1. If it was a joke I’d brush it off and might even laugh at it, but given how he doesn’t mean it that way and women still struggle to be on equal footing with men in Japanese society, it really shouldn’t be taken lightly.

  2. In this case, he is kinda unlucky guy.
    Media manipulated and exaggerated his comments so here we are Asian Boss as well.
    But still he should’ve been more considerate n careful.

  3. I don’t know, I feel like it was blown out of proportion when other sexist issues are overlooked because people don’t want to expend the energy to fix them… He definitely should not have said that, but perhaps the amount of attention is excessive….

  4. Oh my gosh this is just ridiculous. The comment was self-evidently satirical. It was a funny joke but it seems even the Japanese have caught the western bug of hyper-sensitivity. Get over yourselves – making an elderly man resign for that, sheesh!

  5. The sexist resign and then replaced by a woman who is known as a sexual harasser. Amazing isn’t it..I think it is because no one want to take that position considering the Olympic still has a high chance to be cancelled.

  6. That man deserve a lecture and a stern warning from his female relatives. If he said that stuff to my mum, I’d chase him with scissors.. you don’t be rude to the plant grower, you be rude to the one with the seeds. If she’s a bad guy in disguise, then defend yourself though.

  7. Most people may not realize it, but Japan is really bad at protecting human rights recognized in many developed countries. Gender discrimination is just the most pervasive.

    Human Rights Watch has been including this paragraph in their report on Japan for several years now:
    Japan has no law prohibiting racial, ethnic, or religious discrimination, or discrimination based on sexual orientation or gender identity. Japan does not have a national human rights institution.

  8. I think this issue is wide spread throughout Japanese culture and workplaces. I also think the issue wouldn’t have seen the light of day if it weren’t an international topic like the Olympics being discuss and international media bringing it into the spotlight. I mean half woman being interviewed didn’t really seem to have a problem with it, but that’s not to say it was ok. Some pointed out that the issue is an “old people’s” view of the world and therefore the issue is isolated to the elderly generations. But I don’t think so, Japanese society is still very role and task based. I think Japan’s view as a whole will change but it will take 40 years, at the end of the day they just banned smoking in restaurants.

  9. I don’ know why but I am constantly getting the feeling that behind his resignation, there were powerful people who wanted him gone. If media wanted to ignore his comment, it would have. I get this feeling that the media was being given direction by really powerful people to highlight only that part of his. I also feel like the opinion of the citizens was manipulated through media.
    In general, regarding only about talking, women or more like young girls really tend to talk a really slightly more than boys. As we age we either get worse or get better at our years of habits. But in work, I have seen that women are really professional and talk only when needed. I am not talking about those women who come to work just for chit chatting and all. But about those women who sincerely work like an employee is supposed to.

  10. In Indonesia there is a sentence like this “While waiting woman do make up, people can save the world” and even some people illustrate it in drawings / comics.
    I believe the context is actually same, but here we take it as a joke…People (man and woman) here laugh about that
    So, I don’t know if this particular case from Japan considered as sexism or people just take it too seriously….Maybe due to different culture as well…..
    Won’t comment too far about this….

  11. Despite the fact whether the fault lies in media who blow the whole things up too much, or the fault lies on the persom for making irresponsible controversial remarks, i think japan has good culture of resigning as a form of apology.

    Unlike the other countries, like mine, where good defense means let the media run wild and public run wild, and the issue will cease down at its own. Not caring of how big and how negative the impact is to the country 😢

  12. Asian Society tends to be sexist according to me…being an Indian I have realized that…The thing that I kind of hate is that he resigned…I have a question, did he like issue a statement regarding what he said? If not then it seems that he thinks what he said is right. I maybe getting a bit exaggerated. He was a responsible personality but just resigning like that might make people think like me. Also I want to say as many said i the video, he a ‘MAN OF OLDER GENERATION’ and they tend to have their own perceptions of things that they do not want to change. It is kind of a sexist comment for him to make

  13. I am 120% for women equality. So if any leader makes a sexist statement he or she should be removed from leadership. HOWEVER, I don’t believe what the gentleman said was sexist. The statement didn’t seem to be offensive. It was more matter of factly. Woman do talk more. Also woman do shop more. Woman also wear more makeup than men. Those are not sexist statements.

