Japan Ski In Ski Out Condos from $10,000

Japan Ski In Ski Out Condos from $10,000.

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  1. they looking for idiots so they can be milked by a lot of taxes in japan…. greetings from jp PS: by the way no lock down here, no real restrictions …. schools closed and for the first time u see parents with their kids playing in full parks and beaches…. its like a paradise … everything is open… and they only stopped chinese tourists from coming in 2 weeks ago….. only because of international pressure they made a funny state of emercency … by constitution that cannot be enforced and no fines are allowed….. i wonder why in a place like penal colony australia does their constitution dont protect people over funny newly made acts….. maybe the old australia not even exists and it changed all in 1973….. time u wake up and do a little research…

  2. dont tell people where the secret is….. its japan…. with cheap real estate to rent… best women who all work hard and have all savings… and clean food and very calm orderly society… here is no panic and fuss about mexican beer story… but still renting is the way to go… cos taxes here on every corner…

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