Keep Your Guard Up; Dating in Philippines – Part 1of3

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  1. I’ve made the Philippines my new home permanently. There is a wonderful life to be lived here, but it comes with some things to be alert for. Like any place, the ying and the yang.

  2. Yes, he told me he suddenly felt disoriented, light-headed, queasy. He could tell something had suddenly changed his body chemistry upon eating the meal she prepared.

  3. What I can’t figure is why would the pharmacy even make that available to the average person? What proper application is there for it?

  4. Can someone explain to me why the Filipinas always ask strangers for money? They are the only Asian women I ever met that constantly asks men for money. The Japanese Chinese Koreans ect have never asked me for a dime.

  5. Well, it’s pretty simple really; Necessity. Japanese, South Koreans and many Chinese have a better developed economy. More opportunities to work. In the PH, unemployment is higher than 35% from what I gather. Lots and lots of poverty to go around here. So, some Filipina comes into contact with a ‘rich’ foreigner online and it’s not surprising at all that they share their hardships hoping for some help.

  6. btw.. it’s not just a ‘Filipina’ thing. People in the US do the same thing, hitting up the relative who is better off for money. Or, as in the case of a producer friend of mine.. those ‘outside’ of Hollywood looking for a break were constantly hitting him up to pass along their screenplay, get a supporting role, get some free studio time. It’s a simple matter of the ‘have-nots’ going to the ‘haves’ for some help.

  7. I am poor by USA standards and I have never pan handled on the street for help. The Philippines in 1946 chose not to be a USA territory and the USA let them have their freedom. The Philippines would have been 100 times better of being a part of the USA.

    1. Agreed … but the problem is that some of them are so beautiful and completely fixated on your happiness that it seriously tests your mental resolve. Some of them are 3/4-size versions of supermodels. I remember dating a 19-year-old girl there who was 5’3 and 35 kgs — still have the pics to prove it – and while she was not the brightest bulb and her teeth were marginal, good God that girl was gorgeous. One of the most healthy and attractive living beings I have ever laid eyes on

  8. Her brother saw the whole thing? You mean he watched his sister get raped and waited til morning to tell you about it? Would the cops really believe a story like that? lol

  9. What kind of people do you hang out with here? Seriously! Anyway, I dont think the police is going to buy that story out…there will surely be medico legal performed. Regarding scammers online, TRUE! A huge percentage! The rest looking for passport out of here. Sorry to say, but TRUE! Or looking at you and think, future of my family.

  10. Right, don’t underestimate them as they can be very hard to read, more so if you have not had a lot of contact with filipinas.. It’s not like America where you just call the police and they come in 5 min or less…

  11. From everything I have heard about Ph., it is a scary place to visit, with all the tricks and scams that are out there.
    How do you carry your wallet or camera or phone without getting beat up, robbed or killed ?

    1. @ROB NAVAEI i carry large notes in my wallet and smaller, daily money separately in pocket.  i try to not have my atm with me all the time, but it seems when i leave it home.. then i need it.  (murphy’s law)  the key thing is to be AWARE, don’t go on auto-pilot by leaving your phone on the table, holding your wallet loosely or being unaware of your pockets while walking in crowds.  i never use my back-pockets, only velcro front pockets, like with cargo shorts.

  12. guys If you want to date a philipina dont try online dating. The women have their damn hand out 24/7.I am just gonna go get a virgin bar girl and ask If she wants to date, These filipina dating sites have some of the stupidest useless women I ever met.

    1. @LifeBeyondTheSea – Philippines
      I never been scammed by a Korean but also only had 2 Koreans take interest in me in talking but I didn’t have much money so they weren’t interested in marriage lol.

    2. @Kevin is Nice it is slim pickings online.  i believe there are about 10% who are sincere about just wanting a real relationship.  but good luck figuring out which is which online.  they all use the same words, same conversations, same problems.  only the ones who don’t ask for money, ever, are worth speaking with.  the ones asking for money.. block ’em.

  13. I agree,,,been so many times in the Phils. Detective inquiries will cost you at least 2000$ american $. The best is to just travel there without planning. My advice,,,Avoid Angeles, Avoid Manila,,,,,,,Travel in the province,,,,,,,,,Just be quiet,,,,You will meet a decent lady,,,promise,,,,,wink

  14. Just an FYI, the Kidney stealing thing was an urban legend.  Do a quick Google search and you can read up yourself.

    As far as your friend being poisoned,  you give very few details about the incident. Important details such as, What were the events that lead up to it?  Where did the attempt take place?  Where there any warning signs or unusual things that he noticed?  I think those details would provide much more useful than just, “Be aware of how crafty these girls are.”

    1. @jamest6474 in his case, both instances he suspected he’d been drugged with something to knock him out. he suddenly went light-headed and weak, but was able both times to get himself into a taxi and returned to his hotel. one time was while having a drink at a bar, another time was during a home-made dinner date.

  15. Worst neighbours to have are Filipinos…..They love their karaoke and NEVER shut up. Every weekend they are having a barbecue in their carport and invite every Filipino family in the city. They have to be the noisiest people on the planet.

  16. Ya well that’s the real problem, we all don’t believe or listen to the advise given.
    It’s serious , you can so easily be scammed . I have no problem listening to the advise and I take it seriously , on the other hand I travel with a very smart woman , she’s my best friend and lover, so I don’t get involved with dating in these countries If I were single and hot for a date I would just get a hooker for an hour ,I would not look for the girlfriend experience .

  17. Never underestimate women anywhere. If you really believe you are smarter than women when it comes to relationships, you have not paid attention. Women know more they are better communicators, they spend their lives taking care of and dealing with people. We all learn this eventually but geez, get it as early as you can…

  18. Don’t forget that a lot of snakey, disingenuine dudes peppered the dating scene with landmines, it is not all the filipinas fault. Let’s be real here…

  19. how much money do you think to take with me for a three week vacation to the Philippines of course I’ll have it in the bank what would be a good amount not go crazy over there just to be comfortable

    1. +jesse Quinonez about $20/day for lodging. let’s say $20/day for food. maybe $5/day for local transportation. add in some incidentals, a little dating, movies, ferry ride, etc. ; i’d say about $80 a day. for 3 weeks that comes to $1,680 usd. costs are higher for visiting since you don’t get the monthly low rent you would on an apartment and not buying/cooking groceries at home. so it’s mostly hotels and dining out. keep in mind many times you may just want some bbq chicken and rice for lunch which is only going to cost you about 80 cents total. other times you may want to visit a nice resto and blow $8 on a meal. so.. “you’re mileage may vary”. but this is a padded, conservative estimate i have here.

  20. So so so many scams. The only way to pursue this stuff and have self-respect is to set somewhat fierce ground rules and live by them. At least some years ago when I used to pursue these girls. Ask for money before meeting in person? Later …

    I have a friend here in the USA who really brings the filipinas but he insists on one crazy thing: that they get tramp stamp tattoos of his first name before he’s willing to date them. He’ll pay for the tattoo, but that’s all. And 5-6 of them, crazy crazy beautiful, thin, and like 20-25 years old, did do that — he showed me the pics and I could hardly believe it. It’s harsh but in a way it does make sense. He is the only guy I know who has had excellent results with filipinas, it seems like everyone else totally regrets it. I know it wasn’t the thing for me

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