  14. One of the biggest reasons why sexism is a huge issue in Japan is that so many women don’t see the problem with it just because it’s not directly affecting them. They aren’t seeing the bigger picture and how it’s going to affect younger generations, and even if they did they think the younger generation can continue to suffer because they experienced the same thing. Also in Japan collectivism is valued over individualism hence we are good at following rules and social norms but tend to not like making choices on our own in fear of being different. I think many (unconsciously) think it’s easier if they have a set rules they can follow according to their gender.

  15. Japanese should start reproduction so they can produce new generation with open mind. These boomer should adapt to the new modern progressive norm, or they can shut up

  16. The media of Japan is anti-Japan. This is the result of the American GHQ brainwashing Japan in 1945 in the defeat.
    Radio, newspapers, TV. The GHQ (US Occupation of Japan), which censored everything, banned US detrimental information, and Japan before the war was all wrong. After seven years of occupation, he was brainwashed, saying that Japan, which had become scorched earth, was suffering from the Japanese army. There is no gender discrimination in Japan.
    There is no racial discrimination. Whites, blacks, Muslims
    All are foreigners.
    Gender discrimination and racial discrimination were brought to Japan by the West. Citizens listening to Western-biased media just say it, and they don’t feel they are victims of discrimination.

  17. Whatever. I talk longet then any girl .. i think its because is asian nations men just say so little .but anyone can talk alot if they have love or passion for anything. Im extremely passionate and i don’t care that i talk alot lol. People like him are just dead inside and he just mad

  18. Bro the guy is like 70 .don’t take what old people say personally. Old people all around the world are backwards, obviously times are different. I don’t find it surprising or anything to care about. We can only make sure that our generations don’t inherent such ignorance

  19. Old school philosophy dies hard. It won’t change as long as marriage arrangement of gender roles
    don’t change. How else would you explain that so many women want to become stay home wife and mom. Women want to be in place of being looked after/taken care of.
    And men feel they need to have someone (stay home wife) who’ll be in charge of domestic affairs.
    Japanese culture is very old and very set basically unchanged for a thousand years or so and above
    sentiment is what affects everything.
    Sure more women work now until marriage or pregnancies. So companies won’t like to promote them
    to highly competitive positions along with men. Or most women of such positions aren’t married or
    marry very late statistically.
    It’s changing slowly but don’t hold your breath that Japanese will be able to change from within very much but rather start influenced by mainly European/American liberalism push.
    This case was visible because he was the chief officer of Tokyo Olympics and was reported to outside
    Japan. He could have stayed and change what was bad in his organization so chenge would have happened from within. Chopping the head off doesn’t really solve the core problems.

  20. Japanese people are so hardworking, both man and women. I had the chance to collaborate with a few a JP Morgan, thr Japanese team always been very diligent

  21. my mom would instill sexist ideas and thoughts in me while growing up. I always refute them thinking that it is silly… why do women have to be the ones to do the cooking and cleaning and etc? I would watch my dad cooking and sometimes clean.

    My male partner does all of the cooking (I sometimes help), and I clean (because he’s a slob). We just split the chores. He confides that he doesn’t like cooking, then I told him if he wants me to cook, then he will look forward to gruel/soup day-in and day-out. He paused for a bit and said nothing. Life continues. Oh, I know how to cook from Chinese ginger and onion lobster to chocolate souffle. I work A LOT so I won’t give a lot of effort into cooking. Today, I stir-fried European endives with tofu in fermented shrimp, garlic and ginger sauce. Tastes very good~! yummy… he’s white so when I told him what I used, he paused and went for the burger patties he made the day before.

  22. Denial… that’s sad coz you see the male supremacy normalized towards women in Japanese society and this leads to the denial of the Japanese women to fight for their rights as a human being… another problem is the fact that a lots of people still live in the “past” where it was WAY more sexiest than nowadays
    And lastly that’s for you guys who use excuses like “it’s a tradition” “stop overreacting”, stop using those excuses it’s useless …. 🙂
    PS: talking about traditions, if a certain tradition is harming someone it’s important to revise it and maybe stop it (just my opinion)
    – it’s obvious that this gender prejudice problem brought stigmas and scars through the generations and it’s becoming serious coz Japanese women are submissive towards men

  23. I’m glad things are changing in Japan. People almost never cared about what important figures said. There’s very little interest in politics and that’s why there’s almost never a large scale protest in Japan. At least this time people reacted. One thing I do hope for Japan is that this trend really continues. I’ve read from multiple sources (regarding comments from higher Japanese officials) that this became a bigger deal because Mori was representing Japan in an international setting in the Olympics, and sounded like this wouldn’t have been a big deal if he wasn’t dealing with foreign audience. I really hope this will be a turning point in how Japanese people view their leaders and politicians

  24. The fact that a person like Mr. Mori was given the position to head Japan’s effort to host the Olympic should tell everything about how things are done in Japan.

