Japanese On The Latest Controversial “Go To Travel” Campaign During COVID-19 | STREET DEBATE

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  1. I can imagine how difficult it must be to quell the pandemic in Japan, given how densely populated it is. I do wish this nation the very best.

  2. There isn’t any such programs tailored made for tourism where I am, at least to my knowledge, thought strong lobby existed, there are supports for SMEs in general not targeting specific sectors and one needs to qualify for those, except they make free tests to whom want to travel outside the country, hilariously enough ….

    But if there were I’d oppose because I oppose supporting the horeca industry in particular with tax money, given that is not a particularly adding value type of industry, makes the biggest fiscal evasion, pays the worst, is the ost sclavagistic, and as such they shouldn’t get any tax money from any state, other industries who add more value, pay better their workers, pay more seriously their taxes, should get the support.

    Anyway people will always wanna go out so even if some go under now, others will open up as we’ll be making a more normal life.

  3. People in Japan (at least the ones interviewed) are having so much more rational discussions than the vast majority of countries in the west… Keep making these videos and show as many opposing views. It’s quite refreshing to watch a media that tries to show different perspectives and just give a platform to the people.

  4. Based on this situation, it seems the general consensus is that the Japanese government isn’t doing as much as people want and haphazardly created the ‘Go To’ campaign with only the economic in mind & not the public health & safety of the people of Japan and the people visiting from different regions in Japan and from other countries.

  5. Not only for Japan, but for all countries, what should really be happening is governments using taxpayer money and even borrowing money when needed to help both citizens and businesses to prop themselves up, recover, adapt and transform as needed… this would be the most effective way of dealing with this situation, by far.
    Problem is, most governments won’t do that, be it because they don’t have the means, be it because of greed, or just plain ignorance.
    The thing people don’t understand is that this is a major paradigm shift. And this dychotomy between health and economy doesn’t really exist: they are both important, and you cannot have one without the other.
    What happens when you try reopening business without considering the pandemic is that the effects of the pandemic stretches indefinitely. Because there is no vaccine, no cure, and you can’t really predict the effects on individuals and whatnot, these ideas of business closure, social distancing and self quarantine are basically all last ditch resorts. They are employed because nothing else is working, not because someone is taking pleasure out of it.
    So if that is not done, the immediate consequence is a spike in cases. There’s no alternate scenario.
    Another huge problem is that the idea of opening up for a little bit so that business can recover only to shut it down again later is misguided at best, malicious at worse. Ask any business owner, they will tell you that the costs involved in reopening a restaurant, hotel and whatnot are far bigger than regular operating costs.
    So it might look like a good proposition for the very short term, but in reality, several cycles of opening business up and closing them down actually accelerates then bankrupcy and definite close down of businesses in general. It’s too many repeated drastic changes at once, you can’t keep an operating cash flow with this much uncertainty.
    It sometimes keep businesses from adapting to this new reality because of a false hope with no guarantees that perhaps this time, the pandemic won’t flare up again causing a subsequent shutdown.
    This is why what governments should really be considering are talks to banks, policies, and emergency measures to keep businesses going by helping them financially, helping on debt negotiation, subsidizing wages, financing adaptations for pandemic timss, using commercial buildings such as hotels for patient relief and whatnot.
    Basically, helping people and businesses to adapt to the new normal. Not making plans to ignore temporarily what is happening to give people a false sense of security.
    Like I said, I know not many governments have the courage and clout to do just that. But it is the best that could be done. The rest is just complicating things further.
    And this has to be very well understood from now on. Because this will likely not be the last worldwide pandemic we’ll see in our lifetimes. We need to be better prepared for the next one.

  6. The Japanese economy had already shrunk as of the last 2 quarters 2019. They were likely hoping for the Olympics for a pick up, but what these governments fail to realize is if you don’t focus on public health, you won’t have inputs into your economy, extending the period of the dip. So focus on getting the public health stabilized and the economy will naturally slowly begin to recover…in real numbers, but also because consumer confidence will also increase with a sense of less uncertainty.

  7. In one federal state in Germany they also implemented free use of local public transport. At first I was really happy and found it so cool that I could be travelling in the whole federal state for free. Also, that I can visit my boyfriend (3h away, but still in that federal state) more often and discover that area with him. At the moment, I am trying to be more careful than I was before and rethinking whether we should use this offer.. as cases are increasing in Germany too. Maybe travel somewhere where no one else is.. do a hike and picnic and stuff like this.

    It was quite shocking for me to hear about the discrimination against outsiders in Japan when travelling during the pandemic. I just didn’t know, because in Germany, people are doing that all the time (the travelling) and from what I know, people don’t get discriminated against because of this.

  8. This campaign is plain stupid. Instead of doing using the money to pay travelers, whom should stay safe and practice social distancing, they should use the f-ing money on the actual people that needs it; businesses that are suffering financially. In other words, don’t encourage traveling.. help the businesses directly instead.

