1. japanese people are independent that’s why, if you get behind you’ll be left alone. but i really appreciate these people answered the interviewer. that there are some people like them know the difference of each person and understand it.

  2. We don’t know what caused Haruma Miura to commit suicide. In Japan, as this video shows, slander via social networking sites is said to be one factor. He published a book called “Made in Japan” and appeared in a war film called “Eternal 0”. Because of this, he was targeted by the leftist forces of Japan.
    Japanese leftists are probably not well known abroad. Whenever a Japanese celebrity says “I love Japan”, as in the case of Haruma Miura in this issue, they go on a bashing spree. Typically, they oppose standing and singing the Japanese national anthem at various ceremonies. And while they say they “love peace,” they are very offensive on social media.
    In any case, I think the Japanese should reconsider the way they use social networking sites.

  3. This is so so soooo important to discuss. Its absolutely tragic what has happened. Especially now that some of us are social distancing from our loved ones around the world, mental health should be treated more seriously.

  4. I think japanese people really harsh to themself…most of them rather keep the problem to themself than to consult or seek help from others…depression is like a cancer that will eat you from the inside..

  5. Thank you for this video. I admire the honesty and wisdom of these young people. It is so sad that they have a realistic and true outlook on mental health issues yet they know the society will not allow people to do the right and needed steps to overcome them because it is a sign of weakness and not acceptable. It is similar in my country and in many countries. It forces us to pretend that we are OK. I really hope that this will change because it is tragic.

  6. Hilarious, how some of these people speak as if they knew this actor, describing him as if he was their brother or good friend. You don’t know anyone, especially in Japanese society.

  7. I am so sad.. I first discovered him in the movie called Koizora and I honestly can say I never cried so much while watching a movie. He was so beautiful 🕊🖤

  8. It must be so tough mentally to live in Japan for a lot of people. A culture where to perform badly or to be thought of badly means you are of no worth, that puts people in a precarious position should they find themselves there. It sounds like people are at least aware of the advice, but the wider culture is not helpful to mental health. Every person is of value, regardless of what they do or don’t do, and if people fail or are criticised, that value still needs to be affirmed.

  9. I really want to know why. Probaby because he was really a pure hearted person. Crying T T. It is most likely because of the hate comments. A kpop idol in 2019 committed suicide because of hate comments. So it’s possible that it was the reason. Some people are strong to a certain point, but then it becomes too much they break. It really is sad. Wish someone was there to stop it.

  10. 11:50 This. I have been feeling this as a Japanese person, especially since I was born and raised in Tokyo. Many people abroad say that Japanese people are polite and kind. But in fact that they are just polite, the fact of the politeness they do is that they don’t really want to be involved in any troubles in life and vice and versa. Therefore, many people get stuck when they actually had a social issue because they think that to tell their honest feeling bothers someone, and they don’t want to mess up.
    As I live in Europe, I am sceptical on this girls’ view whether the non-Japanese people are politer also. But the only thing I can clearly say is that people where I live, they more open for helping/or asking help comparing to Japanese people.

  11. Please also make a video on the death of bollywood actor sushant Singh rajput. Who’s case is allegedly being closed as suicide eventhough the evidences suggest it’s a murder. Since media didnt cover the controversial side of the case because of pressure from bollywood uppermen and lack of investigation , Its causing a sort of protest among the public by revealing the true toxic side of bollywood industry. We would love to know what the general Indian population thinks about the topic and also this issue needs to be heard by people from other countries. Please do it🙏🙏

  12. “How do you think you the people around you would respond if you told them you had a mental health problem?”
    Everyone: “They would tell me to ignore it, say it’s no big deal”
    “What do you think someone with mental health problems should do”
    Everyone: “Talk to someone”

  13. As a person who lives in Japan for 4 years and somehow I experience their “hard living” (as I was the only foreigner in my place and I had to adjust to their culture, which led me to a depression😅), I hope young Japanese people can fix this problem. I hope they start to consult to psychiatrist or therapist. Also I hope they start to respect the differences between any individu 🙁

  14. considering the description of the lady miura needed time after every filming shows how sensitive and emotional he is in my opinion…. oh what a sad thing to happen 🙁

  15. Anyone who has mental health issues and is going through something in their life . Please tell someone you trust or confide in professional about you feel. You don’t have to go through this alone and there is some one who cares about you even if it’s stranger. I care about you if I don’t know you. You matter and are valuable. You have something to contribute to the world. You don’t have to suffer in silence anymore. First step to getting help is talking about your feelings.

  16. Hey you, It is ok to ask for help. It is not because you are weak, but we are just human.. for you who have struggle, Iam sending virtual hug! Stay strong.

  17. 5:07 This. This really needs to go when it comes to the Japanese socialization/culture. An occurring theme where when the boss says to go out drinking, you just can’t refuse as it would give you a really bad outlook on the entire company. And might be the cause of “Bullying”. This is also why many foreigners has troubles settling in Japan, as Japanese people, especially in the older ages tends to isolate you because you are “different”.

    Also, haven’t they seen many TAIHENS with that PLOT!?

  18. 三浦春馬さんが亡くなった経緯を「~だったらしい。」とか一般人の只の憶測に過ぎないのに、世界中で共有されるこのYouTube上で軽々しく発言できるのが凄いわ。

  19. It feels wrong to talk about how they were surprised he committed suicide just because he was famous and seemed ok. It shouldn’t take a ‘few’ famous actors to die for people to realize that insecurity and mental health is something that exacerbates for the worse regardless of status, wealth, or environment. It’s been a long-time known fact that people who are wealthier tend to be more discontented by their lives. The gravity of knowing that a person can no longer breathe and stand and form opinions and move is such a sad thing. People shouldn’t treat death (even famous people’s) as just something you see on the news and feel some pity for and move on from.

  20. I watched “Boku no ita jikan” years ago, was the hearthbreaking drama. Seing the devastated news all over medias was really shocking, especially most likely commit suicide on top of it. RIP Haruma Miyura 😇

    In my religion, we believe that suicide is the biggest sin and we been tought since in a very young age, still some cases of suicide exist. I noticed Korean and Japanese have high rate of suicide case, I guess is diferent prospective, however still very sad Indeed.

    Even though I am not in Spotlight, I am experiencing lots of judgments by peoples around me for living my life and follow my heart, just because I am choosing different path. I guess it’s happening almost everywhere.

  21. あんまりこういうインタビューよくないと思う😥

    I don’t think this kind of coverage is good 😥 It is not clear what the reason why Haruma committed suicide, but it is not good for the general public to make arbitrary speculations. If you just want to hear the opinion about suicide or slander, don’t bother mentioning Haruma’s name 😢
    (I’m using a translator…)

  22. In my lifetime, I have known 5 people who took there own lives…all men. 4 of them in one year…all with families. My husband has known more😔. I believe men are expected to be a tower of strength in all situations, but they are human and need comfort. Women are more likely to spend coffee time discussing lifestyle challenges with other girlfriends. Men hang out with friends over drinks and funny stories that do not touch on deeper feelings. There are abundant opportunities in the U.S. to access mental health assistance… religious institutions offer these, government offers, help lines for specific issues, school and university counselors, hospitals, private therapists, social workers and even organizations offering special support. Yet suicide still persists. It is sad in a big world when someone feels so alone that suicide seems like an option. It is a permanent solution to a temporary situation.

  23. I’ve been a fan of Haruma Miura since Kimi ni Todoke days. He’s one of my first love actor in JDRAMA and the one who lured me deep into the JDRAMA community. Most of the people I know and friends who’s into JDRAMA knew Haruma or Haruma was also the reason why they’re in the community. That’s why his passing takes a lot of toll to us. Im also a fan of KPOP and saw a lot of deaths of celebrities already (with the same reason) but it was Haruma Miura’s death that made me feel so down and depressed to the point that a day after the news, all I did was sleep, cry, sleep and cry again. As a fan, I feel like I failed him at some point. But I’m okay now and I wish Haruma is in peace. Rest well, Haruma.

  24. He was my favourite actor and his smile always made me smile. His beautiful singing voice too, would just cheer me up instantly. I adored every single movie he took part in! I was so shocked when I heard the news, I literally cried for days and am still feeling the effects of it even now…he will be missed so very much 🙁 if only he had someone who could listen to his problems..or just something to help him😔💔 but i do hope he feels free wherever he is now and that i know he’s in a better place🕊

  25. It’s odd that they recommend talking to someone even though in their own lives they wouldn’t because they’re afraid to be a burden to others. That or the person they talk to would just say “Don’t think about it.” All this information comes from the interviewees themselves. The government hotline seems to be the best recourse. Hopefully the person at the other end of the line would pass no judgement because it’s his/her job to listen.

