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Thailand Rob currently lives in Kamala Beach Phuket and is capturing video of what it’s like to see Thailand through fresh eyes and a camera. Funny, clever and informational.

I’m walking through Thailand with out a clue!

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  1. Rob, I appreciate how much you are putting your emotions aside to assist and update. You are a true friend. Keep strong, thank you for being so kind to us all.

    1. Dean Blake Also known as Laetrile I think. It has a host of caveats and potential traps. It’s got cyanide in the compound. It too much is digested in the stomach, it’s toxic right there. If it’s buffered or otherwise gets into the blood, it can cause massive cell lychees if cancer or any other cell with lots of iron in it, dumping lots of free iron into the blood. That can be toxic , too. Do that to an advanced patient who’s already weak, it’s likely to kill them. Pick your poison , and everything including pure air and water can be poisons!

  2. A great update about Kev from you Rob. But now I want to know who the 9 MF that hit thumbs down 😠 I want to get my hands on them and “talk” some sense with my fists

  3. You are good man and an even better friend! Stay healthy, stay strong… thank you for the update and thank you for sharing your emotions!

  4. We all understand Rob especially when we are all helpless about Kevin’s situation. Just hoping for that miracle that would help him recover. Take care Rob and Kevin

  5. It goes without saying that we all wish Kevin the very best outcome with this dreaded disease but we also have to be honest, the prognosis isn’t good.

  6. Thanks Rob…. Please Please STOP drinking cola and any other fizzy pop… they are full of sugar and acids and cancer thrives off them….. Stay strong fella , much love to you Rob and Kev….

  7. Good effort with the update Rob, I understand it’s not easy to talk about this stuff when it’s your friend and sadly not a good prognosis. We all miss him and wish him well. You are doing a sterling job, thank you. 🙏❤

  8. Thank you Rob for being a good friend to Kevin. If you read this Kevin know that my thoughts are with you and your family. Often times before cancer took my mother she was stronger than us. I know you’re fighting this with all your will. When the time comes know that you were loved. I hope to see you on the other side when my time comes. All the best to you and your family. Mitch🙏🙏🙏

  9. So sorry. Best wishes to Kev and all of his friends. I went through this with my Wife nine years ago.The toughest thing I’ve ever had to face. I know what all of you are going through. So glad that I got to meet Kev during my Thailand trip. 🙁

  10. Hello mate Jon jaggers here..hope you read this..sorry Kev as you know can’t come round and see you..breaks my heart mate..honestly just laughing with my Joe about west ham supporters and how much we hated them ( won’t go into the details) lol .. listen mate wish you all the luck in the world..your a great friend mate..Jon..

  11. Give yourself a large pat on the back. The man has been very lucky to have such a true friend in you. I met Kevin at one of the weekly Hideaway meet nights in Pattaya almost 3 years ago and I have to say he really impressed me in how he made everyone so welcome. I certainly would love if he got near enough 100% well and came back to Thailand and carried on where he left off. His vast catalogue of Pattaya Vlogs especially are classics and I hope they will always be there for many years to come on Youtube. Well done Rob🙏👍

  12. I understand completely. I wish those others would too. People, let the man (Kev) alone. Let him rest and let him heal. When Rob has something to tell you, he’ll tell you… Hang in there, Kev. Hang in there, Rob. Thanks, to the both of you. Thanks, people…

  13. we are glad you tell what happens to Kev. Of course, there are emotions that need to be there. kev must be proud to have you as a friend. Keeping up with what you do for it is very good👍🙏

  14. Hi Rob, you are doing a fantastic job. My wife and I visited Kev in Bangkok Hospital Pattaya on two occasions when he was there a few months ago to have a chat. He is such a genuine person as you know. But times have moved on and I appreciate your feedback on the UTube. Take care yourself too. Kind regards Steve & ‘China’ (Kev will know) x

  15. it certainly sucks, my dad has just finished his chemo, they have cancelled the last 2 treatments as hospitals too unsafe to attend for chemo, cant even get a scan to see how he is doing. Now locked down for 3months, which hopefully not, but could be his last 3 months, but on the plus side we are all living together, so at least all together as a family. A friend of mine just lost his father and cant even travel back to the UK to be with his family , god knows if there will even be a funeral.. Anyway keep positive people, much Love to Kev and the Whole World

  16. We do appreciate how difficult it is to speak about Kevin. We share his pain and yours too. Thanks for the update and next time you ring him please extend our love back to him. We do understand. Regards Col

  17. Best thing to do is just be yourself its what he would want , hes in in a tough spot we are all adults and have family and friends in same place so know the score

  18. Hi Rob so difficult for you to talk about someone you know and love that is in the position we all know Kev is in. I feel exactly the same as you even though I spent a short time with him. Take care !!!

