Relationships in Thailand can be different, however there is unspoken types of fear among relationships living here in Thailand. Here are some tips to consider.

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  1. Damn, you nailed it – 20+ years experiens in Jomtien (mostly) and Pattaya – you did just nailed it to the forhead of any resident farang and “one-two-times-a-year- one-month-at-a-time-customer-farang”.
    I have seen (feeld) it all – more fun, – with a few more girls, -at the same time, more money, or having less money but being more relaxed, – about it (the money, and still havng fun) and/or in general relaxed,.
    Or not by haveing more fun with the girls but having better friendships with them because you respected them as equal human beings – the, sometimes very, different gretting/welcome you get doesn’t goes unnoted and can be subject for much jealousy and even more, wild, rumores 🙂

  2. i know what you are talking about! it happened to me in the philippines where farangs are called Jo, at least when i visited the country for many decades ago. anyway, i sat in that gogo bar in angeles city and started talking to a girl. i bought her a so called lady drink and i don’t know why i bought one to  the mama san too. then the girl went dancing on the stage. one more time i ordered a drink for myself and one for the mama san. she thanked me by nodding and after a while came at my table and said “you look like a gentleman, very kind…if you want a good girl don’t take the one who was sitting with you, take the one in red…she’s new and very kind…i’ll talk to her”. i looked at the “girl in red”, and yes she was dancing on the stage too, she was very beautiful,  but seemed very shy.
    after the show, i don’t know how or when the mama san talked to the girl in red but she came at my table. now you don’t want to know what happened with us after that :-).
    but what i want to tell is the reaction of the Jo sitting near by my table “what you think you are? he said angrily in a loud voice, you started by offering drinks to the mama san, then changed girls…you think you own this place? i’m sure it’s the first time you travel abroad and can afford to have a nice girl…”. i won’t repeat all the names he called me.  but i had no intention to start a quarell, the man was massive, i looked at his enourmous arms, he’d  have made a mess of me! eventually i asked the girl in red if she wanted to come with me, she agreed and off we went while the mama san and the doorman were trying to calm the Jo. i later on learnt that he was a regular at that bar and and that he wanted the girl in red!

    1. @@M V
      tnx again! yes life can be cruel sometimes, mais c’est la vie! i have some photos with her in manila where we stayed in Silahis International Hotel…which went bankcrupt for some years ago. when i learnt about the bankcruptcy, i felt like Tess has died for the seond time!
      there are some beautiful images of Silahis International Hotel here on Youtube. i posted some comments there too, for 2 years ago (i’ve just checked).

    2. @M V
      tnx for your comments! we stayed together for one month in a so called “girlfriend experience”. then Tess, her name, told me she wanted to quit the bar scenes. back home, i kept my promise to help her pay her school fees.
      she had one year left before graduating as a nurse…well, then tragedy! the mount pinatubo erupted in june 1991 and we lost sight with each other. internet didn’t exist by then and all my letters to Tess were sent back to me. for personal reasons, i couldn’t travel for many years and i haven’t visited the philippines since that time.

    3. Obviously. He wanted the new and uninitiated girl, so he could boast about being the first regular to get her. And tell the rest of his “peers” “yeah you guys got her after she chose the best looking guy here, me, so non of you really accomplished anything. She only went with any of you out of desperation…”. You also made him realize that his game is so bad that the Mama San didn’t really respect him. All that muscle and still can’t get anything he wants. I may be a middle of the road, asshole(?), myself…but I love to see an alpha crash and burn!

  3. I have had an old American told me how he saved my ass in war I wasn’t even born very salty trying look like hard man infront of women I went aay and had great night n left him to it ol man salty 555

  4. Yeah i can relate, have had my share of these kind of isues during these 10 I think months i have Been traveling Asia.
    Im like the oppsite of you when it comes to personality tho.
    Im an extreme introvert for one, so yeah these globalist whoring tradcucks #traitors will mess with everyone.
    It was so focking beautiful to see nationalists redpilled purplepilled patriots anti globalist unite in Pattaya and Vietnam etc, to distance them selfs from these cunts and bully them back.

