Japanese React to Prime Minister Abe’s Resignation | STREET INTERVIEW

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  1. お疲れ様です、、安倍首相は彼が健康で開いている事をすでに証明しており、次は何であるかをすでに知って、もしかして健康に大丈夫かな。m(__)m

  2. Nobody can match our Malaysian politicians even how old or seriously ill also won’t resign, there have to take care their dummy children and grandchildren even 💯 years old

  3. Japan needs a YOUNG Educated leader. I would hate to see japan fall because they cant change. Look at Germany economic structure and do same! time for change in japan stagnant economy..

  4. I don’t understand why Foreigners especially Japanophiles love Shinzo Abe so much. While Abe is the longest serving PM of Japan, he is leaving Japan in the weakest position since the 1997 Asian Financial Crisis. His premiership has been riddled with scandals such as the March 2018 Moritomo Gakuen-Finance Ministry scandal where the finance minsiter and Abe were giving money to friends from tax revenue , Cherry Blossom Viewing party scandal where tax money was caught being used for the party, Katsuyuki Kawai’s scandal where the Justice Minister was caught buying votes. Abe’s legacy is not just that he has completely destroyed political integrity of Japan but also Economic stabillity with Japan having the slowest GDP growth rate for the past 5 years in Eastern Asia and facing the Worst recession in the Region- a testament to the failure of abenomics. Additionally the relations between South Korea and China with Japan are now at an all time low due territorial disputes and failure to recognise comfort women and war crimes. After all this it’s fair to see why so many people dislike Abe so weaboos please read before commenting about how great Abe is and that woke social justice warriors are ruining everything when there are deeper reasons than that.

  5. Hope the next prime minister will massively boost native fertility, and not let the country be colonized by aliens like has been done for decades in Western Europe & North America.

  6. as an american these are real women. not thots showing their tits and ass for the clout. and they age better. these teenage girls here look like their in the mid 20s already.

  7. That first person’s reaction to Abe’s resignation though: やっと辞めてくれたか (He’s finally quitting). The nuance being: ‘I’m relieved that he finally made us the favor of quitting’ 😂

  8. 12:18 wow, this girl wants someone that knows everything. Unsophisticated and arrogant young adults display at its finest. How can one know everything? The prime minister’s cabinet helps with that. Don’t blame the prime minister on the bad economy, you contribute to the GDP as well.

  9. This people don’t even realize that because of abe Japan has such a great diplomatic relationship with india, USA , European nations and South Asian nations.

  10. I wonder why you asked people who were not interested in politics at all. You should choose people who have different opinions to see what has been going on in Japanese politics and cabinet.

  11. I’m also one of those people that thinks Abe san “IS” the prime minister of Japan, because he’s been the longest serving PM, I feel sad seeing him resign, but health comes first, I
    hope god will cure him of the disease and bless him for many years to come. I also think the next Japan’s PM should be the youngest Koizumi san, he has great public image, and Japan
    needs a young leader, enough with the old-fashioned minded politicians.

  12. the dude denied japanese atrocities in WW2. can you imagine a german leader denying all the things the nazis did? that’s all you need to know about this abe guy.

  13. 1:55 lol his mask kept on falling down, so he kept trying to pull it up over his nose.

    it’s funny, but it’s also being responsible. Are YOU being responsible?

  14. Even in good health Abe didn’t accomplish much. But I do appreciate him for providing ¥100,000 pandemic payments for every Japanese and foreigner household in Japan.

  15. It is not only about the government. The problem with Japan is that it is already reached its limit. It is an island with little resources, little landmass, huge & aging population and high debt-GDP ratio. The government can no longer using monetary policy to stimulus the economy like other countries. This is not going to change anytime soon until there is a consolidation of production resources and market to improve the overall efficiency. The problem with it is, it would require Japan to work with Korea and China, and it is not happening any time soon. It is got right wing politicians who are descendents of war criminals, and conservartive and racist citizens. As a Chinese, I would say Abe has done a great job as a PM, and argubly the best JP PM after the war, encouraging women to go to work and giving free childcare for all. That is as far as Japan can go under the current world order. I personally think any histrical probelms and political problems can be paused right now in order to get an East Asia trade agreement signed, especially in the post-pandemic era. However, Washington and Japanese ordinary people won’t like it. Wake up people, it is about your livelihood. It is cool to be a little brother of a bully, but when the bully is relatively getting weaker, the opportunity cost goes straight up.

  16. I think they should have taken the opinions of some foreigners who stayed in japan.
    For me, if abe’s current sickness is life threatening and affects his work then it is a good reason to step down. But what I see is he is not the best person for this coming so called “new normal” type of government. They need a person who is into this and knows more of this new government that is coming and manufacture a reason for abe to step down

  17. Grass is always greener on the other side. Even though some Japanese complain about Abe, He did great in politics worldwide. God bless Abe for what he did in his career throughout past years!