  19. Hi Rob
    Thanks for the update
    I know how hard it is to talk about this type of thing especially when you are close to them, you are doing a great job providing the information about Kev and I’m sure he is really thankful to have such a good friend in you, and we all understand how your feeling while you are explaining Kevin’s situation it shows all of us what compassion and friendship means to you
    make sure you keep yourself safe and well during the present crisis
    all the best

  20. So incredibly sad. Bad enough for Kev already but this convid 19 means he cannot see loved ones which is a kick to the guts. Sending Kev my best

  21. I know this was very hard for you My Friend, Thank you for keeping us updated on Kev. My Sister and a very dear Friend are going through this now, I understand how you are feeling. Take Care, Stay Safe, Be Well, Mac from Georgia

  22. Thanks Rob for the info on Kev, I know it’s hard to talk about someone that is very sick like Kev, I’m sure everyone understands, your a good mate to Kev.

  23. I sometimes rewatch Kev videos from 1996 1997 to remember the good times, those videos are the reason i had visited Thailand several times since. A big thanks to Kev, you brought excitement, fun, joy into my life, and the belief of a better tomorrow. I will never forget that.

  24. hmmm just like listening daily….hehe keep up so boring today with this lockdown. lol ow pls Buy Immuno pro or Conzace it has a 25mg level Zinc compared to a multivitamin that has only 5mg help a lot in anti pneumonia.

  25. Very sad he cannot see his family. Understandable why they can’t see him because for Kev to catch this virus would be very dangerous for him.

  26. Hi Rob, I hope my statement gives you some sort of comfort. I very well understand your position. It’s
    not a fair position to be in at this point. This is a point of life that just sucks any way you look at it.
    And the term sucks really does not describe your feeling. I know you feel as though you are letting
    a dam good friend down because everything is so unfair. I know you can only do so much in this
    situation , and you have done all you could. ” That ” ” totally ” ” Sucks !”

  27. Rob, it’s good you cry. Kev has had his time. It is probably best to let his fans know not to bother asking anymore. Stay safe and well. Here’s a Leo for Kevin.

  28. I think it’s enough said it’s a pity this happened to him and with this virus spreading around the world, so l agree with the rest of the chat and now focus on yourself. I know he’s a good friend but there’s nothing you, me or anyone else can do but hope and pray at this crazy time because I (myself) think that we’re all are facing a extreme challenge at this moment in time and think Kevin wouldn’t want you to worry so much like you said take it day by day so Sir stay safe and take care.

  29. Rob, understand, death is the part of life we all must face. Kev has lived his life his way. May we all be lucky enough to live our lives the way we choose, not on others terms. Live when we can and die when we must. PEACE BE WITH YOU, ROB

  30. Your time and effort in keeping people informed, despite the pain and raw emotion, is very much appreciated. Keep your chin up Rob, we know it’s not easy. Most of us have been through similar things. It fucking sucks balls.

  31. Thanks again Rob I also think its time we gave Kev and his family time to spend with each other i am sure you will tell us if and when your know anything

  32. Good Information,Kev was good fella,he always replied back to me on my comments,he was a very positive Ex-pat,while I lived in Thailand from 2002 to 2007 I lost 6 guys I use to hang with and even after 4 or 5 passed while I came back to the USA.It is sad when you lose friends & buddys,I have some real good memories of the fun we had talking crap in the bars.I hope Kev lives another 100 years.

  33. It really sucks to loose your health , I have been this way of Two years of surgery s and Chemo s , it really pull s out your energy and stamina .

  34. Rob needs space also.Being close to someone who is at end stage cancer treatment can be very emotional even for the more macho types out there.I’ve been there for two close family members.Drinking to dull the pain for the imminent loss of someone close can make things worse.Take care Rob and Kev. God bless you both.

  35. So sorry to hear the sad new, It has been confirmed the sad news Kev in Thailand has passed away, we meet him here many times, I will never forget meeting him in sports world bar with terry, I remember terry talking a while with him, and we both attended many time’s to one if his party’s at The HIDE AWAY bar, very sad news, he was a very helpful guy and his bloggs were always of a helpful nature 😪😪

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