  25. I really don’t see the deal?

    From my experience, women do talk a lot more than men- hell, my own mother would talk for hours on the phone with her friends😂

    I see nothing wrong with the statement itself as from what I’ve seen, most women do talk more than men so it’s a fact. It’s like how most men fall in love with their cars and are tech geeks; it’s in our nature lol

    I do not know the old man personally, so I can’t make a judgment as rumours and whatnot are unreliable, however the statement itself is absolutely fine and people should stop turning things into something it isn’t. Just like how many people nowadays would pull the victim card. When they fail- they blame it on the system, when they are criticised- they blame it on race, when they are unlucky- they blame it on God.

    The system has faults but what doesn’t? Racism? How do you know that the person supposedly ‘bullying’ you would be doing that bcuz of your race? Maybe he’s just a normal jerk or maybe he has right to criticise you but you don’t wish to admit it or simply can’t see that….etc

    I am not a feminist but am a supporter of equality between men and women.

    I do not support feminists because feminists these days do not seek equality but supremacy. Men have many of their rights today because they have corresponding obligations. Men go to war, pay child support and face many other social obligations and expectations that women do not have to face.

    Equality is not to get what the person next to you gets, but to get paid equally for the same amount and quality of work put in under the same legal circumstances. Why not add social to the fray? Well that is because that is sadly too hard to achieve due to a myriad of reasons but that still should not stop us from thriving towards it. If a woman wants the benefits men have then take their corresponding obligations and I have no issue at all. This is equality.

    Writing this far I realise that- wow… this comment derailed quite a bit from the original topic😅😅😅 but I suppose it’s fine. Happy day to any comment reader.

  26. We should admit that sexism and internalized misogyny is still present in our society, not only on Japan. I’m just bothered that young generation are excusing those who are older because of generational gap. It’s more bothering for me when I see women being misogynists too.

  27. The opinions are not strong at all. It’s as if it is taken for granted. That pride of being a woman outside the realm of domestic work is too low and a vicious cycle of its societal purview is predominantly created by the elderly mindset.

  28. I would be interested in seeing the analytics of who watches this video, the number of views, how long people watch, etc., in comparison with other topics. Is there sexism even in how we view this channel?

  29. Sad to say, women have a very low social status in Shinto Japan. Mr. Mori’s comment is a sign of it. It could have been a slip of the tongue. There’s a saying: “from the abundance of the heart the mouth speaks”. Misogyny is deeply ingrained in Japanese mindset: old Japanese women are resigned to it. Hopefully enlightened young Japanese women are not accepting it. Imo, sexism in Japan is closely linked to its ancient culture and Shinto: it could be impossible to change.

  30. 森会長の言ったことの一部を切り取って、”女性蔑視とも受け取れる発言をした”とメディアが騒いだだけ。森会長の全文を読んでみると意味が180°変わってくる、

  31. Just because its sexist doesnt mean its not true…old man said im just trying to head home….yall tryna make me sit and listen to babble for another 30 min….no thanks

  32. I think the biggest problem with discrimination or anything political with Japan is what the guy in glasses said like how people always let these issues pass because their culture discourages outward expression.

  33. We can probably all agree that it wasn’t the best thing he could’ve said, but I just don’t like this “feminist” heavy culture where women aren’t accused of talking about men but only men are. And most importantly, nowadays people look for someone to blame to death. He was treated as if he is a serial killer or something. This is very toxic and the media helps it.

    President Mori has contributed a lot to the Japanese sports industry over years, and he was also the Prime Minister of Japan at his time. How could we be this disrespectful to him? I don’t understand. It’s a group violence.