  5. Was just thinking about this today . I go to Thailand every year with my Thai wife of 8 years.Each time i bump into expats i would say 90% of them are miserable creatures.I been trying to figure this out to.1,the majority of them seem to have little friends . I put this down to them originally investing in their new wife and her family etc.This results in losing their social life and also after the honeymoon period is over bitterness prevails.2, as you mentioned money.I am still working and save for our trip and like to enjoy myself when in thailand,taking more money than i would ever need.I work hard and play hard.The times i have brought a guy a drink with no expectations of him buying me one back are countless,never get one back.In fact you can see the bitterness in their eyes.One more thing on a side note these guys know everything in fact you cannot tell them anything . unfortunately being English(live In Australia ) my fellow countrymen seen to be the worst culprits.

  6. I wouldn’t give a toss if they didn’t like me if they have a problem me having a good time they should f(!k off back home 👍👍I’ve seen expats in pattaya and all they do is moan ?? Piss off back home then weirdos 👍👍👍

  7. The Ferang that live here don’t have the patience for the 2 week millionaires or expats that come or live here and pay a girl 4000 baht for 3 hours in a country where 400 baht a day is the daily wage for a Thai person. Plus overpaying the girls they end up getting nasty and arrogant and spoiled like American woman. There always looking for the next scmuck willing to overpay. The goal is to keep the price down. As for the beer bars, there are not that many great looking girls in beer bars anymore and the woman in Go Go’s and nighclubs are just asking unreal prices. So I dont see much jealousy there. I just see alot of men overpaying ruining it for everyone else. Guys dont realize that overpaying doesnt make her like you any better. It just gives these woman a big head because men show there pissing there money away. But that is there right.

  8. Spot on. Experienced this in Chiang Mai on a vacation. Out one night with a girl and some of her friends having a nice night and weird bitter dude crashed the party. Totally did not see it coming. Came out of nowhere.

  9. I’ve been told by felang to go home because I’ve not got 800,000 baht in the bank, they say Thailand don’t want people like me. Not one Thai person in 8 years of living here to go home. I’m for the ordinary working person.
    Nice one a great vid. I live on 50,000 baht a month and have a great life.
    Stay safe.

  10. When I lived in an Asian country for 10 years one of the biggest shocks was how certain foreigners behaved. There were a sizable amount of them who felt that they were so much better than the natives. They would constantly make disparaging remarks about the country we all lived in as foreigners. Ironically, they couldn’t say enough negative things about their compatriots back home. These jerks thought they were better than the locals and better than their own country’s citizens. Many of them were businessmen being grossly compensated by their companies back home. They were given lavish homes, servants and a car and driver. They received “home leave” every year. This was paid by their company. It included round trip Business Class fare with their regular salary(paid vacation). Usually it was for 1 month. Their kids’ tuition at the exclusive “international or American school” was covered by their companies. Generally speaking, the wives spent their days sleeping, shopping and socializing at “the Club”.(usually restricted to foreigners and upper class locals). Note:this was during the 80’s. I am sure now that there are quite a few businesswomen. Maybe their husbands are lazing around! 😂I was employed by the local(national) government and therefore consider much lower on the social scale than business people. I mustn’t forget the American foreign service employees. They were as bad as the business people. I guess they forgot the definition of diplomat! LOL! What really irked me was that so many of them associated only with other foreigners, seldom learned anything about the local culture or language and considered themselves “experts on the country they were living in!” Give me a break! Sorry that this is such a long comment but Rob you really hit a raw nerve today!😡 Sounds like things really haven’t changed that much based on your comments. Take care and stay safe. ♥️🙏🏽🌎

    1. Everybody wants to be comfortable. It’s just when we lose touch of who we are (and were), that’s the problem. The well-off have an equal # of good and bad. I would rather have money,
      but remain classy and humble.

