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Throughout its history, the Olympic Games have only been cancelled three times because of the World Wars. But due to public health concerns regarding the global pandemic of COVID-19, it was recently announced that the upcoming 2020 Olympics Games scheduled to be held in Tokyo, Japan would be postponed until further notice. The athletes and fans are probably crushed to hear the news, but many agree it is the best decision to keep everyone healthy. How do the Japanese feel about all this? Are they in favor of postponing the Tokyo 2020 Olympic Games? We hit the streets of Tokyo to find out.

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    1. Seems like ticks. I think it’s Tourette, a syndrome that makes you move involuntarily, hence the term tick. Has to do with the brain, iirc. People with Tourette also tend to curse when they tick.

  1. See that? Japan got their first coronavirus case in January, and right now they still only have about 2,200 cases, because EVERYONE IS WEARING A MASK. Western countries are so ignorant and unprepared when it comes to respiratory diseases, and that includes their health authority. Instead you get harassed by random people if you’re Asian and wear a mask. SMH.

    1. Primal Convoy Inaccurate opinions?!! My wife and daughter are in Kochi, best friend in Shonan, more than you probably have between Tokyo and Sendai … Okinawa, and you want to speak on behalf of the population?!? I

      Dude.. STFU and assume nothing, because you just got Fkn owned! CNN/BBC … Huh?

    2. E RAM

      Except I am in Japan, and have family here. The feeling amongst the population is that the Government hasn’t done enough, or quickly.

      Info from the WHO is not “Western”, as it is global. Regardless, info sources, such as CNN and the BBC are globally respected sources.

      Please refrain from inaccurate opinions and cite facts.

  2. Do you think the Olympics will be possible in 2021? Many experts predict that it will fade by summer and return in winter. The second outbreak might be more dangerous. I think the Japanese think about the coronavirus too easily.

  3. It’s a stupid idea to hold Olympics even at a different location this year, because almost the whole world is already infected, and the amount of travel required to hold the Olympics would cause the disease to spread among the athletes and the city where it’s hosted. And it’s an even more stupid idea to host it in London, because UK is basically a coronavirus death trap right now. UK is going to be Italy really soon, because their government acted incredibly late.

    1. *WHY ARE YOU SO STUPID? It’s almost whole JAPAN is already infected. NOT the whole world. The whole world is trying to fight corona virus , but What JAPAN govt is doing? braindead country*

    2. That statement about London taking over Olympics hosting was made during mid February by one of the London mayor candidates, when the UK wasn’t this effd up

  4. Japan can be like China when it comes to censorship. Coupled with apathetic citizens who couldn’t care less with airing much of their opinion, Japan is easily controlled by their government and media. I’m so tired of people painting Japan is this perfect place. Because they are not.

    1. @Suprena _two i didn’t say anything about Japan not being good. Japan is obviously a developed country. But when you only ser Japan in terms of its anime and all that stuff, then you will surely see everything as rosy. Behind the technological advancements, Japan has a lot of cultural and social issues that are depressing at best. I’ve been here for 3 years for a job and I can say I wouldn’t choose to live and work here (if I had other options).

    2. Lynn Z I get what she’s saying but I disagree on the fact that she thinks japan isn’t that good I think it’s great when it comes to freedom and China and North Korea are worse in away o think it’s unfair to compare japan to China anyways

    3. Beverley Hohn Chang i assure you it’s not lmao it’s just that our media is mostly of them which magnifies their problem. other countries are equally as racist if not more, they are just not talked about. silenced ≠ non existent

    4. totally get you man, been living here for a few years now, so many foreign friends of mine also shared how their image of japan completely changed after living here, but i guess it’s the reality in every country. the internet japan army defenders are just more insane than other countries, ‘no one shall criticise japan if they do they must be brainwashed racist’ kind of defensive 🙂

  5. Calling off Olympic games is a good option, unless everyone will safe Tokyo must be the “summit” well in my humble opinion I prefer Japan over England ( The games )

    1. That’s me! Lol I’m not Japanese but I’m a singer/songwriter living here. I’ve been here for 2 and a half years so my Japanese is still not very good but I did my best! 😆

    1. Your Dad it’s the highest form of international event,
      A true test to national strength and commitment to carry out such enormous events

    2. It’s the biggest sporting stage in the world and the most expensive one and it is every Athlete’s dream and also it is a quadrennial meet meaning it is held every 4 years so being a champion in Olympics is very much a big deal since its rare and an Olympic Medal represents an entire country.

