Khon Kaen Walking Street FAIL – Isaan Thailand Motorbike Tour Episode 5

#KhonKaen #Isaan #Thailand
Lets go check out the Khon Kaen Walking Street today on Episode 5 of the Isaan Thailand Motorbike Tour!

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  1. Check out Ubolratana on your map, well worth a visit, not far from Khon Kaen.
    A nice hotel with a pool, right behind the bank:

  2. Lmfao. Says it should be up here on the left points right. And when you got on the skateboard dude said oh no. Then he’s like oh yeah and then you say the night market should be right up here on the right then point left. Lol is it backwards or something there?? Always watch to the end homie.

  3. I thought I was going to miss my CB Media video for the day. Just saw it, keep up the great work. Impressed with your other talents. If Nong Khai is not on your list of places to check out, do consider it.

  4. Sweet! I made the mistake of watching these videos while going back through the Golden Triangle series. Now my mind is full of fuck and I don’t know here the hell you are.

  5. Leather Bus Music – បទថៃកំពុងល្បី ង័តថ័ង់ង័ត Ngad Thanngad Ngad Thanngad … 55555 🙏😻

  6. Hey man, sometimes drivers be like that. My USB headphones sometimes randomly just stop working but then eventually they’re fine. Moral of the story: ¯_(ツ)_/¯

  7. You forgot to get gloves! Lol 😂 happy you got your computer working again, that was some sick skills on the skateboard and bike flexin on those kids haha

  8. On 5:38 there is a dope classic cat shop on your left. Also love the TonTarn Market, the Sushi Vendors is AWESOME!!! Anyways, good video as always keep it up my dude👍👍👍

  9. You said on the left and pointed right, later said on the right and pointed left Hahahaha anyway I watched to the end… safe travels man peace

  10. Sweet vidéo , nothing goes the way he should do ! but it’s THE JOURNEY, thai peoples photograph all, food, friends, they capture life 😉 , i working in computer user assitants and sometimes crazy things arrived, same they alive lol ! enjoy !! NOT FAIL, SUCCES !

  11. You introduce a new place to visit or even live .I didn’t see you buy any gloves don’t wait to long one comment the next time you visit that city nothing wrong with having a bike tour lots that well organized and would bring added hits to your channel but mostly income to venture elsewhere thanks again don’t be an evil kinvel

  12. What you said about not seeing foreigners in Khon Kaen is true. Was there last year along with a friend from Khon Kaen and I couldn’t see any foreigners around. Felt so odd out there.

  13. That’s the saturday walking street market like you discovered. every day street night market 5pm is different place, the street straight from train station, near fairy plaza – that one is closed mondays.

    normally for the walking street they start closing it up around 3 or so on saturday when they do the raffle for the spots for the vendors.. I forgot how much it was per vendor, I think 400 baht.

    There’s a bunch of every day markets that are open though, but I’m unsure how many of them are open currently.

    rads isn’t really that popular. it’s hype though. if you want to roll like a high roller high so roller then you roll in there. tawangdend(sp…) on the main road is more popular for example. it’s the place they issued a covid warning about like 2 months ago.

    tontan is “Green market” in lingo. or just tontan, not often referred to as a night market but I suppose it’s a night market. BUT if you had taken a left on that intersection there’s the huge clothes market over there. like half the tontan vendors I guess buy from there.

    you should have gone to the university’s sector. check it out how big that is and how many students there are. the official khon kaen population number is total bullssss. because they don’t count all the students etc into that and most people do not move their books into khon kaen when they move into khon kaen.

    and I see you walked past our office, today, on monday? (the last walk bit).

    good luck in the west. there’s a police checkpoint basically every afternoon on the maliwan road after the fishing net factory(near nong ruea, going westward) . shouldn’t give you any hassle though. there’s another almost certain place a little bit east from that place but that’s if you’re driving eastward.

  14. 8:08 🤣🤣🤣 on the right 👈🏻🤣🤣. It may be because the video is flipped to our viewing. Anyway, awesome video Chad ! I love seeing all the different places you go to. Love this channel!

