It’s Time to Leave Dumaguete Philippines, Expat in the Philippines Leaves the Country Sept 11 2020

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It’s Time to Leave Dumaguete Philippines, Expat in the Philippines Leaves the Country Sept 11 2020@Paul in the Philippines Old Dog New Tricks Video about Vern, Expat and Vlogger that must leave the Philippines because his Visa is about to expire during the Covid crisis

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  1. Istanbul itself is in Europe not Asia. I’ve been to Turkey a couple of times, really safe and inexpensive. Great archaeological sites. The further West you are the more “European” it seemed while Adana (eastern Turkey) was more ‘middle eastern’.

  2. Paul,

    This video came as recommended to me. I was going to watch it until I found out that the expat that was leaving Dumaguete was Vern. I joined his channel when he had approx.120 subscribers After a few months of regular viewership, comment exchanges and email exchanges, I expressed some concern to him that his Facebook posts were starting to take on very strong political and religious opinions and that these posts may carry over into his YOUTUBE channel. He then wanted to engage me in political and religious email exchanges. I told him I would rather not as people tend to have very strong opinions about these topics and consequently, can easily become offended. He then began to “Ghost” me. At first he wouldn’t reply to my comments left after watching one of his videos. After a few of my emails went unanswered by him, I came right out and asked him what I had done to merit this type of treatment. After that email went unanswered, I sent one last one in which I wished him well with his vlog and search for a future wife. I have very little respect for people that “drop” any type of relationship with me and don’t provide any reason for doing as such.


  3. Istanbul is still warm this time of year but will start getting pretty cold from October. Head south to keep the warmth. It’s a huge country. Good good exchange rate for the dollar right now. Istanbul airport (IST) is the largest airport in the world and a great hub to fly from but right now many countries have restrictions. Good luck Vern. By the way what’s the penalty for overstating 3 years in the Philippines?

  4. I once had an American Express GOLD card that was sponsored by a specific U.S. bank from when I use to live in Houston, TX. At the time while I was living in Angeles City, P.I. I could visit a local American Express office and use one of their BLANK check vouchers and right myself a check and cash it from my checking account back in Houston from that specific bank. I would receive American Express Travelers checks in the amount of the written check. The tricky part can sometimes be to find some place of business that will accept the travelers checks. Luckily at that time Clark Airbase was still there, so I would take a bus out to the base and cash the travelers checks for USD and not Pesos. I am not sure if these options are still available or not for that was back in 1985. I hope this helps.

  5. Different strokes for different folks. That’s certainly not how I would do it. Stay put. Deal with the overstay fines later. Gotta be cheaper than moving to friggin’ Turkey and paying for 2 places to live, cancelled flights, etc. I don’t see airlines ever refunding your money.

  6. DON’T USE TRAVELOCITY!!!!! I booked a hotel and round trip flight thru them in November 2019. The plan was to stay a month in Makati. The entire package was close to $4K. Of course I booked this in advance not knowing this virus would put an immediate halt to my plans. I was thinking we went thru H1N1, the Bird Flu, Ebola Virus. We’ll get over this in a month or two and everything will be back to normal. Well that didn’t happen.
    First Travelocity said I could either accept my money back but would be charged a 10% fee OR I could use the funds on another vacation. I asked for my money back and told them I’d re-book when this was over. Well it was a month later when I heard back. They said my only option was #2; use the money for another vacation. I sent them the original email with the options they offered and my decision and I never heard back. I think they knew in advance this whole thing was worse than anyone could have imagined and pulled this move without my consent. So, my message here is don’t use a travel agency when booking a flight & hotel. Go directly to the source. Lesson learned.

  7. Vern is very interesting and I think he will enjoy this next adventure in Turkey 🦃.

    Best wishes Vern. I’m looking forward to seeing your channel soon.

  8. See if you can use remitly if you can go to Gio’s website and connect through there and you get so much off your first transfer I think I mean you know every little bit helps also you could see well you don’t have for the day I was going to say you could go to the bank and see if you could exchange some Filipino funds or whatever you happen to have to turkey money or do it as soon as you get into Turkey they possibly might be something at the airport when you land me myself and I ain’t no way I’d go to Turkey but you got to do sometimes what you got to do but see I’m also ex military so I’m sure my picture is posted somewheres and some data bank over there as soon as I land in the airport customs will pull me up but that’s a difference between you and me God bless and be with you and your travels and through every walk of life I don’t mean to scare you but your dynamics and my dynamics are totally different where I was ex-military you should have no worries