  34. The woman at 10:35 makes a really good point. If we just sweep under the rug the underlying issue of discrimination by using a singular person as a scapegoat (and forcing their resignation), it doesn’t address the reason behind why people hold those views.

  35. As a Japanese woman who experienced this type of discrimination, it makes me feel exhausting and just disappointed to hear these sexist comments from the leaders of our country. I also shared my POV in my video regarding this topic.

  36. That older woman was the only one speaking common sense. I work in an F500 with all of the diversity BS and a much heavier female presence in management and some of the sexist stuff I’ve had to grin and bear from female managers has been ridiculous seeing how they would have been reported and fired if roles were reversed. “Woke” culture needs to go back to sleep.

  37. Pregnant women are still forced to quit everyday in Japan, there is also a lot of resistance to change in almost any form despite the need of things improving.

  38. I think it’s interesting to hear this from outside perspective. Feminists tend to put the blame of gender inequality toward men who suppressed women’s right. But in society like Japan, the inequality or status quo is formed by the general masse that “men should behave this way” while “women should behave this way”. While I don’t agree with many of Japanese treatment of women, but this is really really hard to change.

  39. Thank you for covering this topic. As a Japanese women working in Tokyo, discrimination towards to women is a serious problem and hard to speak up in the community. The younger generations are changing and more aware of this and i am hoping that we can change Japan together.

  40. This shouldn’t be a surprise to anyone. The man is old. Younger generations will hopefully change for the better. There’s no point in trying to change someone in such an advanced age. They’ve gone their entire life believing these things. It’s not reasonable to expect them to change now.

  41. Can you interview the Chinese Muslim in Xinjiang China and Elderly former Tibetan serfdom+monks in China Tibet, the world need to hear their voice before their gone.

  42. I think it’s pretty cool how calm and collected they are about the issue. Even though most of the interviewees appear to be women.
    P.S. Check out Rugby World Cup Japan. That’s a massive momentum in sports for Japanese Rugby.

  43. In one hand, I think any guy who makes these remarks as a joke with friends isn’t that big a deal. But to say it when you’re the Olympics Chief…..ya you’re an idiot and good riddance dummy.

  44. The original “gender equality” movement has already long been derailed/distorted by the media. What media currently doing is just creating more misandry and misogynist that driving two genders going further apart from one to the other (or hating each other) It’s like leading us to the unavoidable destiny of “why don’t all men just starting to chop off their PP while women chop off their TT, so this world only has 1 GENDER instead of 2?” Well, maybe that is where the world is going – towards the preperation phase of the half-human, half-machine era. What do I even know.

  45. Flaws exist in countries advertised as “ideal” societies. I think we drag countries that don’t hide their flaws because they fight them publicly, but praise those that hide or embrace their flaws to avoid tainting their image. I’m glad some in Japan acknowledge they need change for women in a public way.

  46. I don’t think the woman with the floral face mask would be aware enough to know if she were being discriminated against, to be honest. She thinks women talk more? Based on what? Her being chatty? Her and her gal pals chatting on the weekends? That’s not the same as making a statement in a professional setting, at all.

  47. What a hypocrisy by asian boss?? Do u guys know how many women are victim of sexual harassment in western countries??? Well, you never seem to take a notice on them….you guys always try to find faults of japanese people…..japan this, japan that…japanese women are lot safer in japan than those dirty blood Western countries… Pathetic…..

  48. If the chief resigning then 90% of any men in work industry should resign as well, since it’s the reality of how women treated in japan work culture.

  49. I watched a video on youtube of a guy interviewing men and women on whether men or women have it better in Japanese society and the result was most of the women thought women have it easier and most of the men thought men have it easier, which is surprising from a western point of view. If Japanese society is happy with the level of gender equality they have then they shouldn’t be subjected to this kind of cancel culture mentality that comes from outside.

  50. Read comedy of coffin on kindle written by Avijit Kabiraj. Introduction : Two unemployed boys were employed by a mafia boss, their job is to bury a dead chef in the criminal’s cemetery. The chef is the pasta maker whom the boss accidentally shot dead. The boys were chased by the police, shot by a sniper, rested in a church, kidnapped by an evil doctor, electrocuted, freezed, roasted, couple of ladies didn’t spare them, survived the strange graveyard but when they returned after burying the dead chef, found the boss in a coffin…

  51. I have been looking in the comments section and now I have to say women are too biased and ignorant, they are saying Japanese women are not literate wtf even claiming Japan has low birth rate because women are not allowed to express themselves at work, what kind empty head would claim this, go research about Japan more

  52. What do you expect from a country where the university rank 1st in that country lower the entrance university mark of woman candidates just because they think men are more suitable to become doctors?