  9. – as long as repeated SARS-2 Coronavirus ‘Antigen-Tests’ could be part of said $15B ‘Go to domestic Travel’ promotion campaign, as well as ensuring that all travelers were able to continue travel as long as testing negative and also wearing masks… then I say — go for it! It seems like an innovative and pro-active stimulus plan , peace

  10. NOPE a very stupid and ugly idea; will kill more innocent naive people then spread to Doctors Nurses etc…Jail the Government for this propaganda profit-making …LDB AUSTRALIA STAY PUT IS THE SAFEST AND ONLY WAY Brothers/sisters

  11. in my opinion, it would be really nice if japan used a different incentive to get people to support businesses, by making a safety incentive rather than an economic incentive. that is, rather than pay people to travel (that’s effectively what they’re doing right now) they can pay to make destinations safer and provide protections/safety as well as medical equipment so people will not feel so bad about going outside. once that is done, people will naturally start touring and going to restaurants again.

  12. In Vietnam, they made the same mistake, encouraging ppl to travel when the statistics look good, and boom, an outbreak happened again in Da Nang and now spreading all over everwhere

  13. I noticed that the (probably) youngest man interviewed (green top), with by far the best fitting mask(!) had the most responsible attitude and had clearly thought long and hard about the situation.

  14. まだ早いと思う。 COVID-19がまだ活発ので。 店で他人と近い食事することを低減外出時にはマスクを着用しなければならないと思う

  15. I’d love to hear the everyday japanese persons opinion on the current travel ban for foreign residents and subsequent issues with that. From my experience most people are unaware of the situation right now

  16. Another great video from Asian Boss! Current Total Cases in Japan, 40,000 = 0.0317% of population. Current Total Deaths in Japan, 1,000 = 0.0008% of population; assuming a population of 126 million. I personally would “go to” wherever I want, but you’re free to make your own decisions! And please don’t discriminate against someone just because they’re from Tokyo!

  17. we have similar thing in poland, if you have a child (of course) you get a voucher for 500 złoty (polish currency) you can use in the whole country and only poland and everyone seems to enjoy so far even though the virus is spreading again 🤣 (oh but i must say that the government also gave the business some money so they can manage during the pandemic, also people who couldn’t work got some)

  18. I don’t see the logic in ” people will kill themeselves if they loose their jobs so protect the economy ” thousands of people will die from Covid-19 if you don’t do anything about that first….. like… helloooooo???

  19. This whole crisis is being exaggerated. People are being lost due to underlying health reasons that aren’t being recorded. However, as Japan’s avg population are elders, there may be an increase in severe cases.

  20. You had to wait for it but the guy at the 15 minute mark finally got there. This is the stupidest policy ever, given the current situation in Japan. The risk of the virus spreading from the cities to the countryside is huge. And who lives in the countryside?, on average the elderly who are more vulnerable.

  21. People who keep talking about building herd immunity in the comments must not realise that catching this virus once doesn’t mean you’re immune. A lot of people have caught it once, then multiple times after and it keeps coming back. Even with healthy young people who supposedly should not experience the worst effects of COVID-19 are dying unexpectedly. Even if they survive, people are living with chronic illnesses that hugely impair their standard of living. There’s no way to “build herd immunity” without losing or permanently hurting many.

  22. I am a Japanese from Nagano prefecture , the city where I live in is so called tourist area.
    I guess because this interviews were taken in Tokyo , some opinions sound a little strange for the most of Japanese.
    Yes, the domestic travel is in the serious situation now, but I think all local sightseeing companies need is capital investment for new situation.They actually need some sanitary facilities and air control equipments for preventing infection as soon as possible , but most of them are lacking cash now, they have to accept customers before preparing enough.
    In my opinion, Japanese government have to worked out their policy more carefully, but it is too late…

  23. It’s mind blowing that while the rest of the world tries to keep people at home (to no avail), Japan is paying people to travel. I guess this shows either Japan is confident that it’s free of COVID, or it’s desperate to resuscitate the tourist industry at the risk of elevating the spread of the virus. Obviously it’s the latter.

  24. If this kind of campaign imposed in my country it would create backlash and i dont think our government can afford it as well during this uncertain times.

  25. You know what? This is same as indonesian goverment. At the beginning of pandemic… they wanna boost the tourism and economy by giving a discout for all tickets. And right now… indonesia has >100,000 cases of covid 19

  26. In this pandemic Japan already going with economy aspect from the first start when they try to make the cases unknown because of the upcoming Olympics. Tourism also play the big role in the national income and this pandemic hits them hard. I think it’s not a wise desicion to implement this campaign, more cases will slowing down the economy longer if you see it in holistic aspect

  27. So have more people died in Tokyo, or just tested positive, with mild or no symtoms?
    People won’t survive if economies don’t pick up. That’s what isn’t being understood.
    If they wait for a vaccination that can be dangerous. Every coronavirus vaccine made for decades were very deadly when the person tested came into contact with any coronavirus, such as the cold. When tested on people, they acquired cytokine storms when exposed to any coronavirus, which often is deadly. This happened to test animals, too. All seemed fine, until they were exposed to any coronavirus, then they died from a cytokine storm.
    Herd immunity needs to be built, best with the young and strong getting asymptomatic, or mild cases. The chances for the young to become very sick are extremely low.
    Herd immunity is the very best way for this to be dealt with. Ultimately it creates a stronger, healthier society.

