Keep Your Guard Up; Dating in Philippines – Part 3of3

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  1. being in the Navy and visiting Philippines, I have seen (and been caught) in scams. They do happen, they are real. Majority of it will happen around the bar areas when you are slightly drunk and guard is down. Like he stated, percentage wise who knows. In bar areas think 100% are out for your money.
    Otherwise Philippines is a beautiful country, majority Philippinos like Americans (one of the few remaining countries) and yes, the women are beautiful!

  2. I so agree. Bars are good for drinking, karaoke and maybe some short-term fun with a girl. But not the place to let your guard down or believe anything you’re told.

  3. I went to Dumaguete City for 3 weeks and not one time did I ever see anything shady unfolding. Even the cops there were very polite. The worst things I came across were people driving crazy and many near death almost crashes, and the local guys piss anywhere they want, regardless of who is around. They don’t even go behind a bush or tree or anything…Just whip it out and piss on the city streets. Otherwise, I’ve seen more crime and shady characters in the US than anywhere here.

  4. I think after the bad experience you had with a Filipina you’re focusing only on the bad things that I’ve covered. There’s a lot of great things about the Philippines, but not if a person is still hurting from a bad experience. In the States I’ve been lied to, had my car stolen (twice), my home burglarized and scammed by street-people. It’s a matter of perspective.

  5. Meanwhile, most American women are chaste and honest. (insert sarcasm here) People are people and there are bad apples in every.. EVERY country. I’ve spent time in downtown Los Angeles and it would be unfair to say the entire USA is like the ghettos and back-alleys of the Garment District. But if you don’t care for the Philippines, it’s simply not the place for you. Using your logic, it’s all a wash when you look at all the HAPPILY married men whose wife is Filipina.

  6. Thank you so much for the Vid, I grew up around St Louis, a number of places there you flat out stay away from, others like the east side they are bad but that’s where the good bars are so people go but are careful. I just hope I learn fast what areas are safe at night and the ones that are not. man I would hate to rent/buy a place in a bad part of town.

  7. ha!.. maybe not a bodyguard, but the key is always be suspicious and always be willing to just walk away. If something doesn’t ‘feel right’.. start walking. Just get outta the situation back to the open, well lit public areas and make a new plan. Plenty of women here, no need to take unnecessary chances. 🙂

  8. I’ve heard lots of good things about Dumaguete City. I’m thinking to rent a place there for a month to get a good feel for the place sometime in the new year. It’s not far from here on Bohol.

  9. Oh my, Well I guess it is all about where you decide to hang out. I have never, not one time had a bad situation when I was in PI. I have been on at least 6 different Island and god knows how many towns and most of that time I traveled alone. I was not angle I picked up girls or met them everywhere . Some were pre arranged via the internet. I guess I will say this … If you want it bad. You will get it bad. The worse you want it the worse you will get it. Dont be stupid or Clueless.

  10. I dont care how good she was at lying . To have lost 20 K (US?) you need to have a look at yourself and make some corrections because you’re just as responsible for being so gullible to be lead down the yellow brick road..

  11. Henry…just a warning there’s a guy here in Youtube that he hates the people of the Philippines so much and he has a lot of Youtube ID’ know he’s trolling around in all the Philippines channel and convinced people that the Philippines is a bad country and his here now down to the comment below of this video..he’s a chinese guy he hates the filipino next time when he post to the comment again DO NOT publish his comment bcoz he is a troll..

  12. Funny you should mention that.. I was on a date with a Filipina and I was following her through town, each of us on scooters through traffic. It reminded me of some scene from a 007 Bond film. ha!

  13. I often wonder why people will say that the Filipinos are nice people…while they seem to have more scams than any member of the mafia. Sadly, I fear the truth is that Filipnos are not realy such nice people at all. You don’t hear about these kinds of scams in Japan or Korea or China.

