Jerry Made Some Furniture

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  1. Having seen some of the furniture brought out of Ancient Egyptian Tombs, some 5000 years old, looking as good as new.
    Think his next project, should be a 300 feet high pyramid, for using all his creations in the afterlife!

  2. Hi Brian good morning great videos wow Jerry has done it again beautiful just beautiful wood furniture this why when I came visit you Brian can you take me and my wife to to meet Jerry plz and thank salamat have a great day Brian God bless you always and stay safe always ok I’m always watching best YouTube channel ever truly mean that Brian I Ben watching you ever since I seen you on Terrance and Beth’s YouTube channel until now long time subscriber as you know take care always Brian my friend can’t wait for the traveling restrictions are over me and my wife will be visiting you and family soon as possible in the future salamat

  3. Another facet of Jerry’s many talents shines. This guy is brilliant and unique.
    A great example. Instead of complaining and destroying things he makes and builds beautiful things.
    A great role model for all to follow.

  4. What impressed me most is how each piece fits nicely together to make it more comfortable for back support and he even took the time to cut the seating out instead of it just being a slab of wood for a seat. Not using any nails was just the attention to details and proves that hes a master craftsman.

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