  26. I think it’s stretching it a bit when the girl said that he killed himself after he defended Higashide. There’s something more personal that happened and only the dead knows what it is

  27. いまだに信じられない…三浦さん、また会いましょう。

  28. Rest in Peace Haruma Miura. 🙏🙏🙏.. I’d watched almost all of your film/drama, and you were amazing in every of them.. you such an amazing and talented and humble actor. I am deeply sad and shock to hear these unfortunate news. As someone whose experience depression/mental health/anxiety myself, I am heartbroken to see the passing of one of my favourite actor to go through this. There are so many celebrities,(even average people) had passed by commiting suicide in the past year. But I hope the government, the society will have an open mind about mental health and prevent it from happening again in the future. Shinee Junghyun. FX Sulli. Robin Williams. Haruma Miura. 🙏🙏🙏🙏🙏🙏🙏

  29. Japanese people: if you have trouble with something, you really should talk to someone

    Also Japanese people: if you come to talk to anyone, that won’t take it seriously and also will think you’re lame and ostracize you

  30. My bestfriend and I were shattered. He was part of our childhood you know. We even planned to go to Japan after we graduate college and maybe attend one of his events. It’s just sad. Celebrities are humans too and most fans forget that.

  31. As a haruma’s international fan i realy want to thank asian boss for doing this interview.
    We don’t know anything about his real character or his real life for surely .but he seemd like unassuming person & i really liked to see his smile.haruma’s & shinee’s jonghyun’s deaths really convulsed me.

  32. He Was the first Japanese actor that I ever know..😢and was my childhood crush too..
    I still can’t believe he is no longer with us.. 😢😢
    May his soul find peace now.. 💓😢

  33. He gave us a huge opportunity to think our society…. “Other’s eyes” It is a pain in Japan. No need to be same, no need to be perfect….please ask help and let’s be who we are. I am also trying. I can’t still believe we can’t see his beautiful smiles anymore…. RIP💓

  34. I haven’t watched yet. Wanted to first say thanks for doing this. It is harder for international fans to keep up, especially because of the language barrier. I hope Miura is resting easy. I hope Miura’s family and friends can recover and find peace.

  35. this mentally occurs in every society, not just japanese. me too having mental health issue but i cannot afford to go see psychiatrist because of my family mentality. i ever try to talk to them about my problems but they never listen and never care. instead, they call me crazy. i stop talking to ppl about my problems. now, it has been a year and half i stop working, doesnt have motivation. what worse is my parents call me lazy and useless. ive been thinking about ending my life since high school but i still keep going, keep on staying alive bcos i believe in God. thats the only reason i still alive. if i dont have God, bruh im going to meet miura now. idk. the only thing i enjoy doing rn is writing my books. but at the same time i feel like wanting to die bcos im useless and worthless to my parents. i cannot give them anything. but, if i do whatever they want me to do, find job find money, i wont feel happy. i feel stress frustrated. i feel like my both feet is just waiting to jump or not. kah. but, whatever. i know no one care. lols. we live in a society which no one care about anyone. why the fck did we think that someone out there is concern about ppl like us. kah. im tired of trying to give ppl good words. meh. lets dont do that if you dont really care. it hurts when we realized that all those words is just a waste. Not helping at all.

  36. Oh its same as in india in this year on 14th june 2020 the indian actor died in his house mysteriously. No one knows how he died…he was a famous personality named SUSHANT SINGH RAJPUT

  37. I hope everyone that is having their bad days know that your feelings are valid ❤ one day you’ll be able to acknowledge those feelings so let yourself know that getting help for yourself is not a burden to others. you are not alone in this fight 💕

  38. So sad :,( I cried all day when I found out. He was one of the reasons why I started watching jdramas. So talented and his smile was beautiful ❤️😔 May he Rest In Peace

  39. I can’t believe this! 全く信じられない!自殺したっていうことはじめて聞いた。悲しみが溢れてる…This is my first time hearing about this! I loved this actor and the drama and films he starred in….now he’s gone….

  40. I want to said when you get tired of you the place you lives and people around you just leave to see some other place with different people maybe you will find what you need.
    I beg you all don’t take you life, the people who feel the worst is those you Leave behind you

  41. Be thoughtful instead of being insensitive. Words if use wrongly way can cut even the “hardest surface”. Until now, i am pained to think that Haru-chan is forever gone. He will forever be one of my ichibans. May you find peace up there Haru-chan. Virtual hugs all his families and friends. 🤗🤗🤗😢😢😢

  42. Its very hard to talk about depression or suicidal thoughts with your beloved. They are either offended or confused. I think it’s just better to go to the therapy. If they are so embarrassed, then online services should be provided. That way, they still have their privacy.

  43. I am very sad to hear this news too on the loss of a talented young actor. I hope this will open up the society more for Japanese to seek advice on mental issues.

  44. Having that really high number of death by suicide is not something to sweep under the rug…I think the Japanese people should tackle this really alarming issue head-on. I think mental health is as important as physical health. His death sent so much sadness and shock to a lot of his fans…I miss Haruma from the bottom of my heart, I really wished he had someone to talk about his problem or whatever he was going through..It still makes me cry thinking about him..

  45. Japan is a very depressing country man, young people commit suicide more often and the young don’t even want to get married because of this working culture. They have more Olderly people than young, this country is a sinking ship…

  46. Same thing happened here in india …after Sushant Singh Rajput took his own like …whole country went into shock …what happened …why this happened …its hard to comprehend

  47. I’m amazed by all their good and honest answers. I wish he can look forward 2, 3 or 5 years ahead before ended his life. Sadly, he is gone. May his soul rest in peace.

  48. I will never forget Muira’s death date cause it’s my birthday .. so shocked when I read my newsfeeds on my phone… So heart breaking💔. He is my second favourite Japanese actor… Rest in peace, Harumacchi . Praying for your soul…

  49. Haruma has been working as an actor since childhood.. it’s simply his whole life.. it’s so sad he died at a young age..we don’t know what happens behind the camera, we view celebrities to have perfect life for being rich and famous but it’s not the answer when you finally achieve those..

  50. This case is it similar to Sushant Singh Rajput he was also a emerging superstar actor. What is happening in the world. Everyone has problems maybe someone has even more horrible situation but suicide is not solutions. No matter which country India or Japan life is life treat it like that. May his soul rest in peace.🙏🙏

  51. “In 2018, there were 6,507 suicides registered in the UK….the latest rate is significantly higher than that in 2017 and represents the first increase since 2013.” (ons.gov.uk).

    In comparison: “In 2019, approximately 20.1 thousand people committed suicide in Japan.” (statista).

    “The population of Japanese nationals was 123.731 million in October 2019”. In the UK: “The UK population was estimated to be 66,796,807 in mid-2019.”

    In short, if we doubled our population in the UK that would imply 12,000+ suicides, which is nowhere near the figure for Japanese suicides.

    Hey, Japan, what’s going on?

  52. Thanks for sharing, stopping by to say hello 😊on this Tuesday morning. 👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍. Take care and stay connected 👋👋👋👋

  53. His parents divorced when he was young. He only met his biological father a few times. His mother is part of a cult and has immensely large debts. He has been forced to pay off his crazy mother’s debt. What’s worse, is his agency takes 60% of all of his salary. He said on articles and shows “even though I work so hard, why don’t I have any money.” He lived in a 1DK tiny apartment. He wanted to quit the disgusting Japanese entertainment industry when he was in his young 20s, and went abroad to London to study English. But his agency AMUSE called him saying “come back to Japan and work. Studying English is a waste of time.”
    He seemed like such a good person and pure. It’s so so sad that he was crushed by awful people.

  54. I have no work for 2 years, meaning staying home all these years. Not having many friends but still happy. Never thought of killing myself.
    RIP Haruma💐

  55. 5:45 “10 people have 10 different ways of life. It might seem like something obvius, but in reality, there are people who can’t understand that concept.” 👏👏👏👏👏 absolutely right.

  56. This makes me so sad. He was so beautiful. The fact that depression and suicide is so common in Japan that they speak of it so casually is heartbreaking. I wish I could help anyone who is lonely or sad. During the first few months of the pandemic. In America people started committing suicide.

  57. My friend introduced me to Bloody Monday series back then when I was in high school and I fell in love with Miura Haruma. I watched almost all of his dorama and movies, even reality shows that had Haruma in it. RIP.

  58. Starting young with regards to voicing concerns and respecting one another is key. Accompany that with a great support group, whether that be friends or family, who understand how to deal with mental health issues.