  6. Appreciate you Marie, Asian Boss Host
    You are an outlier, a forward observer, a heretic, as GK Chesterton describes in his early 20th Century works.

    The reverent have become the irreverent: They ask questions! Then they follow a question / conspiracy to its logical end; or to its illogical end.

  7. As of april 1, more than 120 countries are on waiting list for south korean made covid19 test kits, making korea the world’s largest exporter.

    The only major country that has no orders for korean made test kits is japan, who has tested less than what most countries now do on a single day.

    As a result, Japan currently has a covid19 fatality rate that is 3 times higher than korea and is expected to get worse according to the japanese medical experts.

    1. Daniel Shin

      It would seem that many Japanese would agree with you. The troll above is simply that, nothing more. Their views mean nothing.

    2. Lala Fontaine fyi im not korean.

      Taiwan was very good at preventing a breakout.

      South korea was very good at containing a breakout.

      Japan did neither. Japan is very good at being stubborn and not following the rest of the world even during the midst of a PANDEMIC just because the exemplar model is also their most hated country, south korea.

      Just ask your mask donating prime minister. Japan puts personal pride before lives. Thats what’s really disgusting.

    3. @Daniel Shin It’s disgusting you Korean are still into spewing hate and anti-Japan agenda under this circumstance. I read Japan has developed more quicker test kits than Korea, and they are also using CT scan a lot for testing. Plus, Japan already has some effective vaccines such as Avigan. But this is not a ”competition”. Look at Taiwan who did better than Korea. Did they mock other countries like you childish Korean? Grow up.

    1. I saw them interviewing on the streets and since I’m a fan of the channel I just approached them to say I enjoy their videos and she asked if I wanted to be interviewed! Lol

    2. ジョックイーサン Ethan Jock do you by chance know how the interview process works? Does Hiroko just stop you on the streets and the next people she interviews wait after you or does she just stop you guys one by one?

  8. A lot of countries should be rid of the virus by August. Rather than to keep everyone healthy, I think what most people miss out on is that athletes will be unequally prepared for the games because of quarantines. Olympic games are above all about athletes performances right? lol
    Games could always not be held in public, although that would totally compromise the huge income Japan was hoping for with these games. So in the end, it’s for both safety *and* equity

    1. Yeah only after it was officially postponed the Japanese play along, before this Japanese were determined to continue since most don’t give a damn about what is happening abroad.

  9. I am quite sure United Kingdom can’t host any sport competition right now…Anyway, if the Japanese government really wants to protect the citizens, should start from closing all the metros and public transports that are crowded during the day; the malls, the concerts, the cinemas and the disco clubs (or whatever they use to have fun in big groups) shoud be closed too. Entrances in supermarkets should be sorted and staggered. Young people should be aware that this disease can be very dangerous also for them if hospitals are too crowded and they can’t receive treatments and they can’t be the cause of the death of their parents and grandparents. These words come from Italy: in my country we had 13.000+ deaths in 40 days, no flu causes a comparable amount of deaths in such a limited period of time. The good habits like wear masks or let the shoes outside of the entrance or talk at a certain distance and not touching each other can help for sure but can only slow down an inevitable exponential increase of cases, because this virus can spread very efficiently. Don’t. Underestimate. This virus.