    2. Sounds like you may be talking about elitists. Those people are toxic to the middle class everywhere. I picture those guys being the ones that, if they actually even went into the bars Rob is talking about, the expats that were regulars might actually have a reason to ask “who the f’ do you think you are…?”. Because they would focus on the managers and best looking staff. All the while, literally, ignoring and avoiding any expat regulars.

  11. What’s you say is true I was staying in my friends 999 Peters guesthouse patong beach for 2 years I had more bad time than good time there.

  12. Defintiely relatable, Rob!
    I go back and forth from Thailand the the US, trying to find a way to make money here so I can stay longer or permanently.
    While I’ve made a farang friend or three, for the most part, when in Thailand, I want to get to know Thai. I actually see it as a red flag when other farangs give me the “we’re farangs so let’s stick together” schtick. I usually interpret that as “I want to take advantage of Thailand and don’t give a shit the Thai people or their culture.”
    But in terms of specifics of bad behavior from farangs…
    I had planned to ride out Covid-19 in Patong, because even though it’s crowded when you get away from the beach rooms get real cheap, and I knew where I could rent a room with a kitchen all a quick walk from Big C, Baanzan, and Super Cheap. I could get groceries and cook, and was doing that (and I make a damn good spaghetti sauce from scratch).
    Now, I was in a ground-floor unit on Nanai Soi 2. The unit had 2 wicker chairs, which I put out on the patio as an ersatz clothes line. I wake up one morning to find the neighbors and friends (6 people total) gathered on the patio for my unit and even sitting in the chairs. At any other time, I would said ‘hi, what’s up, nice to meet you…”, but I was appalled that someone would do that shit during a pandemic. I just opened the door, and said, “you know this really aint cool at a time like this.” They were all gone in 30 seconds. (I’m pretty sure they were speaking Italian) This was about one week ago.
    And though I could stay in most of the time, you do have to go out for food occasionally. Once when returning from Baanzan, across the street a motorcycle taxi lady held out her hands in the vroom vroom gesture asking these two beckies (nationality unknown) if they needed a ride. One of them actually reached out and grabbed the woman’s hand and then let go and walked on, not getting any ride.
    So despite flying being a risk, I, on 3/31, bought a ticket the next day to Suvarnibhumi, and had a friend in Hua Hin (been there several times too) pick me up at the airport and drive me down to Hua Hin. The next day I found out about the farangs getting arrested for congregating on the rooftop the night before. If there’s ever a sign that you made the right decision…

  13. WHO is the Chinese Communist Party lying health organization. 85 % of their donations got to fancy hotels and meals with Private Jet Travel. They lie to support China’s Propaganda.
    Do Not Support.

  14. you’re right, there are these kind of farangs that live abroad far too long and everything that once was so amazing and enjoyable to them has become normality just like an habit. That can easily lead into a permanant frustration. The jealousy towards people who are still able to enjoy Thailand is a product that comes out of the frustration that these people suffer of.

  15. Avoid babyboomer Expats.Lots of them brought their racism with them despite their Thai wife.
    They despise tourists and younger generation expat because they don’t share their bitter opinion on country.
    Of course despite their constant bitching and moaning these old dudes never leave because they are biggest hypocrite ever to walk on planet.They so America First and racist towards Asian but they never go back to their own country.