  59. I wonder if having the face masks actually helped a few of these interviewees be more open about their opinions or disclosing that they’d struggled with mental health themselves. It kept them more anonymous.

  60. This is really hard for me especially considering the fact that I learned is 2 days after on my birthday. I had the biggest crush on him back in high school. 😢

  61. Do you talk about mental health or when you’re going through a bad moment?
    Every person interviewed: we don’t talk about it, if you do it’s weird. We don’t want to burden other people.
    Whay would you advise people do?
    Every person interviewed: talk to others and let them know. 😐😐😐
    They don’t even realize the contradiction… *sigh*
    I hope this interview also served to get these people to perhaps talk/think about it themselves later on.

  62. I think that Japan has a big issue with the apparent politeness, people arw forced to be polite all the time and they become straight up monsters online where no one knows who they are. Public Figures in Japan undergo so many hate comments its not even surprising the amount of stars that suicide…

  63. In India a well known actor,named Sushant Singh Rajput attempt suicide a few days ago..Don’t know what is going on in this fake world where no one is taking mental illness as a serious thing or talking abt it….

  64. He was such a great actor. And i was following him for a while after watching Kimi ni Todoke and AoT live action. It was shocking and really saddening when i saw on twitter about his death.. and Even more depressing when i read that it was most likely suicide.. :((

  65. In indonesia, if you tell your problem to someone, they always comparing their problem with your own. They just like “your problem not that big, your problem no that hard” even my parent did that
    *Sorry for my broken english

  66. its really heartbreaking … he was one of the actors that is widely known by foreigners due to his popular dramas and movies … RIP … we’ve lost too many gems

  67. I am in the streamer community. Stream myself and watch others. Suffering a chronic illness and a severe depression, with reoccurring sucidal thoughts. I am a very small streamer, but I am aware, that even in my small community is someone who uses my streams to cope. Mental health issues are common. Don’t think your action of kindness is unheard because you think of yourself lesser. You reaching out to people, be it a helpful hand or asking for help is very valuable. I am a nurse who have seen both sides. Don’t think you are alone. Get professional help and build yourself a supporting network of people. You worth it.

  68. At this rate they’ll continue to top the rankings of countries with the highest suicide rate. As they said they have a group mentality and tend to reject outcasts and look down on people who are seeking for help. It’s sad because it’s a developed country where people CAN get the treatment they need, but first they’d need to change mentalities…. May he rest in peace.

  69. WTF!!! Noooo!!!! Whyyy!!! First sushant Singh rajput then these Japanese actor!!! Whyyyy!!!!!! 2020 really bad year!!! 😢😢😢😢 whyyy!!! 😖😢😢😢😢…….😢😢😢😢😢😔😔😔😔😢😢😢😢😢😢😢😢😢😢😔😢😢😢😢

  70. It is a sad irony that in such collectivist societies so many people feel so terribly alone … Being part of a community should not mean being always perfect, according to exaggeratedly rigid social rules, but rather making individual qualities available to others and the nation with a sense of responsibility and respect, as well as receiving material and moral support when things go wrong. These things may seem trivial, but the reality of the facts is that they are not at all, because in the world the different societies do not really seem to be able to correctly balance the individual and the community.

  71. Google suicide ranking by country
    ・First place Russia
    ・Second place Korea
    ・Third place Latvia
    ・4th place Belgium

    (Japan is 7th in the world.
    What happens if this is artificially divided?
    Japan’s ranking will go down. )

    Google国別 自殺者ランキング
    ・1位 ロシア
    ・2位 韓国
    ・3位 ラトビア
    ・4位 ベルギー


  72. 😨 I only found out about this per the title of this video. Haruma Miura is my favorite Japanese actor, and I find this news incredibly heartbreaking. May he rest in peace. 😔

  73. This is just another example of how important is to speak about mental health. Everyone said “oh, he was always smiling” but the true is that he was sad, that he felt alone and that need help and didn’t say anything because that’s how this society educated us about mental health. In general, this is a big problem in our society, but in countries like Japanese, SKorea, China, etc is even worse because is like a taboo. Celebrities are obligated to be “happy” in order to create a “perfect world” for the people that are watching them, but the problem is that the majority of them are unhappy and need help, if you don’t let famous people to express their feelings how do you expect that “normal” people would express their emotions with others?? Everyone is tired, everyone needs someone to talk about their feelings and know that that is a normal thing to do. Is so difficult to hide your emotions every single day of your life, to look happy…. I understand him, I understand (a little bit) how he felt because I’m being suffering from this for a long time, like a lot of people in this world. This is a problem that we must solve in order to create a better society. Now, speaking as a fan of him, as a person that love him and admire him for so many years I’m devastated, my heart is broken and I can’t believe it, I don’t want to believe it. He was such an amazing actor and singer, he was so talented and full of passion. I loved Every project that he did, I won’t forget his eyes and how special he was. I will always be thankful for his work and for everything that he did. I wish he could speak without prejudice about this feelings, I wish he was a little bit happy. I hope that his will help in the future because we must learn about this.
    Thank you for everything Haruma, you will be remember ❤
    Everyone, stay healthy and be confident, have a good day!

  74. Most people know the problem and know the solution to it yet they themselves don’t follow their own sayings. The society can change only when we ourselves change coz great things start from the small changes we make in our lives

  75. I wonder if telling others about your problems would be troublesome to others. Because once you talk and there’s empathy you’ve opened the door for them to come to you too. Doesn’t that make it better in the end?

  76. If only they could be more straightforward and say what they think and how they’re feeling about a specific something and care less about what others think, I think that would have an impact on the numbers of depression and suicide rate. You live life for yourself, not for others. Being honest and straightforward doesn’t mean abandoning manners. Being honest can also be done without insulting anyone.

  77. This death is a new alarm signal showing how pressuring is the entertainment industry. Haruma’s career started at the age of 4. Lots of restrictions, coerced privacy rules for Asian idols, rigid societies, as well as demanding fans can harm any individual, no matter how strong he/she is. His death should be seen as a transfer to a better world, where he will have a lot of kamis to hang around with.

  78. Family, religion and the environment have a big influence on children’s development … then, give good guidance according to religion and choose a good social order in children from an early age.

  79. Before anyone going on that bad stage. I hope they can travel first and see the outside world. See other culture, other kind of people, landscapes, nature, forests, lake, mountains, other cities, sea, ocean 🌍🌾🌾🍃 Because its a beautiful world. It might calm your mind. No need to think all stressful thoughts. You might get in love with new world of view. Or hate it and want to go back loving home. ❤️ (except now its bad time to travel, cause of corona 🤦‍♀️)

  80. I’m so sorry to hear Miura Haruma has passed away. I wish people would talk more about mental health to prevent such things from happening.

  81. his death took me completely by surprise, I woke up in the morning and it was the first thing I read. I still can’t quite believe it. he was so young. he shone so bright. I hope he’s in a better place now and that he’s free of everyone’s expectations of him.

  82. Asian Boss, please cover Sushant Singh Rajput’s death too. Millions are fighting for justice for him. And thanks for doing this. I will always love Haruma, the guy who got me hooked to Japanese drama.

  83. I’m so shocked by his death.
    I think he was so honest that he couldn’t resign from his job , pressure and malice.
    This world is too dirty for him to live.
    R I P Haruma.

  84. I really liked the lady in the black mask who shared the tragedy of her friend ….She gave really good advice in the end . Thanks , for video . And everyone value your life . Take care . Love & Peace ✌️ ❤️

  85. Oh wow…. I didn’t know that seeing a therapist still consider as an embarrassing thing to do in Japan
    No wonder my Japanese friend was soooo freaked out when I told her about my depression and I was seeing therapist, lol. She even eager to use her
    annual leave to come and see me

    What a sad thing. Mental health is an important issue that we also have to place in one of our tops priorities. Depression is known as a silent killer… we have to heal it before it killed us.

    RIP Haruma… I’ll be missed checking on your Asianwiki profile to know your future project. Your name was always my guarantee on the quality of the drama and movie storyline. Love you always and I hope you’re happier now

  86. If japanese people are unkind and differentiate if you talk about your depression,thn go and talk to a foreigner in social media platform..that should help..not all people are judgemental..

  87. I think it is totally right… I asked one girl to meet me yesterday and she said that She didn’t want to meet me because I am different from Japanese. I am Indonesian so my skin is of course darker. I totally understand now.