  9. Hey, a great vlog as usual Paul, you are one of, if not, my favourite vlogger. Useful info as usual and Vern, good luck, and you are now one closer to the magic thousand….all the best to you both, baby
    Mae and the chicken! Cheers 👍

  10. Vern: As a grizzled American world traveler for 40 years I can guarantee you will have a great time in Turkey. Istanbul is one of the most exotic and interesting cities in the world. You will have all the western amenities and some of the friendliest locals on the planet. I have recommended it to many friends and family members over the years and nobody has been disappointed. Party on, Woody

  11. Two of my favorite vloggers. The question that I can’t get answered is if they open up the Philippines for domestic travel will 60+ be allowed to travel? As far as being opened up Dumaguete is a lot more open the Davao City under the same MGCQ. They still have checkpoints here; I would guess about a 1/3 of the businesses R closed & I had to send my GF in to get a coffee to go. 60+

  12. I loved Istanbul. The food is fabulous, the people are friendly, the architecture is stunning, prices are reasonable, and the women are very pretty. There are ATM’s everywhere. I’m just afraid of Islamists since Erdogan came to power. Chief Makoi did a vlog on his flight from Cebu -> Manila -> Doha -> Istanbul.

  13. Iam sure there are fixers there that could help him out in this situation without haveing to leave the country if you don’t mind paying the money, but checking out Turkey would be cool too imo! Istanbul is not scary at all, my sons went recently, a lot of history and great food, friendly people

  14. I live in Seattle. We never had a 100 % lockdown here so could still hike at the parks. Restaurants reopened with reservations. Not so bad for me since I already worked from home and no school age kids.

  15. Interesting video. I am going to Croatia next week. Just get a Covid test less than 48 hours before arrival. 90 day no visa for US citizens. Just another option for those who want to travel or have to move countries.

  16. turkey is big on scamming people do not go to a bar coffee shop if u meet someone outside and they invite u cause u a tourist when u get on the bar they charge 10 times for the drinks and the guy who invites u gets lost and they wont let u leave until u paid so watch out for girls and guys are doing this

  17. Great video again Paul. Vern, good luck and best wishes and hope can comeback soon. When all borders open I will visit you as I also need a bit of help with my channel hehe but mostly would love meeting you. Stay safe mate.

  18. Transferwise is cheap and fast. Keep an address in the US with a family member, Google voice is free and great but you must have a US number to do the initial setup.

  19. Why doesn’t the philippines just charge a hefty fee and stop the forced exit of country. They could charge a fee of say $500 make a chunk of change and save expats buying plane ticket and hotel fees. Just to make a guy leave for 24 hrs. God knows the philippines could use the cash.

  20. The prices in the Philippines reminds me of watching a 1940’s movie where everything is dirt cheap and you have 2020 money even if it’s a moderate pension, until you realize that the population is barely keeping their heads above water making less than $10 a day. Thanks

  21. Paul tell Verne Iatanbul is great. My fiance (Russian) and I spent 10 days there. The Taxium area is great. Lots of restaurants and bars. We found a Irish pub with a Turkish man singing rock and country. It is on a side street off the main shopping street. You can only walk down it. From zyaxium square it is on a side street to the right. Get a metro card and you can ride the subway, buses and trams. It is very inexpensive.

  22. Vern I have a friend that lived in Istanbul for 5 years and he loves it, I use worldremit app it works great and I just checked it you can send money their to yourself if needed and it’s fast. Good luck looking forward to your vlog.

  23. @Vern, you can open a Charles Schwab account. You can transfer funds into the account from your regular bank. You’ll be able to use ATM’s anywhere in the world for free! All ATM fees are reimbursed monthly.

  24. Wow, Covid is doing a job on everyone. Happy travels, Vern. I look forward to seeing your future vlogging. Thanks for doing this video Paul. Your videos are great.

  25. You could just pay the fine for overstaying. It would probably be a lot cheaper than paying bills there and going to Turkey and that’s not advice its just my thoughts.

  26. Vern – Enjoy Turkey. I think I would prefer Dumaguete over Istanbul, but I haven’t been to either, so what do I know. Is Vern a US citizen, then why wouldn’t it be easier to go to Guam or Korea or a close Asian country? The scuttlebutt that I have heard is that the PI may open up travel with other closer Asian countries that have a better handle on the COVID-19 pandemic (like S. Korea, Japan, etc.) in the December time frame and see how it goes. Been told that the PI probably won’t open up travel for European/US tourists until 3rd Quarter 2021…if these countries get a handle on the COVID-19 issue and/or an effective vaccine is released. Paul…you are correct to be in the PI during this pandemic is probably the best. Although there’s a lot of complaints due to the lock downs but, there doesn’t appear to be level of outbreaks in the PI when compared to the US…AND it appears you are starting to enjoy a little more freedom now. I wish they would crack down in the US so we could get this thing under control and return to some semblance of a normal life. I got a feeling COVID-19 will probably be an issue for a another year or more.

