Ko Lipe A Thailand Need To See Place. Paradise in the sea เกาะหลีเป๊ะ Satun, Ko Lipe

Vlog#848 Let’s Go! How about a small little tropical Island in Satun Thailand called Ko Lipe.
What else we got to do today?
Ko Lipe Location: https://goo.gl/maps/zBxagVwfLuypCyaQ7
Ko lipe #1: https://youtu.be/TEgSsKFBaXk
Ko Lipe #2: https://youtu.be/_RgusHYkmCw
Ko Lipe #3: https://youtu.be/r7vzJ0zUJi0
Resort location: https://goo.gl/maps/8tRBF3g9FUt
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  1. Chuck, when you asked Paige at the start of the video “what do you want to do today? I’ve got an idea lets go…”. I thought you were going to say Let’s Go Fishing!!!!

  2. Its autumn in Australia and its about 8 deg cel in the morning and 16 deg in the daytime so I’m not JELOUSE at all , you being in the lovely hot weather, I still don’t know how you can drink a beer with ice in it 🤑🤑🤑🤑

  3. Virtual Travel is Virtually Fun… Fun from here… 55555 Still Locked Down in NYC, Just set me free, please… Thank you all Chuck, Paige, Soi Mafai, Red, Ma Moo, and Cake… I like the extended cast… Two Thumbs Up…

  4. Quick question. I often hear Thai people say in a varying context what sounds like “alai.” The results of my internet search for an answer are confusing. Give me a word of the day assist. What does this mean?

  5. there is no time to be sad… thanks for the positive vibe, it helps take me away from troubles that surround me. My faith is positive, but it is our friends that buoy us up when we can’t do it ourself
    Stay positive and ignore the critical opinions

  6. chuck, try koh larn on a speed boat, cheap as chips, i think €20, avoid the tourist boat, great to stay at night when its quiet, watching the locals fishing, very relaxing, then the boat collects you the next day

  7. It’s changed a lot since my first trip there and my last, having said that still my top 3 spots in Thailand , outstanding spot.

  8. Hi Chuck.
    I can’t understand why you keep saying you can’t go anywhere.
    I also subscribe to another American bloke who is based in Bangkok, and he is in the process of doing a motorbike tour around Isaan.
    He has had no issues whatsoever…
    I understand that you are playing it safe staying in your home province, but surely you could travel now to somewhere?

  9. Hey…you are having dinner at mae moo house, not yours? A nice change up. Getting people up to speed on why, where, who in regards to whats going on in your life is necessary, I bet. For the long time followers, we know. For the new comers, not so much. Be well


  11. Yay mangosteen ! And all the other tropical fruit there..how did Koh Lipe fare after the big tsunami ? Great looking white sand beach…thx for the vid…again…🙏🏻👍🏻✌🏻🕊

  12. Hello Chuck n Paige, YouTube clips was great, I love the island of Thailand. My favorite was Kor-Mark, cause it’s strange place to be, and it does have mobile home in that island, people’s were also friendly……

  13. Thanks Chuck nice to see the island, the beautiful water, the delicious food and cold beer with ice 😀 hi from Adelaide South Australia

  14. Chuck, in early 1990’s I was on a nearby, even smaller and flatter island, Koh Bulon Le. Long tail boat ride from mainland. Island only 3km. circumference, oand only foot paths. Did the Achya Tsunami destroy these outlying islands, such as Koh Lipe?

  15. Hi chuck and Paige, l love watching your videos. I’ve watched many videos and I’ve enjoyed yours the most . It’s very entertaining and educational. I love how you put your opinions on how you feel on certain things, places , people . It’s your opinion! I agree with most , not all . It’s ok. Keep up the good work and enjoy your life in Thailand and wherever you are. Wish my boyfriend and I was there in Thailand with you guys. Soon, soon.. later.

  16. chuck how far away from bangkok is koh lipe away, 5hrs?, it looks brilliant, definitely a place for a quiet weekend with a thai friend

  17. hi,,good video,,thats a place id like to go,been talking about it now a while,,funny when you were talking about what beers there was for sale you mentioned the beer virus one,,,i use coconut oil too,anyway stay safe both of you

  18. Great idea to take us on a virtual trip Chuck, I remember that video of Koh Lipe, but it’s nice to re visit and look forward to tomorrow’s snorkeling trip.

  19. Another really good video…Felt like I was there with you guys. Loved it. You’re doing a great job keeping us up to date and entertained during these difficult times. It’s much appreciated.

  20. Hey Chuck, you commends are really funny at times, my guts are bursting with laughter omg. Koh Lipe has been my play ground for almost 17 years. Back then it was so beautiful, so natural, no walking street. Pooh Bar was there already then. Very few dive shops, no ATM machine, no 7-Eleven, I also love to stay at the Sunrise beach rather than Sunset beach. Have you been to Mountain Resort? Go there for lunch, up the restaurant you get to see the beautiful scenery over looking the pure white sandy beach in front of the Mountain Resort – Awesome view there. They serve good food there but a little pricey though but that’s worth it. I use to drive my family there from Kuala Lumpur. I stop going there when the mainland Chinese discovered the island and it was infestation. Prices of hotels, restaurants all went went up and the island was a hot spot after that. I enjoy those early years. Koh Lipe was the last island in southern Thailand to be discovered back then.

  21. We’ve never been to Koh Lipe but it looks like it’s worth a visit. Very relaxed atmosphere. 👍🏽 We love your videos Chuck!!

  22. Hi Chuck ,Paige. Stayed in a nice beach front bungalow, wow right on the water best holiday for ages. Not big on night life there. Fishing was good and snorkelling the best. Not cheap but such fun. Regards Dale

  23. Chuck..You and Paige go to bed really very early..I’m about Midnight…..Racing off to bed early all the time must have it’s benefits..???.🤭🤭🤭

  24. It was great looking back at Ko Lipe, I’ll make it there one day when I went to Ko Tarutao most of the people on the ferry from Pak Bara were going there but I wanted to get away from people for awhile and Ko Tarutao is a great place to do that. The food at Mae Moo’s looked delicious as always and as I’ve said before mangosteens are my favorite just don’t eat a half a kilo if you have plans to leave your room the next day.
    Many blessings to you, Paige and family 🙏🏼
    Cheers 🍻

  25. Chuck. Good thing about your videos is that it spreads nice positive vibes around. I am watching your old videos again, atleast gets positive thoughts in mind
    Always happy to see you traveling. Always feel good to see your positive way of looking at life. Hats off sir

  26. Liked the video and I like the Boca Raton t- shirt…. another one of my favorite spots is the Lauderdale and Miami area… South Beach .. Lincoln Road . Thanks Chuck.

  27. Nice one! Enjoyed it! I’m sure you got a lot of unseen snippets like this to do more ‘flashback’ videos. Looking forward seeing them. Take care!

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