  18. The only reason he stepped down now is because of all the corruption scandals and investigations around him and his party, and the fact that he couldn’t secure the main prosecutor in Japan as one of his cronies, so now he’s afraid. If he steps down like this, he’ll be seen with sympathy and he’ll be able to slip away from the public eye quietly.

  19. WTF. The girl at 4:01 thinks people from South Korea and China came to Japan and spread COVID-19??? For the past month SK and China’s daily cases combined are still less than Japan’s daily cases.

    Racist girl is TRIPPIN. 👎

  20. is it just me, but every time the older man with his mask down shows in the video, i instinctively hold my breath? even though im just watching him through the video??

  21. I see that youngster of Japan really don’t care bout politics or history. Only the old gentleman knows what he’s saying.
    Some experts suggest Abe has put up a show for months. He has a disease and it’s a known fact. But he used his own disease to make a way out of responsibility of failed COVID control, bottom-low approval rating and terrible relationships with other East-Asian countries.
    Abe is a grandson of Nobuske Kishi, who is an unpunished war criminal and who also became PM. Kishi is also known for building political structure of Liberal Democracy Party, which basically ruled modern history of Japan except for like 5~6 years. Next promising candidates of PM are all from LDP. You see, it’s basically one-party dictatorship.

  22. アジアンボスって日本下げのスタンスでのインタビューが殆どですね。

  23. Three things that really popped for me in this video:
    1) it seems political awareness and political intelligence is really low in Japan. Most of the people just parroted the press with no independent researched knowledge of the political landscape. (Japanese press rank one of the lowest in the world for freedom of information currently)
    2) Its citizens have no idea of Japan’s stance and international relations. It’s actually unfortunate to see many think they have positive political ties with many foreign nations when it has been deteriorating over the last few years. Tensions with China, Russia, Korea are at its literal peak. Many Southeast Asian nations are cutting ties with Japan and the USA has just been Japan for economic gain (ie, US sold all of their leftover corn and grain that NO OTHER NATION would buy and also bought 100+ F35 jets at a PREMIUM price (more than RRP) when it was literally on sale)
    3) Women in the Green was bomb, really well-spoken and educated so seems there would be many others as such which is hope.

  24. Bro he would be remember by many ordinary indians as he had contribute a lot in boosting infrastructure which is disputed with china and mainland too

  25. Abe Shinzo is a great politician.
    I didn’t say it because I’m a Chinese, but because I’m rational and observing all the things he had done from the sidelines.
    And I also know whatever I said would be illy interpreted by some people. I meant every word I said.

  26. Thank You Asian Boss!

    As an American it disappoints me how poorly our media covers world news. I wouldn’t even find out about this if it wasn’t for this channel.

    I hope Abe gets well. Poor guy

  27. Well it’s simple. He didn’t want to ruin his country by following the evil globalist plan to ruin Japan as well. He will if course be replaced by a filthy globalist snake and with time he will in turn ruin Japan and turn it to an orwellian leftist nightmare like the USA…

  28. Idk anything about Japanese but I do know that the Japanese Emperor and Empress is the most humblest and down to earth people on earth.
    Like damn, I don’t even own an apartment and I am here with full of ego and pride…
    We must learn from them

  29. آبه بهترین نخست وزیر در ژاپن است. او فقط از اقتصاد و یکپارچگی ژاپن دوام نیاورد ، اما همچنین به # تایوان ، # فیلیپین ، # اندونزی ، # مالزی ، # تایلند و بسیاری دیگر از کشورها برای اقتصاد و امنیت کمک کرد.

  30. अबे जापान में सबसे अच्छे पीएम हैं। वह सिर्फ जापान की अर्थव्यवस्था और अखंडता से नहीं बचे, बल्कि उन्होंने # ताइवान, # फिलीपीन, # इंडोनेशिया, # मालिया, # थाईलैंड और बहुत से अन्य देशों की अर्थव्यवस्था और secu के लिए मदद की।

  31. Abe는 일본 최고의 PM입니다. 그는 일본 경제와 청렴성에서 살아남지 못했을뿐만 아니라 # 대만, # 필리핀, # 인도네시아, # 말레이시아, # 태국 및 기타 여러 국가의 경제 및 보안을 도왔습니다.

  32. જાપાનમાં આબે શ્રેષ્ઠ પ્રધાનમંત્રી છે. તે માત્ર જાપાનની અર્થવ્યવસ્થા અને અખંડિતતાથી ટકી શક્યો નહીં પણ તેણે # તાઇવાન, # ફિલીપાઇન્સ, # ઇન્ડોનેશિયા, # માલેસિયા, # થાઇલેન્ડ અને અન્ય દેશોમાં અર્થતંત્ર અને સલામતી માટે મદદ કરી.