  88. The netizen of japan is to be blame for his death. I know this is how every society works but still his fan should stand with him.. 😑😑 I’m not even from japan but I was his fan since my middle school, I was so devastated to hear his sudden demise. Dear haruma muira you will always be remembered.. I’ll always love you. May your soul rest in piece 😭

  89. Haruma Miura is one of my favorite actors from Japan. I used to watch a lot of his dramas and movies. I was so devasted when I heard the news

  90. Jesus Christ will return again. Repent people. Seek him while you still can. The Bible prophecies are coming to an end. This world will be destroyed. Repent

  91. The hidden truth is that too many people are indoctrinated by the idea that to live a good and successful life implies living it to society’s standards and expectations. This is a vicious and deadly circle that leaves no room or space for escape… Society signalizes us that those living their lives truthfully and authentically being themselves (not according the system) are the weird, intolerable and unacceptable ones to be excluded and denounced from society’s protection and favoritism… the cruel truth is that this kind of life leaves no room or possibility for people to develop their own genuine specific character and personality or freedom of expression but to follow the mass and crowd… that’s perfidious… that’s what i call subtle (invisible) mass oppression… (the epitome of communism)… unbelievable but true… and nobody dares to speak out the truth because of the imaginable consequences… The system is unscrupulous… unfortunately, this has become a global threatening phenomenon…

  92. It’s so sad, really. Miura is such a talented and sweet person. But this is how life is, unfair. Rest in peace, Miura-san, thank you for everything you have given us until now.

  93. Even though I am a foreigner , I used to watch a lot of his drama in my teen years. Koizora, gokusen etc are so nostalgic to me. I’m so shocked and sad when I hear what happened . Rest In Peace now ❤️

  94. In countries like Korea, Japan or China the celebrities can’t live their lives in the way that they want ,, because poeple except that (celebrities ) lives in the way that they want,,, for me personality i ‘m happy that i’m not one of them (celebrity )

  95. I know most of the time it’s because of over work but they should have more research on this, so they can find out what industry have the highest suicide rate and how they can help to at least lower it.

  96. i understand what must be going thru their minds. here in India, we also lost a great actor who is suspected to have committed suicide recently- sushant singh rajput. even at this time, people have started trolling each other online :/

  97. I still can’t believe he’s dead.
    He was one of my favourite Japanese actors.

    I also lost my best friend for suicide when I was younger, I still miss her until this day.
    Sometimes I feel guilty for not being able to help her.

  98. So sad😭 i was/am still his works fan such as Crows Zero, Kimi ni todoke, sky of love and more. His presence will be remembered and loved by everyone

  99. My heart absolutely broke when i heard his passing. I was shock and cant believe it at all… I’m praying that his in a much better place.

  100. They speak very genuine abt their celebs otherwise check out the Sulli sucide opinion interview. … u would want to slap every one ‘s cruel response towards her death it’s in the Asian boss itself. … atleast they love and respect their celebs

  101. This is so sad. Death comes to us all, but to succumb to suicide, the pain of living… it must have been too intense for him.
    For his fans, it will be a shock, devastating even.. I hope they will stay strong. RIP Haruma, prayers that you have found your peace at last. 🙏🙏

  102. Well this is quite sad 😥
    I really wish it wasn’t suicide
    I really liked him in last Cinderella as well as his other works, gokusen being one of my favorites. I hope he is now at peace with himself.

  103. It’s scary and sad that even super successfull people like MIURA HARUMA from japan and SUSHANT SINGH RAJPUT who is one of the sweetest actors in india in bollywood took their own and these both incidents happed in tne same year 2020!!!😰

  104. Studies suggest that if a suicide story is published in the media (especially a famous person), suicide rate is more likely to increase. We’ve seen it with many famous musicians worldwide. Once the news airs that so-and-so killed himself/herself, many fans would follow.

  105. I am absolutely speechless… I remember back in middle school in 2007 when I watched Koizora and instantly fell in love with his acting. He was one of my first celebrity crushes and I was so proud to see his career grow. I’d check in on him and see what he’s up to every couple years or so but never thought something like this would happen. Rest in piece.

  106. 13:59 I can relate to her pain. I knew someone online, and even though I never met him in person, I was friends with him and when he passed I was devastated. He was young and very smart and it broke me when I heard of his passing…

  107. I’m more of a debate type person online as I tend to point to slight flaws and use language to get the issue out but I try to be nice and never curse unless it’s something that gets me seriously mad. I only say curse words in front of family or friends because they know me and my reputation. The best way to fight mental illness for me at least is to find a hobby that takes a long time like most of the day like model building or cooking that way you can concentrate on that instead of your own head. It’s not perfect but it keeps one sane. Work or school doesn’t count as that is just something you do anyway. I try to do a lot like watching wrestling, do a few models, or watch anime to keep my head in one piece especially now as my health isn’t that great so those are great distractions from doctors and physical and occupational therapy sessions. It wears on you long term.

  108. Miura was my 2nd fav of Japanese actors , in general, since I only used to watch jdorama when i was in high school so I dont know that much of j shows and actors/actresses. I still remember I used to adore him but I guess as time went on and I stopped watching jdorama I never thought “oh how’s my fav actor is doing today”. Ngl, I was so shocked when I got the news he had passed away. He did seem like a bright cheer person and it’s so sad to hear he isnt here anymore

  109. 11:18 Even as an American, I still feel embarrassed to talk about seeing a therapist or taking medication for depression. If I told my family members they would tell me “it’s all in my head”, “just deal with it” or something like that. In general, the world has dealt with mental illness poorly and more needs to be done to address these issues. Also, if you’re struggling with mental health issues, I just want to tell you that I also struggle and I understand your pain and I can’t guarantee that everything will be better, but I can confidently say that life will get better for you <3 Please stay strong!

  110. Me, not a Japanese, Nande Desu ka Miura-san?!
    With Idols and Actors having suicide like seeing commercials so often which turns this incident like a boogeyman. Preying on people’s mind and eat you whole after.

    Curse me for thinking this, but can they at least date me before they died. (Now I will go away~)

  111. I’m not into JPOP and never have been. Miura Haruma is amongst the very few Japanese celebs I know and the lead in my favourite J-drama (Bloody Monday – awesome series). Truly saddening that he’s gone so soon. There are far too many young Asian stars committing suicide.

  112. Sounds like Japanese and Korean culture is pretty much similar to each other when it comes to kicking someone out of the group if he or she openly disagrees with something.

  113. This just feels so wrong.
    This video made me realize that Japanese people have a great issue communicating with each other. They said people with mental illness should talk to someone after having said that probably they will be told something like “it’s not a big deal, don’t think about it”.
    When that girl said “japanese people are not kind at all” well…this is sadly so true. When kindness is just a “pose (?)” it doesn’t feel like kindness at all, this is hypocrisy.

    sorry for my bad english, not native here

  114. Well the same happened to Sushant Singh Rajput. An inspiring and smart Indian actor who passed away unexpectedly by committing suicide. This too deals with mental depression and anxiety.
    May Haruma Miura and Sushant Singh rest in peace.

  115. Just because of that ? Wtf….
    In indonesia, even artist who was caught being prostitute for richman or artist that their sex videos being expose can made abcomeback with big smile on their face…they even laughing when the reporter asking them about their scandal :v

    Even if you divorce your wife when she was pregnant or break up with her a day before weeding only via chat, you still can get a job for film or reality show -_-.

    I dont say that they need a religion like as in indonesia, they just need to rely on themself, if you think that you are right, why bother about someoneelse that you dont know, even you never meet opinion about your decision ?

    If you lose your job as artist, you still have money, so come here, come to indoneasia, say that you love indonesia, you adore indonesia, learn to speak bahasa, less that 5 years you can be an artist again even in other country and lower salary. Or make other bussiness in other country.

    Somtimes, running away is a WISE DECISION made by a SMART PERSON

  116. the japanese society is so judgmental in a lot of ways. that’s what i noticed when i was studying abroad. i went to a university and noticed the girls all wear the same clothes, makeup and have the same makeup and i asked my japanese friend about it (who dressed a little bit more tomboyish). she said “you get judged so easily if you look different”
    this is one of the reasons why i wouldnt want to live there long-term. europe is soo much more open with everything, for ex. individuality, mental health problems acceptance, lgbtq+ …

  117. This is same as like what Indians felt after Sushant Singh Rajput death!!🤐

    Ohh..Haruma Miura why did you do this??? I’ve watched his dramas like Last cindrella, Gokusen, Sky of love…I didn’t knew he committed suicide😔..So sad..he was really great actor!!! ..Rest in peace Haruma Miura, my prayers are with his family, friends & fans!!🙏🙏🌼

  118. First we should taught our children in such a young age the values and morals, on how to speak or how to treat a person in terms of speaking and gestures. Its like think before you speak. In young age if they acquire good attitude, they will have values in life. They will grow up and pass the values also to their own child and so on. Be positive, open your mind, look at the sky, pray and be thankful.

