The members of BTS themselves claimed they will serve when the time comes but please know they themselves did not asked to be exempted but a government agency wants them to be.

  219. BTS never stated that they wanted to be exempt. Jin specifically stated that he would go when it’s time and they understand the importance of it. Obviously there are the pros and cons of going, but it’s inevitable either way. Anyways, I’m willing to wait for them, especially since it’s only about two years. It’s definitely not that bad compared to how some American artists release music lol.

  220. A lot of koreaboos here not understanding that the bill proposed was not for complete exemption. Unlike certain athletes who would recieve exemption, the new bill proposed would push back the age required to serve for individuals who would represent the country in some form.

  221. This is really getting offensive now. BTS have NEVER asked for, or behaved in any way to make people think they want to be exempt. In fact, they’ve actively stated that they are ready to answer the call when it’s their time. But stupid politicians keep trying to use them for their own agendas, leaving BTS to take all the backlash and hate. They are bringing so much good to Korea, but they still get treated like trash. It’s just not right.


  223. It has already been announced that there will be no Military Exemption for BTS but it’s nice to hear from Korean Men’s perspective regarding this.

  224. Imagine being one of the thousands of men in South Korea and hearing that a few boys are exempt just because they are popular and cute for people around the world

    Note: if they asked for it or not. The fact that they might be exempt is a no no. Fans especially shouldn’t be the ones to make them exempt for their own selfish needs

  225. I already lost count how many times Asian boss has done this in the past! BTS is going to serve their country, please let’s no lead to speculation, specifically international fans.

  226. Diría que el problema es que BTS no quiere ser excluido del servicio militar y quieren servir a su nación. Lo mejor que podríamos “pedir” es que vayan juntos todos y vuelvan al mismo tiempo. De igual modo no es algo que podamos evitar, o hacer algo al respecto y dependerá del los chicos también querer regresar a la música juntos. Pero, simplemente, es su mejor momento como para detenerlo por su servicio militar, por ello pienso que se va extendiendo su servicio, como excepción por ellos. de todos modos, acá los esperamos y respetaremos su decisión :(♥︎.

  227. Dont make any stories, BTS itself said they go to military, and even the organization in military service said that they need to go. no exemption,

  228. this whole convo has been going on for so long and it’s funny because bts have said multiple times that they have no problem serving??? so the government taking it upon themselves to discuss exemptions is weird when bts themselves have never opposed it. and it would also be hypocritical on their part and bring them so much hate if they accepted exemptions also

  229. That impact that we will miss them hardly ,watch their old videos and be happy after thier discharge from millitary .
    We can’t change some County’s rule for our entertainment and fandom .

  230. I’m a BTS army and I don’t think BTS should be exempt from the military… Army has strong support of all them and we’ll still support when their military time is surved. 💜💜💜

  231. They’re idols, and like every male korean citizen, they should serve. Like the other male idols that came before them and those who will come after. They have a kind of power and they *should* use that power to help set an example to the younger generation.

  232. Because of the rule that is set right now they should go and they shouldn’t be exempt but I believe nobody should have to be forced to join the military even if they don’t want to call me unpatriotic or whatever but it’s kinda messed up

  233. Then they need to revise the rules because their accomplishments and the amount of money and tourist interest they bring to the country surely matches if not exceeds the achievements of athletes and classical musicians who’ve been exempt? Getting a #1 on the Billboard charts and selling out STADIUMS isn’t a joke. And with the power of Army’s I think they’ll be getting a number one album come November

  234. I think the members would be more than proud to serve their country. Why is this even an issue? Don’t think any of them even try to make an issue out of it. They should serve just like any South Korean male citizen.

  235. Elvis Presley was drafted and served, he didn’t even think to avoid it. It only made his fangirls more crazy for him, anyway. So why not? It’s not like there’s a war going on, just a lot of tension. These boys will have it easy!

  236. They should do military service. It’s VERY disrespectful for not partaking the service for ur country. Y’all kpop fans do much, very disrespectful . Just cause they’re successful doesn’t give them the right to skip/pass military. It’s only a few years y’all can’t take that? So childish of u. They’ll be viewed negatively if they don’t partake in military service.

  237. The way I see it… BTS is worth more to South Korea as an idol group than they are as soldiers. Military duty is not the only way to serve your country. South Korean gold-winning olympic athletes and world cup athletes were exempted from the military. BTS brought far more value to South Korea than any of them.

  238. BTS is worth of exemption just because of the money they’ve made for Korea but I think that would cause companies saying inequality
    Plus BTS already stated they’re not gonna run away from it so that’s that

  239. Is their duty with their country, I think they will proudly serve just as any other korean male, yes it’ll be a long wait but we can’t expect any exception in this situation because it’ something beyond popularity and music.

  240. Actually BTS never stated that they wanted to be exempt. They’re proudly waiting for their turn to serve their country and they’re always willing to. It’s just some of the people in their gov’t opened the topic about their exemption.

  241. Asian Boss’s video is always so inspirational and interesting to watch.
    Hopefully one day my channel can be equally successful

    Come leave your mark 🙋🏼‍♂️

  242. Well just because they are successful doesn’t mean they deserve to be exempt. They need to serve just as any male they ain’t special than anyone lmao

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