  16. The common denominator in your video and in the comments on this video is ????? Come on, it’s there………………… BAR. Lots of folks drink alcohol and it doesn’t change them; then there are those who become overly aggressive when intoxicated. Here is a story from Germany, not Thailand. I served in the Army there in the early 70s. There was one rather stocky fellow in our company who would get drunk on the weekends at the local pubs and come back ready to fight anyone. It’s what alcohol did to him. Sober, he was a decent person; drunk, an aggressive A-hole. One evening he went into the local pub. It was just off base and has swinging Western Salon type doors in the entrance. There was a German guy at the end of the bar and after a few drinks, our friend decided to pick a fight with him. He walked up to the guy and said, “you’re in my seat.” The guy replied, “there are plenty of seats at the bar.” After a little verbal jarring, our friend pushed the German off his seat. The German left, only to return a short while later. He walked into the pub and the American noticed him and said, “I thought I told you to leave!” He approached the German and the German moved to one side while his German Shepard lunged through the door and proceeded to tear into the American. I didn’t witness this incident, but I heard the details. That same night, I got up at 4am to use the lavatory and met the American in the bathroom where he was checking out the dog’s handiwork. He had spent three hours in the infirmary getting stitched up and his back looked like a jigsaw puzzle. He never drank again after that night; coming to the realization that he had a problem with alcohol. I became good friends with him and he eventually confided in me that he had endured severe beatings as a child from his father. The moral of the story is this; if you are hanging around bars where people are getting drunk, don’t expect people to be at their best behavior.

  17. I have traveled to Thailand many times and met a few of these bitter expats during my stay. In my experience there is a commonality between them as in they have a “failed” past they run away from back home. Usually several ex-wives and estranged children left behind. That mental luggage must be heavy at times, hence the affinity for alcohol consumption on a nightly basis. This one expat I met who was in a bad mood but talked openly about his past said he had a bad work accident many years ago where his best friend died in the same accident. I think I recall he said he had severe physical and mental trauma after the accident. He was awarded disability pension (this was in his 30s) and decided the money would be better spent in Thailand. I don’t think he has had a great experience in life. I have learned to ignore the bitter and negative expats and if I sense anything negative I just move on to the next bar.

    1. Sam Greenwood.. The good expats don’t sit in bars all day drinking and talking shit… These are the ones who give us expats a bad name. Many expats in Thailand are okay and live nice quiet life with their beautiful Thai wife…as I do. Don’t judge the Ferrang by doings of a local barfly….Fucks me right off.

  18. In India I called it “too long in India”, not angry, just burned out.
    In Thailand social, society rejects/rejecters drunk in bars for years tend not to be happy people(an understatement)
    sort of like you seem happier and lighter in Kamala then Pattaya

  19. Rob, this have a pretty simple explanation; it is a bit hard to make money in Thailand as an expats, especially retirees which are not allowed to work anyway, and nowadays life in Thailand is getting more expansive every year, so many cannot afford the life they had before in Thailand.

  20. Thanks to the Thai governments enforcement of their regulations in 2019 regarding long-term visas, requiring provable cash in the bank, and medical insurance, many of those grumpy ex Pats simply could not afford to be in compliance, since they had cheated in the past with fake documents. They kicked up a hell of a fuss over this online bitching about the “unfair Thai government regulations” but were soon forced to return to their homeland. Good riddance to them!

  21. This is so heartbreaking to hear that there is quarantine in Thailand too. I have been to Bangkok 3 times since Jan 2008, and I thought maybe there was’nt any Corona virus in THAILAND, so this is real disheartening for me, as i fell in love with the country. so this video really is waking me up to the world wide pandemic. I was up on my high horse the past week thinking that Im invincible form the corona but now Im having 2nd thoughts. its so upsetting to see even empty streets in THAILAND. Oh well, I guess one can;lt go anywhere in the world anmore without seeing affects form corona. Take care everyone.

  22. I got started on by my mates pal the other week in pattaya coz his girlfriend made some shit up that I offered her my number. I found out later they were going thru shit but hey bros before hoes. I don’t bang Thai birds no more as we all know….Money first…love second. Not my kinda chicks lol. For the record I didn’t offer her my number and that’s how fucked up they actually are causing shit between lads for attention. I Love life here but not getting involved with the brasses and freelancers. I know a lad just come bk to Patts after doing 15 mill baht on a brass from phuket…..fool.