  119. Famous actors are committing Suicide this shows that successf and being famous is never equal to happiness.
    Please take care of your mental health too.!

  120. Im still shocked with his death. People, sometime if u want to get out/ run away from problem. Please do so until you are ready to face them. Please go somewhere that can ease your mind, accumulate your courage, gain positivity before you battle your problem all out. Different people different mentally and physically strength. Please please do not compare yourself to others. And negative people, stop hurting others.

  121. The way it sounds someone killed him and made it like a suicide. They thought this is the perfect time to do it. No-one should have sent threatening messages just because he defended a friend.

  122. I’m glad that most of the people here seems empathetic and shares the same sentiments about mental healths and suicide. I loved the lady in black and necklace, she gave very good and reasonable answers. With very good advices, she was also careful with the way she answered. The other lady who’s friend died at 19 hit me very hard too. Because I’m 19 right now, and I almost lost a few of my friends to suicide these past few years, I know my heart would definitely break too if they were really gone. You can tell how much her friend’s suicide impacted her, and she also gave very empathetic answers. I know it probably won’t happen this fast if it ever does, but I hope Japanese would open up more about their mental healths. Don’t think of it as a burden for the others to share your worries, I’m positive most people care enough to hear what’s going on in your life and what’s troubling you. If they don’t, just ignore them and not let them affect you.

  123. People of Japan should learn from Indonesian people, most of them are quite immune to cyber bullying. Heck even some people asking to be bullied by acting stupid and cringy because that’s the only way they got some exposure on internet. (I’m looking at you kekeyi)

  124. I was scrolling through the YouTube and got your notifications and and today I found out about this tragic news the first ever guy who introduced me to Japanese movies I’m crying so hard please god give him a very beautiful place to stay please make him happy from here wherever he’ll go please god I loved him, I’ve watched every movies of his and thought that’ll meet him someday someday In real life god please make him happy pls this is so much for me to accept the fact that he’s not here anymore and why why my tears are not stopping god pls give him beautiful place pls god pls pls god pls god pls god pls god

  125. That women who’s friend died probably thought her death would be forgotten. Maybe she said things to herself like “I’m such a burden for making her worry about me. She lets me borrow her notes but I don’t do anything for her. She’d be better off without me.” Yet all these years later, you can see the effect losing her friend has had. If you have these kinds of thoughts, please remember that the pain of your passing won’t go away with time, and choose to ask for help instead.

  126. They finally brought a light into mental health issues in Japan. I hope from here on out, Japanese would be more accept mental health issues since its important and its the same as having physical illness, its not something to be embarrassed about. Going to therapist is the same as going to another doctor to cure your illness. It doesn’t have to be visible to be called illness. I hope every asian country would be more open minded regarding mental health. And just a reminder from me, don’t think too much about society’s perspective on you. You don’t have to be a perfect human being. You don’t have to go into good college, getting job with high salary, etc. Its not even important. The most important thing is, YOU HAVE TO BE HAPPY. That is the purpose on life. Do what you love. Not everyone have to be a doctor to gain happiness. Don’t mind society’s perspective too much, this is your life, its about you, not about how society expects you to be. Rest in peace, Haruma-san.

  127. 20k suicides in a year!? It’s really sad. India had It’s own case of Sushant Singh Rajput last month and we haven’t recovered from it yet. Theories are being thrown around and higher ups are now investigating the case. But in midst of all this people just forgot the discussion about mental health and suicide.

  128. Very sad…I still don’t want to accept he’s already gone. Everyone in my country Japan is shocked and sad about this. I also made a video about this on my YouTube channel. I will never forget his winning smile. Rest In Peace Haruma Kun.

  129. I’ve noticed many japanese like to talk about freedom but the society still seems very restrictive. For example, if you have a tattoo or your hair color is too bright you can’t get job so even if ”you have” the freedom to do wathever you want, you’ll be judged for that so in the end you won’t. Like, you cannot truly be yourself because you’re worried about what others would think about you and that’s just too sad… I really hope that Japan can find soon the balance between being considerate with others and expressing more your own opinion/emotions.
    R.I.P. Haruma Miura

  130. I pray people of Japan try to believe in God more. There is a correlation between being one of the least religious countries and their large increase in suicide rates. The societal values are limited to a narrow way of thinking, leading people to act or feel pressured to conform to judgmental ways of thinking.

  131. It’s sad we never really knew what he was going through. He had such a sweet smile and happy atmosphere…that’s what made it so shocking. I never would have guessed because we only get to see what we are allowed to see. He must have been under so much pressure and pain. I wish he could have found peace in life, but I really hope he is finally at peace now. He is truly one of the grates and will be extremely missed. Thank you for all you did Haruma.

  132. I’m REALLY BROKE……….He was a great presence on my life……From Koizora(sky of love-2007), Boku no ita jikann, and many superb live action of Gintama, Attack on Titan, Kimi ni todoke….WHY THESE PEOPLE ARENT SAD……..IT HAPPENED TOO EARLY…..R.I.P HARUNA MIURA…..I’m Mridu age 20…You will always be my favourite actor……❤️

  133. “it’s a phase”
    “it’s all in your head”
    -my dad

    “don’t be too dramatic”
    “you’re a psycho to think that way”
    -my older sister.

    I have always feel like there’s something wrong with me. I’m scared of death yet I find peace in it. Thoughts turns to actions. 3 attempts and unfortunately I’m still here. So I settle with self harm (I apologize for the triggers) but when my episodes gets bad, I need to calm down… And all I know how (and what works) is when I’m bleeding.

    I got diagnosed in 2013 with depression, anxiety, hypertension and suicidal but I kept quiet. Went to therapy and it just ….didnt work…

    My sister got diagnosed with panic attacks (anxiety) in 2019. Now she’s glamorizing it to me by prancing and showing that “this is what real illness looks like”

    2013…i kept it a secret from my family. It. Just hurts me everytime my sister calls me a liar and acting up… The word psycho literally destroyed me…. But she never know that…

    Maybe…..ill make sure the fourth attempt would be my final.

  134. Sometimes people can suffer from severe depression for no reason, so counselling doesn’t help. They don’t really have any problems they need to talk about. The biggest problem is that many antidepressants just don’t work for about 30% of such people. Ketamine, in low therapeutic doses, can help around 70 percent of people and stops suicidal ideation quickly. Unfortunately, it is only available in a few countries – the USA, the UK, Germany and maybe one or two others. It is also not covered by insurance despite being cheap because pharmaceutical companies can’t make money from it.

  135. Japan and Korea have high suicide rates. People are under a lot of pressure. The interviewees were correct in that, if someone has problems, find a friend to discuss it with. If severe, get professional help. Most of us can listen, but we are not trained on how to help the person out of their mental trouble. If ill, do not be shy or ashamed. People do care about you and want to help you.

  136. I’m not religious at all. But the fact Christianity has been kept from the Japanese for hundreds of years from showguns to today it’s easy to explain if you ask me. Rest of the world fears sins of suicide while there they have a forest to go to and find others that are still hanging or decayed. Hey join the party why not? Buddha didn’t save them. I’m Buddhist but 1 belief isn’t always enough.. still sad either way. RIP….

  137. Everyone is so well spoken and smart. It must be hard to have to conform to such harsh social acceptance. I’m a very plain jane person but I hate conforming to people’s rules and expeditions. I cant imagine how an expressive person feels in their society.

  138. When I got to know about this. My heart broke🥺😭 he was a great actor and a beautiful soul. He helped me through highschool with his beautiful acting. 😭😭😭😭 I miss him. He will truly be missed. Rest in Peace❤🥺

  139. 8:45 and then there are Indian media, They even reported the colour of cloth, late actor, Sushant Singh used and tried to spread Communal hate. They even enacted the way he took his life😩

  140. from the way their answers about how they should handle mentality health problems is very concerning. Never brushed off someone feeling so depressed and sad. They said don’t care too much about it or wouldn’t talk about their personal feelings in the first place is dangerous-personally i think Japanese ppl really needs to be more flexible and opened up with one another, accepting others despite differences. But i guess it will be so hard for them.

  141. It was shocking enough that he was the first ever celebrity crush I had who died, but it’s more shocking that he died by suicide (something I was trying to avoid doing myself before this happened)… I’ve had a crush on him since I saw him on Gokusen S3 and Last Cinderella, and thought of him as the Johnny Depp of Japan… I should’ve told him more how much he meant to me like his other fans

  142. First time I saw him was in crow zero over a decade ago and even though his role was small he really stood out. The last time I saw him was in Aot live action n I heard he got a lot of backlash because of it 🙁

  143. OMG i haven’t heard about Miura defended Higashide. I was wondering what makes netizen sends hate comment to him because I didn’t heard any scandal.