  33. ജപ്പാനിലെ എക്കാലത്തെയും മികച്ച പ്രധാനമന്ത്രിയാണ് അബെ. ജപ്പാൻ സമ്പദ്‌വ്യവസ്ഥയെയും സമഗ്രതയെയും അതിജീവിക്കുക മാത്രമല്ല, # തായ്‌വാൻ, # ഫിലിപ്പൈൻസ്, # ഇന്തോനേഷ്യ, # മലേഷ്യ, # തായ്‌ലൻഡ്, മറ്റ് പല രാജ്യങ്ങളെയും സമ്പദ്‌വ്യവസ്ഥയ്ക്കും സുരക്ഷിതത്വത്തിനും സഹായിച്ചു.

  34. Абэ – лучший премьер-министр Японии. Он просто не выжил в экономике Японии и добросовестности, но он также помог # Тайвань, # Филиппины, # Индонезия, # Малайзия, # Таиланд и многие другие страны для экономики и безопасности.

  35. อาเบะเป็นนายกรัฐมนตรีที่ดีที่สุดในญี่ปุ่น เขาไม่ได้อยู่รอดเศรษฐกิจและความซื่อสัตย์ของญี่ปุ่น แต่เขายังช่วย # ไต้หวัน # ฟิลิปปินส์ # อินโดนีเซีย # มาเลเซีย # ไทยและประเทศอื่น ๆ อีกมากมายเพื่อเศรษฐกิจและความมั่นคง

  36. آبے جاپان میں اب تک کے بہترین وزیر اعظم ہیں۔ وہ صرف جاپان کی معیشت اور سالمیت سے نہیں بچا بلکہ اس نے # تائیوان ، # فلپائن ، # انڈونیشیا ، # میلیسیا ، # تھائی لینڈ اور بہت سے دوسرے ممالک کی معیشت اور سیکیورٹی کے لئے بھی مدد کی۔

  37. Abe resigned once due to the same illness when he was younger. Now he’s older and the stress caused by pandemic proves detrimental to his health and exacerbates his chronic illness. I truly believe physically he doesn’t have enough left to lead the country. He is being responsible and made the right decision. Commendable but sad.

  38. He sounds like a noble Prime Minister. He knows when it is best for his people to let a new leader rise. I can relate to having a great President for 8 years must be hard to finally lose them as a leader.

  39. To the Japanese, Abe’s diplomacy with the US seems important. To the average American, it’s like Abe who? Remember Pearl Harbor, the Day That Will Live in Infamy – or – I love anime, sushi, tofu.

  40. I live in Seoul right now and it seems to be the same in Japan… a positive side effect of the mass public all wearing masks is that people around you seem more attractive LOL

  41. Same global agenda with exaggerated seriousness of this very planned Rona virus.
    … media is to blame and corrupt politicians. Same exact scenarios happening worldwide to incite fear and control the people. Now IBD is a real illness that incapicates many so I feel for those that suffer. How can a prime minister act appropriately in this plandemic when so many conflicting guidelines from WHO and CDC. They are the failures not your prime minister!

  42. I did not hear about the need of Japan leadership role in containing China bullying Asian countries. This leadership will be much harder for Japan if president Trump will not be re-elected in November 2020.

  43. Even if his political ideology is different from Abe’s, it’s very disappointing that people don’t seem to care about his illness in this video.
    First of all, they should have said to Abe “Otsukaresamadeshita. (Thank you for your hard work).” People who can’t do that will never be trusted in Japan, no matter how great their abilities are.
    Of course, it might just be omitted in this video.

  44. the smartest thing said in this entire video is the comment about needing a new leader who is not afraid of new ideas and will bring them to the table for proper evaluation.
    There are real systemic problems that need to be addressed as soon as possible. Delaying will make them much much worse. SOME of the old ways no longer apply to the modern day. The elderly need to be cared for and the youth must not be forgotten.

  45. Now I realised not only Japan pm but every countries pm ,how really they are stressed and they are going through Difficult time 💢💢💢🤧😷😷

  46. The lady in the video feels French doing great by protesting 😃 blissfully unaware how much street violence by intruders, transgressors raised security cincerns in people! Look at how Sweden burning a few days ago. I like Japanese of their peaceful public conduct.

  47. I want to see Japan implement drastic economic reforms and get back to the top. They used to be the powerhouse in Asia but that title now belongs to China. I don’t know how they will do it becuase China’s biggest asset is their labor force and this is in contrast to Japan’s dwindling population.

  48. Idk about y’all but I say good riddance! This news made me happy. That said, wishing him well since I do want him to get better. He is human no matter how much some people may have disliked him.