  23. Actually the first time I went I remember I went into one of the clubs with a girl and there was this one dude over on the other side of the bar just sat giving a hateful stare. I always thought that was weird af

  24. im canadian and i am a small vlogger and i have been to thailand 4 times and always film my experiences and put them on my channel but i have never had another farang give me any grief .. ever ??? so i dont know what you speak of

    1. idafh No kidding. Where i live in Florida (near West Palm Beach), hostility and rudeness from your fellow man is easy to find. Such are crowded places where few people are actually from there.

  25. There is a certain percentage of Expats that are mental. They were basically ran out of their own countries due to poor reputations and isolation among their piers. Even in Thai golf societies there are always the few trying to create problems for the many.

    Like you, I think I get along with everyone but there are a few I try to avoid if I detect or know they are not taking the meds. Since I do not frequent bars I may not see some of the stuff you mentioned in the video.

  26. oooh there is other type of” falang” … i have 4 thai kids and i have no tiMe for other falang beer draMa… i dont really see other falang …unless they are renting soMe stuff we own… so we are at peace with falangs ….ontop of all Most do pay on tiMe …falang love …

  27. also we who worked in tourisM froM 97 crisis …we went trhu tsunaMi…thru the chinese tour bus invasion…and now covid …we do Miss our good old falang back packers who would travel a whole year and when they Met the right spot !!!!! they would spend More than a whole wuhan tour bus operation and coMe back every years until recently …falang are cool here …i Mean Most ….

  28. Right on Rob. I realized how some farangs judge other farangs on my last visit. The expats for the most part were friendly. A great majority of those traveling to the north seemed to be on the passport stamp tour. My experience is different than most Rob. I rented a scooter and rode 3000 miles in 2 months. My 3rd visit was a success. Then, I flew home and went back to work. For 1 week.Then layoffs. Thankful I have a good emploer who took care of us. Stay safe Rob. Imhope to meet you once Thailand lifts travel restrictions.

  29. I concluded a few years ago that the miserableness and unfriendliness of farangs in Thailand comes from living an aimless existence in a foreign country which they don’t begin to understand. For many the routine is: get up late, breakfast, bar, lunch, bar, afternoon sleep, dinner, bar, night sleep…… repeat. Little or no physical exercise or mental stimulation and nothing much to look forward to. The same routine day in, day out. Result….. deep unhappiness, together with bitterness if they encounter a farang actually enjoying themselves in Thailand.

    1. You’re correct and this is why I continue to work in Thailand, even though financially, it isn’t really required. Working keeps me engaged with people, gives me more purpose and the extra little bit of money does help. The downside is that it restricts my flexibility to travel. When I’m not OK with this, I’ll stop working.

  30. Hi Rob, im sure there are still many farangs that are very happy to share “the Thailand experience” with a guy with such a good energy as you have. Congrat for your videos

  31. I have never had a problem with anyone in Thailand, farangs ??? I said hi most say hi back, couple of gruff old farts look at me with dirty looks! Or that how their wrinkled up miserable face looks all the time!! Lol, I smile and keep on laughing!

  32. The thing I noticed was the “Look”, only just noticeable, not a stare, that I got when talking about life outside Thailand. Something simple like talking about a regular paying job was enough. They just got that faraway look 👀…as if to say…I wish I had that. Envy is a word I would use.

    1. Har Leyd Or “the glare”. Never forget sitting in a bar in Thailand with a lady having a great time. I know the bar owner, so his bar is “home base” and it’s typically cool to say hello to other patrons. That night i noticed a guy surrounded by a few girls. I looked in his direction, smiled, and tipped my bottle of Singha toward him as if to say “cheers” from afar. He gave me the most hateful glare i’ve ever seen. Before i could look away he yells “Fucking American cunt”. I think he was Russian or something east European.