    1. @Nushka interesting fact! Wightlifter is female and my ex girlfriend that turned out to be a lesbian and is now dating my twin sister….🤢🤮

  10. The people you’re finding outside are mainly people not respecting the call of Koike to limit the spread of Covid-19, they are mainly people not taking it seriously. It’s in a way a biased demographic, not really the most representative of the general opinion. Working in a konbini I can tell there’s a big difference in sells

    1. @Primal Convoy I know, I live and work in Tokyo but it doesn’t seem like they took the interview at an hour the people working will be out on the street
      Never said they are stupid, just that they are disregarding Koike’s demand which they definitely are, the people showed in the interview doesn’t seem to have a valid reason to be out, they’re just chilling with friends for half of them
      And no being clueless isn’t an excuse, you can’t not know the situation, it’s written everywhere and in every mouths for months, they chose to not care

    2. KaotikBOOO However, in this case, the amount of people outside is affected by government inaction, to both close businesses and to enforce lockdown. It’s not just “stupid people” that are staying outside, but also people forced to work and ignorant people, enabled by an even more ignorant government.

    3. @Primal Convoy then you’re not disagreeing ^^’
      It doesn’t go against what I said, it’s a biased demographic not a representative one
      And yes the government can do something but they won’t, Abe was clear, money over people’ s life

    4. KaotikBOOO I disagree. There are still plenty of people outside, comprised of people who have to work, and morons who don’t know any better. Both demographics could be reduced by government action, just as they have in other countries.

  11. London want held Olympic when they also suffer Corona Virus, I dont know if that dumb or just want take chance in this dire situation.

    1. @Maurice W you nailed it. Also, i admire japan for not engaging in this stupidity of lockdowns which are pretty much useless, except for ruining the economy and people’s lives.

    2. Japan = No tests, No cases.
      Japan has tested only 26,400 people in total so far.
      Japan is also not doing post-mortem tests for Coronavirus. That means there could be a significant number of deaths caused by Coronavirus, that is never attributed to Coronavirus and will not show up in any statistic.
      They had only tested 150 people a day, but as soon as the Olympics were canceled, they began to examine 300 people a day.
      USA = 100,000 tests per day
      Germany = 70,000 tests per day
      Italy = 15,000 tests per day
      South Korea, UK = 10,000 tests per day
      Yesterday Japan tested 296 people, of which 194 were confirmed.(65%)
      They hid the truth to host the Olympics, that’s all.

  12. Why aren’t they doing social distancing? The virus will spread there otherwise. How ironic to do a video on how the Olympics are getting postponed due to the coronavirus and not taking the right measures because of the virus! And face masks are not enough to prevent infection, you need to socially distance yourself as well. I hope they have seen the news about other countries because it’s not pretty.

    1. @Maurice W that’s still no excuse to not practise social distancing. The death count could be lower or lowered in future if this is put into place. With an elderly population like Japan’s it’s paramount.

  13. I laugh at that one question about the UK holding the Olympics instead! UK right now is a whole lot worse in terms of COVID-19 cases than Japan. Moving the Olympics 1 year is clearly the correct decision!!!

  14. There was massive radiation leakage before covid-19 in Japan… I will never visit there for next 10-15 years just like people don’t visit Chernobyl…

    1. Suprena _two Same reason you don’t visit Chernobyl for a vacation. Everyone knows Japanese dumped radiated liquid into the ocean because they can’t handle the cost

    2. B King that makes no sense dude not all of Japan is radiated you see Japanese people in big urban areas and without cancer I should think you should visit Japan when this thing is over your missing out 😉

  15. 3:53 I believed that the lack of empathy was only in my country, but the fact that you don’t take care of yourself just because you are young is really a scenario that repeats itself a lot. Let’s take care not to infect others, is that so difficult?

    1. The Japanese government has basically done nothing. It’s probably one of the most dangerous places on the Earth right now for the virus.

  16. That London taking over 2020 Olympics thing was shouted by Shaun Bailey, conservative party candidate of London Mayor, tweeted on February 2020. The time when Europe wasn’t this effd up.

  17. 3:53 Wow I was shocked to learn that young people in Japan feel invincible to VOID-19 as well; I had thought it’s just the teens in the West where parents usually let kids be kids.

    1. @Rininta Apparently Japan tried to downplay the pandemic in order to keep the hope of Olympic alive. Now it’s postponed, the priority is back to protecting the people by telling them the truth, hopefully the young people will begin to change their behavior as well like everyone else.