  53. Honestly, I thought he was gonna say stuff like Women should be bodyshields or something…. That sexist comment he made felt bit weak. Not that its not good thing but still…

  54. One of the reason I feel Asian boss is genuine is because they show both sides – the people who agree and the ones disagreed.
    This is so different to the one way, opinionated journalism we see these days.

  55. No wonder the birth rate is low. Imagine getting told to quit if you want to have children when you’ve worked hard for so many years to be accomplished in your field of work.
    While we’re here I also like to remind everyone of a scandal a few years ago when it was revealed a medical university purposely manipulated the exam results entry level for women so there’s less women accepted in the course.

  56. When a man insults women, it’s called sexism and would be bashed harshly. but when a woman insults a man , Why she isn’t bashed ? No one cares.    Media never focus on how advantageous being a woman is in Japan. They focus on the gender gap of managers but dont focus on the gender gap of the homeless . Men have to work more than 400 hours longer than women in Japan. If you walk down the streets in Japan, you would see many shops and bars , apartments for rent, putting up a sign “女性限定(women only)” Suicide rate of men is 2.5 times higher than women. ,When they divorce, More than 90 percent of mothers could get the custody of their kids. Fathers are just shouldered a financial burden and not allowed to get access to their kids. Do foreigners know wives hold purse strings at many Japanese homes? Foreigners just scratch the surface of Japan and becomes a know it all. Such a country is not a male oriented but a female oriented country.

  57. Personally, I think Japanese women are dependent of men. House wife is pretty common in Japan which is quite shocking. JP women is kind and cute but their mentality is like teenage girls.(no offence)

  58. I personally think sexistm is a big dogmatism. Gender discrimination is there to distinguish the difference between gender, not to disrespect gender nor to exploit their weakness. Each has it’s own role to support each other. It’s just a big dogmatism in politics & media, but this kind of news tend to drive marriage ppl’s divorced. And we’ll see those younger generation grow up broken home. That’s just sad.

  59. I’m Japanese woman and I can say that the country is full of sexism. What I don’t like the most is that people don’t try to change. They even don’t admit that there are lots of prejudices and discrimination in Japan.
    Most Japanese people are indifferent to this kind of topic, so they don’t learn anything.

  60. It’s important not to put certain countries on a pedestal and view their people as morally superior than everyone else. Despite being technologically quite advanced, Japan remains a rather feudal country in many respects, particularly in gender equality. The low rate of participation by women in the labor force has contributed to the stagnation of its economy and a creeping decline in living standards.

  61. This interview was fantastic and completely unbiased. Even there was a Japanese lady who was saying that she thinks it is not a big deal and it goes bothways . And of course some people were saying that it was wrong. That is the kind of interview we would like to see ,

  62. Maybe this “incident” will serve as an example for all men to think carefully before they say or do something, and for women to be braver to come forward? It’s shocking that this still happens in a 21st century, especially in a first world country!

  63. for the woman who thought the comments were innocuous, if you replace women with any other minority group, you realize how toxic Mr. Mori’s statement really was

  64. I get the lady in the grey jacket is from an older generation, and I can at least recognize from her perspective that sexism does go both ways; however, she admitted she has been sexist towards men in terms of upholding Japanese society’s expectations of them. And for that, she’s halfway there. If she can recognize sexism towards the opposite sex, she needs to see that with her own and ask herself what have I done to keep women in their place, because from this video, the only thing she has benefited from with sexism in Japanese society is that she hasn’t rocked the boat.

    One of the younger women who was neutral about Mori’s resignation had a point that his stepping down would not do anything to address the issue at large. That is true; sexism is a systemic issue in Japan, so it’s not gonna go away anytime soon, especially when older people like Mori have power. I do recognize that Mori was responsible for bringing the Rugby World Cup and the Olympics to Tokyo because of his connections, so I understand how some people see him not in charge as invalidating everything he built up, but because of his position as leader of the Tokyo Olympics, an event that everyone pays attention to around the world, which by the way, upholds gender equality as part of its philosophy, combined with his history of gaffes AND his huge unpopularity when he was Prime Minister himself for that one year, I think enough was enough. Now with the chairman as a woman, I really do hope that she does bring something to the table, because at best, her at the lead can be seen as virtue signaling, but at worst, if the Olympics are scrapped altogether, she may become the scapegoat and may make some people believe that women don’t know how to lead or hold great responsibilities.

