JeepRod on the Streets of Bangkok

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Today I went to go check out one of Bangkok’s “JeepRod” builds and take a ride in it and I fell in love with this thing! Is this the car I’ll buy/build in Bangkok?!
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  1. Man you are killing the daily game sir. I appreciate all the uploads. That jeep is crazy I like how much the people their dont give a fuck they build what they want!

  2. bad. ASS!!
    Now you need to add an extra link: “Buy shirt,” Buy me a beer,” and “Build a JeepRod.”
    P.S. Sawadi pi mai / happy Thai new year

  3. So cool dude at the beginning of the video you walked past the condo I stayed at for almost a year (Blocs77) in the On Nut area. I am sure we crossed paths at some point. By any chance did you put those red CB media stickers on signs and posts in the area? It looks so familiar! Between On Nut and where you are now, what’s better in your opinion? Love that JeepRod man… do it !

  4. Picture driving it every day…. how does it really feel….
    A straight axle front end with shock torsion bars and shock with traction bar rear set up. All the while the frame is notched and the body sectioned over the frame rails.
    Here’s a thought, buy a t bucket; with one foot in front of the other. Your not dancing your sitting in a t bucket roadster.
    Did you flintstone it? Where the fuck are your legs and feet? The dude driving, look at the video.
    You need to build something for you and fit you, idk. Love it and get your ass over to Hawaiian joes.

  5. Question sir!!
    Are the T shirts shipping from the US??
    Want to get some but I don’t want to wait months if they are coming from overseas!!
    Thanks Chad….keep it up…love all your videos and the love for the soi dogs!!!

  6. Agen a fab vid Chad, really love the car,,haha how low was that thing sweeeet, the only thing I was thinking was why he had the gear stick taller than the car? and fore your build,,ja man you will hit 250k soon so it will happen,,i am really happy fore you to se that all is going good and growing, ja man..

  7. Amazing content – just finished all of your island motorbike series on Koh Phangan and Koh Samui. You mentioned that you just use your iPhone 11 to film all your content with a manfrotto tripod; does the iPhone 11 offer built in stabilisation from the factory?? Your videos don’t show much shakiness even when filmed on the bikes.

  8. Awesome, quit doing ratrods here in US. Got to expensive, My fist ratrod ride was a Model A with a hot flathead Ford (1963) Its funny how patina is a preferred choice now, I always left my builds natural aged finish, run them hard on any road, or off road, theft proof too. Parts, title, licensing, and insurance. please do a follow up.๐Ÿ‘

  9. What a nice ride! Everyone should have something like it. I know I’m sold I would love to have a similar ride to cruise around kids would live it

    thanks for the info about the condos bro , in own nut when i come to thailand i will look them up to stay in a condo maybe for a few weeks , cheap as chips bro .
    always good for locals like you to pass the info on to the farang . lol
    cheers bro……… keep up the great videos , khob khoon khab ,
    lowe pop gan mai

  11. Chad they have those tiny cars in Georgia now.. People call them “Smart Cars” I call them if you wreck em your dead cars… Build your own with a HELLCRATE motor

  12. Make sure u get lower gears in whatever u get…..4:11s prob be ideal for that kinda environment. There’s no need for any taller cause there’s not enough real estate to stretch any further. His were pretty damn tall

  13. Love your work Chad!.. DO IT BUILD ONE!!… its got my vote… spewing that the “Beer Virus” threw the world into chaos literally a week before my scheduled trip… i should be there now!! 555

  14. I enjoy your tips and tricks regarding traveling to Thailand. I’ll keep those in mind on my first trip as a solo traveler in the near future.

  15. My god the sky train BTS is so dead, I would’ve taken the opportunity to grab a quick photo standing in the middle of the train great perspective when it’s empty! But also my god that whip is fire ๐Ÿ”ฅ๐Ÿ”ฅ๐Ÿ”ฅ

  16. That jeep rod with one of those famous isuzu diesels for a power plant that they love so much over there !!

    I’m thinking u just gave me my next project idea….i was thinking a t bucket before, but now maybe a j bucket !!!

  17. That thing is pretty cool. Ive seen a few of these done back here in the US and have always liked them.

    On another note: it looks like theres also some really cute women there as well.

  18. Chad, I am a Jeep guy, but my diffs were normally hire than the body of that one haha! Love the video! Also, everyone reading this should buy a shirt! ^^^^

  19. Chad…. Any chance for some beautiful Asian girl photo shoots with some of these wild vehicles youโ€™ve featured lately..?… I think your channel would grow as fast as my crank would.. ๐Ÿ˜‚

  20. I wish you can visit Hnong Rotary. They famous with their rotary build. They got Honda Civic EF sedan and Mazda 2 with FWD rotary swap. It will be awesome content for you.

  21. OMFG you live for years in Thailand and can’t say 36. Sun sip hop….. It is pronounced “Saam sip hok” and then you tell him that you speak a litte bit Thai? You can not even pronounce the numbers. DUDE go and learn some Thai!!!!

  22. Chad….cool channel thanks…..
    differently build a Rat Rod….But please leave the engine power to later….
    Its cool to be different But everyone there has a 2Jz…..
    Rat Rod makes sense for you as you can build from any parts and add your cool twist and graphics to it
    V8’s have the best sound even if they and stock
    Cheers From Brett in NZ

  23. Just when I was about to ask how many miles you walk a day, youโ€™re on a bike. Lol. Just ordered turbo riverboat shirt. Love that design. Might have another design soon with that hotrod Jeep ride. Lol.

  24. Cool build and it had a 350 which puts it on another level over there. Garage Idiots are building a jeep hot rod on a corvette chassis if y’all are interested, Preston makes good videos.
    Thanks for showing us this bad boy Chad!

  25. Smash that like button!!! Love this my first car was a jeep and so happy you found this and it is awesome keep it up! And this video needs 10 million views

  26. You know Chad, i’m not a real car enthusiast but for some reason i just love your videos. Your streams have a bit of everything in them, cars, bikes, random tours, people that seem so friendly, and you, that are so passionate with what you do…cant wait to see your next video. Please keep them coming ๐Ÿ™‚

  27. Make it with an RB or 2JZ! Seriously man I want one too. I spent an hour online yesterday before I ever saw your video, just looking at these on youtube. BTW I’m sharing a lot of your videos and I’m trying to get your a couple of your vids on my facebook biz page

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