  28. What would it be like if all those cicadas in the background had became intelligent and humanoid, and if they absorbed all of the people’s cells with their tails while leaving only their clothes behind?

  29. I mean, if Japan has closed its borders to foreigners, then I guess you could pull this off with very little collateral damage assuming that each traveller does their part hygienically. You can’t keep people locked up forever, sooner or later people are gonna start going crazy and contemplate suicide if they aren’t able to sustain survival financially. As long as you’re healthy and not part of the vulnerable or elderly population, you should be able to freely travel domestically. Pandemic or not, people need to make money to put food on the table.

  30. The issue is people arent protecting themselves wear a mask, sanitize your hands, dont stay in crowded places for long periods. If people did that then wouldn’t be a problem however Japan started dropping the ball once the case surges were supposedly isolated to tokyo otherwise this wouldnt be an issue here in Osaka where i live it surged in namba because of nightlife you can have fun and not be stupid but clubs like ghost and pure are ran by money hungry morons their plan was make the club spaces smaller and nice to see the two week shutdown made pay for it fortunately my bar is small and doesnt have those issues

  31. “Go To Travel” is not simply a priority for the economy, but a policy to bail out Japan’s tourism industry.
    Originally, Japan was currently hosting the Olympics. With that intention, hotels, travel agents and other tourism companies were planning budgets and campaigns.
    But as you know, the Olympics have been postponed. So these companies were being hurt tremendously. Of course the government does not disregard human life.

  32. Kudos to Uly and the Team! The questions were just so on point too. The interview covered different age groups and most of them mentioned that health and the healthcare system should be prioritized first. The ailing economy has been highly affecting many of it’s citizens. And this travel campaign was implemented and aimed to support its people but it’s somehow risky and can also post a health threat especially to the vulnerable groups of the population (children, elderly and others with underlying conditions). Eventhough Japan is one of the countries with lowest cases and has been really managing well, it is still imperative to maintain their health protocols not to be hit by another wave.

    Thanks again AB team! Great contents and videography too! 👍👍👍

  33. Mann I rly want to go to Japan but maybe after getting great marks in matric and FS.C/College,University then I can only enjoy and watch anime..

  34. I think traveling at such time will not be good for anyone .
    After few months economy can get better , health care is more important than economy in this pandemic.if we have our people who are healthy they can make economy better.

  35. Asian Boss, discriminates on third world Asian countries. And features realky the ugly side compared to Japan and Their favorite own country Korea.

  36. I live in Tokyo, and my Japanese friend and I jokingly call it the “Go To Hell Campaign”

    We also thought it would have made more sense to put that money into helping businesses restructure to accommodate pandemic procedures, because that’s the actual help they need.

  37. So they’re paying people to travel and increase public health risk? Do they think they’re immune or something? They’re gonna end up like us in the states, poor bastards. 12 billion is such a ridiculous amount of money, it could have just as easily gone out as business loans.

  38. The young and healthy need not fear covid. Shelter the old and sick and let the young live their lives, it’s either a vaccine or herd immunity that will get us out of this. If a vaccine doesn’t work then we’ll need the healthy population to all get infected and recover so that we can reintroduce the old and sick back into society. Japan has a very low death rate even if you look at it through only confirmed cases (2.4%), if you were to estimate with all the untested and/or asymptomatic cases (which most signs of antibody testing elsewhere rates infections at 10x the amount of confirmed cases) it would be 0.24% out of all cases. Do not live in fear and take a practical approach to this, don’t buy into media hysteria. The 2018/2019 flu season in japan had 3300 deaths attributed to it, so the numbers would appear to come out very close within a similar time frame given the current amount of deaths from covid. Btw the Japanese government was doing some shutdowns of schools and buildings during the flu season, very similar response to this one so don’t say “bUt ThIs oNeS dIfFeReNt!”.

  39. Setting the pandemic aside, those japanese people including the elders are so cute. They’re like the RL anime and with subtitles. Just sayin..

  40. I find the young man with the glasses has a sensible mind. We need more people to think about their actions and how to mold the future accordingly

  41. I wonder why they did not go with a tax holiday for one month and maybe push businesses to consider making mailable packages of their products that people can order from other areas (they do that already – just do more). Won’t help everyone but it would help many and it might keep them from traveling and sharing COVID.

  42. It’s a slap in the forehead, especially when Japan is going at record cases these days. Of course there is no doubt that the economic damage is there, but it’s just too unsafe right now compared to other places such as New Zealand.

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