      Man. just a friendly gesture in the spirit of goodwill. such hate. Like you Rob, i’ll always be friendly to strangers as just a normal way of living….but when i retire there in 18 months, i’ll keep your advice in mind.

  33. Thanks Rob. I have no comments on this subject, since I have not had the pleasure of living in Thailand as long as you. But I just want to say, that I appreciate your vlogs. And I hope to meet you again someday when the airlines start flying again!

  34. All depends where you hang out imo.. Red light areas or shittie ex pat bars.. Yep you are going to meet dickheads.. Thai local bars in non red light areas.. Never had a problem.. In general expats are OK.. Some are running away from their past.. Reinventing themselves.. Bullshitters basically.. Misanthropy.. Choose your friends wisely.

  35. I live in a small village and don’t see much farang and I’m ok with it, most I’ve met are ok. Met one recently who was the know it all, I can break the law type who turned quickly into Mr rude once he established I was not going to do business with him

  36. I worked in Thailand for several years on and off I seen this with the expats coworkers when they first come over they hate everything at some point they turn in to super Thai expats that can out do everyone eating wild ass stuff and eating super hot spicy Chile and get really weird jealous is just one of many things that happens I would tell them “you know you’ve been in Thailand too long when fill in the blank” lol

  37. It’s a real thing. For me it involved temporary foreigners who were lazy, didn’t want to be responsible (especially at their jobs), wanted to mostly party and despised other foreigners who were responsible about their lives and occupational obligations. It usually starts with a deadbeat close around you and they go out into their circle of fellow losers and make a concerted effort, through gossip and social media, to discredit and insult you. Basically, you’re the bad person for being a good person. Most of the time it is younger people who are just blowing into the community for a year or two and don’t care about their reputation or that of others. Whereas those of us who have made the community our home know the importance of being a responsible community member and that reputations matter….does the term “saving face” mean anything? I only socialize with 1 or 2 longtime resident foreigners in my community because of this. Even then, there are other long term foreigners locally who play that same game.

  38. Every word is true. If you have financial secuirity dont live in a condo with other farangs or mix with ’em. Eight outa ten are skint. Rent a small house,its cheaper and better for your health in the long run and you can tell unwelcome vistors to f#k off!

  39. I lived in Bangkok five years – 3.5 years working and the rest being really free. Was 28-33. Made great expat and Thai friends. Don’t recall noticeable envy. I Just know I was happy I exited when I did – before getting jaded. Returned to the States. Still travel to Thailand and other places. See good and bad everywhere I go….but mostly good.

  40. You’ve just got to go on the Thailand forums, have been on all of them over the years, there’s a lot of bitter and twisted people on them and they usually expats.

  41. You are so right… I have a few Farrang acquaintances..shall we call them. They are always giving me a hard time because I don’t bully my Thai wife…we have been together 9 years and built a lovely home, we both don’t drink and she never plays cards or gambles and we do everything together. We have a small income but have a nice life style but it seems to upset some Ferrang because their Thai wife’s are always after money, cheating, playing cards etc and they can’t understand why mine isn’t.

  42. I think the only issue I can remember with Farang was when I was in BKK and some guy kept trying to chat up the girl I was with, suggesting she go with him. I got the impression he was either new to thailand or just stupid because he was actually at a table chatting another thai girl up and walked away from her to speak to my date. I saw the look on ‘his’ girls face and thought should I warn him…. or just let nature take its course 🙂

  43. 👀Looking at the numbers: CDC estimates as many as 56K people die from the Flu or flu-like illness each year. I estimate 56K-61K which is the high end for a 12 month period.

    CCP/China Virus has been in effect since DEC 10 2019 – April 10 2020. So, 4 + months and the death rate is 100K.

    So, this is doubled the Flu for world wide cases in less than a years time. If we keep this pace of deaths and account for those countries who do not report due to poor medical infrastructure, faking numbers, etc..we can reasonably predict the total number of deaths to be 400K world wide which is 2.5 X larger than the deaths of the flu. Also, most people do not need ventilators first the flu.

