Just A Little Sunday Morning Chat – Live Stream – 7-12-2020

Just A Little Sunday Morning Chat – Live Stream – 7-12-2020


  1. I like DNC Travel they have at least 2 offices – on is in the Pacific Breeze hotel( One of th VERY BEST Hotels) in Angeles City DNC Travel-highly recommended! i dealt with them for about 3 years.

  2. I have been visiting the Philippines for 37 years-have to adult sons half filipino 30 and 36 we all love the Philippines. Have to adjust a little as you visit- Best tips- take your own toilet tissues everywhere- and beware of scammers in the malls. Things have improved IMMENSELY in the last 10 years generally- Scammers are getting very polished and more sophisticated there now. Aside from that if you don’t get too drunk or get involved in local politics you should LOVE the place-i do!!

  3. My favourite Angeles City hotels at this time are Amsterdam Hotel-Seinpost Hotel-Devera Hotel-Boomerang Hotel and Pacific Breeze Hotel. In Cebu the Kiwi Hotel/Lodge.

  4. It’s true.. in a big situation like the Virus.. the US didn’t follow the rules.. it’s now headed for a HUGE problem. That genie is out of the bottle now.. big trouble ahead for the economy brother.
    Curt in Las Vegas..

  5. sorry to hear you are having problems with those dummies at the dealership. do they know the customers right. i would not buy a KIA period.

  6. hi i wanted to know if they still received amazon that delivery to the Philippines and what about the other delivery ups and Fedex that delivery packages to the Philippines . i just wanted to know if they still opened back up the delivery

  7. Coming in loud and clear. Glad you had a good time on your mini vacation. I was surprised to see Subic Bay. We were there in the late 60’s. Thanks for the tour. Do you have plans for future traveling.

  8. Philippine airline canceled my April flight (LAX to Manila) and haven’t sent me a refund, haven’t sent me an email except when the flight was canceled.. haha true)

  9. Sir Brian,When all Luzon was on ECQ, Cebu did not follow Luzon, they were still out on the
    streets, although central Manila and cebu are # 1, 2 in virus cases. Your rant is 100% correct, stay in
    govm’t quarters till your results are in, at your own expense and with armed guards posted like banks
    and airports if you want to enter the Philippines

  10. haha reference your rant, you should know that the number one problem in the Philippines is communications, or lack of communications that is.

  11. MY Filipina wife & I are stuck here in Victoria Australia freezing our titts off, waiting for the airlines to fly again so we can return to Dipolog and lay back and warm up. Even if we have to pay Au$5000 for 14 day quarantine upon our return to Aus.

  12. oh, on passenger, yeah when they fall off, they will tell you, “you drive to fast, your fault, we sue YOU.” Mark (Overstay road) went back as he said to take care of business. Personal stuff like renew drivers License, had a BIG family reunion, just visit in the states as he has been gone for years.Lots of things like that. He figured going now during lock down is the best time to go since he could not visit his daughter in Manila anyway. I’m going back in a month or so because of same reason. Can’t do anything here being over 60 unless You want to deal with possible fines. The town I live in has a whole bunch of Barney Fife school graduates. Here I stick out like a sore thumb as a Cano here.

  13. OMG! Stop saying Cebu is on lockdown, it’s Cebu city on lockdown. Not all of Cebu . Lapu lapu, Mandaue, northern Cebu Bogo, southern Cebu is not on lockdown. I’m so tired of people thinking the whole region of Cebu is on lockdown. The Airport is on Mactan and it’s open, Jeez !

  14. Hi Brian, News for Phil.traveller, my friend, married with a Philippina, got ticket from Emirates, got e-mail from phil.embassy, He can enter the Phi.with weddingpaper. One day later another e-mail from Phil.embassy, only allowed to come in together with bis wife. So vor now nothing is clear. Hello from Austria, Gerry. By the way, great ChatπŸ‘

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