Just two guys talking

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I visit with my friend and neighbor Mark about our plans for Christmas this Year


  1. Hey Paul my friend, you two had me laughing so hard. I will check out his channel as well. Stay safe my friend and God bless you and baby Mae always.😊 😊 😊 ❤️ ❤️ ❤️

  2. Damn. That story about the father saving money for a month to take his kid to Jollibee really hit me. But I agree completely with you all — I’ve adopted the minimalist lifestyle moreso with every passing year. One thing’s for sure, it makes moving a heck of a lot easier 😂

  3. Maybe you guys should marry your girlfriends and take them back to live in the states to have better standard of living help their families that way.

  4. LOL – take the tree down in July!!! True story: One year I kept the tree fully decorated for a full year! Friends who came to visit in August remarked: Do you know that Christmas is over OR you are very early for next one!!!

  5. Good job guys helping the Filipinos! I have a girlfriend in the Philippines we put our resources together to buy rice and other food for families in her province we raised enough to help 200 families. God bless!

  6. Very nice of you to fellas you have the Filipino spirit of sharing it’s nice to see a couple American guys that have been run over in their life living in America moved to the Philippines and find true happiness I myself was one like you almost 18 years ago I have some friends some that never been married and some that had an ugly divorce many many years ago they live alone they don’t seem happy to me they won’t jump on a plane they think it’s too far to find happiness such a pity remember happiness has no boundaries.. filipinas are the best

  7. Santa’s been around 4ever. Kids at 3,4,5,6,7, and on on, I believe dont really think about who gave it. Santa or the parents. They just happy. Dont ruin it. Kids will grow up and realized that you was a good parent.

  8. Hi Paul.
    stop in from time to time to look at the life I know I want there in Phils and we have been working ever since leaving back in September 2019 to get back safely and sanely. The world out here got crazy with different ways of doing things, but me and Malou are still together, have a plan to get back to Duma, but right now I’m taking her to Mexico and Colombia while we wait the covid border closure out. Much love to you and Mae. thoroughly enjoyed meeting you at Robinsons coffee place back in 2019.

  9. I’ve got a strange one for you. I’m buying Christmas for my children’s brother. My ex wife had another kid after divorce. He will be 10 on December 30. Deadbeat and gone father and we know she struggles.He’s been at my house many times to see his brother. Well, I got attached to him and we kept him a lot. He lives in Fl now and he texts me daily. Good kid, does well in school.We get him pretty much whatever he wants. Kids can’t help it. No matter the circumstances.

  10. BTW, regarding your sign-off, as my very first boss told me, in direct opposition to the cliché everyone repeats, “there are no stupid questions, only stupid people”. (smile)

  11. Listen guys I would advise you not to say anything about giving things to people or helping people. You would not be the first one that people and or the government would come after. Just giving you warning. You would be shocked what has happened to some people. Just don’t talk about on YouTube

  12. I have poor poor cousins in Leyte I send money to. I’m glad you guys are talking about how materialism is bad bad bad! I love you two guys talking!!!

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