    Hot weather has not been proven to slow the virus down. The only way at present is to find a vaccine.

    The 1918 (H1N1) or Spanish (January 1918-December 1920) ( Almost 2 Year Run Period) Flu killed 500 Million or 1/3 the worlds population. With 650K occurring in the US.

    It took 2 years for the 1918 Spanish Flu Virus to run its course and disappear. It may take 2 years or more for the CCP/China Virus to run its course. We have more people in the world population which means more deaths, but we have better communication and healthcare then in 1918. So, the run time is an unknown. 🤔

  44. an English guy objected to me not drinking booze and having a coffee with lunch one afternoon in Pattaya , then I probably made him worse by laughing at him , small mind I thought, I never thought of jealous

  45. hey rob, rotator cuff injury can be improved; pm me, I got a few suggestions in my capacity as an exercise professional. yep, jealousy is amazingly abundant and more so if you’re a vlogger. Cannot really understand why until you realise they’re brain dead morons!

  46. I usually get a dirty look. Kinda like why are you invading my hide out. There pissed cause they’re not the only farang in this lil village.

  47. Just stay away from the farang scammers/grifters and you’ll be fine

    PS Alcohol…. Especially if you’re not working so therefore drinking everyday can make some people brittle and kinda hard to get along with

  48. There is always that one farang across the bar that has a scowl on his face.
    Haha, I stay clear of them.
    I can’t help anyone who won’t help themselves 🙂

  49. Have you ever considered the fact that many people just don’t get noisy garrulous Americans, I’m sure you’ve heard many times ” farang pood mak ”

  50. I travel solo and enjoy an occasional friendly chat at the bar. If someone near me seems pleasant, i’ll tip my bottle in his direction and ask how’s it going. If he responds in a friendly way…..maybe, maybe a nice chat will develop. I don’t push it. If the vibe is not good, i look away and mind my own business.

  51. One of my most surprising experiences happened, in of all places, at a gogo bar on walking street. When I’m in Thailand I rarely even go to walking street anymore, but will make an occasional foray just to not let the team down, you know.

    While I was sitting in this particular Gogo bar, sitting with a British friend and having a chat, the man sitting next to me, who looked like he probably had spent time as a cage fighter, leaned into me and said “you’re an American!“.

    “uh oh” I thought, “here we go“. Warily I acknowledge that I was indeed American. “I love Americans!“, He said.

    He then proceeded to tell me how he had spent time in the US when he was a boy. He was German, and had very fond memories of his time there as a youth. I could barely believe it. The man was incredibly warm and friendly. of course, we all know to be wary of strangers, especially in the tourist areas, but in the moment the atmosphere was a warm and friendly one.

    Soon the song by the German band Rammstein, called “Du Hast” Began to play. I told him that I love that song but had no idea what the words meant. He literally translated the song for me word by word, and it was great fun. We parted not long after, and it reminds me that for every negative experience, they’re just might be one of those waiting to happen as well.

  52. And the point of a curfew after 8pm-5am is what? Oh, it’s Thailand. Toilet paper is gone but I don’t care. I’ve had a bum gun for 5 years after my 1st. trip. The money saved buys me beer.

  53. If I wanted to hang around farang, I would stay home. I ran into a Aussie block that was bitter and pissy because I was having fun in LK Metro on New Years 2018. Like you said, he was a regular. I wasn’t being loud just chill and having fun. He told me he wanted to punch me in the face because I was an American. Not the place for this former Marine to put him in his place but I kept an empty bottle in my hand just in case only because he was holding a full one. Rob is right……….some get pissy………..and yeah the lady I had joining me was a hottie and he looked like he hadn’t washed his shirt of shorts in a week. You can generally tell who are the bitter ones in less than 15 seconds of looking at them.

