Keep Your Guard Up; Dating in Philippines – Part 2of3

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  1. I was hooked on tacos in SoCal. Still haven’t had a decent taco since I got here. ha! But lots of great lechon and bbq to make up for it. 🙂

  2. It depends, to me, what girl you’re talking to. In a bar situation, you’re either running Game or getting Played. Anything is on the table. But.. if you’re talking to someone away from a bar, a girl you’re looking to build a relationship with.. I believe it’s best to be honest and not start what could be a relationship on lies.

  3. I mention it to give people a ‘heads up’, same as I would to a tourist visiting Los Angeles, stay out of the Garment District at night. But it doesn’t mean all of L.A. is dangerous, lots of cool stuff to do there.. same with Cebu.

  4. i have been to cebu many times and Rule one dont go out in carbon market alone on an evening go if you go   make sure its with a trusted friend Carbon market is a no go. 

  5. Same thing here in the states, if you don’t know anyone or aren’t social you will get eaten up by the society. Moral, no matter where you go, you need friends or and family.

  6. Life beyond the sea

    S e asian women are amazing my fiancé is Indonesian from medan I am from UK and I have never seen a woman as beautiful inside and out she is a English teacher and also studies so proud of her I am twenty four she is twenty we are so in love.

    I wish u well and hope u find the love of your life because I don’t know about Philippines women but Indonesia woman will treat u like a king she will always help u with cooking and they understand that a man’s place is head of the house.

    Anyways if ur ever in medan hit me up yu can come our house lol

    Salute my brother

  7. I would not trust people in a quiet area without any witnesses.     I had a attempted robbery  by 3 of these people and it can happen quick .     These people work in gangs to steal wallets there.

  8. my mom always told me,,,,,,,,YOU have to pay for them to be in the hospital,,,,But when YOU will be in the hospital,,,,,,do NOT rely on them,,,,wink

  9. is it safe to travel alone there also sites like philliphine cupid would you trust these sites or just go to philliphines and meet them there.

    1. @paul cooper it is absolutely much better to mee filipina women IN PERSON, here in the PH. and they are so approachable and friendly to foreigners. for so many reasons, women on online dating sites simply cannot be trusted.

  10. Once you raise red flags people get paranoid, it brings up all the fears about being a foreigner in a strange country.I think, just by my online experience there are more female scammers there than here in Mexico. I think you’re right they usually have a boyfriend or family behind the scam. But I find they pretty quickly tip off their real motives because they get impatient…

  11. i am from America i want to live in the Philippines by the law said with a passport and a ticket back home i can only stay for 30 days . How do expat get around that

  12. Maybe you went in a wrong placed in the Philippines, Anywhere in this World has a full of wicked and evil people, A better place to be safe is to stay your home and cooking some good food then you’ll be okay!

  13. These gals are experts at lying and it is embedded in the culture there  I have been online and met the gal and family over there only to find later she has a bf there and I am sending money for years there.    If things don’t work out in a year of less  best to drop them and move on they will steal peoples money for years lieing to them.

  14. Good thinking Reekay…and I’ve done exactly as you’ve suggested, when worried about a potential ambush while trying to flag down a tricycle one night after dining at “MacDo”…a group of young Filipino males were saying, that they” were going to kidnap a foreigner”..knowing I was about 5 feet away, and could hear them.
    Normally I would have laughed, and just seen them as kids, and maybe even begin to have a laugh and joke with them,..however these particular Kids were definitely criminal types..and there was no mistaking that. ..I say criminal types, as I grew up in a pretty rough area of Sydney Australia…where you quickly learn to be “street smart”… knowing when its safe and when to leave. ..when its OK to have a laugh ….and then when its time to run.
    Sure I can handle myself quite well…except, I was guest in a strange country…and didn’t want to end up fighting these guys cousins, brothers, sisters and extended families….so I caught the eye of the local security guard…and beckoned him over…and planted 200 pesos in his hand and said what a Good Job Guards, did and that they were worth double what they were paid. The security Guard smiled..then told me that he would personally escort me back to the hotel where I was staying. I turned suddenly and these heavy duty kids had disappeared into thin air..Mind you..for all I know the guard could have been a relative of the street kids..but I got home OK…and every time I went to eat at “MacDo”..the security Guard would approach my table and ask…”.everything OK Sir? ..I felt safe….and for a one off Gift of 200 peso…a had my AUD $4..peace of mind.

  15. No Reekay..your not being paranoid..your being smart. Its true that In Philippines..we foreigners stand out like an bright light bulb in a darkened room…yes we are just that visible. Always better to be cautious…never let my guard down…and yes I have similar thoughts that Im always under observation…but try and not let that spoil the fun times with good Filipinos there that Ive met.

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