    TL;DR Seiko Hashimoto has a lot to do before this summer, and I really hope she can pull it off.

  65. Part of the problem is that Japanese society in general expect woman to be subservient to men and women play a role in perpetuating it as well. Women don’t usually hold high positions or earn the same as their male counterparts. They work until marriage then are expected to be a housewife take care of the husband and raise children and not work outside the home. It’s like America was back before 1950’s. It’s a very male dominated society.

  66. Older people in countries all over the world (including here in the UK) are just as sexist and set in their ways of gender roles…the idea that men need to work backbreaking hours while women need to sit and home and look after the kids etc. The main difference is Japan has a rapidly ageing population and more of these old people are in positions of power. It’s plain as day that the youth of Japan are far more progressive in matters of gender, LGBT rights, mixed-race families etc.

    Sounds nasty to say, but as these older people start dying and handing things over to the next generation we’ll start to see a big shift in attitudes.

  67. Very sad to hear some women agreeing with his statement. Indoctrination from a young age, telling women they shouldn’t speak out of turn. Japan is not the only country with this rampant sexism. Look at how women are treated in the middle east and how women are treated like objects in Western countries and some women even objectify themselves.

  68. Japanese society is behind by 100-120 years. In this case it should be a starting point for more serious issues. e.g. Shiori Itos rape case was brought into light but was seriously undermined & even ignored for a long time. She won the case eventually but it shouldn’t have to take that long.

  69. Gender discrimination in Japan is absolutely real and a big issue. I worked in Japan for 2 years. My boss would tell young female colleagues of mine, “why don’t you get married already? what are you doing here?” I was shocked that such sexist comments borderline harassment is ok in a Japanese workplace.

  70. Too many politicians in Japan are old. Mori was a perfect example of someone who should have been long retired and not in a position of power. Anyone of the top officials who’re part of the Olympic committee are part of the LDP old boys club which never changes. Just look at any of the members within that party and you’ll get an idea what I’m talking about. Japan’s entire political system needs to be cleaned out. Unfortunately, most Japanese are so busy with their jobs working themselves to death they seldom have time or get involved in politics and voicing their displeasure with how things are running.

  71. I am divided on this topic. On one side I think that we should be treated equally no matter what (gender, sexual orientation, beliefs…) but on the other side I think that maybe Japan has overcome that, and what I mean is that they don’t waste their precious time fighting against each other in a battle of genders, like we are used to do in the western world. It is another kind of mentality, just as simple as that. They are practical, far from being perfect, but practical in the end

  72. Older men who don’t respect the opinions or contributions of women, or of any marginalized people for that matter, are exactly the type of people who should be removed from power or should remove themselves from power.

  73. Japan woman’s age of marriage is 16yo, 2 years earlier than man. Women also have a lower salary than men for the same job. Implicit discrimination toward women is part of their culture. They still have a long way to go.

  74. Great answers from the guy in glasses. He seemed to be pretty educated on the topic eg knowing japans ranking in the pay gap report, but also acknowledged that he will never fully understand as he doesn’t experience the discrimination women face. Even though there were very differing opinions between all the interviewees, it was good to hear that range to really understand what Japan’s culture and society around gender norms is like. Great job Asian Boss

  75. We need to stop excusing people for saying things like this just because they’re elderly. Yes, things were different back then but times change and people are capable of change too. It’s hard and takes time, but if we keep excusing it then they’ll just keep doing it.

  76. Do Japanese women talk a lot in meetings (according to the woman in the interview)? Or is this just difference in culture?
    I think women may talk a lot in casual meetings with friends, but in work-related/formal meetings, I don’t see any difference between men and women. In fact, data shows that men tend to talk more than women even though the meeting has more women.

  77. I’m sure he didn’t think or intend for those comments to be discriminatory towards women. But he needs to realize that his generation cannot say or do things as freely as they might think; especially if you’re in a high position or in a very public job. Older generations definitely do have the mindset that men should be like this and women should be like this; a very old world opinion.

