JTOL – All Foreigners Are Rich, Right? Part 2 of 2

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  1. Hey Henry,
    that was good! I agree if they were here they would pay the same price we pay. Dont forget dont go to the families house on the first date. LOL

  2. The price also depends on the distance also. After a while you will find a few that you like and get their phone number so you have a backup plan. I can’t fit in most tricycles so I sit behind the driver and worry about my legs being broken.

  3. Happens everywhere… Canadians selling Maple Syrup to Americans, Australians selling Dijerdoos to Europeans, Calls girls in Amsterdam selling sex…. and the beat goes on. But some great specific advise for Philippines. I even sell refridgerators to Eskimos at a higher price… “really far for shipping” 😉

  4. Yeah, they do this in a lot of tourist areas around the world, especially cabbies! But it was explained to me that here in the Philippines the rich always pay more to subsidize the poor. And all foreigners are seen as rich. I don’t know if that is true – but I have been told that anyway.

  5. There are so many possibilities to learn a language if you have an internet connection, even sever at a time, why don’t you learn Tagalog for instance. You can have tons of practice around you and speaking and trying to understand is like the main thing in order to learn.

  6. You are a better man than me. I visited once and wont ever go back. A month of what you are desribing above was enough for me. Thailand is a much nicer country for the same prices. Im sure there are some that will say its my loss, but honestly is was one of the most unpleasant experiences Ive ever had traveling.

    1. LifeBeyondTheSea – Philippines, he was badly treated because most Thais have a prejudice against Indian people and most Indian tourists have very little money. All they seem to do is walk about and not spend any money. I have seen large groups of Indians walk into bars and not buy a drink, till they were eventually thrown out.

    2. The Philippines isn’t for everyone.  There are some drawbacks and weirdness to take into consideration.  I had a buddy stay in Thailand for 3 months, told me it was the rudest place he’d ever been.  Then again, he is Indian.. not sure of that had anything to do with how he was treated by Thais.  But each of us has to find our own path, the places that appeal to us the most.  🙂

  7. Hi Reeky! good to see you back. You are absolutely right when it comes to taxi fare. Even when I was there, those taxi cab driver in Cebu are taking advantage not only for foreigner but to all commuters that’s why you have extra careful on knowing first the fare before the taxi starts rolling  and then you should be ok and there are plenty of taxis anywhere. Just to make it clear. This does not applicable to all Islands, there might be drivers who are doing the same thing but majority are honest especially Bohol, Davao and other Island with good governance. I agree with you also that make sure do negotiation before jumping into the cab. Good job Reeky…

    1. Some do.. not all.  I’ve been amazed at the genuine hospitality I’ve received from poor Filipinos as well.  So, one has to look at the whole landscape.

  8. Sometimes though it depends on how much they get it for. Those pineapples are bought from someone else (like a produce truck who bring produce to the market and sells it to the vendors for whatever price they got it for and calculate the gas, travel time, cost of their labour, toll gates if any, etc), so it really depends. That’s what I was told by a vendor who I got into a conversation with. They don’t really get the pineapple from their own farms but it is brought over from a particular area like Tagaytay or Cavite and brought to the market in maybe Pasay in jeep or truck and sell it to the vendors in the market stalls. Sometimes, the delivery trucks also get hit by MMDA or Traffic Enforcers who will try to bleed them for a bribe after pulling them over for a fake violation charge so that sometimes is added to the cost of the product when they sell it to the market vendors.  I buy he same Pineapple in Canada for like 2 dollars or more plus 13% GST (goods and services tax) so getting it for 60 pesos seems fair. I think I got a pineapple here in Cavite for 40 pesos one time. It depends I guess if it is in season or not. I’ve had mangosteens and the prices are just astronomical. I’ve bought some at a dollar fifty per kilo before but recently these guys charge sometimes between 200 pesos (about 5 dollars) to 400 pesos (in tagaytay area which is about 10 bucks) per kilo and that’s steep. In Canada though, mangosteens are expensive and I’ve seen them charge 5 dollars per pound not kilo to about 8 dollars or even 9 dollars per pound. In Davao, I heard these Mangosteens are really cheap because that is where they mostly come from or from Thailand

  9. I totally agree it is so annoying to be overcharged all the time. Anyway i dont agree with you that it is ok if only i can haggle it down. It is about the principle. 200pesos is next to nothing anyway. I have been living in Visaya for a while before and i am more upset over the currupt police. To be pulled over for turning left when it suddenly wasent allowed to turn left is even worce than to pay overprice at the market. What is your view on the curruption? I saw another guy state the best is to pay off the first officer the sooner the better. That is a huge struggle to me as i never experienced curruption before.