  14. To answer Salvators question the answer is usualy no. Middle class filipinas dont normaly marry foreigners. Filipinas usualy marry foreigners for a better life and if a middle class filipina gets married to a foreigner it is like admitting they are poor and need help. My filipina wife told me this. I was once at a middle class family and they talked about their daughter working in Australia and I said maybe she would find a husband there well the all laughed and laughed. They said no there daughter is not to marry a ozzy. My wife explained to me why after we left.

  15. I love the PI, but thanks for sharing the scams.  Extortion is common.  Many men have killed other men in PI.  Two people close to my X-GF (who was a college graduate) had killed someone, supposedly in self defense.  Marrying the wrong Filipina can get you killed and your bank accounts emptied.  If I get a bad feeling about anything, I run the other way fast, that is how I’ve remained safe.  Danger is out there, if you are not careful or hang out with the wrong people.  

  16. I lived in a small town in the PI w/ my GF.  I knew several girls that had foreign sponsors and lived with Filipino husbands or boyfriends.  Never underestimate the level of scamming going on.  Stay safe!

  17. just cuz I’m paranoid doesn’t mean the Are Not out to get you. The funny part, is that I’ve gotten into deep converstation with a scammer I busted.

  18. I enjoy your info.  If somebody expresses interests in visiting the PI, I will encourage them to view your three part series, Keep Your Guard Up; Dating in Philippines.  

  19. Very helpful am currently talking to a girl in the Philippines and now am considering asking her to come to the US with me due to the reason i don’t want to get scammed again thanks a lot for this useful information.

  20. I saw this happen at a hotel in AC. I’m sitting in the lobby talking to some buddies. Guy [older foreigner] comes in with a girl he met on the streetcorner. They go to his room just off the lobby and leave the door wide open. I could see them just sitting and watching TV. 5 minutes later 2 cops come in and go to the room. The guy  leaves with the cops. Turned out the girl was underage [so they claimed]. I talked to him later, he had to do the ATM thing to keep from being incarcerated.

    1. One more reason why I’m not a fan of using ‘pros’ or bargirls.  They have their sting in place for guys who just wander in without a clue.

  21. I visited the Philippines once a year as a tourist from 1997-2010 so I do know some things about the life there.  Thank you for sharing your opinions and good advice I learn a lot.  I visited girls I met online and spent time in the bars in Manila, Angeles City and Cebu.  Oddly enough I never had an incident with a bar girl ripping me off.  But while visiting a girl and her family I met online the girls aunt stole money out of my wallet while we were in the swimming pool at a beach resort.  Isn’t that ironic?

    1. @Omar Jad Al Farid i’d say that 98% of the theft that occurs here is based on ‘opportunity’.  if something is laying around unattended, an unlocked door or window or even a cell phone held loosely in your hand while riding a jeepney.. that is how most thefts occur here sad to say.

  22. you are the target,,,,,,,,,,you are soooooooo right, Every time wanted to buy a piece of land,,,,,,,,,,the minute they saw my face
    they triple the price,. I like the way you describe the way it is in the Phils, Especially on the street,,,,,you are soooooooooooo right. You are for a lot of them  a walking wallet,,,,,,,,Been asked,,,,many times,,,,,,,on a first chat,,,,there in the Phils….Are you married?  Do you have a car?///////   lol

  23. Gotta make one point here. The age group that you will look at, I won;t, and they are more problematic. I am talkng 20-25. They never have money. Seldom have jobs. They the ones the pimps go after, etc.I am not saying that I am smarter just older and more experienced. The women over 35 whilte not as hot, are still attractive and they don’t have that kind of baggage…

  24. What’s strange to me is that the filippines has ths huge surge of foreigners wanting to filipinas. But its Japan and Tawain that need them. Seriously, both those countries have negative birth rates and falling populations. But they are both zenophobic as well, gotta respect the opportunity that the philippines represents….