  54. The reason some of the expats come across as being miserable, rude or arrogant is because they have lived there for that long they think they deserve to be there more than people who are on holiday or have not been living there very long.
    It does not matter how long you have been there we are all Farangs and will all ways be outsiders.

  55. So true Rob…
    Thais have a massive tall poppy syndrome…I have travelled many times to Thailand…
    They are all jealous of farang. Especially the earning capacity…
    I have had many relationships with Thai women and friends…
    Thais will try at every stage to rip you off if possible…not so much the old school Thai people but this generation and up and comers..
    I have seen firsthand Thai women fight one another over any man…Farrang especially…
    I guess the chronic corrupt government and police is the problem..
    They do not care about the Thai people or animals at all…
    In most developed nations in times of need the government step in and help…but oh no way not there…
    In all honesty real Thai people do not like or want foreigners there at all…only for a brief 1 or 2 week stay as tourists then go home…
    They are jealous and very sour about foreigners…their lack of support from the extensive corruption in the police…government and army equals their demise…
    As far as other expats I truly haven’t seen any problems apart from a few drunken squabbles amongst each other…
    From my experience in going out to clubs pubs and bars we all seem to be on same platform…
    I guess because of all the rampant prostitution there are enough girls to go around even though it’s illegal…hint hint…
    The country will never clean up because of the lure of a easy Thai baht….
    Go and enjoy but always keep your witts about you and DO NOT trust any Thai…in any job…anywhere.

  56. You are absolutely correct Rob… it’s a strange but true story. My feeling is that [they] get there. It’s all a wonderful world as you said. Beautiful women, awesome people [Thai], great things all around and when you are new… you are new… everyone sees it and they welcome you and you are doing everything and you are doing what everyone else did when they were new… and then after you have been there a while. Unlike the person who is just there on holiday and leaves… suddenly you are competition. Suddenly the one gal who you have admired and for what ever reason… oh she is just a “friend “… is paying attention to the new guy… because she’s tired of waiting on you and you took her for granted… or you are so used to being the only farlang in that bar or eating establishment…or area… yeah you nailed it Rob… even if you have a “girlfriend ” and being loyal to her [as you should be]. Unlike in other places… as long as you make it clear you are taken and loyal… you still get a lot of friendly… attention by all the other women. Then suddenly someone new walks in …. but you have a girlfriend and you are committed… and worse you have just been being a “friend “, not committed… and she is like enough waiting on you… so now the jealousy and territorial thing slips in and it’s the ” this is [my] bar” attitude shows up… so very true Rob. It’s a difficult thing… you live in a smorgasbord of all things beautiful. So why settle down to the same thing…. and as long as nothing or noone interrupts that… cool.. but new person moves in… exactly what you said.

  57. True story, im young and already had a few minor problems with some people while I was just enjoying a nice conversation with others my age. Most of them where staying in Thailand for over 10 years. Also have I met some really nice people telling me all about the unwritten rules and they are also here for over 10 to 20 years. Its just how you deal with it. Just keep calm and don’t make a problem. Just continue what your doing and don’t give them the attention there looking for. Grtz

  58. very true..when i first came to thailand i made a point of checking out the long stay scene..a large percentage seemed to be like overgrown children.many had become or were alcoholics.i think many missfits go there because they dont fit in in their own countrys and come to lord it over thais…they can become very spoiled and intolerant .i think because often when they dont get along with one thai woman,man ,then they can flic them off and get another..they end up old and alone and used to using people rather than really connecting and adjusting to differences of opinion.time and again i noticed their tendentcy to throw tantrums if you didnt i am wary of most expats bdcause of this syndrome.its the sad price you pay for always getting what you think you want as comoared to what you in point is that pond life ritchie rich slagging kev in thailands eulogys

  59. Whatever country I have lived/worked in I make a point of avoiding expat’s in general, they are without exception difficult to be around and mostly disrespectful to the locals.

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