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Thailand Rob currently lives in Kamala Beach Phuket and is capturing video of what it’s like to see Thailand through fresh eyes and a camera. Funny, clever and informational.

I’m walking through Thailand with out a clue!

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  1. Thank You Rob I’m a long time subscriber to both your channel and Kev’s I never meet the man in person but I felt like a brother to him because interesting fact me and Kev were born 1 day apart same year Take Care Rob wishing everyone well

  2. It is very hard to realise “Kev n Thailand” is no longer with us. Kev gave good advice with his little bit of humour! Thailand will sadly miss him.

  3. I will definitely miss kevs videos. The main reason I made the trip from England to
    Thailand. A true nice chap. Rest in eternal light Kev. You won’t be forgotten x

  4. Rob you were very kind and good friend to Kev. He was a massive inspiration to many people who came to Thailand. He was a lovely kind man. He will be missed. May he now rest in peace. Thank you

  5. I miss his Vlogs…..I managed to have a few beers with him chatting about Pattaya, Arsenal and Banger Racing. Great guy …missed dearly. RIP KEV

  6. Let the man rest in peace πŸ™ enough with all the u tubers trying to get views ,u don’t even have contact with family asking people to post ur face book info on Kevin wonder why ?????????

  7. Like the rest of you Kevs videos got me hooked from the very start then others like Rob, JC and Simon with his bar love stories.
    Each brings something different to the table and when one leaves it leaves a hole or a space of where he has been.
    Although sadly missed he will live on on YouTube with his videos here hopefully for a long time.

  8. Thanks for getting this news out to the many friends that Kev has all over the world. Covid-19 has certainly made the whole process of registering his death to today’s very low key cremation, max 5 permitted to attend the crematorium, even more stressful for his family. I celebrated knowing Kev with a few mutual friends on the patio, we raised several glasses to his memory.

  9. We met Rob and he is an awesome guy. We love him and it was always a lot of fun at the White Sun Bar with Nisha, Andreas and him and we can’t wait to meet them again.

    Meeting Kev was also on our bucket list.
    Sadly now it is not possible anymore. We learned a lot of things about Thailand thanks to his videos. His humour was one of a kind.
    May he rest in eternal light. He won’t be forgotten. RIP KEV

  10. Kev is gone but not forgotten R I P .Thanks Rob I know it was hard to do this video I can see in your eyes you are heartbroken but you are not alone mate .

  11. Wow, did not even know he passed away. Last I had heard, I thought he was on the mend. But he seemed like a good guy, so I am sure the good lord will welcome him up above…….

  12. RIP KEV,, and thank you πŸ™ Rob very emotional time for all that knew of him. So glad you spent some happy times together, always remember that, and many people appreciate all that you did TOP BLOKE ;-))

  13. Rest well Kev, thank you for all your time, taking me fishing, showing me the darkside and so glad I got to say hello and goodbye by your hospital bed. Thanks Rob for this video, your support to Kev and all his followers that miss him. RIP big man, miss ya.

  14. Every body should have a friend like you Rob who took care of him in his final days I will never forgot how you showed your support for him

  15. Thanks for this update Rob. Regrettably I never had the opportunity to meet Kev but though His Youtube channel I’ll always remember him. Keep well and many thanks again. πŸ‘

  16. Another great and informative video Rob.
    As I have said previously, I had the pleasure to meet you both at the Hideaway in February 2019
    You both were on top form.
    Kev gave my some great information about moving to Thailand from Doncaster, England.
    It’s ironic that now, I am living here just across the road from the legendary Hideaway Bar!
    I walk past there most days and remember the time I spent with you, Kev and the team in the bar that night.
    I sometimes pause and stand there for a while, reflecting on the many Wednesday night meet nights Kev must have had there, holding court with his many friends and subscribers.
    Rob, you did a fab job for Kev. As for us, his humble subscribers, we will be eternally greateful.
    RIP., ‘Kev in Thailand.’
    Best wishes from me here, across the road from the Hideaway.
    Andy from Doncaster.

  17. Kev is the reason we came to Pattaya. Not your average Kev fan, we are a family of 4 with 2 kids. He appealed to many people, not just the male traveller. Kev thought it funny when i messaged him when we came home to say that my 11 year old son was accosted many times for a massage!!! He spoke to me alot before we traveled and also gave me some advice about buying a property in Spain, I hope he knew how much people really liked him and how much he helped them. I miss watching/listening to his vlogs. Rest in Peace Kev. Thanks Rob.

  18. RIP Kev in Thailand and Rob was a great friend to you. You were an excellent vlogger Kev and you will be sorely missed. How is his partner in Pattaya doing?

  19. RIP Kev, thank you for all that you did for Kev, we appreciated your up-dates. Now to move on and do Kevin proud. M

  20. I wish I could have met Kevin,I just know he is sitting up in heaven laughing his ass off and having a cold one.That video he made of old Army Vietnam stuff made my day.

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