  144. Thank you for covering Haruma Miura. It was so hard to find any information about his death except for the few article. I am glad to hear the Japanese opinion and feeling on his death. I wanted to know if I am the only one who felt this sad or what about the rest of the home based fan. I fall in love with Japanese movies because of him. He was the introduction to Japan cinema. I saw him for the first time in Koizura and I become his fan instantly. I still remember the bleach blonde he had on. I have to say I grow up watching him and along with him. He has the most beautiful and calming smile I have ever seen in an actor. I am always in awe of his personality and performances. His death was so shocking to me that I couldn’t accept it for a few days. I have never thought I’d feel such sadness from an actor’s death. Japan lost such an amazing and versatile actor. All his role that he has taken resonate with me for so many various reason and they are always heart felt. I honestly feel like i lost a family member. I hope and pray that he will be resting at a peaceful place where he can truly find happiness. I wish he knew that he was truly loved and admired by fans abroad.

  145. why all these gems leaving the world by this tragic way…an Indian actor SSR..Now Miura..they were super talented and handsome..whole life was ahead them. Gys dont do this..plz

  146. このチャンネルは差別云々の動画にせよなんにせよ一方の意見しか取り上げないから偏見が広まるんだよな

  147. 7:08 That comment vexes me for some reason…
    I’m trying to decide if she is saying two different things at once?
    Or if she‘s saying find the balance?

  148. So listening to these comments seem to be consistent within the Asian population. Fear of not being included because you disagree on the opinion of those in a group because you would be kicked out??? Trying to please the world??? Impossible! It should be okay to agree disagree. I feel like the lack of faith in something greater than yourself (just relying on people who as as imperfect as you are) is what cause many people to believe there is no solution and give up in life. Even mental counselors agree that having a strong faith in God can help someone cross hurdles in fighting mental depression. It is tragic because life is so very precious!!!!

  149. Mental health is for real an important issue that needs to be addressed. In India, last month, one of the most talented actors passed away by committing suicide. The entire country mourned over his death and there was unrest for a month atleast.
    RIP. Gone too soon.

  150. A lot of men have committed suicide this year.. – from twitch streamers, to idols and actors.. we heave to remember, to allow people, especially guys to express their anxieties and depression…the fact , especially in Asia and celebrities the pressure is so high to be perfect…in the actors case this was the problem…all this pressure to be perfect…and not allowed to show those cracks..I heard he wanted to be a farmer and just leave the entertainment industry because of the people. I have a friend who kinda knew him..and he said he was really stressed by the entertainment world…and the burden to hold his image over his mental state and doing a profession he was no longer passionate about.

  151. The celebrity reminds me about SHUSHANT singh rajput a bollywood actor who committed suicide (by media). Asian boss please make a video about him and let the world know how great a person he was.

  152. Don’t accept the masks…a Total form of subjugation ( slavery). I want to see your smile, your glee and singing! I don’t know what really happened to this man. Everything is questionable anymore. The enemy ( satan) seeks to kill , deceive and destroy lives. Jesus is your only hope and salvation in this lost and dying world. In the end ” every knee will bow, every tongue confess Jesus Christ is Lord!”. Many will enter the wide path that leads to hell. May you enter the narrow gate that leads to heaven. Cry out to Him people of Japan! Get a Bible and read it and ask God to reveal Himself to you. Suicide is eternal loss.

  153. When I heard the news from a friend I cried on and off for 3 days. He was on of my favorite actors. I just keep thinking about his powerful performance in the drama The Hours of My Life. It’s deeply sad to lose him. It’s heart breaking.

  154. People say something like “I wish they would have said something to me about how they feel.” The truth is people try to avoid these kinds of topics all together or just be like “Try to be positive!” or “Better times will come!”. Depression and suicide thoughts just are taboo topics. Especially in countries like Japan.

  155. This is eerily similar to an Indian Bollywood Actor who died roughly a month before Haruma’s death. He was suspected to have died by suicide too, but showed no apparent signs of such depression and stuff, although, no suicide note was found, as in care of Haruma.
    RIP both of them. Such a tragedy.

  156. the toxic mentally of not being able to have “it ok to not be ok” they need to start changing this environment from all forefronts i understand that in asian countries have the mentality of we have to work hard for everything pride is my WHOLE life its not right we need to see “HUMAN BEFORE PROFESSION”

  157. Highest suicide rates by country, according to WHO: 1) Lithuania, 2) Russia, 3) Guyana, 4) South Korea, 5) Belarus VS Happiest populations by country, according to Statista: 1) Finland, 2) Denmark, 3) Norway, 4) Iceland, 5) Netherlands – Conclusion: Based on this data, countries in which suicide rates are the highest world-wide tend to demonstrate common qualities: a collectivist culture and alongside this, an increased importance of others’ opinion on oneself and of ‘keeping face’ towards others – less acceptance of living according one’s own individual and personal needs – pressure of being judged based on one’s own and one’s family’s social status, profession, salary and physical appearance – mental health being largely labeled as a taboo topic by society due to stigmatisation. As opposed to this, the countries considering themselves the happiest, tend to reveal rather opposite values: living according to and voicing one’s own individual needs is appreciated or even admired – in case of mental challenges, citizens are strongly advised by health institutions and the media to call free-of-charge suicide hotlines and to see a professional – social system promoting work-life balance and to establish a personal life outside work, these countries are aware that economic success can only be increased if employees are mentally and physically healthy – acceptance of LGBTQ communities with less stigmatisation. ♥️ If you’re feeling down and you’d like to talk about it with someone, you’re not alone. You’re a beautiful human being and worthy of being loved and to love. Please don’t hurt yourself because there IS hope. Google ‘Global Suicide Hotline Resources’. Scroll down to your country. Call the designated phone number for free. Let’s fight this! It’s never too late and always worth it. 🙏

  158. Seeing actors who are talented, humble, popular and living with all the comforts taking their own lives is really shocking. Its is happening everywhere in hollywood, bollywood, K-industry, J-industry and etc. You know depression is a big problem when people who have all the things than anyone go this way.

  159. Haruma Miura is my first Japanese actor crush. I like him since 2009. I cried when I heard the news about the suicide. And I don’t even know about his scandal or anything! And I don’t even know he get hate comments from Japanese people. His international fans love him a lot though, this is sad.

  160. I will always remember his pretty smile. His smile always feel like hot cup of tea in a cold day. Where ever you are now I believe you are peaceful.

  161. Similarly a young and talented actor of India Sushant Singh Rajput had also taken his own language life….
    It’s reallly sad that people still don’t recognise mental health as a serious issue…they will make fun of u if u try to discuss your problems….due to which people like me don’t have guts to express our feelings and emotions because of the fear.

  162. Whaaaaattt???? 😨😨😨😨 I remember him as one of the main characters in Kimi ni Todoke live action. I can’t believe he took his own life. 😔

  163. everybody in the comments saying that “they feel bad for people with mental issues as depression and that we need to take care of earch other ” are the same that on instagram follow and unfollow and dont support unknown artist just because they are not popular and have a very stupid arrogant attitude on social media as real life funny hu?

  164. One of two Japanese male actors I know by name AND face. Was in the first Jdrama that I actually committed to watching all the way through. For me, he is nostalgic. His face it brings me back to the time in my life when I was really into doramas and I was very happy when I watched his work. He was one of those actors that when I found out he was gonna be in a new dorama or film, I would take note that I should be on the lookout for it. I respect and appreciate the work he did while he was here from youth until recent. Rest in peace.

  165. that lady in 5:11 is right. I am a Vietnamese born in Japan and it was really hard for me to live there since I am not like others. When you are different from someone, you become the target of a bully. It was awful it was too much stress for me to live there. Being different/unique in japan is hard.