    2. I thought so too.
      I live in a developing country, so it’s not surprising that there’re still a lot of people (specially those in rural areas) who do not even have the slightest idea of this whole pandemic thing, let alone be considerate to others they might infected.
      But Japanese supposed to have better understanding about this.
      Well I guess I’m wrong.

  18. What if in an alternate timeline 16th Century, East Asians colonized the Pacific Islands and West Coast of the Americas while the Europeans colonized the Caribbean Islands and East Coast of the Americas?

  19. I wonder if Canada’s announcement to Japan that we would not send athletes if it wasn’t postponed influenced the announcement in anyway. Canada said that the day before Japan announced its decision.

  20. Let’s use the sun pattern a lot in the world to cure Korean sun pattern disease. At first please do it though. For treatment. But the sun of a Japanese newspaper is fine. Japan is not fighting Korea. Not colonized. A request for annexation came from Korea. The merger has made it possible to live a human life. I can live a clean life. Japan should be grateful from Korea.

    1. Carla Conte well if you read, the condition in east asia are considered more controlled, everyone have been wearing masks from the beginning so less local transmission , wear your mask, stay healthy

  21. Another good question to ask while there is how people are feeling about Asian racism because of COVID-19. See if people want to go to the Olympics hosted by an Asian country now.

  22. It is right that the Olympics are postponed.
    However, the vaccine of the coronavirus is developed 18 months later.
    How is the Olympic Committee decided then?

  23. *Japan gov hiding corona virus in Japan and we can almost think most of Japanese has corona virus. Japan is not safe to open Olympic next year*

    1. Ernesto 。 Hm so you are only proving my point. You don’t have anything valid to say so you are just resorting to childish insults. My point still stands, any criticism of japan does not automatically equal anti-japanese propoganda and its very unhealthy to treat it as such

    2. Ernesto 。 you are very anti-intellectual. any criticism of japan, even if its completely valid = anti-japanese propoganda? No country is perfect, wake up. people like you are why coronavirus is spreading

  24. I was looking forward to watching the Tokyo Olympics this summer but it’s for the best that the games were postponed. Public health and safety comes first. Hopefully, the corona virus is gone by 2021.

  25. 海外旅行とか行っている方があります。これぐらい辞めた方がいいと思う。Rich and privileged teens haven’t faced much of any difficulties in their life, thus taking COVID situation lightly. The last thing we don’t want to happen is these ignorant people spread to poor and vulnerable’s. I hope Govt. would do something to stop people from traveling abroad or hosting foreign tourists.

  26. I’ve been looking forward to Tokyo 2020 ever since Tokyo won the bid in 2013. My favorite international event was being held in my favorite country. The COVID-19 pandemic is truly terrible but the impact it had on the Tokyo 2020 Olympics really devastated me. Given the situation, I’m very glad it’s postponed. This decision is leaps and bounds better than canceling it or proceeding as planned.

  27. If another country hosts the Olympics, I think this would be poetic justice, effectively punishing the Japanese government for its appalling inaction to test for the Coronavirus, to enact correct, globally-enacted procedures (such as lockdowns, etc) and in basically not doing these things in order to create a false sense of safety to keep the Olympics.

    It’s deeply shameful behaviour on the Japanese government’s side.

  28. If the athletes also got infected some of them won’t be able to compete anyway, It’s better to postpone it so the infections don’t spread

  29. I’m worried for Tokyo overall…one of densest cities in the world, that even with physical distancing measures, it still seems very risky, and being in the East Asian region it makes them a vulnerable hot spot IMO.

    1. Scallop That’s debatable. I often see Japanese people shaking hands, holding hands, hugging and touching kids, etc and I’ve seen kids often doing “kancho” or other high contact physical things with each other. Conversely, there are many people in the UK who don’t like physical contact with others.

    2. @Primal Convoy its not literal its theoretical, but either way I would doubt that tokyo would be hit hard due to its nature of isolation amongst one another in public

    3. zjzr08 What “physical distancing measures”? I’ve seen noone doing as such outside in Japan. People have to still stand and sit right next to each other everywhere over here.