  25. Yeah you are being watched I could feel it worst walking around in the cities more, it took me only a few days that these woman could communicate with there eyes and the slightest movement of the hands.
    The men could do the same,
    Thanks for sharing your experience’s and wisdom

  26. Knowing the levels of poverty and depravity that takes place in the Philippines… I can’t help but feel that the only guys/foreigners that are to be truly sympathised with are the genuine good hearted (and minded) ones. As for the solo travelling normally ‘older’ ‘sleazy’ ‘predatory’ types… well given the fact they’re doing a lot of exploiting, it’s karma.

  27. I am a Filipina and I agree that you really have to be careful when you are here especially when you are looking for a wife. I have American friends so this is the same advice I give them. If you want a decent woman (for a wife), 1.NEVER go to a bar to search. 99% are scammers and will most likely do the things the guy said in this video.2. Narrow down your selection by choosing gals in the middle class. How do you know they are in the middle class? By asking RIGHT away questions( even before meeting in person) if her parents are professionals or working or retiree? because if they are not working or not professionals or no business they will surely rely on you to support even her parents.Ask if she has siblings and what do they do or do they go to school and if yes who is paying their tuition fees? if she is paying, then surely the guy is expected to share the responsiblities later on.Does her parents have their house? because if NO then surely the guy especially if he is a foreigner is expected to built them house later. Some may deny this and I understand that because a lot of Filipinos are in denial mode. They get embarrass and it hit their ego when a foreigners tells the truth because most(NOT ALL) only wants to hear flattery words. No wonder we hardly improve as a country 3. Look for a low maintenance gal. How do you know? Well , they would rather spend all their salary( as meager as it is) to buy expensive iphone and expensive clothes and make up rather than saving it or investing it so when she runs out of money she will think of hooking up with a foreign bf to provide her with stuff. A lot of people will hate me but this is an unspoken reality here. So please don’t just date anyone. Choose WISELY.There are still good Filipinas but unfortunately you can hardly see them with online profile because middle class or abled gals find it degrading( again there is exemptions). Good luck!

  28. Once again, another stellar accurate video… Before I add my 2 pesos let me say this, it is a big city, like most big cities you have good and bad and scammers, and whores and decent humans… just be aware all places you go and you will be fine. And no that iPhone 7 plus for sale cheap was not his personal phone he lost in a chicken fight… lol… anyway, I am the a typical target you mention, I am American, polo, flip flop wearing guy… when I arrived in Manila, I was easily distracted. I am one of the lucky ones, I met a girl through a friend and I was warned by her, guys there are EXCELLENT women out there but you have to follow the unwritten rules, you gotta LISTEN if someone give you advice. Example… we went on jeepneys a lot, if they tell you don’t play on your phone, dont… certain stops have a lot of people who will hop on, grab your stuff and be gone into the crowd.

    Make no mistake, I am not a small dude, I am not tall but I have hit the gym for decades so I may not be their ideal target HOWEVER, you have to be aware of your surroundings. I look over my shoulder. If you decide to move to the Philippines, my advice is BLEND IN, get some tan, don’t be pale unless you wanna look rich and plastic and be left to ride in your own car and not hang with the people. I for one got my tan, I am from Florida but I arrived in January so I was kinda light skinned… I learned quickly if I am tan, if my hair is slicked like what is in in the Philippines, if I dress like I am living there, if I get a pack for my things( definitely recommend a mens purse) … then do it and blend in.

    Drugs… do NOT not not not buy on the street, it is illegal and stupid, never hire a fixer, just wake up and know if it is too easy in the Philippines then it is in fact probably not luck…it has an angle that may not be so good.

    Marriage… immigration, ACR card, getting a condo, buying a car, selling all my things in the US… been there and in 2 weeks I will be a resident with ACR, condo, vehicle… BUT I won’t forget to not be plastic,…. EAT, WALK, TALK, LOVE, LIVE, BREATHE, RELAX, AND BE AWARE and you will be fine.

  29. Thanks Henry for the insite. I’ve been following your videos for years now. I really like the honest insite to living in the Philippines as a foreigner. You really help those looking to retire there be aware and avoid big problems. Thanks for your info.

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