Japanese Capsule Hotel… WORTH IT?! [Nine Hours Capsule Hotel]

We give a little tour of the Nine Hours Capsule Hotel Shinjuku North, and give our opinions on what it’s like, and if it’s worth staying in one of these vs a regular hotel.

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  1. MORE LOVE HOTELS! I have to live vicariously through the both of you and I think it would be really cool for you guys to rate several of the love hotels based on price, amenities, location, etc and aesthetic. To be honest I’m just curious as to what the rooms look like and your opinions about them๐Ÿคฃ Can you also show us a few more budget friendly options for travelers in Korea?

  2. I always have earplugs at capsule hotels, always!
    I have stayed at 9 hours at Nariat airport and I enjoyed it, liked the clean and stylish design and it was nice to not have to stress to get to the airport the next day.
    But most of the times, I stay at hostels like Emblem Hostel or an Air BnB. When I’m not staying at friends places.

    1. @butterfly -์—๋ฏธ I’m poor. Also we filmed all these videos in two days. I didn’t even bring a change of clothes so all the Japan videos are one outfit ahaha

  3. I love this channel. It gives a poor student in America hope that one day she will be able to see these places. Its gonna be like 10 years before I can afford to travel to Korea, Japan, and Hong Kong but I’m still gonna be using these videos as guides.

  4. You guys are smashing it! I’m loving this new content and would really like to see more content in Japan if it’s easy enough to get there ๐Ÿ™‚ Thanks for the honest review. Were people shushing you/giving you dirty looks while you were filming this!?

    1. Thanks for your answer. I’m planning to go to Tokyo in about 2 years from now and i was totally planning on staying in one of those hotels because of the price.. i’ll do my research before choosing my best option. Thank you!

  5. Everytime you say love motel I just laughed. I’m in the US so I just would go to a motel to sleep and take a shower there around 50-120 dollars the cheapest ones. But I went to Mexico and I just wanted to shower and sleep. I saw that it said 200-500 pesos I was like what thats cheap. They said it was only for 4 hours I tried to tell them that I wanted to sleep all night but they just laughed and said no just 4 hours sorry. I was like ok I’ll shower and sleep por 3 hours. I wasn’t able to sleep the sounds coming from next door was I’ll just say a little to loud. I left, later I found out that it was a love motel. Now I now to sleep at my house or stay at my parents house at least I’ll be able to sleep.

  6. Absolutely informative video! Loved it! That particular capsule hotel would be great for those who just want somewhere decent to crash in for the night before hitting the places of interests again during the day time….Haeppy’s meaningful look re noises in love motels made me smile haha

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