  166. I think it’s a general thing in Japan to make your self so overworked to the point u become a machine. This is so wrong. Companies and people should find a work life balance to stay mentally healthy

  167. im not from japan but i do understand the feeling of not being able to tell someone your problem because
    “your worries and thoughts are just miniscule”
    “you think you have problem, what about mine”
    “ohhh, really” and starts to talk about their own stuff
    so yeah …… =/

  168. Well clearly the environmental raising is Japan is wrong
    Why following the people and suppressing yourself just for the sake of not getting outcasted
    It’s just wrong , like deleting your own personality, your voice , your ideas and most ending up with low self esteem which clearly is something almost all japanese people having which leads them to depression
    This is wrong on soo many levels
    I honestly hope they do something about this and hope they get healthier

  169. It’s nice they spoke to you. It’s sad they all agreed they are not a society interested in others yet in the same breath they advise you to talk to someone. That trains those in need not to speak 😔 All this did was reaffirm there is a lack of empathy there spanning all ages. This is very pitiful and I’m sorry for them. I’m sorry for him too. We took what he gave us. Most did not know him but loved how he made us feel. Rest In Peace . Your fans will remember your work your smile. Not your end 🙏

  170. There is another kind of pandemic no one seemed to accept and talk about enough; loneliness, depression, feeling cornered, and isolation.

  171. @Asian Boss pls do cover the story for the death of Sushant Singh Rajput. He was a popular Bollywood actor. He was found dead on 14 June at his rented apartment. The police told that it is a suicide and he was suffering from depression without proper investigation. People here in India are so shocked by his sudden demise. We people couldn’t believe it is a suicide. We ask everyday for CBI investigation since his demise on 14 june. But the concerned authorities refuse to hear the voices of millions. He was murdered. Please @Asian Boss I am requesting . Please

  172. I’m from Canada. The first time I’ve seen him and know about Haruma was through his performance in “Love Sky” just a few months ago. The movie changed me and I’ve been blown away by Haruma’s talent ever since. So gutted by his sudden death, I wish he’s in a better place. His legacy will live on.

  173. as someone Japanese, I’m so thankful to the interviewer and the people they interviewed. Such amazing answers a lot of people in Japan know about but tend to ignore. Miura-san’s death was a huge deal but no ones really talking about the problems Japan has instead they just say how big of a fan they were, how heart broken they are and forget about it the next day.

  174. What a waste of precious life, not to mention talent. Two things to note perhaps: We worry too much about what others think about us instead of being our authentic selves? Why do people set out to hurt through harsh criticism and judgment? So much needs to be done to develop self love, and tolerance of differences.

  175. Gutted that Haruma Miura is no longer on this earth. 🌸🐎Depression is a silent killer. It kills me that he was suffering while making the world happy . May his soul be at peace and be free 🦋🦋🦋

  176. I think it’s very paradoxical how a lot of Japanese people personally know at least one person with mental health problems, whom they obviously empathize with, yet as a society they still see mental illness as taboo. Like, people seem so reluctant to talk about the elephant in the room. Actually I find a lot of Japanese people’s behaviors as individuals to be the opposite of their behavior as a society. It’s as if their culture is unwilling to change according to the individuals’ attitudes.

  177. I…can’t believe it. I grew up watching his tv shows and movies especially Bloody Monday and Koizora. I cried for hours and hours over those two shows. I just can’t believe it. He was such an important part of my teens but he totally fell of my radar over the last few years. This is so crazy. He was only 30 years old. Only 4 years older than me and he had accomplished so much and was going to accomplish so much he more. India lost sushant Singh rajput this year and japan has lost Miura haruma. I’m in shock. RIP MH, you will be missed. Sincerely, a forever fan from India <3

  178. RIP Haruma 🙏 I’m playing Lewis Capaldi’s “Before you go” because, really, who would have thought that there’s so much pain behind that bright smile?

  179. every hour One student is committing suicide in india !!! And if you go to psychiatrist then you are considered to be mad ar faulty person here!
    We are second on sucidal cases in this planet… Yet no one in India wanted it to be a public issue!!

  180. Hey Asian Boss, you can do this same survey in India too. Because mental health awareness is also an important topic in India. Need to know what people think about it in general.

  181. Really in Japanese culture, people tend to not bring troubles to others. That ‘s why people in Japan try to conceal their feelings when they encountered mental illnesses, not asking for help. They think those are personal things that need to be dealt with by themselves.

  182. Very interesting video and important to be shared as well.
    I loved Haruma, and till this day I still can’t believe he died. The past week was hell, I’m super sad.
    So hard to know he was struggling to the point of taking his own life. I keep wondering so many things. I wish he could have found the help he needed and survived. 🙁
    I just wish he is happy now, wherever he is. <3

    Thanks for this video. Hope people understand how important mental health is and that it's necessary to ask for help!

  183. I think it’s really ironic to say that talking about your mental health struggles is a no-no, and then turn around and say the solution and what he should have done was talk to someone. You basically said no one would listen, so what’s the point? Talking is only good if it’s helpful, not if it gets you shamed.

  184. The reason for his suicide has not been clarified yet.
    Nevertheless, people who have imagined many things are hurting someone again.

    Some media reported that he had a will.
    However, the office denied it.
    There is a lot of uncertain information about him.

    So don’t talk about it just by imagining it.

  185. Nowdays, in the world where people demand “free speech”, they forget to be “open-minded” and “understanding”. Duh, even freedom still had restrictions.

    It’s so sad, he is one of my fav japanese actors.

  186. One of my brothers friend accidentally shot himself,he was showing his gun to a friend on Instagram and it went off,he didn’t know it was loaded, *as I was told*

    Rest in peace

  187. Japanese should learn how to enjoy life. I feel that their culture is killing their own people. Too much pressure to keep their face and social distancing is part of their culture. People die because of loneliness.

    I’m not a religious person but I just love this prayer:
    God, grant me the serenity to accept the things I cannot change,
    courage to change the things I can,
    and wisdom to know the difference.

  188. People are so ignorant and clueless about not just depression, but mental health in general. Please get educated. Success, good reputation, being popular and lived doesn’t mean once can’t suffer from depression!

  189. I’ve been binge watching everything related to Haruma Miura. He was ridiculously handsome, but still so humble. He worked hard at his profession and even acted in stage plays. He had such a beautiful smile. May he rest in peace.

  190. If it was in fact a tragic suicide, it was probably further complicated by the inability to process handling so much insane money and wealth and material goods, and the best liquors and wines one could ever desire, as well as nearly anything on Earth one could want ? All that, if also not grounded with a stable relationship in life and family purpose and personal purpose and faith in life, faith in love in this truly incredible, miraculous creation of life in which we are currently living on Earth. peace

  191. Koizora is my first ever watching japanes movie and haruma/hero is my fave japanes actor too it’s really sad last time one of my fave India actor Sushan Shing die too 😥😥😥I don’t understand why haruma take he own life!! did he have lots haters ?!! It’s becose he have depression !?? 😞😞😞😞

  192. In my opinion, I think another thing the interviewees could have brought up in the last question was encouraging other people to listen. Its been brought up that when Japanese people bring up their problems, the general response is to brush their worries off or flat out minimalize the severity of their problems and that’s what makes it hard for people to open up in the first place.

    Its a given that people who feel troubled should talk about their problems but not a lot of people mention that the same effort of talking should be returned by listening.

    I hope Miura’s soul rests in peace. This isnt the ending he deserved but he was a good and kind man and astounding artist.

  193. umhhh Asaian Boss always intend to focus on controversial problem we are not willing to discuss about, which I think is good. However about this video I just think they use his death to make a video… Why is it necessary to stay curious about reaction to someone’s death? I think he just wanted to be without pressure and it’s not that he wanted to demonstrate something. I really hate their attitude to look for something that can attract viewers, without consideration to someone’s death. Now is the time to moun him, right? U guys should focus on those who are killed unreasonably in the world.

  194. I was actually thinking of him last week when asked about one of my favourite Japanese actors. I can’t believe this news. Since Hana Kimura, I refused to believe this too. He was such a great actor. We lost another one. He will be missed.. a lot.

  195. Japan is pretty from the outside but has several flaws from the inside. Japan is very strict about their reputation in their society, so strict that they try to hide that people need help, schools in japan hide the fact that children are bullied because they think it will affect their reputation as a school, many Hikikomori are rejected because they only seem like a nuisance and people in Japan judge people in every aspect and are easily creeped out by anything out of the ordinary.

  196. I’m not bashing other people’s culture. But I think its sad that you are not expected to talk about your problems and is always expected to solve your own problems most of the time. A lot of times, just being listened to lifts such huge emotional burdens and can make a difference between continuning on or deciding to end it. Or being healed and continuing to have the will to live instead of being soul crushed and giving up altogether, becoming half lives instead. Or self imposed hermits. Or having a change of personality. Becoming mean, “why do I have to help out? I wasn’t supported when I was at my darkest hour”.

    But I get the culture of not wanting to become a burden to others and I can respect that, even if I don’t agree with it 100% as I am from a different culture and have different life views. But it could make such difference. Just sayin’.

