Jungle Road Helmet-Cam Test Video – Philippines

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  1. coconuts, boco loco,cleavers,motor bikes,helmet cams.talk about multi -tasking.henry i’m jealous.i may have to get on a plane an dive in.see’in as your hav’in all this fun.you be careful an keep up the good work.

  2. To fill the tank is about $2.75 (USD) and that lasts me all week back and forth to town. It’s a Honda Beat ACC110CB Scooter and average mpg for this type is about 95 mpg. I think it’s a 1.5 gallon tank so it works out well here on the island. 🙂

  3. I’m having fun with it, I’ve never had a scooter before (or motorcycle) so it’s a new experience for me. I’m careful as all get-out in town, fortunately average speed in town is about 15-25mph, 40mph on the 2-lane roads between towns. And not as much traffic as downtown Cebu, so this is a good place for me to learn. I’ll do some nicer scenery helmet-cam vids later near the beach when I can. 🙂

  4. haha! I do love to learn new things and have adventures, ha! It’s like being on permanent summer vacation here. 🙂 I just gotta stop letting these pretty Filipinas along the roadside distract me. ha!

  5. A dirt bike would be better, definitely. For now this beats walking and I’ll go with some nobbier (sp?) tires when it’s time to replace these, ones that are good for street as well. There’s another path to town that is more flat and level, but I take that at night because during the day it goes near a quarry and the big cement trucks don’t slow down on the little 2-lane road during the day. So I only use that road at night when the trucks aren’t running.

  6. Yah, walking to town took about 45 minutes and since I usually stayed until 9pm in town (when the mall closed), that meant doing the jungle road at night. I wasn’t worried about ghosts or boogeyman.. just local crack-heads who might notice me in the dark. (I wouldn’t use a flashlight, safer to move in the dark when walking to avid being noticed.) But now it’s just a 10-minute ride to town, makes groceries much easier too. 🙂

  7. Haha Henry you scared the hell out of me…JK I am surprised that the roads are that ruff. Not the first one but the busier one. Well you might want to have a 30 gallons trash bag around for a rain jacket… Hate to see you get all wet. Those Hawaiian shirts might bleed. :0

  8. Henry ,straight up what are the items that you cannot aquire in your jungle paradise that would put a smile on your face? besides a made in usa can opener.put it out there,hey you never know.

  9. That’s smart Henry. Avoid that road when the trucks are running, for sure. Its always a good idea to avoid commercial traffic, but especially when your an inexperienced driver. This video made me want to be in the PI AND want to have a motorcycle again, lol. I think I would get a street/dirt combination, a backpack with sleeping bag & tent for times when there was no motel & then take off to discover Bohol. That would be a heck of a good time. Can you rent motorcycles there?

  10. I haven’t gotten a GoPro (yet), but even so, both attach directly to the helmet so there will be shakiness to some degree since the helmet itself bounces around while riding.

  11. haha! I bought a raincoat that I keep under the seat, just in case. I pretty much stay on the lookout for pot-holes EVERYWHERE here in the PH.. rural or city roads. Road maintenance just isn’t what it should be so.. gotta stay alert. 🙂

  12. Yes, there are motorcycles for rent. Traffic here is what I call ‘organic’.. it just sorta moves in a free-form fashion. ha!

  13. About the video-cam I used.. I put a link in the ABOUT section at the top here, in YouTube that leads to more info I posted about the camera.

  14. No, i just used the internal mic on the camera. I need to get a vid-cam that has a mini-jack for an external mic that I can tuck into the helmet. But, one thing at a time. It’s been overcast here lately so I haven’t done any helmet cams this week. But I will when I go to Alona Beach for a ride once it’s a sunny day again. 🙂

  15. I found it through the sister-in-law of a friend of mine. Generally the real estate agents are only interested in showing the high-end stuff (going for that big commission). They don’t deal with the province much, but a few do. I’d say once you’re hear, ask anyone from the bartender to the taxi driver if they know of some homes available and network with the locals on Panglao that way.

  16. Along Alona beach, on the beach.. most of the resorts are expensive. But about 4 blocks away from the beach are some cheaper places. Once you’re in Bohol you could spend an afternoon walking that area to see what’s available.

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