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Thailand Rob currently lives in Kamala Beach Phuket and is capturing video of what it’s like to see Thailand through fresh eyes and a camera. Funny, clever and informational.

I’m walking through Thailand with out a clue!

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  1. That was the icing on the cake seeing those HUGE boulders at the top of the hill. Good thing Thailand is not earthquake prone or those would of been at the bottom of the hill by now. Cheers Rob enjoyed this view video. Smashed the Like button i did.

  2. Hey Rob from Louisiana…just one of the squirrels in the tree….video is fine…your channel do what you want….whatever watching haircuts being done or grass growing….its cool..! Been married to a Thai since 1975..seperated 5 years. I am USAF retired…cool shirt..were you getit?..
    ..They sell them I the bx here at Barkdale afb yung un… if you want more holler…that’s southern for if you require something..
    Ps…I watch on roku… o comment area but does data metrics collect by tube from roku?
    Well from the ye sep baht mile..later.

  3. Wow, Trob that was really kool to see something different about Kamala! It looks even more appealing to visit there knowing that there’s more to rent than just a hotel room. I think you should do more of these vids just to diversify your content. Can’t wait for the next!

  4. Nice tour of millionaire’s mile Rob, but as you say you need to come and see it, as it doesn’t do it justice. Shame you haven’t got a 360 cam! What a difference that would make to your videos! Keep up the work buddy.

  5. Hi Rob! This is an excellent video. It’s nice to see you going around to different places! Warning, here comes my 5 cents of film critic input! I believe you could add-in your regular talks and squirrel moments to this type of film. For example, when you got to the top, instead of showing us the place and leaving, stay, and talk to us about whatever you want with the view on the background. That was it. Keep up the great work!

  6. Hi Rob. That was awesome. I think you must do much more ride and show vids. It will be very popular making one wish to be there and experience it also. It was nice music also fitting the style of the vid. Great stuff. Keep it going. Cheers.

  7. Great video of the outlying areas of Kamala Beach. If I am not mistaken, those white condos on the mountainside, are visible from Patong as well.

  8. Yup, definitely enjoyed this. I had visited Kamala the other year and never knew this place existed. Would be nice if in your links or in the video itself you have a map showing the route. I was on beach road but turned off early to take the pedestrian walkway to the Big C.

  9. Thanks for the tour.
    Nice viewpoint on the hill, south of Karon, just west of road 4233. I’d like to see that again– you can see a bunch of the west side. Leung Promthep at sunset.
    (sigh) I miss Phuket. Anyplace else you can think of. 😉

  10. Rob, That was a good one. I like the way it was possible to do a little exploring around Kamala without even being in Thailand. Thank you. More More More.

  11. Its amazing the amount of development that has occured in Kamala the last 20 years. I remember it when there was nothing along the beach just a sandy road leading to the beach. Aside from Phuket Fantasy there were only a few houses and shops. I havent been there in years but Im sure it would now be unrecognizable.

  12. 5 years ago I rode my scooter there and I was disapointed it was not possible to reach Nakalay bay . One year later I decided to swim from Nakalay pier to Kamala beach. The disapointement got bigger when early this morning of April 6 2016 I swam through a floating perimeter downcliff one of the most luxurious resort:”Ayara Kamala Resort and Spa”. The sea turned from blue to brown and I was probably swimming in the wasted waters or even the shit of the richest tourists of Phuket. While this time there were photographers shooting pictures of the honeymoon of a chinese or japanese couple down the cliffs. What seemed to be the paradise for them has turned to hell for me. I waved and shouted them “Good Luck” because I finally decided to replace the “F” by a “L “. Hundred meters farer the sea turned blue again. In fact the tourists never go to swim down the cliffs as they have swimming pools in front of their balconies. The next days I swam all the way up to the north point at Maikhao beach, completing the entire west coast swim in 24h05 mn for 76,6 km. A few months later I met you at Grill Bill and we shot a pic of us with Sunny. Of course I also miss Phuket a lot, and I hope to be back in 324 days. Thank you for this visit Rob.

  13. Hi Rob, if I hit the Lotto Jackpot this week I will donate to You:
    10 x 3 Days in differerent Resorts of Your choice for 2 Persons. You can take it for Yourself or spend some to anyone You like.
    Nice Video, stay safe and have fun in Kamala 🙂

  14. As a lifestyle journalist, I had the chance of dining in some resorts on Millionaire Mile. The steaks in Cape Sienna are awesome, their F&B Manager and Head Chef duo are true passionates. Drinks at Paresa – worth it for the sunsets and the splendid resort lobby. Sunday Bruch in Hyatt was a good deal too.

    But I always think of the kids at that beachside school, enjoying that views every day from their classroom windows. No fancy private school in Phuket has that.

  15. Hi rob i have drive many times the road between kamala and patong after the coast miss the small road up to the top very nice… Hope i can be back soon. Miss Thailand.😎

  16. Mate !… NO HELMET ?? Really ? , are you becoming as uneducated as the locals when it comes to basic safety ?? 😁🤔

  17. I really like the road between Kamala and Phuket. Plenty of ocean scenery on that one. You may be a little used to it but it’s my favorite scenic drive there. This is a really good video

  18. Enjoyable, liked the post narration. When we met at Dannys I was staying at Adaman White Beach Resort in Thalang. Its lovely there, a beachfront resort with a private beach ⛱, the small villages near it such as Naithon were lovely to walk around, lots of street food but also great restaurants 😀

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