  15. At intersections, the trick is to never be the one that accelerates away first. They are the sacrifice to the huge truck that’s just gone through a red light! (and the truck is accelerating to beat the light!). Good stuff.

  16. 4 customers, 5 day trip, you charge $600 bucks each for a motorcycle trip somewhere in Thailand. They pay all expenses for themselves. Cha ching$$$

  17. USB ports generally are just like Thailand. Shits randomly decide to just not work properly half the time for absolutely no reason.

    The bike kids had doubt in you lmao their commentary while recording for you were straight up “yo this dude gonna fall”

  18. Annnnd he’s back folks…flexing on skateboards and bikes 😂 Each day gets better and better!
    Edit: Got my shirt today! Omg so excited! It came out great! Trying to collect them all like Pokémon 😆

  19. Another awesome vlog !!! I did notice when on the moped you pointed right but said left … then later it was vice versa. You should maybe get the letters L & R sewn on those gloves you want.

  20. I would recommend getting a pair of spandex-cotton gloves for riding a scooter. You can get a pair at any shop selling house hold items such as brooms, buckets, cups, etc. Also try to visit Ubon Ratchathani & Nakhon Ratchasima before returning to BKK. A long sleeve, cotton button shirt is most comfortable for riding many hours under the sun you can get one at Big C or Tesco Lotus.

  21. Dud I really love your vlogs but is it really necessary to go out in a public place at this time. I mean i am going out and hanging with my friends but going in a public place and having bear is risking your life.

  22. I get the impression that a camera in Thailand can sometimes be seen as that you are curious and interested.
    Many other places a camera looks suspicious and aggressive.
    A you mention your camera can easily be your master and you the slave.
    . . . maybe you own more than seven things? 555

  23. I love how you point to the left and call it a right. Absolutely making your trolls heads explode. That’s almost worth watching the videos themselves. 😂

  24. I can definitely recommend Hotel Chada Varanda, 590Baht a night, it has a great swimming pool and Gym and it’s in the most interesting area for restaurants shops and nightlife if there is any of course! Stayed there for a week and always had the pool all to myself! Finding your vlogs very entertaining, just do your thing and chill out, things don’t always go as planned, that’s life!

  25. When you become an ‘expert’ on touring Thailand your channel will not be so popular Chad. Besides… it is actually you we all love mate! Sooo… just keep on indicating left and then turning right buddy… the suspense is crack! 😉

  26. Really should be wearing gloves when on a motorcycle REGARDLESS of the sun or not !! YOUR HANDS r one of the first things to contact the ground when u go down

  27. Chad. Thank you for the content from a guy on furlough in Washington state. Was called back to work next Monday but honestly for last 7 weeks of staying home watching news and stressing your channel has really helped.

  28. U shouldn’t be surprised at the size of Khon Kaen as they call Udon Thani, Khon Kaen, Korat & Ubon Ratchathai the Big 4 of Isaan. Nong Khai is only 55 Km North of Udon & a Funky Town on the Mekong River & as U said U will be finishing your tour in Udon maybe U can fit a visit to NK in your schedule.

  29. Three things:
    1) Skateboarding………………………….We told you go get gloves
    2) Drive aggressively and pray you don’t die……….Now you know why so many temples
    3) Your computer…………………..If it just happened once, it didn’t really happen
    Another great video, totally enjoyed it.

  30. Shit happens!!! 555 yep turn off and on phones or computers type stuff normally fixes them, hey near miss on a wrist break!!!!! Xgames madness, great content

  31. The video was worth the wait. Khon Kaen looks nice. You aren’t kidding about everything being a photoshoot with Thai people. When my wife has get togethers, hundreds of photos are created. 🙂

  32. Maybe a road trip series in the future..of traveling along the Mekong River..theres a lot of towns along the river..there are some nice places ..

  33. ” Mugen ” is an old school hi-perf co that catered to Honda Racing. Honda’s Mugen CR 250 and 500 r very sought-after unicorns…PRICELESS ! Very few were ordered from dealers in the 79s and 80s

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