JTOL – Which Island Should You Visit in the Philippines?

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  1. Are you thinking of ‘out of the way’.. out of the city of Cebu? Or cheaper places inside Cebu? Or pension houses, backpacker lodges? Let me know so I can keep an eye out. Most stuff online is for the higher end rentals, ads placed by realtors. The real deals you gotta walk around and find them in person, ask taxi drivers, ask people here. Let me know what you’re looking for and I’ll see about doing a follow-up video.

  2. How much you looking to spend per month? A boarding room in Cebu goes for about $50/month, but is pretty basic and usually in the thick of the city. Not the best option but it’s there. If it’s an extended stay of more than 3 months you can usually get a good deal via a lease on a studio. Hotels are about $20 a night for a decent, clean place with it’s own shower. The Mercedes Hotel in Cebu is centrally located and lots of taxi service nearby to get around.

  3. i was think do families in the ph host for foreigner if not do you think they would be open to let a foreigner sleep in a extra room or even couch i think that be awesome. im think they might be into to let people sleep in the couch for some money like 100 bucks a month idk any thoughts?

  4. Well.. considering you could get a private boarding room all to yourself for about $45 a month.. I suppose you could rent a room with a family for even less than that. However it would have to be a family someone could vouch for, someone you know over here. Just picking some strangers, too much chance of maybe your stuff getting stolen when you’re not around for me to take that chance. Originally I was going to stay with a friend of a friend, but that offered zero privacy, knowwhattimean?

  5. yeah good points i prob won’t take anything worth of value but non the less im best of in a studio apartment but i honestly think it be a great way for ph families to make some extra money. anyways thank you!

  6. good to see you henery.your lookin well looks like you lost a few pounds.all that clean livin.your videos are always well done an from what i can tell honest.thanks for the view from your world.peace an good health to you my friend.

  7. Yes, I don’t even know what I weigh currently. (no scale) When I first arrived I weighed 235 pounds! Six months later, after much walking and BBQ and veggies.. was down to 189 in January. I’ve lost more in the last few months, I think I’m around 180. My goal was 170. I’ve started doing a little Zumba here at the house too so I can join those girls at the mall. hehehe I try to give the info I was looking for when I prepared for my trip. More to come. 🙂

  8. This is so true – you have to know what it is your going there for – looking for a spouse a GF or just some good ol sex. There are many choices for different budgets. There’s a guy living in Thailand that divided it up into 3 – budget, moderate and comfortable. If I decide to go I’d be looking for comfortable – I can’t do the Gilligan Island thing but that’s just me. Anyways EXCELLENT videos!!!

  9. @geno314. Believe it or not Filipinos have more things in common with Latinos than with “asiaticos” due in part to the Philippines being a former Spanish (Castillan) colony for almost 400 years. Close to where Reekay lives is a large population of Chavacano-speaking people. Chavacano is a blend of Castillan and native language of the area. Check out Chavacano de Zamboanga on youtube, and also /watch?v=_DC5rHllbXE

  10. I like your comment, ”  I just don’t want 10 million of you flooding the place, I will remind you there are cobras here”. adlib a few words!!!   Nicely put!

  11. Yes, it means literally, Cobras. King Cobras. I have seen them and dangerous as hell. Specially in those jungle areas where it is more of the natural habitat for these snakes. Henry, stop cutting through the jungle areas because that is where most of the snakes like to move around. It is their natural habitat. Be careful. I’ve actually seen one here in the big island of Luzon in the Quezon City area near La Vista subdivision area. A snake handler caught it for the home owner. He was paid 200 pesos for catching the snake.

  12. Hi Henry! By your description the PI is like a kid in a candy shop. 🙂  I am a 58 yo semi disabled Military Veteran of a 48,000 php budget. I am looking for a little small city, a little jungle and a little city for needs and a long term relationship. A furnished one or maybe a 2 bedroom apartment for 14,000 php or less. A beach would be nice ( I love to fish and am a retired Skipper) but the climate of the mountains would be even better. I could care less about fast food and could live on street food or market food if I find a pretty cook… 🙂  But I am like you who knows how to cook also… (Bachelors learn quickly…;)   So where do you suggest?   Thanks!!! 

  13. Luckily i have a gf already there so when im finally able to go i already know what island im going to ^.^

  14. Looks like you are having a great experience. Have you ever been to Legaspi in Albay Bicol region. My wife is from there, we plan to retire there one day.

  15. Hallo Henry, I want to know your thoughts on Bacolod and Davao, I am from Cape Town, South Africa, I have about 2 years ago started to chat to two friends online, and both invited me numerous times to come and visit them, I would first like to visit the Philippine’s for about 3 weeks (I know its very short)  …to get some idea of how it is there, and then in about 1 year from now, I will visit for a couple of months. Please let me have your view, ideas or guide me to some links…..thanks for very interesting videos.

    1. @LifeBeyondTheSea – Philippines …Hallo Henry, thanks very much for your reply, yes I agree, it does not make sense to go and stay in an area, where one is not safe! I plan to visit the Philippines in September or October, due to some work constraints….it will also be a little bit cooler then! Thanks for a great channel, I am looking forward to your future video’s …. 

    2. @johan fouché i’ve only been ‘through’ bacolod on my return trip from boracay, but from what i’ve seen it’s a nice city with plenty to do. as for davao, you will get varying opinions on davao. at best, people say “it’s safe.. just stay within the city limits and don’t travel around alone if you’re a foreigner”. now, to me.. i just don’t want to live in such a place, personally, that i have to be so careful about not getting kidnapped, robbed or murdered. i’d say, read the state department warnings for foreigners thinking of traveling in mindanao/davao and make up your own mind. expats do live there, most without incident. but they also must stay under the radar to keep it that way. https://www.google.com.ph/search?q=state+department+travel+warning+davao&oq=state+department+travel+warning+davao

  16. Hi Henry,
    I am planning to  start my trip to the Philippines in may next year. What I am looking for is a place in a rural area but with easy access to the city. I like the tranquility of an island during the day but also a little the hustle and bustle of city life. I’m travelling alone so some entertainment in the evening would be great. You mentioned Mactan in your video, and I think that seems to be the ideal island to stay.
    My questions:
    Would Mactan be the right island for my goals?
    Can you recommend a quiet and cheap place to stay on Mactan?
    How much do I have to budget for a taxi ride to cebu city (for example Mango Avenue)?
    Is there any nightlife on Mactan itself that you can recommend (bars, clubs etc.)?

    Best regards from Germany (and thumbs up for all your videos)

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