Kid’s epic reaction to 1 million vnd donation!

Making Hanoi kids smile!
Vietnamese youth screams wildly as I break the record for their biggest tip ever.
Just showing a bit of support to local musicians and Hanoi youth to encourage them in their pursuit of the arts & preserving local music traditions.



  1. Great clarity on your camera work Troy, very sharp resolution what are you using for camera and tripod or gimbal? Keep up the great videos coming

  2. Troy, I rarely do comments on videos, but God bless you. You do so much for the Vietnamese… It holds a special place in my heart because I have so many Vietnamese that I call my family.

  3. The kid reaction was so genuine. Reminded me when I was a kid and my brothers worked their tails off to buy a Nintendo for the family on Christmas.

  4. Hi Troy!

    I don’t know if you’ve done this before but I’d really love to hear more about you, like what you do and what your life is like behind the camera.

    I know it’s a bit personal but hope it’s not much of a bother!

  5. They got so happy mate ! ! Outstanding .👍🏻🙏✌️👏👋🏻😁❤️. Thank you brother .

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