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  31. What I felt while living in Japan is that my government is a liar and shame. To tell the truth, the government releases tons of radioactivity every year into the sea, and it also blinds the eyes of young people to save a damaging economy.

  32. Japan would make less money if they held them with the pandemic. If i said, ill give you 1000 dollars today, or you can wait until next year and ill give you 10000, you would opt to wait yeah?

  33. I was taken aback by the bit about London offering to step up and host the games. Then I saw it was made when the UK was in its full “stiff upper lip will defeat the virus” and “silly continentals can’t handle a simple flu” phase, and by a politician in campaign mode, in short, just plain nonsense.

  34. This was probably filmed earlier but UK just reported on 708 new deaths on April 4 with 42,000 confirmed infections so Olympics or any public events are not happening there any time soon. They are tracking behind Italy and Spain now. Same dilemma now of measures taken too little, too late.

  35. Shame on! Japan 🇯🇵 and Greece only thinking of damn games?!! Where is that god’s in thsis rubbish?!!!🤬🤬🤬🤬🤬👎🏿👎🏿👎🏿👎🏿👎🏿🖕🏿🖕🏿🖕🏿🖕🏿🖕🏿🖕🏿. Selfish people thinking only yourselves

  36. We foreigners don’t think Japanese citizens don’t take the situation seriously. We think the JAPANESE GOVERNMENT doesn’t take the situation seriously. As a Malaysian who has been living in japan for 3 years, I’m really disappointed in the way the Japanese government is handling the situation.

    1. @Caroline Lo Finally, there is someone who can understand my intention of the comparison between car accidents and the virus.

      I know what you’re saying, but we can’t hide in our houses forever, can we? I think we should stop staying home at some point, accept our fate, and try to coexist with COVID-19 just like the flu and car accidents. Even if some people might die because of these, we can’t let the economy down by staying home and stopping using cars.

    2. 絶望ガール I get what you mean. Yes, traffic accident deaths were up to 3.2k. However, car accidents and a virus are different. That 3.2k could easily become 32k in just a month if we don’t take the proper precautions. For example: Italy and the US. Do you want your country to end up like theirs?

    3. 絶望ガール you compare accidents to a pandemic and call it an equal fight?? do you also compare completing a puzzle to being an architect too? even in driving there are countless precautions to be taken and what about this global pandemic??
      people should stay home bc as she said, you could be carrying a virus without showing any symptoms and pass on to someone else, ITS NOT JUST ABOUT YOU. take the states as an example, there is no way we can predict how wide it’s gonna spread, how many people are gonna die. please, i implore you, google and read actual fact-checked articles written by experts, not just censored articles written to console and baby the people.

    4. 絶望ガール there are more asymptomatic people out there than people who show symptoms. We don’t know which are out there in society right now. They could be easily spreading the disease to hundreds of people knowing how crowded Tokyo can be. (especially people with weaker immune systems like the elderly and children) This is just gonna make the situation a whole lot worse than just staying at home.

  37. There’s pretty much nowhere that’s safe enough to host the games right now, least of all a crowded city like London. Besides, people from every country on Earth will be coming in to see it.

  38. As Japanese, I don’t really care about the Olympics in this situation. I do care about how the government handles this situation and people are actually furious here.. and panicking to see how they do.

  39. Omg I can’t believe this guy said how young people aren’t aware of how serious it is… I see a lot of reports saying they are worried about how younger generations don’t take it seriously. It’s really not about the age…

  40. The guy that said even if it wasnt japan they should have held the Olympics else where is what most people in japan are like with this covid-19 situation. They arent aware how much it could impact people, specially japan having more old people then anything they should have forced lock down before even talking about postponing the olympics

  41. After watching a video how EVERY Koreans wearing masks, and try to prevent the covid-19, i feel bad how unprepared some of the Japanese looked.
    Hopefully they get right treatment for the govt.

  42. It is funny how after the olympics got postponed the number of new cases in Tokyo rose overnight, airports started to shut down, and several states started to enter an emergency state
    I understand that they invested a lot in this, and the postponement of the games will have an impact on the economy, but everyone already knew it would be impracticable

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