    1. So he accepted the fare pep170 and than after a while he had 2. thoughts? Or do you imagine he plan it right from the beginning? What a …….
      I am also annoyed when i get on a trike and right beside our way there is a filling station. So sometimes they take on passengers and than go straight to the pump. As you also know it takes a long time to fill in the  half  liter he want so a lot of other rides pass by before he is ready to go. I am tempted to just leave, but i also feel sorry for them. Anyway i dont accept to be fooled so thank you for sharing your many advices.

    2. @Luri Faksen just today a trike driver wanted to charge me 400p for a ride that should have been 200 p max.  so i switched to a different trike driver who said 170p to get to dumaguete.  he took me HALFWAY and then stops wanting the full 170p.  i gave him only 70p.  his “reason” for wanting the full amount was… (get this), “my trike can’t go that far”.  well then, why did he agree to that fair when we left?  and how does that justify getting the whole fair for going HALF the distance?  it doesn’t.  either he is really dense or playing the part.  I got into a nearby jeepney and rode the rest of the way for 20p.

  10. When I was in the Navy, the U.S.N. produced a small book on conversational Tagalog it may still be in print or maybe even downloadable as a pdf, you may want to check it out. It was full of key phrases that were phonetically spelled.

  11. Got scammed on ever taxi ride i had there with exception to 1 time, when i first arrived it was the worse, i arrived in manila my gf at the time picked me up, and she had a taxi and she said oh this guys got a great deal for us just 2500 peso to angeles city and so much faster then the buss.. she said it was a good deal i assumed it was, but no its not the taxi guy just told her it was a good deal and even worse when we got there he wanted more i refused and then he refused to pop the trunk so i could get my luggage without an additional 1000 peso sur charge tip whatever you want to call it, after i argue with him for 5 minutes he lowered it to 500 and i paid it just to be done with it, but now that i know whats going on lol wont fall for that BS again 🙂

    1. Just because the GFs are phillipinas it doesn’t means they’re wisely knowledgeable,
      as the man you’ve decides the proper decision-making actions.

      Hate it when all the touts just jumps with some great offers
      especially from a long flight while
      carrying all that baggage.

      Smart choice getting his plate #.


    2. i pointed out to him i already had that taxi # and that if the police are called they are going to believe me not him. but its risky lol not all police will do the right thing here.

  12. Hu! Think this not only foreigners are victims of those greedy taxis but also some of us thier fellow kababayan. Especially if they will know that your ofw. So bit of advice careful to those kind of people. 

    1. you don’t think so?  you can say if you think im talking rubbish 🙂 you do come from a place where theres lots of bartering. its just here people don’t talk so much is all. especially around the Cities. whats it like in Philippines.. Really? 🙂

    2. We don’t understand bartering here unless we have been abroad a lot. its actually a better way of doing things I think. it gets people talking, communicating. its good encouragement to being friendly with people and you get to know the people around you…. Here, there is a price, you say thank you and that’s it.  🙂

    3. Yea, but when you’re a foreigner in the Philippines the people in the markets are not stupid. you probably paid at least 800 GBP to get there to start with. So the foreigner doesn’t think hes rich… but again, he just doesn’t realize how life is there… We had this in Egypt, they would try charge us 3 times as much… if you can afford it just pay it.. if it bothers you then be polite as the man says, barter and show you’re willing to walk away.

  13. This kind of scammng does not go on here in Mexico. It is not a good sign to me because it really shows rampant dshonesty and underlying disprespect. I assume that the PI is pretty much like here there are the halves and the have nots…period. The haves have more than I do but the I have more than the have nots. Howeveer, it the latter group that I can afford to live with. What I need to know over there is whether food, clothing, and other basic items are expensive or cheap, they are the former here, only rent is cheaper than the US…

  14. For the most part I let my fiance handle the money situation I was in the Philippines she knew whether we were getting screwed on price or not and the few times they really jacked the price on her just because she was with an American she wasn’t happy about it either and let them know it like I said I did a lot of homework before I flew down there on how they try to screw you out of a dollar and every single one of them well I am convinced they see you as a target of opportunity because you are from the West you are wealthy American you can afford it

  15. Everyone needs to remember the locals are used to scaping together every peso they can just to barely get by and put food on the table. Every little amount they can get is the difference between feeding their family or not. Yes being over charged for everything gets to be a pain. When I was in the Philippines in 1981 a cab driver was brutally murdered for $11.00. He died trying to protect his little bit of money and somebody was willing to kill for that amount. Filipinos struggle for everything

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