Jo’s Chicken Inato By The Sea – Sibulan, Negros Oriental

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  1. You must have a “HATER ON CALL” that just follows you and the minute you put something up they thumb it down! LOLOLOL!!!!I Its hilarious to me at this point! Anywho, LOVE THIS PLACE ALREADY. Will check it out in about three weeks or so……..if I don’t check out that Mactan Island first. I left you a message earlier about it. Thanks again for these great videos.

    1. @LifeBeyondTheSea – Philippines  Henry , ignore them, they are only very JEALOUS of your cool channel .
       Keep  the great vlogs coming 😀

    2. @IsraelTheLife LovePh it’s ironically funny. 😀 every time i put out a video.. they visit to do a dislike, adding to my views. haha!

  2. I like the place. It’s life after you swim and u feel hungry. You can just run to go to counter and your food is ready.

    1. @Rona Pestilos i only wish they made the pool available to the public, but it’s only for the caretaker’s use. i guess it makes sense or else there’d be lots of noise in the garden. i like the quietness there at the hilltop.

  3. I don’t know if where you live has a Stacks Burger Café or not but it’s the best hamburger I’ve ever eaten.  Even better than American hamburgers and that’s a bold statement but true.

    1. @Joel Monkley it’s hit and miss.. some areas have sand, other areas have rocks. i’ll be going back to check out a swim park just next door to there and shoot video to find out how the beach is.

  4. Ironically i have been trying to remember to hit like button i usually forget,,so that reminded me,,haha,,looks yummy,,see that it worked to your advantage by them hitting dislike it reminded more of us to hit the like button,,thanks for your time Henry

  5. Reekay, just got back to the mainland.  Great meeting you and sharing our lunch with you.  Bele and I both enjoy your wit, charm, information and out going personality.  On my last day got to see you again at Robinson Mall, thanks again for the great tips on editing and video blogging. 

  6. There is a house next door to that place that is for sale. My boyfriend and I were looking at it the other night. Beautiful house and location. =)

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