  78. Japan is actually the lowest when it comes to the women rights. Women in japan have almost zero power not only in the politic sectors but also in their family.

  79. 4:24. This woman speaking facts. The double standard is out of this world. Nobody should be making sexist comments, but the standard must be applied to both genders.

  80. Outdated man 🙌 should really just leave earth already and make way for people who don’t have the poor mindset of that “men should act like this” and “woman should be like that”

  81. Some people are saying but women do talk a lot…yes we do in a comfortable setting, where it’s fine to talk as much..but not in a professional or formal space…his statement kind of pointed that women lack professionalism and giving them higher positions in administration of any kind is not a good idea which is definitely wrong . And the position he is in he has to be very careful of what he says especially it being a really sensitive topic in the country.

  82. There have been studies done which found men talk far longer than women, and also interrupt much more often. These crusty dinosaurs need to go already. He looks like a crypt keeper anyway.

  83. Gawd, what an embarrassment. I know that dude was like 80 years old, but how clueless could he be saying something like that on a world stage as the Tokyo Olympic chief in today’s ultra politically correct climate?

  84. He stated that women talk too much during meetings and if one starts, others want to join. Therefore they should limit the amount of women allowed to join the Olympic committee.
    This kind of attitude is unacceptable. I’m a woman and if I was giving my opinion on a matter and someone stood up and told me I spoke too much, I’d be highly offended. The same would go for a woman telling a man that.
    If I had, as a woman, suggested that we should limit the amount of men in the workforce, I’m pretty sure I’d get alot of backlash from that statement. I think he got what he deserved, but unfortunately I don’t think it’ll change his thoughts on women.

    *Sidenote- The woman who stated she’d never been discriminated against, but then discriminated women herself, is either lying to herself or is in complete denial. At least ONCE in their lifetimes a woman will be discriminated against and that woman is old enough to have experienced it several times over. 🤷🏻‍♀️

  85. Resigned because he know he is guilty, that’s good.
    Not like in Malaysia, trying the best to hide mistakes, put blame to others, apologize(insincere), pretend not now about the problem he /she caused or whatsoever so he/she have a point to not resign. smh really? Very corrupt🤦🏻‍♂️

  86. I heard Japanese women can’t even wear eyeglasses or flat shoes to work. It’s terrible there, no wonder the birth rate is low. Educated women aren’t going to agree to mistreatment.

  87. It’s funny. Most of the japanese women who being interviewed in this video are the ones who sexist towards other women. They themselves don’t think that the statement of the chief is sexist and think that it’s normal because women are actually like what he said.

  88. From what they’ve said it doesn’t sound like Mr Mori addressed his words and got resigned off the bat like that. I think hi addressing would’ve been much more helpful, since he’s of that older generation of which many still have stereotyped mindsets, and Mori is a greatly known figure among them. His words would’ve affected them, but his wordless resignation instead might create dissatisfaction amongst that generation, perhaps with them thinking why he got sacked over ‘something like this’, and they themselves continue to not realise the problem

  89. “Systematic discrimination against women in Japan” well summarized by the gentleman at 3:50.
    Unfortunately it is impossible to change unless tremendous society revolution.

  90. He probably is like many old dudes 75+ especially. Not knowing some of the things he thinks inside his head shouldn’t be said out loud. I don’t know how his resignation will affect others in leadership-will they change, add diversity to their leadership 🤔

  91. Yes, it is a frequent scene in Japan. I’m Japanese.
    However, it’s not just about women. There are some stigmas on men, the elderly, the young…
    What we need to do is to show our feelings at such a scene, like saying “I haven’t had a good feeling with your comment”, and to communicate each other.

  92. Looking at his comments, I would say the backlash only proves the point he makes in his statements. If he had said a generalizing statement like that about men, there would be ZERO men who would get upset and whiny about it.

  93. I agree that it is discriminatory because as a male, I used to sit in company meetings and question decisions made by upper management all the time. It got to the point that my immediate supervisor demanded that I kept quiet in future meetings so in future meetings, I just excused myself to the bathroom for a long thinking session.

    I guess they thought that third generation American Japanese were supposed to be withdrawn. They were wrong.

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