  49. I shocked at the comments under this thread. They don’t understand about the Japanese people. Most don’t speak about politics or know much or care about it. I’m glad to see many young and older people with no different in gender being knowledge and having an opinion. This just shows the changing times with technology and news being available to all.

  50. Arrogant prime minister. Self bragging and delusional. The Japan way is the world model for combating COVID19 ? Give me a break. COVID19 is almost a runaway in Japan now. He’s delusional like Trump, self bragging his legacies, while the people said he has none, except to surreptitious raise their taxes by 10% and sucking up to Trump! Good riddance. The Japanese deserve a much better prime minister.

  51. it looks like EVERYONE is obsessed with Trump these days. even people in other countries.

    people talk about his as if he is the devil or the worst politician in the world.

    I mean, chill people. we have dictators and tyrants that rule their own countries with an iron fist. opress there own citizens, treating them as subjects.

    Trump is none of that. he is just a politicians that is raw and real. he is definitely disrespectful and unapologetic but at least he talks his own mind. he isn’t controlled by anyone and fears nothing. he has nothing to hide.
    this is probably why he won in 2016 and will definitely win again in 2020. he is authentic.

    if he was so evil and stupid, his political opponents could have won instead. so what he talks about has some weight to to. his ideas resonated with the voters that chose him as president of the USA.

    but when it comes to Japanese PM Abe. I wish him a good recovery and remain well and healthy. my opinion of him is that he was a very humble gentleman. very respectful.

  52. Abe just wanted to abandon the Peace Constitution. But COVID-19 got in the way. It was a government with many missteps and scandals. He is the worst post-war prime minister.

  53. Hahah
    The woman : if its French, lets protest! 😂😂😂😂😂🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣

    The French want the Germans to pay for their tax hence theyre protesting, according to Jeremy Clarkson 🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣

  54. The young woman wearing the top with the black collar has a wonderfully analytical mind. I very much doubt that, where I live, one would find such thoughtful answers.

  55. good riddance. because of him and his predecessors refusal to allow the japanese economy to liberalize and restructure, the country has remained stagnant for the last 30 years. japan needs serious help

  56. 8:02 ummmm why isn’t anyone telling the older man to pull up his mask??! His nose is completely exposed and dangerously close to the interviewer’s hand. I don’t get it 😷🙄

  57. These people are so angry they are being super direct about their negative feelings, it’s like hearing the quiet kid in class curse for the first time I’m kind of shocked

  58. Japan is a country that pulled themselves out of the horrible WW2 destruction and I have no doubt they will do the same from the pandemic. The whole world is suffering not only economically but mentally and spiritually as well at the moment. And we should not be disappointed if it feels like our leaders failed to do what you were expecting them to do. It’s also a new challenge for them and they are doing everything that they deem is right for their country. PM Abe might have his flaws but he did his best. Now lets just bid him good luck in tackling his disease. And let him lead a peaceful life. 🙏🏼

  59. Since Japanese people are too nice, I can tell that they’re actually not telling their true honest opinion about Abe.
    I saw alot of news about Shinso Abe but conclusion in general he’s not bad and not great.

  60. I heard about this from people on HelloTalk, but I never asked or knew why he was resigning. Good job, Asian Boss ^_^
    I hope that Japan NEVER has someone like Trump in charge. Oh geez lol

  61. I saw this on a news clip the other day, and all the non-Japanese comments were praising Abe, but he’s not actually that popular in Japan. I think the foreigners praising him either have pretty low standards or only look at his polite image instead of his domestic policies. I think he’s probably an ok leader, and it must have been tough for him to do Tokyo Olympics preparations and then try to contain COVID. He should get credit for at least decently handling the situation, unlike the US or Brazil.

  62. Japan was lucky to have Shinzo Abe as its prime minister. He expanded Japans economy, dropped its unemployment rate, enhanced U.S.-Japan relationship, and many more. If I was Japanese, I wouldn’t complain too much about him.

  63. I hope the next prime minister revamps Japan’s history textbooks or at the very least owns up to their war crimes against China (rape of nanking), Korea (comfort women) etc

  64. I swear, American media is so bad about foreign news that if it weren’t for channels like this, I would never find out about ANYTHING. How did the prime minister of Japan resigning not hit my news feed???

  65. It was the right thing to do. Prime Minister Abe has been gone into a lot of stress. I can definitely tell from his face and hair and due to the corona virus and the economy, his health did took a toll on him. He definitely needs rest, and let his predecessor take the responsibility. Abe did a wise thing.

  66. Abe is 66 and he definitely looks every bit of it even older. He put his health first and stepped down when he felt like he couldn’t do his job properly. I think that’s commendable.

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