Korean Convenience Store Food: ALL the Kimbaps 김밥

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  1. Fact : Only 3 years ago that ‘Convenience store gimbap’ was only around 1200won(1$)
    But now It is around 2400won(2$)…..
    I used to eat that when i was students cause it was cheap…. Not anymore:(

  2. Gonna be hard to remember all those and what’s in them. I will have to tryany restaurants that serve it to try them. Thanks it was interesting.

  3. I loved the kimbap which where sold at the underground station in Seoul but are home made and sold by the convenient store owner. Soooooo good! Have not tried the 7/11 prepacked kimbap yet.

    1. 토리_Skz There are but you have to check the ingredients. Some only contain vegetables and depending on how they make the kimchi, they could be vegetarian/vegan as well

  4. I wonder if there are any Korean creators with a similar format: 2 interesting people talking about interesting topics. I try to watch Korean creators to practice Korean listening, but most Korean creators seem to be fast cut-joke-giggles-fast cut-joke-giggles repeat (or just showing cats). If anyone knows a Korean language you-tube channel with a similar format to We Fancy, I would love if you could recommend. Of course, I will also love We Fancy too!

    1. sounds weird but i watch pubg youtubers bc they speak casual sentences with a lot of emotion (?) an example is 혜안.. obviously hell kinda just be gaming but sometimes he has conversations with his teammates

  5. 1:03 Thats the first thing Ive seen when arriving in Korea: a guy waiting in line at Incheon Airport Bus station, eating his Kimbap like a boss. I was impressed xD

  6. I always eat my 김밥 hot/ warm… My favorite one is the 불고기 one. Storytime: one day I didn’t warm up a triangle 김밥 and got food poisoning from it 🙃🙃🙃.

  7. It would be nice if you could give us a closer look at the food after unwrapping it too!!! I’m curious to what food looks like in real life 😂 oh and maybe you could do a review of some unique coffee/bakery to Korea 😁

  8. I need to try the white kimchi one, sounds great, and never had white kimchie. Have never tried kimbbaps, but have had california rolls wich look like the same thing.

  9. Now I’ll be craving Kimbap until I eat some… that’s cruel… I actually like the bulgogi one myself, but have never ventured to trying all of the others. I might next time – though I’ll probably leave out the cheese one haha 🙂

  10. Is very hard for some one to make me laugh 😂 but this two I love them to dead… Thank you… very much 😂😂😃😍😘 love you

  11. i visited korean and i always got the bulgogi one my fave i didnt see the other ones with kimchi
    at least is cheaper in korea in america its 7 dollars for a roll

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