  27. from this point forward i will no longer have the opinion that there is such a thing as “a simple flight” i used to live in the philippines but now i go to kenya. i was supposed to be there for 2 weeks and they stopped all flights in and out for 4 months! thank GOD i had a girlfriend with an apartment. i did the math… 4 months in a decent hotel ( and none were open ) would have cost 25000+ and thats not even including the hell caused back home in my absence…. word to the wise DO NOT TRAVEL ON A SHOESTRING those days are OVER – plan to get stranded and have the cash to ride it out if you do…trust me your embassy could not give less of a shit about your situation either

    let me be of help to you guys. im well versed on the workarounds for phones, wire transfers, american addresses and postal relays. i can help with any of that. feel free to reach out to me – i can also set you up with american phone numbers ( a few different ways ) so calling the states is FREE and easy

  28. PS, Google voice does not require Internet or Wi-Fi. It works just fine on your cell phone data. Whatever country you’re in buy a local Sim card, if you have the Google Voice app on your phone, it works perfectly

  29. You guys are way overthinking the text verification problem. All you need to do is set up a Google Voice account, you pick a number where ever you want with whatever area code you want and it’s completely free. Then you download the Google Voice app on your phone. Viola, anywhere in the world you are as long as you have Wi-Fi, you will get your text on your phone. It’s free takes 10 minutes to set up and works great. Also, let’s see you lose your phone or get stolen, you can access your Google voice number through any computer. It’s a no brainer and super simple. The only catch is you have to set it up from the United States. If you have a VPN that’s no problem, otherwise you can get a friend to set it up for you that’s still in the US. You don’t need to mess around with dual Sim phones and paying extra money for any of that crap. Just set up a Google voice number for free

  30. Vern, you will really enjoy Istanbul. I have traveled there several times and have always enjoyed it. Using a debit card for funds was never a problem. Lots to do and see in Istanbul. There are cheap flights to the Aegean and southern Turkey if you run through everything in Istanbul. Good travels.

  31. Damn Vern dont tell thousands of people you use a money belt!!! Now im going to “roll yo azz” ill be wating at the airport for you. /sarc. But seriously it falls into the Pii/ tmi catagory.

  32. Glad to see you’re ok there in Dumaguete, Paul. Lovely town and I really enjoyed shooting some videos while I was there. Now I’m in Danang, Vietnam and we’re just starting to open up again after the 2nd wave and severe lockdown. As of tomorrow, restaurants will be allowed to offer dine-in. 🙂 Vern, I’m envious. I’d love to go to Turkey!

  33. Yes its that address i think is the issue, i know some people use there ACR card but i believe that takes 3 months before you get that? i suppose the landlord might give you some kind of letter? but i will take enough money to last 4 months or so that way its giving me a little breathing space, i dont know your take on this? maybe you can put this in one of your vids? Hail The Chicken!!

  34. News sources there say, no entry to Php’s for foreigners until mid 2021. July 2021? That sucks. Their economy would prosper if the country just opened back up. Ya think? Something very strange is going on, world wide.

  35. yeah been to Turkey many times here from Europe only 4 hrs and its very cheap!! i know i had all my teeth implants done there at a fraction of the cost in the UK also a lot of people go there for the exact thing because of how cheap it is, he needs also to go to Antalya what a great place and harbour!! yep its a muslim country so make sure your hotel is not located near a Mosque lol otherwise you will be awaken early doors with some prayer voices!! anyhow Hail the Chicken !! another good video old dog :))

  36. I do not understand this. If I were there and my visa was up during this covid I would stay and expect that the PI gov would vaive this overstay because of the covid. I would not travel out of country because you do not know when you will be able to return. It will probably be sometime next year if we are lucky. It could be a year, who know how this thing will pay out. But I can assure you I would not leave the PI> I would over stay my visa and see how the dice row.

  37. Since Americans are now required to have an entry visa before entering the country, wouldn’t that affect the 24 hour strategy? My understanding is that you can no longer just show up at the airport coming into the Philippines and get a visa. You have to have the visa in hand before you board the airplane to travel to the Philippines.

  38. Hope he has a safe trip. Will check out his channel. More good info. Really enjoy this channel. Maybe when all this covid-19 is over I can visit the Philippines with my wife. She’s been visiting but I’ve been holding back. But your channel makes me really want to visit. She’s originally from Pampanga.

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