    My own experience: I have a Japanese friend who is kind and sweet. Its true we haven’t known each other that long but I thought we have rapport. I come from a family that have warm relationship and practice open communication. At least, my parents and I are, even if not my sibling. When I was hospitalized a few months ago for a minor operation, I told her about it. At that time I was also under some kind of other worries. After that I find out that my LINE communication were not read anymore. And I was so perplexed. I did not ask for her help or anything. I was just sharing about my current conditions. As I have many friends, I just brushed her aside and think that she might not be a good friend after all. And didn’t think too much about it. Still, its kind of a bit disappointing to think that perhaps my telling her becauseI trusted her is seeing as burdening her emotionally.

  197. I used to watch a bunch of dramas and movies with him acting. I was shocked to see the title of this video. How am I just finding out about this now?
    RIP Miura Haruma

  198. Japanese life routine :
    Work > eat > shower > sleep > wake up > and kill ourselves

    I tried killing myself when I was in uni too but hey my mom told me she loves me no matter what and she also accepted the fact that I’m bisexual my mom is different from any typical Japanese moms. BTW rest in peace to this Japanese icon 😢😢

  199. Watching these young talented people suicided is absolutely devastating. In his case, he had to do too much hard-working for a long time, too much pressure, probably didn’t have enough support from management and his family which he supposed to get. In Japan, sadly lots of young people were depressed and committed suicide. Not many cases in the entertainment industry, but he was not only a naturally hardworking person also was a super kind, caring, very responsible person, I guess that could have been another reason he did not have the choice to say No to the management, and nobody stop him working too hard. Nobody realized how much he was struggling with work and his life itself. This is a systematic disease that so many Japanese companies and industry have from a long time ago, never listen to their voice, this is an absolute disgrace.
    Young people need help, but no one stands up for them. Adults should support and speak up for young people, not just force them to work as much as they could. I wish his friends could have given him real support, as lots of his friends call him as a best friend… sad.

  200. Oh god this has been hard to watch. No, it’s not because of the quality (Asian Boss always delivers!!) but the content itself. Miura has always been a part of my childhood and teens. I’ve always loved his presence in shows. He was always smiley in his shows and then reality comes to hit you like a freight train. I hope he finds his peace now.

  201. It is shocking how around the world people believe that just by being on social media or net you have to endure hate comments or even that following your content means that they have the right to comment hate

  202. It’s sad people have to send hate comments to celebrities especially when points of views are different. Leave them alone! You don’t have to send hate comments. Just scroll on. Hate affects people’s lives.

  203. One actor in India took his life and now one in Japan 😐 Loneliness, depression, isolation due to covid19 whatever reason we as a society need to take mental health seriously. Celebrities are humans too.

  204. Japan’s suicide culture should die long time ago already. Now is the time to be strong and live the life that is only given once. Remember, a life is a wheel, sometimes you’re up, sometimes you’re down.

  205. When the lady talked about her friend that passed away, I teared up because I myself was having a really bad night and I was just thinking really negatively of myself and wishing that I was gone because I felt like I was such an inconvenience but seeing how that woman was genuinely impacted by the loss of her friend really made me extremely emotional. Rest in Peace to Hamura Miurma and To that woman’s friend.

  206. Whaaat !?? I haven’t been caught up with haruma miura for a while (I used to really like him) and I didn’t even know he died ! Such a sweet guy.

  207. Everything horrible comes from bad mouths, please consider your speech before it could hurt anyone. Especially in Asia, they like to criticize people for fun:((

  208. Maybe someone or many people must bullied him.if this was cause by the bullies I wish they suffer in their ife so much all bullies suffer.

  209. The woman, dressing up in all black and wearing the necklace, is very smart. She knows it won’t stop if its on TV. A lot of her answers are very open-minded and gives good advice.

  210. I’m still in shock over his death. He was one of the few actors who I followed closely and it hurts knowing he was suffering so much.
    The opinion on seeing a therapist around the 11:00 is good to hear. Where I live it used to be pretty stigmatized, and still is a little bit, but it’s much better now than before. So there is hope! Hopefully everyone can treat each other kinder and those who need help can get it.

  211. Oh no! This can’t be happening. Really!? I was even waiting for his drama (Two Weeks) to be english subbed fully but now that he’s gone. How can I watch it now knowing he left already? Praying for the repose of his soul. T_T

  212. I would love if we heard more of their opinions/reactions rather than each explain what they had heard had happened after you already explain what had happened.

  213. The lady who spoke about her classmate really understands the whole situation with mental health and social norms. What she said around the 6:00 minute mark is so true and that is something I deal with every day.

  214. MY HEART ACHES AGAIN FOR LOOSING SUCH A RAY OF LIGHT😭 My condolences to his family and friends. Truly we will miss this TALENTED AND KIND MAN…😭🙏🇺🇸

  215. Its hurt so much when his character in Koizora died and it gives me a lot pain do endure. But this is more painful its not a movie character that has died but it was the real person the Haruma Miura himself 💔 When a movie becomes reality. We will forever miss you Haruma Miura 💜

  216. I was first introduced to him in Kimi no Ita Jikan…now he’s gone for real. Rest in peace.🙏🏼
    I cannot imagine how hard he was fighting and struggling to hide it from his close ones. It’s so sad to see that celebrities cannot be human because of the pedestal they’ve been put upon by society and have to hide their mental health from their audience for the fear of being judged or looked down upon. 💔If ReLife existed irl, I wish all these celebrities could get a second chance at finding their passion instead of their end. 🥺

  217. It’s sad that some people in japan have felt it easier to go to chatrooms for group suicide than therapy.
    When i was researching different facets of Japanese society for school, suicide kept coming up , including the suicide manual. It’s so disheartening.

  218. I talked to a random Japanese person on twt 1 yr ago after finding the same interest on a twt post. We talked for hours until we talked about the plans you want to do in the future but strangely his/her plans stopped after working a year in a company. When I asked him/her why she/he just plans to work for a year.. I thought that person is just planning to have a vacation that’s why but he/she told me she just wanted to live only until 32 years old. I didn’t know a certain people think like that. When I asked why she/he said he/she just wanted to finish education and work for a year then take his/her own life.

    Never in my life did I know someone who talks so casually when talking about taking their lives, so I was stunned. I tried talking and persuading him/her but he/she said that’s what he/she really wants.

    As a Asian myself, suicide is really common nowadays and I always take it very seriously. So I tried talking to him/her about it everyday until one day he/she deactivated his/her account. I wonder where that person is or if that person’s doing good. I hope that person’s still striving tho..

  219. 11:19
    Believe me, as an American, in the United States there still is very much a stigma if it’s known you’re seeing a therapist and/or seeing a psychiatrist for anti-depressants. People can be so dismissive of another person’s pain that they personally haven’t experienced. If there are any cultures that make it easy to openly talk about struggles with depression without judgment, I haven’t heard of them.

  220. This reminded me of something. Recently in India an actor called Sushant Singh Rajput took his life bcz he was suffering mental health issues and depression. I don’t understand why people can’t take celebrities as humans.

  221. Few months ago, Kimura Hana who starred in Terrace House(famous Japanese Netflix show) also committed suicide because of hate comments and threats on her social media.

  222. People always need other people to carry your problem,
    Do not take it by yourself if you can handle it, but you can share with your friends family.
    suicide its not the best way to solve your problem instead that the worse way.
    Sorry i said that because I ever felt a big pressure stress that i want go to suicide.

  223. A week after his death, I still couldn’t process that he’s gone. I wish he was saved or someone could at least noticed what he has been through all this time. Haruma was one of my fave and the first japanese actor that I knew. Thanks to koizora, it lead me to the jdrama world. He was such a world class talent, no wonder why his popularity reach not just in Japan but all over the world. Sometimes, people tend to forget the celebrities are also fragile. I hope its an eye opener for everyone to actively talk about mental health. Its really sad that it took someone’s death to realize how serious our mental health is.

  224. i cry so much when i hear his died…he charming , sweet smile , good acting…..what i love his acting in Bloody Monday….why he choose death ? his should ignore such bad comment…sigh…he three younger than me

  225. The crazy thing is how Japan holds both one of the world’s highest suicide rate while simultaneously holding one of the highest life expediencies.

  226. Thank you for making such a beautiful video about such a difficult issue. It’s inspired me to do something to help people who have mental health issues here in Japan. Thank you Asian Boss! ♡

  227. “On July 18, 2020, a famous Japanese actor Haruma Miura was found dead in his home … His death sent shock waves through Japan, where 20,000 people were reported to have taken their own lives in 2019.” – Asian Boss

  228. What is it with Japan and some other Asian countries with suicide? They need the saviour Jesus Christ and the truth of God’s word in the Bible to be saved.